Government refutes Kambwili’s allegation of misappropriation of $273 million for Digital Migration

MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga
MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga
MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga
MINISTER of Information and Broadcasting Services Kampamba Mulenga

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services has refuted allegation by former Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Hon. Chishimba Kambwili that loaned money meant for the Digital Migration process, to the tune of 273 million United States Dollars had been misappropriated.

In a statement released to the media and signed by Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Kampamba Mulenga, Government said that State House was not involved in the procurement process contrary to what she termed as lies being peddled by Hon. Kambwili.

Below is the full statement

Republic of Zambia

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services


Government wishes to correct the impression created by former Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Hon. Chishimba Kambwili in some sections of the media that loan money meant for the Digital Migration process, to the tune of 273 million United States Dollars has been misappropriated.

The nation may wish to know that the digital migration project is being implemented under two separate contracts.

Phase one of the project was contracted at a sum of 9.554,124.49 United States Dollars. Phase entailed the erection of digital transmitters and other attendant digital transmission equipment along the line of rail from Senkobo near Livingstone to Chililabombwe. The nation may wish to know that this phase was successfully concluded in June 2015.

On the amount involved in phase one, Government has made only two payments. A down payment amounting to 955,412.45 United States dollars was paid in August, 2014 and a second payment amounting to 1.060,969.94 was made to the contractor StarTimes Software Technologies Company Limited of China, in March, 2016.

It is important to note that in spite of the successful completion of phase one two years ago, the contractor is still owed 7.549,096.65 United States Dollars.

The final operational certificate was rendered on 8th June, 2016 but still, no payment has been made due to the fiscal challenges facing the treasury.


As the nation might be aware, the second contract of the digital migration project covers phases two and three respectively.

It should be clearly stated that the works under the two phases are comprehensive as the project encompasses the entire length and breadth of our country.

Under phase two, the civil works component of the contract will entail construction of six (6) Television studios at all provincial centres namely;

1. Kasama (Northern Province)
2. Chinsali (Muchinga Province)
3. Mongu (Western Province)
4. Kabwe (Central Province)
5. Mansa (Luapula Province) and
6. Chipata (Eastern Province)

Choma and Solwezi studios are being funded outside the US$273 million loan arrangement.

It is also worth noting that aside from transmission and other attendant equipment being installed at the six (6) provincial centers, there are also subsidiary transmission sites at 64 sites where small transmitters are also being erected to ensure total coverage of the entire country.

In areas where the topography cannot allow for digital terrestrial television transmission, these areas will be served by satellite.

For the record, it is important to state that the lender, EXIM Bank of China has NOT yet released a single cent of the US$ 273 million loan.

In fact, the Ministry of Finance is still handling issues to do with fulfillment of the conditions precedent to first disbursement.

It must be clear stated here, that, all the work that has been done thus far, has been financed from the contractor’s own resources.

It is, therefore, patently false for Hon. Kambwili to suggest that the loan monies have been misappropriated because the money in question has not been released.

I must also state that it is not only mischievous but grossly misleading for Hon. Kambwili who served as Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and was privy to these facts to deliberately mislead the nation.

It is also worth stating that prior to the contraction of the loan, ALL tender procedures were followed. It is true that Startimes Software Technologies Limited was single sourced to undertake phases two and three and requisite approval was obtained from the Zambia Public Procurement Authourity (ZPPA).

As is procedure and a requirement in Government operations, as Minister, Hon. Kambwili was fully kept informed about the processes.

I need to make it very clear that State House was not involved in the procurement process contrary to lies being peddled by Hon. Kambwili.

Hon. Kambwili should confine himself to his cheap politicking instead of launching a misguided and irresponsible smear and slander campaign against his perceived political opponents to win public sympathy.
In any case, if there was anything wrong he saw in the digital migration project, did he have to wait to be fired to speak out?

Hon. Kampamba Mulenga, MP
Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Chief Government Spokesperson
28th July, 2017


  1. “It is important to note that in spite of the successful completion of phase one two years ago, the contractor is still owed 7.549,096.65 United States Dollars.

    The final operational certificate was rendered on 8th June, 2016 but still, no payment has been made due to the fiscal challenges facing the treasury.”

    SO IN SHORT, “misappropriation of funds”

    • Can’t stand her and I think she doesn’t know what comes out of her – I’m afraid.

      She is out of her depth.

