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President Lungu meets with Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, Okays HH visit

Headlines President Lungu meets with Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, Okays HH...

President Edgar Lungu with  former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo  at State House
President Edgar Lungu with former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo at State House

President Edgar Lungu has met with former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo and discussed a wide range of issues.

According to the statement released to the media by the President’s aide Amos Chanda, the President met Mr Obasanjo who paid him a courtesy call today at State House where they discussed engagements of the former Nigerian President in peace efforts and his campaign against polio on the African continent.

During the meeting, the former Nigerian President sought permission from the President to visit United Party for National Development Party (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema at Mukobeko Maximum Prison in Kabwe, Central Province.

The President has since authorised his visit and directed the Zambia Airforce (ZAF) to fly the former Nigerian President to Mukobeko.

President Edgar Lungu with  former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo  at State House
President Edgar Lungu with former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo at State House


  1. The PF rats will be running mad like rats on fire as the name HH is not going away as they hoped….lungu needs the the IMF desperately as he sees he can not tax Zambians any more that is why he is allowing these visits….but the IMF are waiting the out come of the fake treason charges as HH has refused to plead guilty and has not broken….

    • As the trial date approaches we are renewing our petitions to all international news outlets to double the international awareness of those fake treason charges…..to all patriotic zambias your media efforts should now be directed at all international media as lungu is trying to ban international media from covering the case……

    • ……and to all people who care about democracy in Africa , pleas help the Zambian people bring international awareness to the budding dictator mr lungu by inviting the worlds media to the fake treason case oh mr HH this month.

    • Does Obasanjo or anyone for that matter need lungu’s permission to visit HH or any remandee?

      It just confirms the notion that HH is abducted by lungu over fake treason charges. Will lungu survive 3 months in jail when his turn comes? His open corruption & abuse of power is a self invitation to jail.

      Corruption & human rights abuses is reason why most African tin-pot Dictators refuse to handover power to anyone.

    • Obasanjo has played a elder statesman on him, soughting permission from him was one way of proving, who is behind HH’s arrest, now the world has proof who has arrested HH.

    • As head of state privileged with classified Presidential briefs and reports, President Lungu understands that Obasanjo is just what in the Russian service circles is called “useful i.d.i.o.t” period. As an errand person of inimical forces to the national state, Obasanjo is a wrong person for peace missions anywhere in Africa. Glad H.E’s he body language is explicitly clear that though you are here, “Oldman you luck the ostensible wisdom of an African statesman we need”. Scholars of Political science, history, career Diplomats and security services alike understand that Obasanjo as Military ruler and President committed more atrocities in Nigeria and beyond. Some of those atrocities besides civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia include the “setting up of the notorious secret detention…

    • @wanka like lilo yes OUR President the Internationally recognised Head of State ONE ECL is a true democrat that is always proving you sa.tanic naysayers wrong!

      As a democrat he has allowed HH countless visits so that people can see first hand the evil and bitter heart of this cretin Human Hyena (HH)!

      And by the way where is Nez??? I believe he has gone back to Tum.fwe.ko …Lsk Times is no place for mindless baby under5 baby bloggers…ati kikikikiki…

    • Some of those atrocities besides civil wars in Sierra Leone and Liberia include the “setting up of the notorious secret detention centre in the island of Ita-Oko, the killing of Nigerian university students in cold blood and the invasion and criminally razing of the home and business premises of Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, the late iconic Nigerian musician who was an ardent critic of his military government”. Taking money from General Sani Abacha junta regime, he viciously supported the annulment of elections of democratically President elect Chief MKO Abiola, the man elected president only to be poisoned in jail at the behest of the junta. We need peace and unity of purpose but not coached by the odious Obasanjos of evil society group chasing African resources.

    • I am happy to see comments from you UPND guys in diaspora lets keep the flag high. We are more genuine than sponsored PF cadres. We stand for what we believe in. Free HH

    • I will always blame Sata for blind folding Zambians into believing in this Evil man called EL, If it was note for Sata we would have been talking about something else today, Now he is the prison warder in-charge of who sees HH, What an evil little man he his, Make my words EL`s ending will be very bad.

    • Obasanjo should be near statehouse. we all know he has come to visit is business mate. His heart and mind is as ugly as his face. leave our able president alone.

