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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I do not expect substandard roads and other infrastructure-President Lungu

Headlines I do not expect substandard roads and other infrastructure-President Lungu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu shake hands with Chief Chama of the Chishinga speaking people in Kawambwa District of Luapula province shortly after commissioning the of Kawambwa- Mporokoso road which will be tarred at a cost 142,2 million United States Dollars.

President Lungu has called on all well meaning Zambians and all Stakeholders to support the PF Governments development agenda .

Speaking at the ground breaking ceremony of the Kawambwa- Mporokoso road project this morning, The President stated that he expected all the infrastructure projects that government was embarking on to be of the highest standard.

“We are all aware of the huge expenditure that Government is making on the construction of roads and related infrastructure such as bridges.”

“We expect a Maximum return on the investment . I do not expect substandard roads and other infrastructure.” he said.

He directed the Contractor RDA and Supervising Engineers to ensure that the road was constructed within the stipulated time and according to the prescribed standard.

He asked the Citizens living in the areas were the road was being constructed to give maximum support to the contractors to enable them do their work properly.

“Let us avoid engaging in activities that will frustrate this project that is aimed at uplifting the living standards of those that live in areas along the road.

He reminded the RDA that 20% of the sub contracts were to be given to the locals as part of His Governments employment and empowerment agenda.

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    • I wish Lungu had gone with Kambwili, who come from Mporokoso.
      He is humble, but akabupuba emo kaba Ba Edgar.

    • As long as the contract is not awarded to Kambwili all shall be well. He has proclaimed himself the richest man in Zambia. He said he can go to England just to have tea and fly back the same day.

    • If you hate lungu like I do and would like him removed by any means ,please give my post a positive.

      Free HH now or else.

    • @Wanzelu – what do you mean removed by any means? This is why you dumb silly foools are easily trapped or arrested for incitement…you never think things through your actions you are too immature. No wonder your HH is wasting his time in those cells because you are predictable.
      FYI I marked you down for being foooolish!!

    • Tarring a 180km existing road for $142 million is daylight robbery. RB-led PF are the biggest thieves the country has ever seen.

      Not even constructing a new road from bush & rough terrain can cost so much.

    • @wansala wanzelu muli chipuba sana hopeless blood thirsty cretin…wishing evil on others has a way of coming back to the one that wishes that evil…so don’t be surprised if what you wish on others come back to you! Hopeless dunderhead!

  1. I predicted that President Lungu will make Luapula the economic power house of Zambia. Good roads, electricity, support infrastructure, fish farming, livestock and Horticultural products from this area will earn billions of dollars for Zambia.
    UPND too bad bane.

  2. Not sure why some bloggers it’s always about PF vs UPND?

    Are you telling me since 1964 there was no road between Mporokoso and Kawambwa? These roads were built by Kaunda government. If it’s about Political parties the UNIP members should be blogging and bragging. The PF government is just reparing the road. It’s a road for all Zambians to use.

    RDA is government, it’s not PF.

    • @ 4 Lombe while I agree with you that we should not be looking at everything with political lenses,yes this road had been there during UNIP and I think even during colonial days! It was not tarred. However, those making political postings should realize that it is JUST PF’s TIME TO DO THEIR WORK as NO PARTY IN GOVERNMENT WILL EVER DO EVERYTHING AT ONCE! So if PF is tarring the road, they have to realize that those who had constructed and maintained it all along had also done their work!

    • @Lombe, the problem lies with the opposition, especially UPND. Remember the “you can’t eat roads” nonsense? That’S why when things like this happen, people are rubbing it in to shame loonies like those in UPND. Be cheerful sometimes when good things are happening to your country!!

    • RDA is government but wholly controlled by Lungu and his stooges, thats why its run from state house without an independent board.

  3. We know those tricks Mr Lungu.You dismiss someone over flimsy grounds then you organise a few machines to cheat the poople that you are taking development to Luapula and mporokoso, knowing that Kambwili is from the region. These are archaic politics. You wont hoodwink us. We have moved on . You are history. You won’t see our votes. Come 2021 Zwaa!