      I have a PhD



    • Hon. Kampamba Mulenga, in an effort to defend your government from Chimbwili allegations, you are instead exposing yourselves.
      Is this how government is treating contractors? I am surprised, I wonder what is behind this contract that StarTimes Software Technologies as a contractor has kept quiet, and continue to work on other phases of this project without being paid.
      Is this how the other so called infrastructure projects that PF keep initiating,are being run?

    • cont`d
      If that is the case, then dont be surprised with the quality that comes out of these projects

    • “Choma and Solwezi studios are being funded outside the US$273 million loan arrangement”

      ‘as punishment because they are opposition strongholds???’.

    • I agree with you Mushota, cant stand her either. We need documentation as proof – its cheap to refuse without paper work. Another one I can stand is that Mwankatwe.

  2. Hon. Mulenga, you are now taking this pow-wow to Kambwili’s turf. He will make you dance everytime he opens his mouth.

  3. Let them expose each other… The language of these government spokespeople is really below the required minimum standards befitting such a high office.

  4. This lady has a limited vocabulary all the time cheap statement, cheap politicking, cheap mileage? PF and articulate of issues are at its lowest. Can you kindly find a suitable ministry for this illiterate woman

    • ba Political Sycophant…it is very clear what she is saying…english is not a measure of intelligence…otherwise UK would have the highest IQ on average

    • @nono well she is government spokesperson and minister of information. Grammar is Paramount in that job.

    • as ACC we opened an investigation on $273milion misappropriation and we have concluded the investigations… bla bla bla.. the commission didn’t find any wrong doings in the transaction and has since declared the case closed thank you

  5. Progressive countries like Kenya and South Africa migrated digitally two years back while Zambia we’re planning and arguing?

  6. I can’t help but think that Kampamba should be selling tomatoes or salaula at some street corner.
    Not a very smart cookie!

  7. US273 loan was secured and released to the Zambian government for the sole purpose of this digital migration. Now, the first phase of the work was completed by the appointed contractor and a year down the line, the contractor still hasn’t been paid! The answer to the question is simple, the funds are not there any longer because they have been misappropriated! It’s as simple as that. This case will send people to jail and if I were this Mulenga girl, I will just keep quiet because she was not even there when they were chewing the grudas!

  8. The moñey was not misappropriated because it was used for government endeavors. Thank you signed Minister of information and broadcasting fimofimo

  9. Thank you so much Mr. Kambwili keep them coming: make them regret the the decision of firing you…Release HH

  10. This lady was not even in Government then: I would just keep quiet if I were her..anything to do with the US government does not go away quietly they will be an investigation involved and some people will go to jail for this…it will not reach the flat line as the PF Government expects.
    Thanks Mr. Kambwili….

  11. They will need to refute such allegations under an international court to ensure independent and fair outcomes because as things stand we know ka c.h.i.k.a.l.a. ka lungu has ability to buy the judges who are majority pf supporters

  12. Guys I have just been to this place everyone is talking about in Lusaka called the yard. What a disappointing place. Poor customer service and on top of that you have nobodys acting like they own Zambia kikiki ala I had to leave and paid for mybdrinks without finishing them. Told the useless chaps to keep the change. I will leave such places for yo bally like ndanje

  13. Madam minister, if you are not sure of happenings sometimes learn to keep quite because mob physiology of other PF members might in future be unfortunate on your side. Look at what is happening to CK, He was at one time untouchable but today he is as common as rotten egg. It is not an insult but a fact because whatever goes up will one day come down. Thank you.

  14. Now Kambwili can talk ? Well wasn’t he in charge? Why did have to wait until he was fired for him to start telling it all.

  15. Cost so so ……still owed so so so……not paid so so so pleas just say if any money has been released and what is being off set by the chinese grabbing ZNBC for 25 years…

  16. We demand for a comprehensive audit of all the loans.
    A fiscal audit and a performance audit.
    Let an international firm do the audit.
    Euro-bondage and Chinese grants should be priority.

  17. I hear that Umutomboko ceremony has taken place. So has underfive made another attempt to block Eagle-1?

  18. President Lungu needs to come clean on Zambia’s indebtedness and now this misapplication of US$273 Million. IMF should withhold any monies to Zambia until we have a clarification from the President and his colleagues. Knowing IMF and its imperialist agenda, they will still lend money to Zambia even with the current misapplication of resources. Look at Late President Sata, he literally plunged Zambia into an eternal debt trap.

  19. As formally a member of the PF inner circle, Kambwili knows a lot and a lot will be exposed now that he is an outsider. ACC should provide him with security for he will be very useful in their corruption investigations. His life may be in danger.