    • I see @Mushota has taken a break on this blog to go on maternity leave of absence to concentrate on using both hands to stoke her tummy and the Nicker has also taken paternity leave uku koshako ifumo.

    • MB
      You are trying to hound me from this site – why ?

      Your arms are too short to box with God.

      Agreed on the sentiments of most – it beggars belief the ex president has had to request permission to visit HH.

      I’m enjoying a beautiful afternoon with Nick, his friends and have an iPad on my laps smiling for no reason at all.

      I feel so good I don’t know why.



    • Look what Lungu has done! Now the whole world will be focused on HH. What happened to growing thick skin? Everyone now sees a Dictator in Lungu. Even a frog knows that it’s Lungu who instructed the PF (Police Force) to arrest HH. The police and the courts can only release HH upon instructions from Lungu. That’s how things work in a Dictatorship.The Emperor and his new clothes is about to be replayed.

    • “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” is the core of true democracy.



    • @Mushota, you lost me there! You are saying Nick and his friends have their hands on your laps? Are you having a threesome this Saturday afternoon! Hmm these days Police have drones surveying your area- be careful

    • The ediot defenders/leaches will always have a word even when this is clearly a PF mess.
      You don’t have to take sides on all matters if you are actually normal.

      It is sweet being president now, isn’t it?
      Why are these UPND goons ranting about? You had better counselled your HH to behave. Zambia has only one president. 5 years to go, HH remains incarcerated. The Catholic bishops just learnt how stubborn HH is. Try your luck one Obasanjo.

  2. If body language could kill!!!

    Lungu seems not welcoming to Obasanjo in the picture….his arm positioning gives this away.

    • And Obasanjo looks like a salivating dog waiting for a bone from his master. I hope he’ll also visit the Tanzanian opposition leader in prison.

    • That body language is right on – Gen Obasanjo is part of the Breten – whatever Trust and has been in the forefront of calling ECL a dictator. ECL, through that body language is telling him “I listening to your compromised position, besides I remember what you were as Head of State”. HE ECL needs to put the message across very clearly to the Obasanjo-Maimane type fellows.

    • How can you talk to this Lazy Bum with that body language…he thinks he is a King…where are those foools who praised this Lazy tin when he pretends to humble on Sundays!!

    • @ OneNation

      Does belonging to Brent whatever Trust deserve one to be sentenced to death?

      If so, then lungu should be the 1st one to be hanged to death for the following:

      – Selling the country to Chinese in the form of AVIC mansions & other cuts from chinese “infestors”
      – Auctioning the country to tu ma Chinese by indebting the country to the tune of $30 Billion
      – Depleting reserves left by Mwanawasa
      – abusing Judicial institutions to “fix” any political opponent
      – destroying the constitution by going for an illegal 3rd term constitution
      – corrupting the police ECZ, ConCourt, High Court
      – Bringing back RB & MMD after we voted them out in 2011.
      – Bringing back State of Emergency & curfew

  3. Batsman off for Obasango. He has found time and effort to see HH in Prison with his own eyes. Obasanjo is disappointed by Lungu to learn that the Petition has not been heard and Lungu has charged the Petitioner with Treason and thrown him in Jail for more than 100 days without trial. What has happened makes Sad Reading for Zambia. Lets hope Obasango and Zuma will convince Dictator and Sadist Lungu to release HH from Jail unharmed and unconditionally and allow the Petition to be heard so that Zambia can move on in peace.

  4. Obasanjo, an agent of white imperialists, pushing an imperialist agenda in Zambia through their local funded agent. As if it wasn’t enough, whites have come back to milk the last rich natural resources in Zambia, once more. Zambians, stop selling yourselves to foreigners for crumbs of bread so that you look rich by zambian standards. And zambians are ignorantly clapping to such as they did in the 1990s, shame!

  5. Body language says it all! Obasanjo is not amused with the way Lungu has handled the 2016 Zambian Election Dispute and mistreated HH. Lungu has no choice but to release HH from Jail and drop the Fake Treason Charges. We hope and pray that after HH is released from Jail a solution can be found to solve the Crisis once and for all. Obasanjo and Zuma must find that solution to the Zambian Election Dispute. The Ball is entirely in Lungu’s Court. Its a Must that the Petition be heard and the Winner of the 2016 Election declared. There is no other way!!

