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President Lungu concerned with Zambian Diplomats resisting recall

General News President Lungu concerned with Zambian Diplomats resisting recall

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (centre) with Zambia's High Commissioner to Canada Felix Nicholas Mfula (left) and Zambia's Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Wylbur Chisiya Simuusa poses for a photo at State House after their swearing in ceremony on Thursday, August 3,2017. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2017
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu (centre) with Zambia’s High Commissioner to Canada Felix Nicholas Mfula (left) and Zambia’s Ambassador to the Republic of Korea Wylbur Chisiya Simuusa poses for a photo at State House after their swearing in ceremony on Thursday, August 3,2017. PICTURE BY SALIM HENRY/STATE HOUSE ©2017

President Edgar Lungu has expressed concern at the resistance exhibited by some Zambian diplomats in missions abroad when recalled home by Government.

The President has said when one’s time to serve in missions abroad has ended, it is important to willingly accept to return home without any resistance because home is home.

The President says he found it stranger that some diplomats would resist returning home when their tour of duty had ended and emphasised that this did not mean that it was the end, because there was a possibility of one being redeployed.

The President said this today at State House when he swore-in Wylbur Chisiya Simuusa as Zambia’s Ambassador to the Republic of Korea and Felix Nicholas Mfula as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Canada.

Swearing in the two, the President said he was confident that they are suitable for the positions and expected them to serve to the expectations of the Zambian people.
The President said he did not expect from the two anything short of quality performance.

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  1. MAY BE the PRESIDENT IS PART OF THE PROBLEM, once some one is recall and resists return, inform the host Government to withdraw their recognition for diplomatic status so that if they overstay they can get arrested, and on return, fire them from the public service!

    • How can a government employee resist recall?
      Simply stop paying them and withdraw their diplomatic passport.
      This reflects badly on the appointing authority poor leadership period!
      This is why the lady at the UK mission disappeared with title deeds delela of leaders!

    • Here we again seriously, what did Dr. Chishimba do? everyone watched that video he was telling the truth…I swear to God the IG of the police should resign he is abusing his authority….this is worse than the UNIP days what the hell guys be serious….let the DR. Go home…You fools won’t shut everyone else up….you can’t put so much fair in the people….You will not win the 2021 elections just try to imagine how life will be tough for you.,,,you need to leave the people alone so that they can enjoy a quiet life….God!!!!!!

    • They are now afraid of going back to Zambia in fear of PF and Lungu ‘s dictatorship they overwhelmingly supported.

      Why is Nubian Princess suggesting a 2-3 terms and transfers, is she one of them or a close relative to one of them?

      Nubian just go home and feel Lungu ‘s dictatorship you support day in and out.

      Lungu with RB’s help, want to rid PF of all the bembas that helped remove RB from power.

      Wapya munzi.

  2. Why would any sane man want to return to poverty in Zambia under pf

    • NEZ (new educated Zambia UPND ) BEST BLOGGER 2016 August 1, 2017 at 7:30 am


      “Unlike you I have always been Zambian and will always remain Zambian. I am based in Zambia and don’t the need to relocate. It is funny that a staunch pf cadre like yourself who claims things are really good in Zambia is actually an economic refugee abroad. Why did you run away kikiki”
      What does this slob really stand for? Answer: LIES, HYPOCRISY,INCONSISTENCY, UPNDONKEYS, THE IRRATIONAL.

    • Good to note former Foreign Affairs minister Wilbur Simusa, has got a job. Last day we saw him is at PF convention, challenging Lungu.

  3. Good to see Mr. Simuusa appointed into the diplomatic service. After a few careless mishaps he kept quiet and did not diss his Party. Mature people fit for the diplomatic service.

    • It’s because he’s been to a proper university and had a decent job. He’s not like those who after buying a degree they call a press conference to announce their “achievement ” or like that kaponya of Kitwe who makes money by bullying and smuggling.

  4. Is only started when Sata came in and started appointing kaponyas…why would they want to comeback when they work 10 to 15:30…and two hours lunchbreak, they hardly answer the phone after 15:00.

  5. Happy to see Hon.Wylbur Simuusa getting a job from H.E Edgar Lungu.indeed patience pays in life.before 20/01/2015 presidential by election Hon.Simuusa was almost misled by Dr Guy Scott and Fred M’membe.but since he is a graduate,he read between the lines and kept quiet like Hon.Given Lubinda.that is the university knowledge lacking in Chishimba Kambwili’s unlearned mind.a lot of people who have been to the university do not rush in doing things!!HOW I WISH CK CAN LEARN SOMETHING FROM HON.GIVEN LUBINDA AND HON. WYLBUR SIMUUSA!!!

  6. This useless gumugumu thinks he is God. Your time will come Lungu, no man is an island. Maybe those diplomats do not want to come to your dictatorship rule. I pray you die a painful death you ignorant dictator.

  7. I hate Lungu with passion even though I am from Eastern Province if that is important to you bakolwe ba PF cadres.

  8. NSIMANADELELE1 please if u have nothing to comment on a topic JUST read other peoples comment and move on we dont want to read ur death threats statements otherwise i will be quoted wrong that u might even die earlier than boss. SO NO HATRED BANE ..Kalebalika

    • Iwe what deathreats? Your boss is an *****. We don’t want dictatorship in Zambia, we want peace and Lungu is turning Zambia into a horror country, so he needs to be taken out. What I am advocating is of national interest. I hate what Lungu is doing to Zambia. I don’t like HH, but arresting him on tramped charges? Come on man. If you don’t see anything wrong with that, then you too should die together with this gumugumu with ugly teeths.

  9. Hon Simusa is back I missed him..I just wish he was given a ministerial position since he is a mining engineer..he is a very sober man and work oriented these are the people we need dedicated to providing the highest standards of service to our great nation not the vuvuzelas like kampyongo

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