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Government will seriously consider introducing high speed trains in Zambia-Inonge Wina


Vice President Inonge Wina
Vice President Inonge Wina

VICE-PRESIDENT Inonge Wina says Government will seriously consider introducing high speed trains in Zambia. Mrs Wina said the development can help decongest Zambian roads and reduce road carnage.

Mrs Wina was speaking when she gave her impressions and experience after she travelled on a speed train from Chengdu to Miayang City for an hour at a speed averaging 200km per hour.

“This is inevitable for any developing country because we want to decongest our roads and we want to move our goods and services and people to various places faster,” said Mrs Wina.

She said its high time Zambia started planning for high speed trains as they reduce time spent travelling on traditional trains.

Mrs Wina is in Miayang City to grace the twinning of the city with Chongwe Municipal Council.

On arrival in Miayang, Mrs Wina and her delegation toured the National Science and Technology Centre.

And Mrs Wina appealed to Chinese businesses to partner with Zambian companies to enhance economic growth for the mutual benefit of both countries.

Addressing captains of industry at the Zambia Sichuan Trade and Economic Forum in Chengdu, Mrs Wina said strengthening partnerships with Zambian firms will position the private sector to realise its role of being the engine of economic development.

Mrs Wina said Government is committed to creating an enabling environment for investments so that the private sector can contribute to the realisa-tion of Vision 2030 of transforming Zambia into a prosperous middle-income country.

She assured Chinese businesses that there is no favourable investment destination in Africa than Zambia.

Mrs Wina said Zambia has an ideal and unmatched global weather and central location surrounded by eight neighbouring countries whose market Chinese investors can take advantage of to grow and expand their business.

Mrs Wina said China still remains an important trade, investment and economic cooperation partner to Zambia.

She disclosed that over 500 Chinese companies have invested over US$3 billion and created over 50,000 jobs for Zambians.

Mrs Wina said Zambia has since started benefiting from the US$60 billion pledge China’s President Xi Jinping made at the 2016 Forum on China Africa Cooperation (FOCAC) to address Africa’s infrastructure inadequacies.

She cited the expansion of Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital, Construction of Ndola Airport, and new terminal at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, as some of the infrastructure projects being financed by China.

And Vice Governor of Sichuan Provincial Government Zhu Hexin said his province, whose gross domestic product exceeds US$500 million, is ready to assist Zambia transform into a modern prosperous state.

And Zambia’s Ambassador to China Winnie Chibesakunda said the Zambia Sichuan Trade and Economic Forum is aimed at providing a platform to market Zambia’s investment and tourism potential to Chinese businesses.

Mrs Chibesakunda said the forum will avail Chinese businesses an integrated and structured framework to bring investments to Zambia.


  1. It sounds alright and good but its another loan. You just cant borrow and borrow and borrow to spend. We will end up insolvent. If this level of borrowing was directed to industry this country would be Haven. Imagine how much money it could have been with 40 billion invested in manufacturing and industry. The problem we have is government is full of thieves and they cant steal n industry projects unless on expenditure projects. God help this country made to believe the Kwacha is picking but dollar has depreciated. Our Aussie Dollar has hit 80 cents gaining and the government is in panic because of effects. There you make people dance. Kwena

    • The frequency of derailments of Zambia railways trains is about 1 every week.

      You’ve failed to operate a dobba-dobba but you dream of a high-speed train. Pure hallucination!!

    • Gogo Wina needs to remove her tight wigs because they are restricting enough blood from going to her brain. This is not happening in her life time….keep on dreaming.

    • Is this true bo Inonge/PF (source: Zambian Watchdog)?