  6. Look at Rwanda. They had elections yesterday and today the results are out!! I can assure you the wont be any opposition petitioning the out come of the results. Thanks to ( ECZ of Rwanda ). In Zambia it takes weeks to realise results, why ? We have had a lot of elections in Zambia than Rwanda. So we should have gained more experience than Rwanda. Why does it take weeks to announce the winner ? HH might have a point as to why he can not recognise ECL as winner of last year’s election. Zambians lets start analysing issues critically.
    Remember HH is also a Zambian. Umuchisha chinani ubi.


    • Rwanda is like Zimbabwe ,Uganda ,North Korea and Russia where if you oppose the strongman ,you’re misteriously taken out.

  7. Even if he is set free, the fact remains that he will never be president.
    He carries a tribal tag. It will take another 10years to get rid of that tag.

    By that time, Chipimo, Nawakwi, winter and sinkamba would have gained momentum.
    Or PF will have another emergent leader beyond our imagination, just like ECL emerged. Watch the space.

  8. Iam doubting this story. Sounds very fake and illogical. Why should ecl be the one to determine who should visit the criminal. That’s purely not his job.

    • People, Obasanjo is a former head of State, NOT an ordinary person! It would be VERY DISRESPECTFUL of him to go to any Country, pay courtesy call on the sitting President of the host Country, and not inform them of their activities during their stay/visit. There is always security issues that have to be taken into account when such an individual is in the Country visiting. Mature diplomacy also demands.

      I know maybe LT, with their sensationalist impulses, used the phrase “asked for permission” when in actual fact what may have occurred was simply informing the President that he (Obasanje) was planning to visit one-Kahili (HH) at Mukobeko as mater of courtesy. That is DIPLOMACY 101 for you!

    • Yambayamba – Diplomacy demands that you do not go into a sovereign country and start informing leaders that you want to do this and that.

    • @OneNation for your information, Obasanjo was a President of a country with over 150m people with a one of the most diverse complexities in the world! Ideally, Nigeria, is supposed to be the richest country in the world (going by the natural resources they have). One of the biggest projects OO started when he was in power, was reclaiming land from the sea. Compare that with what our saviour has done so far! Go to Victoria (in Lagos) now and see what they reclamation they have done- the size of Lusaka city. Next, check out the developments there! Last time I checked, Obasanjo led Nigeria twice and left because of constitutional clauses- meaning he respected the constitution. In any case, OO was born in circa 1938 (whilst our very own was only born in 1956). Let’s give respect where it is…

    • Iwee Oval Head, that is what your president did. That should explain to you who is behind HH’s detention. Lungu was humble when he was poor not now when he is stinking rich. He sees no point in pretending to be humble and being a christian. That time he had no choice but to be humble. Check his language now. Does he ever mention God and the bible as before. He is a good pretender who can win an oscar in hollywood. Alas some illiterate gullible zambians still think Lungu is as poor as themselves in the shanty compounds. Feel sorry for them who sing praises and clap for thieves.

  9. Those who keep insulting our President Lungu must be reminded that it’s not okay and if they think they can hide behind the screen, they better think twice and reflect on the consequences. Remember that these computer programscience are written by human beings and so there is no one who cannot be traced and face the wrath of the law.
    If you are single imagine spending some good 20 years behind the bars and if family person, think about what will happen to your wife or husband and children. So let’s be civil and debate diligently.

  10. I have been following the comments of one Obasanjo on the situation obtaining in Zambia. But one thing is clear . The Presido ECL has made serious mistakes as President of PF. The UPND has an oiled Propaganda Machine. It is made up of International Criminals masquerading as International finance whose interest is to share Zambia, Intellectuals spread through out the world with the Tonga Hegemony as their agenda for Zambia, Zambian Academia in foreign Universities who are there bcoz of assisted excellency from Unza – a long project which started in 1966, and Local Organised Criminals. Faced with such an opponent you need an effective party and govt communications unit to present Party and Government position. But look at the people surrounding ECL. Kamba, Nathan Chanda, and Freedom…

  11. He leaves book halam raping school girls, he comes to Zambia, He has no good intentions your excellency. He is an agent of the dark world, couldn’t have given him even your minute. I would want to see harmony between you your excellency and HH but not through such bloodthirsty agents. He has no moral right to condemn anyone that man.his whole being is dripping blood

  12. Sikazwe, and Kampamba MULENGA. The PF is no match against the UPND ‘ communication s unit. With an organised PF and govt who in his right senses can believe that what happened in Mongu wad a traffic offence? Obasanjo won’t be the last one to visit HH.The UPND is winning the propaganda war, and public opinion. BA Lungu as if this is not enough , you cause confusion in the party through unreasonable 2021 scheming. Which school of politics are you using? RBs , Mobutu, or Bokkasas. Iam really at a loss to understand this man. Bwafya!