    • Brilliant observation indeed!

      RDA is government but wholly controlled by Lungu and his stooges, thats why its run from state house without an independent board.

  4. Hazaluza Hagain,! Let him learn something from his hole! Unfortunately, evil spirits never learn anything good! See them above too!!!

  5. “We expect a Maximum return on the investment . I do not expect substandard roads and other infrastructure.” he said.

    This is what this Lazy Bum is good for all talking…the quality of some roads has been apaulling who have you arrested? Lazy Sausage…PF cadres are now millionaires because of these shambolic works.

  6. What kind of breaking ceremony was it very soon we shall see roads cracking as the case are some of the pronounced roads in Lusaka. What a shame! Oh don’t boast on falsehood as God will punish you because of pretense. By going to kawambwa the PF president was in fact trying to see the reception He was going to get from the locals the way He did in Dundumwezi.

  7. Dictator Pombe Lungu is useless and worthless. Death to Lungu, long live Zambia and oh by the way crooked HH is no better either, but free him out of prison.

  8. Tongas have taken a wrong route to political assertion. To that effect non of their own will ever be president any time soon. I read between the lines. Am more realistic than tribal. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE Zambia.

    • Shaka I know the way you act. I saw you preaching the Bible and today you are preaching discrimination. What kind of a christian are you? You are also Christian for Lungu.


    • A company of Lungu wanted to kill HH using a Chopper so that they can say sorry HH is dead and end all the court cases.

  10. I don’t know what this party upnd meant when they said that. You see 4.3 some campaign language like that shows that people are not serious with delivery, all they want is just to rise to power by deceit. To me that kind of campaign sounded more of a flop than reality. Road network is the major determiner of development. Let consultants and engineers be responsible for the guarantee of the road works, any substanders their licenses revoked. Africa twasebana.

  11. “President Lungu has called on all well meaning Zambians and all Stakeholders to support the PF Governments development agenda.”

  12. @16.1 Senama Hachikonko, No he will die of his own accord through his own choices and stupidity. Leave the President alone! He is smarter than all Under Fives put together – UPNDs.

  13. @19 Daniel D. “Munkombwe” “Chisobwe” what is wrong with that? Do you want the president to call Namwala District?

    • Does that mean, if you do not support the type of their leadership you are not patriotic?

      Yes, he’s 100% President of Zambia, but I disagree with his administration.

  14. But you put up with substandard leadership bwana Lungu just because you’re hungry for political support.

  15. easier said than done Mr President!! What proof do you have that you are making those efforts? When did you last inspect a road? What standards are used for road construction? what licenses are you following???…I can imagine the “mute” in the response

  16. $790,000 per kilometre ! Ridiculous ! he is buying the chiefs again so that they can rally the masses to vote for him. How much is going into the wrong pockets

  17. I am personally very disappointed with the discourse on this blog. Most of it is political brouhaha. A road is an economic geopolitical infrastructure and we should be talking about the benefits and the risks it will bring to the locality and what economic exploitation can be realized.
    Kawambwa is home to tourist attractions like Lumangwe and Ntumbachushi falls. It is also the home of the Kawambwa Tea plantation which is located 27 kms on the same road being tarred.
    There is also a refugee camp in Kawambwa, mostly inhabited by the Congolese refugees. Can this pause as a security risk? Please let’s discuss issues and not spewing hatred all the time.

  18. i hope they do build more roads…
    but who is gn monitor dirty money? bribes? embezzlement?
    What is happening with mining company ZCCM management is a crime… TAKING CHINESE MONEY

  19. @24, a substandard material is in prison, that is why he lost five times! He is also an Under Five.

  20. PF shall once more in 2021 sweep votes in the North owing to the massive works its doing there.i was in Luapula last week,hey the province is developing very fast.i drove on a new Mansa Luwingu tarred road and its nicely done!!

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