    If Hon. Kambwili has filed a case against his expulsion from PF, what kind of love is he displaying by openly criticizing his “beloved” PF Party through the MAST? His utterances just confirm that both Kambwili and Mwenya Musenge were deadly FOXES (IMPAKAS or Ba MUMBWES) that invaded the inside of the PF Chicken House. Kambwili is committing political suicide. The nation now believes that Kambwili, former Minister of Information, is a spoiler to any institution to which he is associated. Curiously Kambwili remains MUTE on allegations of corruption linking him (when in Govt) to Savior Chishimba. Hence now dwelling on the art of MISINFORMATION.

    • Ba Mwansa Kabinga twala myuma ubwembya. Whatever s happening just give us popcorn. All PF members are rotten eggs. This implosion is great.

  22. Madam minister of misinformation your signed confession that the treasury is experiencing fiscal challenges is very valuable insight.

    Thank you.

  23. But PF so called development goes through some serious gymnastics……so so was borrowed so so was owed so so is not realised so so and so so is left…..

    Hmmmm ….on top of all that there is the chinese grabbing ZNBC for 25 years ???

  24. When a loan has been procured and government still says there is money owing to the contractors or certain amounts haven’t been released, WHERE IS the money?

  25. I always say Zambians must love and put their country first. For record, I would not hire the “mini star” 🙂 in the picture above. She is so ignorant, arrogant and always defensive. Apart from Zambia, I don’t know any country on earth that is full this kind sh!t in government. Where is the diplomacy, the engagement, the soberness and constructive talking capability. I’d rather we have no ministers at all. Actually ministers in the first cabinet of Dr Kaunda were more smart and articulate than what we have now 50+ years later. Shame on all of us Zambians.

  26. Auditor General’s office and ACC should be more serious in investigating such financial scandals. Are they 3 years behind in their investigations? Of what use will their reports be long after damage has taken place and only following such plunderers long after they have left office? If you feel the is too dangerous for you, resign and pave way for more capable investigators with the nation’s interest at heart! CK has given a lead (a clue) and it must be followed!

  27. Investigation of fraud and corrupt allegation should be a priority for a nation that is called a ” Christian Nation” otherwise , this country asking for trouble .

  28. the auditor general office and ACC are tools and loop holes that they are using for abuse of public resources!

  29. This minister is not fit for that position..she can do better as a councillor like her sister who is the mayor for kalulushi..I guess it’s bottom power which was used for the two sisters to be adopted as mp and mayor..

  30. I wouldn’t trust a person of this caliber. He eats with you but as soon as he’s out of favor he starts blurting like an old she goat. It means he can do the same to you. Integrity simply means saying “no ” to evil whether you’re an insider or outsider.

  31. So as a minister Mr Kambwili did not know what was happening in his own ministry? Thank God he was fired.
    UPNDonkeys, here is a free transfer of chaff as usual.

    • Donkey are symbol of hard work and diligence. E.g. The donkey party logo is still a well-known symbol for the Democratic Party of the US. Thanks for noticing the quality. What was meant for evil the Lord turns to God. You behaved like Balaam. Thanks for the blessings.

  32. MP’s have a duty to be transparent whilst still serving and not only when they get booted out of parliament. Do you ever wonder why those who came out of nothing acquire so much within a short period of time soon after becoming ministers? They steal public funds which are meant for development!!! This individual called CK was probably party to this and he has a lot of useful information…. music to my ears!! Bring it on , expose yourselves!!

    • Yes. Principled people normally resign when they see malpractice in the system. In Kambwili ‘s this is what we call sour grapes. Since he was minister in charge, we must assume he was also in charge of sharing these funds. Truly speaking Kambwili ale sabaila fye because if knew too much he wasn’t going to be fired and expelled.

    • Ndanje

      Kambwili could have been part of the corruption but is turning whistle blower…..theives do informs on their fellow theives… you PF rats are saying he can’t be trusted ??

    • Would you trust such a person in your party. Brave men either resign or keep quiet regardless of circumstances

    • @Spaka ever since I started contributing I’ve never called you a rat and for your information I don’t belong to PF or any other party. I criticize all parties. To me you sound like a person short on brains.

  33. I love these hard working donkeys , they work long hours and never fight or complain . I remember as a kid my mum taking me to the seaside where I was allowed to ride on a donkey, what a lovely experience it was !!

  34. Ha ha ha ba Kampamba muletusebanya.Keep quiet.Kambwili is right.Instead of using $20M govt went ahead and engaged star times for the amount of $273M.look at the variance ba Minister.Anyway we can’t understand u period.

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