    • Ba Vito Corleone III – There are no human beings who like foreign intervention. Apparently, you and your UPND do not seem to understand this fact. As long as you continue quoting foreigners to interfere in our sovereign affairs, you will not lead this country.

    • Onenation

      “….There are no human beings who like foreign intervention…”

      That is the calling of dictators to their thugs, all of them use that nationslistc bull.
      The West knows them and simply does not give them bailouts.. …

  13. Mushota may look like an ***** and talk like an *****, but don’t let that fool you, she really is an *****.

  14. @senior citizen, you’re very right. Obasanjo is tainted, both as a military and civilian leader. He committed all those atrocities you have tabulated and more. He’s not qualified to school anyone about democracy and rule of law. In fact, he should be behind bars.

    • @Vantage point Please list how Obasanjo is tainted both as a military and as a civilian. Last time, I checked, OO had left power in a country of more than 150m after taking it where where it is today! If Mobutu was standing there perhaps! Yes! But OO? He fought and led the Biafra war (you may be of youthful experience) so I will try and not exploit that fact!

  15. Ba Lsk Times the anniversary of that wonderful day August 11 is drawing closer please dig up the main headline story you printed on that wonderful day when OUR Leader HE ONE ECL was democratically elected by the majority of Zambians!
    And please include the comments from lowlife sa.tanic cretins such as Nez, wanka like lilo, skeleton key who were calling for violence so that all readers to this great News Site can see for themselves how concieted and twisted these chaps are!
    You should also include the comments from senior bloggers as myself who called for peace and unity to prevail in our beloved Zambia! Thanks ba LT keep up the great work!!!!!!!!!

    • “….comments from senior bloggers as myself who called for peace ..”

      You are nothing but a hungry PF rat who dances at any tribal tension , you were at the forefront cheering on kambwili when he was sowing the seeds of tribal warfare in Zambia.

  16. Mushota may look like an i.d.i.o.t and talk like an i.d.i.o.t, but don’t let that fool you, she really is a fullu blown i.d.i.o.t.

  17. @4, for a start we know that Mwansa is not your real name. UPNDonkeys do have clearly identifiable names.
    Anyway to tge point:
    1. Which petition? Obviously a UPNDonkey hallucination.
    2. Treason is unbailable, so which detention without trial are you talking about? Hallucination of UPNDonkeys again? Please know that underfive is only somethingvsoevial in your UPNDonkeysbimagination, to the rest of us he is just another criminal offender.


    • @Chisenga Anglo America Corporation owned by the Oppenheimer (not Weinheimer) family run the mines until the early seventies when they were nationalised. In 1992, Anglo offered to buy the mines for US$1b and FTJ said it was too low! We ended up selling ku ba pongosi bakwa Mushota at US$100m and CEO chuckling away at us! For your information, AAC does not run taka taka business like the Chinese or Indians from Kamwala- where you like shopping!

  19. HH was in a failed scheme! These guys wanted to sell Zambia and borrowed a lot of money from — you know where! How do you explain where they got money to get planes and fly around? You think it were for free? The guys they got the money from where listening to Dog Watchers Zambia Ltd, and bloggars who have no clue about what it takes to win an election in Zambia! The lost investments was so traumatic that they went on a rant! Thank God, God saved us from Privatization crooks! Zambia is NOT for sale! God bless Zambia!

  20. I learned in school that Olusagan Obasanjo was a military dicator who had seized power under a military coup! It is “good” now he is able to lecture other countries because he won by ballot a second time not by bullet!

    • Please, learn to tell the truth. Obasanjo never seized power via a coup d’etat. He was chosen as Head of state by the military council after a failed coup by lieutenant colonel Dimka in which General Murtala Mohammed was killed.

    • Please, learn to tell the truth. Obasanjo never seized power via a coup d’etat. He was chosen as Head of state by the military council after a failed coup by lieutenant colonel Dimka in which General Murtala Mohammed was killed.

