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PF to crack a whip on all divisive elements undermining its leadership-Frank Bwalya

Headlines PF to crack a whip on all divisive elements undermining its...

Frank Bwalya addressing the defectors who re-joined the party
Frank Bwalya addressing the defectors who re-joined the party
THE Patriotic Front (PF) says it will crack a whip on all divisive elements that will be found undermining its leadership.

Deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya says people who engage in activities aimed at undermining the ruling party and its leadership will be dealt with accordingly.

Mr Bwalya says the party will not tolerate indiscipline by any member regardless of their position.

He said this when he featured on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation live radio programme dubbed ‘The platform’ on Tuesday.

Mr Bwalya said former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili and former Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge were served with several warnings before being expelled.

“PF is not the first party in the world to discipline its members and people should stop politicising the decision,” he said.

Mr Bwalya said PF members who are claiming to have been unfairly treated should provide evidence.

He said some people tried to cause infighting in the party but failed because the central committee is equal to the task of ensuring that members remain united.

Mr Bwalya also said PF will continue with its equal distribution of development to different parts of the county.

He said President Lungu’s desire is to give all Zambians a fair share of development, regardless of their location or party affiliation.

“President Lungu is a President for all Zambians and he remains committed to ensuring that Zambians receive development equally,” Mr Bwalya said.

The PF central committee recently expelled Mr Kambwili and Mr Musenge from the party for alleged gross misconduct and bringing the name of the party into ridicule.


  1. This man will end up committing self flagellation with all the whipping going on….. in the dark ages at lot of priests were into self flagellation…maybe he should get the job as chief whip in parliament for the pf

    • Well let them be whipped for propping up and grooming a dictator Lungu. They are simply paying a price for their ineptude to strengthen democratic tennets when in position of power.

      Soon to follow are Amos Chanda, Mumbi Phiri and kennedy Kamba. Fortunately Kaiser is RB s man so he is safe for now and being used to get rid of three mentioned very soon.

      RB is neither happy nor safe with the three being in positions of power and he is busy pushing for their removal.

      Wapya Munzi ba PF. An organisation built on lies and brutality does not live long.

      My wish is that PF should split up so that only the eastern PF remains like always because easterners are tribalist.

      Easterners remained UNIP and MMD because leaders came from Eastern province. PF will very soon remain in Eastern…

  2. If expelling two politicians from a political party is not political, what is it then? Frank says the expulsion of CK and Mwenye should not be politicized !!! Leaves me wondering….

  3. Ba Bwalya naba Kampyongo be careful.It is not nice to be over-talkative in politics.You are making the same mistakes ba Kambwili made.Nothing is permanent.Read Ecclesiastes 1:4-14.

  4. Any party with an influx of bembas in its ranks has problems of discipline. MMD and PF have had discipline problems because bembas have a sense of entitlement. Humility seems to be in short supply in that northern province. Soon and very soon UPND will start to experience similar problems.

  5. Ndine waku mawa. Just read what dream and realise has posted. This is what kills UPND. Tribalism whatever we say or think. It’s no good.

  6. Ba Bwalya just eat what you are given by your boss. One day you will look back at the words you have just uttered and regret. Your Lungu will not be there forever because his days are numbered. You are just a backslidden so called “father”. Father of what?

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