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Government refutes UPND MP allegations of neglecting the funeral of 13 accident victims

Headlines Government refutes UPND MP allegations of neglecting the funeral of 13 accident...

MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga
MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga
Information Minister Kampamba Mulenga has refuted claims by United Party for National Development (UPND) Kafue Member of Parliament Mirriam Chonya suggesting that Government neglected the funeral of the thirteen people who died last week in the Munali Hills accident.

In an interview with Pan African Radio, Ms. Mulenga who is also Chief Government Spokesperson said Government offered support through its endeavors, adding that Government always want to ensure that the deceased persons are buried peacefully with the dignity they deserve.

Ms. Mulenga has since challenged the Kafue lawmaker to state if she ever visited any public office regarding the same accident in Southern Province.

“Government offered support through its endeavors and Government always want to ensure that the deceased persons are buried peacefully with the dignity they deserve” Mulenga said

And Patriotic Front (PF) Media Director Sunday Chanda says Kafue Member of Parliament Mirriam Chonya must blame herself for failing to engage relevant authorities in offering solace to the bereaved families.

Chanda added that it becomes a challenge to work with people who are not recognizing Government.

“Kafue Member of Parliament Mirriam Chonya must blame herself for failing to engage relevant authorities in offering solace to the bereaved families” Chanda said

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  1. Is this NEWS really? And you madam minister is this the kind of nonsense you even entertain and respond to? Find a calling Mum if such petty things should excite your office.

    • “Government offered support through its endeavors”
      This is a very dumb statement from a so called minister.
      What does she mean by that cheap statement?

  2. Kampamba says PF government helped, but didn’t want PF to attack mourners, therefore government didn’t attend.
    Then chi Chanda says, Chonya was to blame, since UPND doesn’t recognize PF government, therefore PF government was not interested to participate in funerals.
    PF is a mess.

    • The truth hurts unfortunately. These are the consequences of not accepting results of any election. People are scared to go to an illegal institution to find a solution to their problems and that’s just the fact. Even during school days it was difficult for some pupils to attend classes when the teacher hated them or the pupil themselves hated the teacher. It’s human nature to run away from those whom you do not recognize as a people. Unfortunately that’s the truth at hand with UPND

  3. Gentleman and lady, like many accidents to which Government came to the aid of victims, they were responding only to media and Police reports. How come this time you were waiting for a request from the area MP before you can act? On this one, your conduct as Government is sad and shameful and should be condemned in the strongest terms available. What you have shown is partiality in your response to such an accident probably because the victims came from a region believed not to be the ruling party’s stronghold. The victims of Munali accident are Zambians who deserve to be assisted like you have done in similar other situations. Remember that you have already set a precedence when you responded to previous accidents by providing victims with food, coffins and transport which is accepted…

  4. They don’t care! You think it is with heartfelt sympathy that they are talking? Evil spirits don’t care! They are there to bring confusion – to kill to steal and to destroy! Forget about ’em!

  5. The minister is simply clarifying the issue. Keeping quiet would have meant that the mp was saying the truth. In any case why hasn’t even a single bereaved family complained? Same as the mp who complained through media that her school was neglected. These people live with ministers and I can assume that they can simply mention this to the relevant minister. Oh I forgot that they don’t recognize the government.

    • Come on! What clarification has she given here? Her statements are very vague. Any normal government, whether recognized or not, would show sympathy in such a situation. Do not just write for the sake of writing.

    • I don’t expect anything else from your type. Even a little child knows that your MP is just trying to show that she is working. Why should she mention Dundumwezi? What’s she implying? Any you’ll always deliberately look the other way if it comes from the Upnd.

  6. @3 UPNDonkeys, for every simple looking pleasantry that you see in public, there is lots of work and consultation that goes on behind the scenes. Just like when your mother puts dinner on the table, there was a lot of logistics in the background. Let your people enjoy the benefits of their government regardless of where YOU belong.
    This is an example of why we advise you Donkeys to learn to cooperate and work with others whether or not you win or lose an election. Another one is coming in 2021 and your underfive is free to have another go. What kind of insensitive donkeys are you who will sacrifice the welfare of people who put you in office on the altar of stupio.d fo..olish underfive politics? You lose 47% to 50%+1 and everybidy must feel your loss? Idoits! Donkeys!

  7. On the other hand since underfive is your recognised president why not direct your request to his government? Why complain to Edgar Lungu whom in your opinion has no government?

  8. Pakuti tuka fikeko ku 2021 mukanya amafi kukanwa ba UPNDonkeys…you aint seen nothing yet.
    We just feel sorry for your communities that you and your MPs are punishing and shielding from government facilities while you enjoy huge parliamentary salaries and allowances and VX Toyotas and other priviledges. Ati MPs, those are just UPNDonkeys!

  9. “Government offered support through its endeavors”
    This is a very dumb statement from a so called minister.
    What does she mean by that cheap statement?

  10. I honestly don’t know what this means: “Government offered support through its endeavors…”
    And you journalists accept it as a sensible explanation? Then you don’t fully understand your job.

  11. It seems UPND’s usual planned trap to attack non-Southerners at their funerals failed to materialise. We have lost many lives at the hand of HH’s party. This violent Party is now fishing on a dry rock, On one hand UPND thrives on the pretext that ECL is not their President; but on the other hand it expects President Lungu’s Govt to help when it (UPND) has shut its door to political and social realities. It is high time UPND’s MPs realised the folly of NOT recognizing a constitutionally elected PF Government. Besides, the majority of UPND MPs are on free range, but how many of them attended the Funerals of the road accident victims?

    • Southern province also pays taxes most of which goes to lungus travelling allowances ……let the SP keep their taxes and look after their affairs……means less stealing by PF rats.

  12. Sunday CHanda is just imature in handling state issues..He is alway blaming people instead of being neutral

  13. Why always politicise issues ba PF? To you, the important thing is the MP and her party not the accident victims. Are you sure you know how & where you yourself will meet your death? Let us stop being childish in dealing with matters of the nation and God’s people.

  14. There is no Law which demands that Government must give support to all accident victims. Government would assists at its own discretion. Does it mean GRZ has now become an insurance company? This is what I call politics of finger pointing. If GRZ helped in this case or not they don’t have to go Public to proclaim their help. Going forward we will find that every one who has an accident will be rushing to GRZ for help.

  15. “Government offered support through its endeavours” The word endeavours, means try hard to do or achieve something: This English is not wrong at all, and so is the statement. what more do you want her to explain. Or u want to know how much money each affected family received ? let me be the last person to comment. this issue is closed.

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