      ZAMBIA: LIST OF MAJOR LOANS (2011 – 2017)
      1. Kenneth Kaunda International Airport: $360 million (2014)
      2. Poverty reduction projects: $13.5 Billion (2012)
      3. Poverty reduction programmes: $6.7 billion (2011)
      4. 750MW Kafue Gorge Lower Power Plant: $1.7 billion (2015)
      5. 360MW Kariba North Bank Power Plant Expansion: $430 million (2014)
      6. Lusaka L400 roads: $300 million (2013)
      7. Copperbelt International Airport (Ndola): $400 million (2017)
      8. Lusaka de-congestion: $286 million (2017)
      9. Communication towers: $280 million (2017)
      10. Copperbelt C400 roads: $418 million (2015)
      11. Chipata-Serenje railway line: $2.3 billion (2017)
      12. Mongu-Kalabo Road: $287 million (2011)
      13. 2,000 Military Houses: $157 million (2017)

    • This is a useless old senile hen Bo Inonge who is detached from the inner circle and what she knows she chooses to ignore…one Chirwa had the same vision when it was cheap to borrow with value added made in Zambia ideas but you would rather import whole machinery and foreign labour from the Chines.
      Useless reckless foools!!!

    • Cont…
      14. Mansa-Luwingu road: $242 million (2012)
      15. Water and sanitation programme: $135 million (2016)
      16. Mbala-Nakonde Road: $180 million (2011)
      17. Lusaka sanitation project: $130 million (2015)
      18. Kafubu water and sanitation project: $104 million (2014)
      19. National Heroes Stadium: $94 million (2011)
      20. Levy Mwanawasa Hospital Expansion: $90 million (2015)
      21. Kafulafuta Dam water project: $449 million (2017)
      22. Housing project for security wings: $275 million (2015)
      23. International Development Assistance programme: $600 million (2017)
      24. Rural roads project (World Bank): $200 million (2017)
      25. Environmental Remediation and Agribusiness Development: $106 million (2016)
      26. Miscellaneous small loans: $300 million (estimate)
      27. Debt position of previous…

    • cont…..

      TOTAL EXTERNAL DEBT: $33.5 billion
      2011: $229.6 million
      2012: $230.1 million
      2013: $325.9 million
      2014: $396.0 million
      2015: $507.3 million
      2016: $660.0 million (estimate)
      2017: $800.0 million (estimate)
      TOTAL: $3.1 billion

    • @IchaloLifupa
      Thank you for your revelation. At first sight these figures are alarming but then you think these are long term loans (20-40 years), surely we can manage to pay back and that is why your HH has to be careful not to distabilise the country lest our children fail to pay for these grants and loans. On the other hand government should slow down on these projects, I would rather they concentrate on industrialization.


    • This old woman might be thinking of a high-speed train between chilenje and Lilanda/material to deliver goods from one shoprite to another.

    • Gogo wina, fossil inonge has confused everything. She doesn’t know whether HS is intercity or commuter. This granny is a retiree.

      Where there is a will, there is away! Fantastic! God bless the Iron lady.

    • I never agree with my b1tch Mushota, but many did she hit the nail on the head. Kudos Mushota and I ain’t hating on you.

    • “eh Good morning moderator, this is Dr Proud from Garden compound”
      “Good morning Proud, our topic today is the 50+1, whats your contribution?”
      “eh, moderator, why they not bring back Mansa Batteries? why they not bring back Solwezi pineapple? Why they not bring back Njanji train? Are we together moderator?”

  2. Modernizing the railway system has been the song and wish since 2011 and at a number of points we were told part of the Eurobond money was pumped into ZR even naming a train MC SATA but in reality nothing has changed and same poor people are the ones travelling by train. No updates on the performance of ZR and whether infrastructure has realy improved or not. WHY? Its because WE HAVE NO BRAVE INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISTS.

    • I’m wondering where this investment is coming from. We are in over $10bn/$17bn debt and no huge rail project has happened. Ethiopia have a high speed one for $500mn, and full rail @ 3bn. Kenya just opened their $4bn rail from Mombasa. Now we were told Tazara needed $22mn for refurbishment and investment. That is yet to happen, and the Eurobond for ZR was never spent. Therefore unless you are telling us something we don’t know, the rail project will stall for years.

    • The railway will never be modernised so long as the elite and those who suddenly get rich are in the Haulage sector like the Lazy Lungus, the Membes etc.

  3. How about first fixing the crawl speed trains and worn out rail tracks you have failed to revamp despite all the Eurobonds you squandered! Nonsense

    • Repair is too much for these lazy people they would rather get a loan outsource everything for brown envelopes.

