Deceased Charity Namukoko’s relatives want her buried in Nakonde, but husband’s family is broke

The Victim-Charity Namuko
The Victim-Charity Namuko

The Victim-Charity Namuko
The Victim-Charity Namuko
A DISPUTE has erupted between the family of the slain 30-year-old Lusaka wife and that of her suspected killer husband following the failure by the two parties to raise K20,000 needed to transport the deceased’s body to Nakonde for burial.

The family of the deceased woman is demanding that her body be taken to Nakonde for burial but the suspected killer’s relatives have allegedly said there is no money to undertake such an expensive venture.

A check by the Daily Mail at the funeral house in Meanwood Kwamwena yesterday found only a handful of the man’s family members while the deceased woman’s relatives had left in anger.

Charity Namukoko and her suspected lover, Andrew Chibesa, 27, both teachers at Crown Academy, were on Thursday evening allegedly shot dead by 33-year-old Peter Siwale, a businessman, after he reportedly found them in a compromised mood near a sewerage.

Ms Namukoko’s sister, Petronella Sikanyika, said the two families are failing to agree on where to bury the body of the dead woman. They have allegedly also differed on how to raise money to transport Ms Namukoko’s body to Nakonde.

Ms Sikanyika said her family members have decided to leave the funeral home for Nakonde, where they hail from, and that the man’s relatives will transport it when they are ready to do so.

“Right now we are at Chelston Police Station with our in-laws with the hope that a solution will be found,” she said.

Ms Sikanyika explained that her family is ready to take the body to Nakonde only if money to buy a coffin and for transport is found.

But the murder suspect’s cousin, Emmanuel Ng’ambi, said his family does not have the capacity to raise K20,000 to transport Ms Namukoko’s body to Nakonde.

Mr Ng’ambi said Mr Siwale is the bread winner of the family who when asked about the money for transporting the remains of his wife, said he only has K1,800 in his three bank accounts.
“We suggested to our in-laws that the body be buried here as it will be cheaper, but they all refused and opted to leave the funeral home in anger,” he said.

Mr Ng’ambi said his family is struggling to feed mourners and hence cannot manage to raise the K20,000 needed to transport Ms Namukoko’s body to Nakonde.
“These are hard times and we are all broke.

“We were thinking that maybe we could use Mr Siwale’s other car to transport the body, but it has a problem,” he said.

The couple’s three children, including their 12-year-old niece, have been taken to the social welfare department where they are currently being kept.

Meanwhile, Mr Chibesa, who was shot dead together with Ms Namukoko, has been buried at Mutumbi cemetery in Lusaka.


    • if the husbands relative cannot manage why force them as if it is part of the punishment for killing her? let those who want her to be buried in Nakonde pay for transport.

    • Mr. Emmanuel Ngámbi and family, please DO NOT go to Nakonde, the guys have a plan to revenge for the death of their daughter. One of you will come back in a coffin.

  1. This is abnoxious. Why spend or this money when the remains can be buried just at mutumbi. Use that 20pin to support those kids whose biological father the deceased knows.

  2. Ififuma mubulalelale fibi why can’t people learn. So many people have been murdered due to such acts but some people can’t learn. so nangu abalikuchililo one might be doing it God help us.

  3. Very shamefull death and still people want to misbehave. No one is interested in this untitled local play get together as elders and work this thing out .Don’t tell us that this family has only teenager’s am sorry

  4. Let them use Jordan or Mazhyandhu worsting money on useless burial while Mitumbi is behind the house….ala imwe

  5. Very sad death; the man should be hanged; LT set up an account for her; we can donate and let her grieving parents bury the body; we’re not like PF with no heart for life, no respect for the dead;

  6. LT please help me to get details of the family i want to donate towards the transporting of the remains

  7. As we comment on this misfortune, let us also learn a lesson. In all this episode, the biggest losers are the children. No matter what your spouse has done, killing is not the solution. This has started to be a trend in this country. Whenever a marital dispute arise, some one has to die. This is more common now with the young generation because they no longer marry because of LOVE but of other reasons. Men today marry because of outward beauty and many women accept proposes because of fear of being single and financial uplifting.

  8. A very sad state of affairs. Two (2) people killed at the same time. No matter how provoked one may be things should not deteriorate to such levels. I’m sure Mr. Siwale is already regretting and envisaging the condition in jail for the rest of his life at only 33 years of age. Never act out of anger. No wonder each time my spouse provokes me I will quickly pick up my car keys and run away avoiding such kind of nasty actions.

    • What he did is pre-meditated murder.Had he shot them when he found them kissing that could have been man-slaughter

  9. You mean none of the relatives is willing to take the children? How can they leave the children in the State’s welfare surely.

  10. But why punish the relatives when the murderer is alive? Those relatives are just helping if they want they can stay away so the wife’s relatives shouldn’t force them to pay K20,000= they should consider that even their relative was at faulty. What about the boy friend’s relatives (late) shouldn’t they also be penalized as their relative is the causer.
    Namukoko’s relatives please just bury any where a place won’ change anything, remember there is the children issue which is the most important.

  11. Ms. Namukoko was working, what does her conditions of service in a case of a death by a member of staff? Her employers should take up the case period. It’s not a state funeral

  12. Dear affected families.kindly consider the issue of taking the children to social mean people cannot share these children. Sad that so early people have dumped the children in the hands of the government.

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