Government should take an introspection as to why citizens are defaming leaders-Tayali

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali
Chilufya Tayali
Economic and Equity Party (EEP) President Chilufya Tayali has urged the Patriotic Front (PF) led Government to revisit its leadership style.

Tayali was reacting to the DMI st Eugene Student Edward Makai who created a fake Facebook account only to insult the head of state.

Makai was recently arrested for using unpalatable language on his alleged fake Facebook page account.

Tayali, who is facing similar charges in Court for defaming inspector General of police Kakoma kanganja on Facebook, said Government should take an introspection why citizens are resorting in creating fake social media platforms to defame leaders.

Tayali said although Makai deserve to be condemned for defaming the head of state, his action is a clear indication that the young man is frustrated about what is happening in the country.

“Government should take an introspection why citizens are resorting in creating fake social media platforms to defame leaders” Tayali said


  1. Well if you check is facebook page…its clear he is a UPND Zealot….They insult everyone who does not share the Kraal ideologies.

    • ZED: Only those leaders who demand respect cry for it. The world over vulgar language has been used against leaders but only in Zambia do they demand that we do not call fools as fools. Repect is earned not squeezed out of people.

    • I totally agree with umwaiche Tayali. Compare with a leader like me here at LT. Its hard to insult me. But my future @ Mushota, my friend @ NEZ, and a few more.. Every single day they get undressed like PF bosses.

    • Whether he is UPND or not- leaders that carry themselves with respect and dignity command a certain type of respect. What has this country become if the Government is focused on catching internet trolls rather than improving the lives of many or sorting out the looming debt crisis? Today it’s the DMI student, tomorrow it will be you.

    • I totally disagree with Tayali. Defaming leaders as way of exposing your frustration is not an excuse. Two wrongs do not make a right. Every noble man knows that if you’re going to fight a giant, take inventory of your strengths. In this case, all those who feel frustrated by their leadership should and must meet these people on the table of demands and expressions. Show how effective and efficient your diverse and workable approach to current issues look like from what your absconding leadership is lacking. Masking yourself on social media and explode in cheap expletives is cowardice, the comfort a congenital simpleton celebrates. You unleash a contiguous plethora of vulgarities behind a mask, yet you act normal in the presence of the same leadership you despise, asking for handouts…

    • Tayali is the perfect classic definition of the ancient proverb “it is very difficult to find a black cat in a dark room. Especially if there is no cat”

    • Please repeal these archaic laws, which are nothing but relics of the colonial era. In the democratic western world, public leaders are not above criticism or insults, as long as you don’t threaten them with violence. That’s what freedom of speech means. Freedom of speech is guaranteed to everyone as a HUMAN RIGHT enshrined in international documents such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Human Rights Law, and International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights. So Zambia should not entertain laws that blatantly disregard these international Human rights laws. But then again there’s no longer any regard for human rights in Zambia, so this is not surprising. Does it mean we just go around insulting people for no reason, because of freedom of speech?…

    • (Continued)…Absolutely not. But, at the same time, insults should not be classified as a CRIMINAL offense. Scrap that anti freedom of speech law, as it clearly violates international human rights standards, unless you want to continue projecting the image of a dictatorship.

  2. Only those leaders who demand respect cry for it. The world over vulgar language has been used against leaders but only in Zambia do they demand that we do not call fools as fools. Repect is earned not squeezed out of people.

    • Seriously- the law is flawed. Imagine how many people would be in prison if Trump was this petty, even by his considerably low standards.

  3. If i was Lungu , i will rexamine my life and think twice about my leadership. in the history of our country, Lungu will go down as the worst and incompetent leader who has created several enemies. Corruption and Knowledge will give you power, but character respect.If we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally lose it.

    • You’re the only one together with losers Upnd who see these qualities. As long as you’re intentions are immersed in tribal sentiments, your party will never rule Zambia. Sober up and restrategize if you’re to garner some ray of hope for 2021

    • My dear you are wrong on this one, even with these terrible traits that Lungu has acquired have started backfiring at him. Look at his PF, it is serious disarray. Let us see how far he is taking his arrogance when his PF is being broken into piece each minute.

  4. Why are citizens insulting the so called Leaders? These people masquerading as Leaders fail the benchmarks of leadership. They are something else. Someone is given a 5 year mandate to govern. Before he does anything of value in the country or.just thanking God for the Victory, he starts scheming for 2021. What would you do to that person if you were God? Indeed what language would God use to such an ingrate person.