  4. Ku Sabaila that’s what it is called. It’s common in failures! You fail to achieve a simple task then go all over the map talking about other grandiose ideas. To distract people from your failures? Sick. As Donald J Trump would say!

  5. Our Vice president is day dreaming. Where will high speed trains move knowing that our rail tracks are not good. We have failed to fix rail tracks. She should be talking about fixing the trucks before talking about high speed trains. I understand that the rail line which linked Ndola and Luanshya has been stolen. If we cannot guard or maintain our infrastructure where are we going? Are we making progress?

  6. ATI our AUSSIE DOLLAR are u a native Australian? U must be TONGA from monze, its good u went to study or whatever maybe usuka pamatako for old people nevermind the point is support Government of the day the VP is SPOT and she is very intelligent woman zambia is so lucky to have such a VP, the first woman VP only possible under PF

  7. Do we have the infrastructure to support that kind of development?

    Or you’re just saying that to stay in power or you’re taking your fellow citizens to be gullible?

  8. I would like politicians to share the type of WEED they smoke which erases every ounce of shame to say anything!

  9. We haven’t done so well in continuing with the various road infrastructure projects we inherited so this is just a pipe dream.
    Let’s first remove human traffic congestion in town centres. It can’t work for now Mama Inonge. Let’s be serious otherwise Sinkamba will overtake us in 2021

    • @comrade Kudos well said. We are still behind in so many areas- our public transport system run by the private sector is not fit for purpose and the railway system was stripped by the likes of Kambwili in the early 2000s so mama Wina must be real plus most of these high speed trains use electricity where are we going to get that power when we already experiencing power deficits.

  10. What we need in Zambia is 80km/hr freight trains to decongest our roads from long distance trucks and to speed+ expedite our snail-like commerce.
    High speed passenger trains are a luxury and a waste that Zambia can’t afford.


  11. The silly old cow is dreaming of high speed trains when they can not even update the rotten rail single line they have….and they just borrowed more for jets including one for lungu at over $35 million a piece instead of trying to fix ZR.

    • Imagine in her area pupils are getting taught lessons under thatched roofs…she has no shame because she has nothing to even if she put pressure on Lazy Lungu.
      I wonder what her late hisband would make of this!!

    • No insults, please. She could be your mother or grandmother or sister or aunt. How will you feel if it was your relation being ill talked of?

  12. Mr lungu and PF are an embarrassment, you mean this old woman is the only choice they have and can come up with as VP ??

  13. Make them underground or subway. Start now bo Inonge. Borrow the money if possible but do not allow anyone to steal.

  14. One lady who talks issues but plays little or no politics at all. Extremely level headed. Knows when and what to say. People who were attacking her comments at City market over the fire did not realise that she was just saying what she was fed. Like politicians in Europe, extremely focussed, Very mature, logical and composed. No tantrums, threats or intimidation, I am neither her tribe no belong to her party but what is good is good. Love her or hate her she is above aboard

  15. I have no respect for this silly old woman, she watched as PF thugs stripped a girl naked in front of her at one labour day for wearing red associated with upnd.

    • She said nothing and that was a sign for the thugs to continue their assault.
      Now this senile old woman just opens her mouth aimlessly.

  16. Hey you people who are bent on seeing Zambia suffer, what’s wrong with you? Mark my words, by the time ECL finishes this term, Zambia will be a transformed country across the board … I can hardly wait to hear what you’ll say then! We’re matching on!

    • So you think you can have high speed trains on that single rotten rail line ??

      Even die hard PF resident LT nut cases above are doubting this old woman’s mental capacity….

    • That is the problem.. .she is waisting tax payers money on allowances and travel to dream big.

      Put some one who still has all their wires in their brains intact in that important position….the last time she came to London she was dreaming again that batoka Gorge power station will be operational this year…her lapses on current affairs and what is doable are alarming and embarrassing.

