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Zambian woman arrested with 12 kg drugs in India


Indira Gandhi International Airport - New Delhi
Indira Gandhi International Airport – New Delhi

A Zambian woman was apprehended at the Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) in India on Saturday for allegedly trying to smuggle about 12 kg of narcotics by concealing it in her baggage, an airport security official said.

The official said the woman, who reached the IGI Airport in the wee hours of Saturday to travel to Addis Ababa, was intercepted by CISF personnel, based on a tip off.
The woman from Zambia has been identified as Doris Mwansa (46), and has been handed over to the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) along with the 12 kg of narcotics recovered from her bag. 

The drugs that was concealed in 12 ladies’ hand bags has been identified as pseudoephedrine. Upon screening of her baggage, something suspicious was detected in one of the bags.

“Some suspicious items were detected during the screening. During the physical check, 12 purses were found which were unusually heavy. When the bottom of one purse was opened, a white powder was found concealed. On checking of all purses, total 12kg (concealed 1 Kg in each purse) white powder was detected,” said a CISF official.

The powder was sent to the NCB who confirmed the substance to be pseudophedrine, anarcotic substance.

“The accused was handed over to NCB officials for further action.,” said a CISF official.

She was caught by a team lead by Tulika Morang, Superintendent at Delhi unit of Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

Deputy Director General at NCB Taj Hassan stated that intelligence found on Saturday that a Zambian woman, suspected to be carrying pseudoephedrine will depart from IGI Airport to Addis Ababa and then to Zambia by an Ethiopian flight.

“A team was constituted to carry out an investigation and verify the facts,” Hassan stated.

The team was deployed at the airport to keep surveillance on the passenger. It was found that Mwansa arrived at the airport by taxi at 12:05 am and was trying to pass through security points.

The team intercepted her at the departure gate.

She was in possession of three bags and they all were screened by the NCB sleuths.

And it was during checking, that NCB sleuths found white colour crystalline powder around 17 kg of pseudoephedrine concealed in 12 small purses in one of her trolley.
She was immediately arrested under various sections of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act.

During investigation, the accused stated that she came to India on July 17 and was staying in Hotel Ambrose and the consignment was handed over to her by one Kenneth in the hotel.

She also told NCB sleuths that she had visited India six times earlier.

The NCB took police custody of Mwansa and said that she would help them unravel the entire network of drug traffickers across the country.

It is alleged that Mwansa also acted as a carrier for international drug traffickers.

Police are also trying to identify the traffickers and will retrieve the CCTV footage from the hotel to identify the accused Kenneth.

The NCB sleuths will also take Mwansa to the places she had visited during her stay in India to help bust the entire drug racket.


    • Narcotics are legal surely ?

      They are a medical herb.

      I need help to know why this is illegal



    • ENKA you piece of crap leave tribalisim out of this !
      I personally met a Ghanian woman in the Middle East, with a Zambian passport she said she bought for only 250 US dollars.
      Thousands of west Africans are now holders of Zambian passports which they bought under the table from corrupt Zambian immigration officers.

    • Luckily its not Mumbi Phiri who was in India recently?

      Women should wake up early from slumber & not to be used as drug moles.

      Blame PF bandits who have failed to build women’s integrity but only turning them into thugs parading in PF diva banditry.

      PF is to blame for everything that is happening in dununa reverse psychology with regrets~ask former PF chief bandit Kambwili Mwamoneni!

      The Skeleton Key

    • They will abuse that Nigerian Mwansa to the fullest. Indians torture women by sucking them off, disgusting people.

    • HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN ABOUT Vernon Mwaanga and Sikota Hussein Wina???

    • She could have a Tonga mother and a Bemba father or she could be Tonga or Ila married to a Bemba or Ushi man.

  1. People Stop this tribalism ! poverty does not discriminate FIND THE INIDIAN WHO GAVE HER THE DRUGS AND LOCK HIM UP ! I am Lozi by the way

  2. Vernon Mwaanga and Sikota Hussein Wina, internationally known drug pushers are Tonga and Lozi respectively. Does that mean Tongas and Lozis are drug dealers, NO. It is just these two greedy people and of course VJs son who was also arrested with drugs.

  3. It is not about the government not being good! It is about ethnic hatred! It is in the hearts of some people! Check it out @Enka, #1 is an example of Namwala District Council.

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