  21. UPNDonkeys never cease to amaze in their lack of reasoning or even basic thinking. President Lungu on request facilitates Obasanjo’s visit to underfive complete with air transport befitting his stated respect for former African Presidents, and what do UPNDonkeys say? No prizes for a guess you have read for yourselves the spaka like donkeys. If President Lungu had not agreed, the same, yes, UPNDonkeys would be saying “he is a dictator, what is he afraid of”, you can predict the exact words. So in your minds UPNDonkeys, you think a former President should have gone to seek permission from the officer in charge at Mukobeko? You have no respect, and no manners, where do you come from with such bad manners? Certainly no Zambian tribe or cultural grouping would produce such ill mannered…

    • You see lies and illigalities always come back to bite you…..nomatter how you try to cover up your lies and illigalities you always end up showing your self up…..laws of unintended consequences…

  22. ……Certainly no Zambian tribe or cultural grouping would produce such ill mannered Donkeys. Thank God underfive is in Mukobeko and not in State House, imagine the embarrassment Zambia would face in the international community daily for five solid years.

  23. Did Maimane or Malema ask President Zuma to visit underfive? If not they must be cold blooded black south africans. Underfive needs company for than anything else. Or maybe they know that underfive is just that, that he is really nothing in international protocol. This fact always surprises UPNDonkeys because there he is the Alpha and Omega, even though he has no power to authorise anyone to visit him……kikikikikiki

  24. It may be possible that this man (Obasanjo) the once military dictator who has seen the nice and peaceful Southern Africa, Zambia, may not be aware that we know their schemes with his Anglo American friends. If indeed he has repented he needs to be sincere and trustworthy this is Southern Africa. If anything he needs to learn our democracy and we need to lecture him. It does not matter who you are iy you commit acts of criminal you are charged as such. Mr Obasanjo go and see your friend in the cells and thank you for visiting southern African most peaceful country if not the whole continent.

  25. For your own information, if you want to talk about electoral malpractice, Obasanjo is ranked to have run the most corrupt elections in world history. Additionally, where are the rest of the Shibok girls, talk of Bokoharam nillitants, the Biafra war. Don’t insult us.

  26. To those of you WHO doubt that H.H is not popular like mushota and others, l think there is something wrong because you can see for yourselves the magnitude of his being in prison has brought. I was there when late Micheal Sata was put in cells by mwanawasa no former head of state came to see him neither was so pressure put on the sitting president to release him.

    • ba SATA didnt need the international community to release him- we the zambian people forced mwanawasa to do so. mwanawasa leant the hard way on that just as RB did that playing in the cobra ‘s hands was pretty bad idea.

  27. Obasanjo was equally in detention at the same time MKO was detained by Abacha. Please stop writing rubbish story about Nigeria politics.

    Sort your internal problem and don’t write or insult another country’s elder stateman.
    There is never a day in Nigeria newspaper that present or past president of Zambia has been insulted like this.
    Rubbish story about Nigeria from Zambia newspapers should be stopped and let us respect each

    Thank you

  28. I am puzzled , @1 all I pointed out is the international media should take an interest in the treason case of HH.

    But it seems the usual PF rats are not happy and want to hide proceedings and have the case in secerste , why ???

  29. @30, you are comparing Sata to HH? You guys never cease to amaze me! The boy is not in Sata’s class! Very far and he will never be!

    • Sata was just a thug who introduced pangas to Zambian politics and institutionalised corruption….he thought Zambia could borrow unlimited funds….unlimited. I am supplied he could count..

    • Has the meaning of class changed, mind you Sata set us up to these problems. He was not called chibwe no plan for nothing.

    • @33.1,33.2,33.3 imwe tu colour twenu, why are you dragging ba SATA’s name into your filthy stinking slow punctured brains way of reasoning. leave that galant man to RIP. IT WAS THROUGH HIS OWN HARD WORK THAT HE ACHIEVED WHAT HE DID, NOW YOU AND YOUR TUMA PATHETIC fathers will not achieve anything near him.

