Govt thanked for allocating Kafue District with K 700, 000 CDF funds

Kafue MP Miriam Chonya presenting gifts to New Beginnings Children s Villag
Kafue MP Miriam Chonya presenting gifts to New Beginnings Children s Villag

Kafue Member of Parliament Miriam Chonya has thanked government for considering her constituency to be among the beneficiaries of the first disbursement of the Constituency Development Funds (CDF) in the country.

Ms Chonya says her constituency is grateful for government to allocate the area with K700,000.00 of the CDF funds.

ZANIS reports that the area member of Parliament said this in a walk in interview in Kafue today.

The Law maker explains that the funds will be used to complete construction works such as boreholes and bridges in her constituency.

Ms Chonya has since appealed to the government to consider releasing the remaining K700,000 in time for completion of other projects in her constituency.


  1. Should I see that thug max chongu benefiting from this money I will personally chop off his nthwenu and sell it to Chinese

  2. CDF money again pa kafue! we dnt want repetition like the time of Mr mwaliteta. this time as concerned youth and responsible citizens will make sure that transparency and accountability is in line…..coz bureaucrats shud treat govt resources as impersonal nt personal!

  3. Ms. Member of Parliament, there is no need to thank anyone or government for those funds. That money belongs to the people of Kafue. It is governments obligation to the people of Kafue to get some money back from their taxes for the provision of public structures, amenities and services. Do you ever thank your bank or the atm machine whenever you make a withdrawal or thank parliament for your sitting allowance.

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