  5. Tayali wanted a job but it did not come, hence this. Leadership not a problem in Zambia, problem is burning property ,insults, abuse of courts an so on because of wanting power. UPND have committed unpardonable,
    inexcusable, painful and indefensible offences. One wonders what their campaign message will be.

  6. It’s not the type of leadership that attracts insults. People will insult where others will praise because people don’t have the same sentiments. The best way to please everyone is to let a president sue in his personal capacity anyone who insults him instead of the police arresting such people.

  7. Mr mweetwa. If I was HH or the entire UPND LEADERSHIP I would go to a mental hospital for a check up, because behaviour is SUPPER strange. Never have we seen this any where. Mweetwa you could also do well to have your brain checked.

  8. It is a waste of time advising the proud and those who think they have the monopoly of wisdom. When you hear thunder and see lightning, you can tell it might rain. Who has ears, let them understand that criticisms are not insults but signs! The wise will listen and change course. The simple ones will add folly to more of it. A leader who wants to hear everything will soon hear their servants insulting them! Ushumfwa patunono, pafingi takomfwe!

  9. Insults are inevitable when all advice fall on deaf ears.People have pressure which is inside of them and are waiting for leadership that will offer solutions.The current leadership is there to settle scores and is very vindictive.The words reconciliation and forgiveness are just words to hoodwink the citizenry and cover up their weaknesses.They don’t walk their talk.It is a pity that the nation is clapping at leaders who have completely failed to live according to their promises.

  10. The strongest words in his rants are ‘where are the soldiers’ and his quest to the citizenry to resort to guns. His ntwenoz should be clipped for use of such language in an already tensed political climate…

  11. Dont reduce the debate to UPND. The PF and its Bloggers should engage the Zambia people. Its the people of Zambia who have seen the type of Leaders we have in Zambia especially those who have come from the PF. They are completely useless. My 2011 ,2015 and 2016 votes were wasted.

  12. its written in the bible that in last days children will fight against their parents and parents against their daughters and sons.

  13. Comment:
    Lungu this, Lungu that, and Lungu the other! Fact is ECL, unlike some previous Zambian presidents, still living or not, has not been responsible for deaths of anyone, political, or otherwise.

  14. These comments reminds me of sentiments by the former ugandan dictactor who said people must love their leader.

  15. Respect is Earned Period! Windows etc etc can easily be fixed. St00p1d1ty, mamama patali. It can’t never be fixed. It is rather shameful that police are quick to spend time on trivialities. Let the person affected or insulted take the case on in own capacity!

  16. PF leaders are being defamed because they curtailed the citizens’ freedom of expression. They want to rule for ever and people know about this. They have compromised state institutions to their advantage then what else can an aggrieved person do other than insulting.

  17. You little fool Tayali, introspection for what? Everybody knows that insulting leaders is a brand of politics introduced by underfive and UPNDonkeys in their misguided belief eirher that its the way to get votes or to express their frustration that Zambians will never give them the vote into power. Do you need any thinking about the obvious iwe little donkey Tayali?

  18. i dont think the PF leaders are capable of introspection a true leader knows that he/she will never ganer 100% surpport especially in a multy party arrangement but the severity of insults should give any leader an indication of what they are doing look at Trump i feel sorry for the americans the man did not expect to win and look at what he is doing,i bet he wishes he was an african leader were systems dont work

  19. I hope ECL ignores comments from these miserable, desperate and wicked power hungry UPND. Mr president you should know that you have done nothing it is all about Jealousy.

    • are you saying that all bloggers opposing your views and sentiments are UPND? Then i will say that they have a huge following. As Zambians we should be able to agree or disagree on certain themes without being labeled as belonging to political parties.

  20. What I find unusual about Tayali is that he spends all his time in the media talking about government/ECL/PF. As a new kid on the block, he should excite us voters with bright new ideas. What is his agenda??? We want to hear what his plans for the economy is, what his plan for governance is, what his plan for diversification is but then again you realise, empty tins make the most noise: HE HAS NOTHING TO OFFER!!! He is just another hired vuvuzela being used to sling mud on the government. Remember Siulapwa???

  21. The current generation has confused the freedom of expression with the freedom of stupidity. This is what Magufuli (hitherto a Watchdog darling) has been reminding Tanzanians and the Press. It has nothing to do with leadership style – with the advent of social media people opposed to those in power find cover of social media to insult leadership. When are few are caught and punished, you will see that this nonsense will cease.