  17. Well done madam you have just invited agriculture investment not only in zambia but you have now told china that the other countries need produce….so they can invest there and save on transporting from zambia. Further even if the investment is in zambia the profits go offshore. China will bring mechanization now a tractor can do the work of 10 pipo so what do the displaced workers do. Why arn’t we encouraging, finding ways to create employment for zambians…… 3 billion chinese investment for 50000 jobs i think that works out about 2million dollars per job,,,then we have to repay the loans…..now we are in china begging for more. Read about sri lanka experience with chinese loans…..madam at your age do u put all your eggs in one basket

  18. Madam please dont give uneducated people a false hope that their circumstances will improve to such an extent as having ” fast train”. Assuming you achieve that how many pipo will have sufficient income to ride on it……to where.

    Now we have a weak floor orice for maize, chinese will come in offer to buy land and because farmers cannot afford to plant, eat, school their children they will sell. Ok foreigners are not supposed own land, we all know there are ways around that. Please concentrate on zambia not on foreign so called “investment”

  19. I like politicians who think progressively, infact everything grows now Zambia is 17million people.
    You cannot remain on the same level for ever.
    Who thought Zambia could develop this much in 1986 it was a pipe dream, but see what has happened traveling to the copperbelt from Lusaka was a nightmare.
    It was non existent to see zambians own transporting businesses.
    I respect dreamers because what you think about one-day you will do.

    • Think progressively when you can not put a fire a mile away from fire station then declare state of emergence without asking.. how?

  20. Humans are born helpless. They cannot walk or feed themselves. When Wild animals like giraffes, antelopes are born, they are on their legs and running in minutes. I think this hen inonge is high on broiler marsh. She is like a four year in a doll shop. Admiring all the nice dolls. Zambia is hopelessly in debt. You need better road network not high speed rail. Learn to walk like humans.

  21. 200 km per hour train? If they managed 50 kmph that would be an improvement. I never seen another country go so backwards when it comes to rail development, the last time those trains ran on time is when Zambia was under British rule, sad but true. I would love Zambia to have a respectful, efficient rail services. But unless a foreign country builds it for them, they will remain in the dark ages. And this is coming from someone who loves the country and was brought up there.

    • That is the tradegy, Mr lungu would rather buy a jet for himself and 3 other jets for rich people, to keep the natives dancing ati development, while the poor die like flies on buses because they do not have a good reliable passenger rail network….

  22. High speed trains? yes that is what is missing from this country?
    while our farmers and miners straggle to make ends meet and country is in debt!

    See what miners are saying about state mining company ZCCM management… now the chinese are involved?
    I love to hear your thoughts!

  23. At least half of those eurobonds should have been used to revamp the rail network with double lines on most sections instead of being used to enrich PF caders with useless roads.

  24. Ba NEZ tabakwata ifyaku sosa, inga finshi ba nga landa abo ba UPNDonkey? Ba Donkey taba ishiba ati kwaliba strategic planning before you implement a project, and that projects start with ideas. Anyway what can you expect from UPNDonkeys who think that development means getting locked up in Mukobeko, Chimbokaila and other prisons posting facebooks while your colleagues are busy developing ideas at Luapula Expo.

  25. you have failed to maintain your locomotives, and now you are wishing to introduce HIGH SPEED TRAINS! GUYS BE SERIOUS..So when Prof Clive chirwa brought this idea for kabwe you guys decided to lock him up.. LOL ..#Kangaroo Government #kalembula RUBBISH!

  26. Don’t let Prof Chirwa hear this, he will want a piece of the action…

    The Gautrain in SA was built at a huge cost but runs at a loss every month. This is africa mama.

    Dont bring those trains here, the PF call boys need employement at Intercity and all the other bus stations.

  27. In case you are wondering what happened to the EuroBond that was allocated to the railway sector, you can go to Zambia Railways Lusaka Office to see what money can do. The place has been landscaped,and nows has the ambience of 21st Century Zambian village. The trees have been whitewashed with lime and the driveways installed with gaurd rails. Additionally,an express train named Micheal Chilufya Sata was introduced. This train is faster than any train seen in zambia. It’s a pity Mama Inonge has not taken a ride on this ultra modern train. The ZR management needs to be commended for putting the Euro bond money into innovations such the express train and landscaping of the offices.