  30. Ba Lsk Times why have you banned comrade Kudos???
    Yet sa.tan.ic cretins such wanka like lilo who are on record of calling for an overthrow of the govt and wishing death on OUR Leader, Internationally recognised and democratically elected President are allowed to continue- best to delete such a bitter and frustrated genocidal cretin-send it back to ZWD where it can wish death and call for geno.cide not here on this great site!!!!
    Elo ba wanka FYI I’m an ex-service man that has experienced first hand the horrors of war. I’m not a cadre but I support OUR President because he is the best for Zambia at the moment not an tribal ex privitisation crook, thug that can’t even take care of his own farm workers! Twalumba ba sai!!!!Ati kikikikiki…..

    • Ati ex service man , tell that to your fellow PF rats who think of stealing 24/7……let LT look and they will never find me wishing death on anyone even the budding dictator lungu…..never….neither have I ever wished bloodshed in Zambia….I proudly say I stand for western countries withholding their financial aid to lungu who will use it to further crackdown on democracy….

    • 2020munyelo
      I am on no record calling for the overthrow of any one, that is cheap desperation on your part.
      I run peitition in spam proportions pointing out lungu crackdown on democracy. There are no lies told all incidences are verifiable….

  31. one thing for sure is HH is in for it,if you make trouble be ready to face reality apa its only the court with final say i think all of as know to well about this and of upnd sake obasanjo has stated very clear wat hh did was abnormal wat does that mean to you?

  32. The man came to ask HH about the money they borrowed during election period ,how is gonna pay we know this angro guys there behev

    • Tuli okwana 120 pacent bambo……[email protected] what I am saying is no matter what lungu does to polish the fake treason charge remains a fake treason charge……you can not polish a tuvi it remains a tuvi.

  33. Latest:
    President Obasanjo says President Lungu is the only head of state in Zambia. Any contrary views UPNDonkeys?

    • Yes he is the only head is state who would rather be called a thief and rule over a divided country than let people hear a petition against his election…..if a rape suspect refuses a DNA test ….something he is hiding….

  34. Lungu surely loves the company of dictators and coup plotters – Obasanjo ,Museveni ,Mugabe ,Kagame .

  35. Underfive and his UPNDonkeys have been presented with a rare and unique opportunity to challenge the election of Ptesifent Lungu without going facing costly legal fees. For the first time ever in Zambia we have the heads of two organisations which observed the August elections, the Commonwealth and the African Union. Underfive can question the Commonwealth Secretary General and President Obasanjo and ask them to prove the legitimacy of their verdict that President Lungu won and fairly. But its predictable, like a thief he will keep quiet now as he has always done when relevant dignitaries ate around, and start making noise as soon their plane doors are closed. And Spaka like donkeys will sing themselves hoarse claiming underfive is the President and head of state of Zambia!

    • Kubisa chani naimwe ma kundwuan bamu PF….you rats need to polish up on your media persuasion skills…

  36. Obassnjo___just let him out now
    Lungu. —- if I let him out, then we back to the petition issue n it troubles me
    Obasanjo—- Mtchewww, look young man, we taking about investor confidence…monie!
    Lungu. —- if he could only shut up or join so we work together
    Obasanjo —- Exactly, but for that to happun, set him free n we see now
    Lungu Ah, I will see.

    • Lungu—-i borrowed stole and begged for that election and spend 10 billion but that ka hh made me dance dunnuna revese non stop in front of crowds….
      Obasanjo ….i though you liked dancing…
      Lungu…..yes but I had to even drag the madam to dance with me..i was even forced to use GRZ illegally to campaign.. ..after spending so much I expected to win out right….with no dancing every day

      Obasanjo—– but we decleared you the winner
      Lungu—-mmmmm there was some gymnastics my older brother MU7 showed me….but it seems this same HH is calling for a petition non stop that can show those tricks…..just tell that ka HH to drop that court case…..he will go home…..but still he won’t be allowed to talk to his supporters.. infact he can only talk to his wife..

  37. Why is LT trying to block me? LT after supporting your news blog for many years this is not the way to treat a senior blogger.
    @comrade 2020Vision this was a temporary setback.
    We continue to defend the legacy of President Sat and President Edgar Lunga.
    Obasanjo wants his money back from (HH)

  38. @Lsk Times I will show and reproduce the evidence of wanka(spaka) like lilo inciting violence on this website. It is my request that this incitor of hate be banned forthwith upon this information being shown to all users of this site. Such commentators thrive on hate and shouldn’t be allowed space. Let this cretin be sent back to ZambianWatchDog the home of hate speech and lies.

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