The DPP should appeal Dora Siliya and Maxwell Mwale cases and not just Masebo’s-TIZ

Director of Public Prosecution Fulata Lillian Shawa Siyuni
Director of Public Prosecution Fulata Lillian Shawa Siyuni

Director of Public Prosecution Fulata Lillian Shawa Siyuni
Director of Public Prosecution Fulata Lillian Shawa Siyuni
Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) Executive Director Wesley Chibamba has urged Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Lillian Shawa Siyunyi to act in public interest and not political interest.

In a statement unveiled to Pan African Radio today, Chibamba observed that the DPP has appealed against the acquittal of former tourism Minister Silvia Masebo and has since welcomed the move by the DPP but has also challenged her to appeal against the recent acquittals of Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya and Maxwell Mwale.

Chibamba believes that the DPP will also appeal the acquittals of Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya and Maxwell Mwale owing to the fact that the duo faced similar charges to that of Silvia Masebo and they were acquitted a few weeks ago.

Chibamba added if the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Lillian Shawa Siyunyi will not appeal against the two acquittals she will otherwise risks the Masebo appeal to be misconstrued as political persecution, trying to fix political opponents rather genuine pursuit of justice for the Zambian people.

And Chibamba noted that the office of the DPP has often contradicted itself through their actions when it comes to public interest, adding that it is the same office that appealed the constitutional court judgement that Ministers who remained in office after dissolution of parliament did so illegally and should refund the Government the emoluments they enjoyed during that period.

“We challenge the DPP to also appeal against the recent acquittals of Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya and Maxwell Mwale” Chibamba said

Early this week, the state appealed against the Lusaka Magistrate Court’s decision to acquit former Minister of Tourism, Sylvia Masebo.

In the matter, Ms. Masebo was accused of abuse of authority of office, when she allegedly directed the then Zambia Wildlife Authority -ZAWA- to cancel the tender for the hunting blocks.

Ms. Masebo was however acquitted by the Lusaka Magistrate Court.

But the Director of Public Prosecutions -DPP- has argued that Magistrate Ireen Wishimanga was not balanced in her analysis of the evidence, as she only concentrated on flaws and not the strength of the arguments.

The DPP has further argued that Magistrate Wishimanga misdirected herself, when she ruled that the decisions by Ms. Masebo to direct ZAWA to cancel the tender did not amount to abuse of authority of office.

The commission has added that the lower court erred, when it accepted hear-say, as evidence from one of the witness.

This is contained in a statement of appeal filed in the High Court.


  1. Another Tonga ….yaba where was TIZ when the Nchito bros and Mmembe were busy selling Nolles . . . .

    • Commenting before reading to the end of the argument is a damning indication that the reading culture is surely dwindling to an all time low in Zambia.

    • That’s what we were telling mukabene Lilian, not to start sucking on boma-ni-boma.
      She has lost credibility over her fellow woman Masebo.

    • Yes another supreme Tonga teaching this Nyau dancing girl Siyunyi how to be fair in prosecuting cases. Even the devil knows how evil Dora is but these rats are busy persecuting innocent Masebo!

    • Some pipo are above the law according to DPP, ACC.

      These institutions have become tampons for PF & their supreme Malawian Muslim Dictator.

      As Barack Obama noted: Africa needs strong institutions, NOT strongmen.

    • – Kaizer Zulu’s assault of a female police officer is “still being investigated”
      – Max Chongu’s assassination attempt of Independent candidate was washed under the carpet
      – Dora Siliya’s corruption cases have been thrown out of the window
      – RB’s & his son’s corruption cases have been flushed down the drain

    • Wesley Chibamba is not Tonga. I the guy went to school with my brother. Use your brain to think not your tribe!

  2. Looks like all our institutions are dead! Some people are just too vindictive to let by-gones be history. One thing they forget is their day to account for their injustice and misdeeds will surely come. Our politicians have no sense of responsibility and don’t seem to care the adverse impact of their politics on the performance of the economy. Unfortunately this is how things have been since independence. Professionalism is so easily sacrificed at the alter of expediency for political and monetary gain! When will we be able to see professionals stand their ground to defend what is right and the truth? The question is do we still have men and women of integrity left in Public office? When Jesus comes, will he find faith in Zambia?

    • Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has resigned from his post, his office has said.
      The resignation comes hours after the country’s Supreme Court disqualified him over corruption claims against his family’s wealth.
      The court said Mr Sharif was not fit to hold office and ordered a criminal investigation into him and his family after they could not account for the Sharifs’ vast wealth.

  3. Everybody is in Edgar Lungus pocket..
    The DPP does not want to appeal cases involving RB,Dora Siliya and other MMD members.
    The Speaker ,Patrick Matibini, refused to take over instruments of power when the petition was filed to the ConCourt as stipulated in the Constitution.
    The ConCourt, went against it’s own rules and judgments to prevent the petition from being heard.They failed to deliver a judgment on the petition within the 14 days business days(as per their own interpretation).Time expired for them too.
    ECZ could not provide form Gen12 to verify election results.


    • @Chisenga
      If there is dispute on results,the constitution stipulates that the matter be taken to court.Who are you to declare unverified results as being verified?Not all Zambians are dull like you and your kind

  4. Whats the matter TIZ Wesley Chibamba? You a donkey too? Or perhaps a beneficiary of Masebo’s physical endowments? But I hear the latter have waned with age.

  5. Wesley Chibamba, only donkeys apoeal everything and anything. The DPP did not appeal acquittal of underfive for insulting police officers, what did you say to that? Please you UPNDonkeys, stay away from the judiciary.

  6. They have not given us a legal basis for choosing to appeal mazebos case and not others from their own party. Therefore the conclusion any sane man can draw is that It is because masebo is opposition. This is how petty ka m.b.o.l.o lungu is

  7. Which country in Africa has some sense of justice? Where no ruler tinkers with the system? I d like to go and live there

  8. Uyu umutundu insele! This tribe and insults! I understand that in their culture a father can undress his wife with insults in the presence of the children and it is considered normal. Is that true NEZ?

    • Go and ask your ugly mother after all she has slept with every tribe in Zambia to put food on your table.

    • @Hamaambala: Seems you are very right. Insele is normal to these people. It is their culture. What an abomination these people are to our nation, pathetic creatures!!!

    • But chi NEZ nachena even on Sunday sure insulting…I think he’s bewitched and the one who did it is probably dead…however NEZ can still be redeemed if he accepted Jesus has his saviour and his wish for the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND to win the Presidency may be a reality in future after 2021…

  9. TIZ is an NGO sponsored and appointed by Europeans/Americans and other foreign people we don’t know. What their agenda is, we are not sure. The DPP is a Zambian appointed by the people through our constitution and every law applicable to our land. Does the DPP need approval to do her job from the colonial white masters working through their sponsored element Wesley Chibamba?? If the DPP is not happy with a ruling, she has every power and law under the constitution to do so!! She is not answerable to TIZ or other neo-colonialist elements but to the Zambian people who give her that legality. Our Judiciary as an arm of governance, should be left to work freely without undue influence or should not seek approval from “the white masters” but should instead enforce and apply our laws…

  10. …prudently. Do we Africans have a say when American or European judiciaries apply their Laws?? Donald Trump repealed the Paris Climate Agreement, do we have Voices questioning the Americans?? No!! We, as Zambians, must believe in the ability to let these institutions develop as we have laws that can curtail abuse and not be influenced by rogue elements like Wesley who want to push the agenda of unknown people that Africans cannot govern themselves. Much like LAZ who tried to plant doubt in the minds of citizens about Article 31, Wesley Chibamba is planting doubt about our Judiciary and our ability to govern ourselves, a scheme that is gaining momentum among a horde of neo-colonialists that are sponsoring NGOs.

  11. Eappeal Dora bokosi siliya and maxwell mwale, just now, without fail, we are watching you. The judicial have been destroyed by this PF party. This is a banana republic for sure where rules and laws don’t matter any more destroyed our beloved country.


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