  28. We are even late, while we thinking about it other African countries are doing it. Kenya government just commissioned high speed train from Mombasa to Nairobi last month with funding from Chinese government and constructed by Chinese

  29. Hold on stop assassinating the VP you silly young ones, the VP was just suggesting she does not mean that it will be done now, what you don’t know is that all the government projects were planned a long time ago. The government does not just work up and start building anything without a plan. You should learn to respect elders. Chindika wiso nanoko ngeshikushobe shifule muchalo.

  30. Ever see a cow or goat hit at 200 km hour, imagine the train? this will be daily in Zambia if they built a high speed rail road.

  31. I don’t see any reason some one can just start insulting this lady, imagine she was your mother or your mother in-law she doesn’t deserve to be insulted!
    Even if it is about politics, this lady hasn’t done anything wrong she is just doing her duties ; some of you bloggers are just jealous of her hard earned position.
    She deserves respect from every normal Zambian, if you respect elders you may even live longer, some of you will not even reach her age .

    • What kind of an elder is she who watched as PF thugs striped naked and assaulted a young woman in front of her …… not a single word this old woman then or after….

  32. You bloggers and your out of this world comments , have killed me laughing. There is a comedian in each and everyone. Kikikiki, i would love to know the weed these politicians smoke@ Jay! Awe sure. Kikikikiki.

  33. It is great mama, @1.8 self-confessed fuul and his fuul party and tribesmen will not be happy even with such good news! You wonder why? They think only their tribe can do better! They are filled with evil spirits too! But they will never prevail in Zambia!

  34. I don’t believe what I am reading. ……. I have always given this Lady the benefit of the doubt. Her past comments have tended to be somewhat measured in spite of being surrounded by jokers, thieves and losers. But now, talking of jumping from a next-to-nothing dysfunctional Train system on narrow gauge to high speed Train system on wide gauge without a tabling a strong and conceivable economic case to support it? That is clearly going over the top.

    Its now easy to see why Lungu chose her as his Vice. They are birds of a feather. Like Lungu, she is clearly way out of her depth on the subject, i.e. she does not know that she does not know. Shocking!

  35. This witch can’t even implement a chigiligili road and she thinks corrupt dictator Lungu and his admin will bring high speed train to Zambia? She must be suffering from Alzheimer.

  36. How can the vice president talk about high speed train when they cannot finish to pay for old finished TAZARA railway? That was good dreaming in China, simply enjoy the ride mama.

  37. With due respect, mama Inonge rode a high speed train in China, got mesmerised and thought, hey lets have this in Zambia. But seriously, this has to be looked at in the context of where we are as a country. Huge debt, white elephant constructions from huge loans, failure to maintain public service structures and resources (health, government etc.) haphazard agricultural policies, no drive towards value added industries, massive enrichment of a few people in a very short time and no buying power for the rest of the population due to lack of jobs or menial work. Then suddenly, hey presto, lets have high speed trains! By the way, this involves massive planning, environmental issues, capital, existence of other supporting structures/expertise etc. But then, some will say I am also dreaming.

  38. They can use the same rail routes. Its a matter of going from mechanically driven engines to high speed electrical with some modifications on the rails. These ideas are good. let us take time to analyse issues. Remember everything begins with an idea.

    I have not done project management, but I know for sure that every project must have stages. Vis-a-vis, Panning, Physibility studies, execution, implementation and sustenance. We cant just be shooting down good ideas for the sack of political mileage. If other countries have done it, how on earth can we fail. Zambians need to have a positive mental Attitude, be highly optimistic rather than pessimistic.

  39. I will never jump in Inonge Wina fast train because lordshedding will not spare rail system.Anyway as somebody put it, dreams are free for all.

  40. By the way fast trains are computerised system, they do not run on disel through dark bushes where shanters still use torches in the 21st century.

  41. iyo ni window shopping Madam. Start with light rail systems first so that you get to grips with the technologies before you start to think big. Otherwise, you will be introducing high-speed death. Ethiopia is a classic example with light rail system introduced in recent years.

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