36 Zambian students stranded in India


At least thirty six Zambian students are stranded in various parts of India for various reasons.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to India Judith Kapijimpanga says most students are stranded because of their parents failure to sustain payment of school fees, while some have committed offences such as drug abuse and a number have failed examinations but are scared of informing their parents.

Mrs. Kapijimpanga says the students cannot leave the airports because it a requirement in India that their schools issue them with No Objection Travel Certificates which indicate that they complied with Indian laws forcing many to start engaging in negative vices for them to survive.

The High Commissioner says she is confident that a solution would be found as Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo has promised to work with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to facilitate the removal of all stranded students.

She says it is saddening that most parents simply send their children for studies in India without informing the mission but only get to know when students have been arrested or have failed to pay school fees.

Mrs. Kapijimpanga says at least three hundred (300) Zambian students are documented to be in India studying in various institutions of higher learning.

She has urged Zambian parents to consult the Zambian mission in New Delhi on education services in India before sending their children.

This is contained in a statement made available by First Secretary Press and Tourism at the Zambian Mission in New Delhi, India, Bangwe Naviley.


  1. A citizen abroad is a reflection of current state of affairs in the country. We have a failed illegal undisciplined government and this is showing abroad . Btw today I do not want comments from angry pf rats because I am hangover

    • Indians hate dark-skinned people, including fellow-Indians. You can expect to have things even worse if you are somebody of African ancestry. As for housing, be prepared to live long term in a hotel. Available housing can be hard to get even if you are an Indian. Because Indian landlords routinely discriminate even against fellow Indians who happen to be from the ‘wrong’ part of India, speak the ‘wrong’ language, belong to the ‘wrong’ religion or caste etc. As somebody of African ancestry, you face a double whammy in a culture that hates dark skin. If you are Caucasian or White, you should be alright, since the people automatically show respect for white-skinned people. Heck, I have seen Indians discriminating against fellow Indians in favor of White foreigners.

    • Why black Africans would be sending their children to India is beyond me. Indians intensely hate black Africans. You go there at your own risk, if you’re dark skinned. There are many better places to go for schooling such as China, Canada, and even USA is not that bad either. If there is a country I never dream of visiting, it’s India– because of their racism. And this is why we need to invest in quality university education in our own country, so we don’t have to go to other countries for that.

  2. Why send your African kids to study in India or Russia of all places?

    Being African in India – ‘We are seen as demons’

    Last year, a mob in Bangalore dragged a Tanzanian student from her vehicle, stripped her and set her car alight, after a Sudanese man she had never met was implicated in a fatal road accident.
    A 23-year-old Congolese man called Masonda Ketanda Olivier was beaten to death in an upscale Delhi neighbourhood. A week after his murder, a spate of assaults left seven Africans injured in Delhi’s Chhatarpur area.

    • Sensitive update but knowledgable, thanks dude @ Berliner. I was planning to visit India to a friend I met on facebook, now I’m thinking otherwise.

    • My friends don’t prejudice India like that.
      Bad and good people every where
      These all student is just stuck there for fee and some other problems. No racism or other factors. Some of just failed in examination and very fee are involved in drug abuse rtc.

  3. You can go to school anywhere in the world. It is a myth and extremely ridiculous to think that one can only get decent education in western countries. That said, racism is everywhere including in US, UK, France, Germany etc so do not fool yourself. You cannot control everything but your attitude matters most. Smart people achieve their goals no matter the odds. As a last example, remember the racism taunts Mr and Mrs Obama experienced throughout the presidency despite being citizens of US. If you want to see many young people getting higher education at home, help to bring about the change that you want to see. Right now everyone tries to bring one another down and corruption is endemic.

  4. I did my masters in India in the 70s. The colour of my skin was ok because there are even darker Indians in south India. It is the hair that used to confuse them and they would want to touch it to see if it wa real.

  5. It is unbelievable that Zambian still they can only have better education abroad than improving the one they have. This kind of thinking have down graded the African progress . The parents who send their children to America, Russia , China , UK or India ….most of them end up been dishonest to the scoffers of the State because they have to sustain the expensive life of their children ….
    More should be asked to govt to set policies that makes Zambian education competitive.

  6. Dear Friends,
    Let us not assume and treat every Indian is bad.
    India has the long history of respecting everyone irrespective of origin.
    Bad people are there in all the countries.
    The Zambia’s HC to India says most students are stranded because of their parents failure to sustain payment of school fees, while some have committed offenses such as drug abuse and a number have failed examinations but are scared of informing their parents.
    Examine case to case of the Zambian students stranded in various parts of India for various reasons and try to find a solution amicably.
    We have many NGO’s to handle such effected people, please approach them through the ZGC in India.
    Please esquire with your MP, Kawambwa & Luapula Province Minister Mr Nixsion Chilangwa and DC, Kawambwa, Mr Mpasha,…

  7. I have been in this country since 2004. I have never experienced such prejudice. These Zambians who are stranded must be investigated. They want to bring our country down. Even parents must be questioned…how can they send their children abroad without proper communication? Money etc

    I recommend we form the social media group call it Zambians living in India. so that we can share our problems and help one another. I am a Zambian, live here, have family. My wife she is Indian. If there is something i can help I am ready. to keep my country’s dignity.

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