  23. Decent patriotic majority Zambians like Terrible and many others are busy with our economic agenda. While we do that, underfive and UPNDonkeys like Tayali and insulters will be kept busy with police, prisons and courts of law….no big deal.

  24. Come on Tayali, Grow a Pair mate! Since your prison misadventure for defaming senior leaders you have become bitter and a nasty man who now backs all anti-government sentiments. You are so far from your previous intellectual pursuits! If you were a Used Car Salesman, I wouldn’t buy a car from you.

    • Gov’t is to rule and look after it’s citizens and their Resources, providing for the poor etc. etc. NOT SPENDING THEIR TIME ON POPULARITY. In fact if people are silent and polite, the more reason to be suspicious! Citizens should be happy, unhappy as many times as possible. Insults are a waste of time since people have the power of the ballot box to punish politicians. Never mind the used car, I won’t even waste a vote on you.

  25. @4, you are wrong like most Tongas! Pressident Lungu has one enemy and Tongas! This wnemy is actually not created by him but the enemy created the President as his enemy! He, actually will go in history as one f the best Presidents Zambia has ever had. And the loser will go in history as a man who almost destroyed Zambia and resurrected tribal politics.

  26. Every time an UPND cadre and Tonga supporters open their mouths you can read deficiency and delusion. Very sad for Zambia!

  27. Buying a multi million dollar jet plane for a lazy bum masquerading as president is what is tantamount to insulting the whole entire 16.6 million Zambians, period! There is nothing that Makai said about Lungu that’s not true. Ichishinka chilomfwisha ichifukishi ku mutima! Niti ya cocota kwa maleye wa kayuwe!

  28. Victor,
    My man, the nearest comparable you lousy abena Chipata had for democracy was always Ngwazi Kamuzu Banda’s Malawi, where there was none but stinking autocracy! Imichila yanakoswe mulelya everyday is dementing you, kupusilatu ndithu chizende iwe!

  29. Let the people talk
    Don’t worry about the insults
    Just keep doing your job and your legacy will speak for you.
    Silencing the masses is evidence of failure.

  30. Because of the norms and values of our society, because of our laws, the student was wrong. Unless we threw away norms, values and the law, you are not correct, Tayali.

  31. Let piece reign and a spirit of forgiveness grow amongst different groups in our beloved country. There can never be a better Zambia without forgiveness and tolerance. Mind you, what you tolerate you can’t change

  32. Why don’t
    we remain the same people we are known to be.Let us condemn a wrong unlike finding an excuse for every wrong doing it wont help us as a people.what are you saying? if your Dad has not done what you asked for ,then the solution is insulting your Dad for the things they did not do for you.whats wrong with us now am wondering whether we the same Zambian people entertaining all these rubbish.can we for once come back to our normal thinking and reasoning as human beings.

  33. We pretend to be educated yet we are just copy writes of the Western World culture! Shame upon us! We cannot say anything within our confinement or context of culture unless reference is given to Western way of living! If the Western World says its “Good” we just follow suit without analyzing how it fits in our culture! What a shallow way of thinking! As Africans cant we substantiate what we feel should be appropriate to us and leave out what we feel is odd to our culture! Insulting leaders is not what we as Africans should long for! Insulting is also an outcome of the persons upbringing. In some homes insults is part of their daily agenda, but in other homes it is not like that. Even the Holy Bible does NOT support such folly behaviour.

  34. Irrespective of the hate you have for someone, insults are not part of our tradition. First and for most, why insult? Of what benefit is it to the person insulting? Am happy at the work of ZICTA and the Police in bringing those insulting to book. In fact they should be caged for some time to warn the would be offenders..

  35. Tayali is speaking sense. His jacket makes him look cool.Someone with a coat like that cant be wrong.The leadership in UPND and PF need to take heed.

    Thank you.

  36. Chilufya I am glad you have observed this culture of insults not only to the heard of Govt. leaders but against the law enforcement agents as well. The law enforcement agents have been recipients of insults not only from ordinary citizens but from certain opposition politicians as well. Chilufya you will recall that a named politician called the police “morons” The leaders whether in opposition on in Govt. are role models to many people in the country and are implored to behave above board. You yourself have been a recipient of insults from a named politician on the phone clip that went viral, you know what I am talking about. So you cannot call on Govt. alone to make an introspection that is not being impartial. We expect you as a new leader of a “political”party to begin to show proper…

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