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Obasanjo urges HH to accept the election results and recognise President Lungu as the elected Head of State

Headlines Obasanjo urges HH to accept the election results and recognise President Lungu...

Obasanjo addressing a media briefing at State House
Obasanjo addressing a media briefing at State House

Former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo says he sees the gap between President Edgar Lungu and incarcerated opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema narrowing.

General Obasanjo said Mr Hichilema is likely to soon put aside the differences that arose after last August’s elections and move forward.

He was speaking during a news briefing at State House on Saturday evening after returning from Mukobeko Maximum Security Prison in Kabwe where he visited Mr Hichilema.

Earlier, General Obasanjo met President Lungu to report back on his trip to Mukobeko after he was allowed to take the trip by President Lungu.

“I see that the gap between the opposition leader Hakainde Hichilema and His Excellency the President is narrowing and I think that we can move the country forward and put the issues of 2016 behind us. As an elderly African statesman, I remain fully committed to ensuring that peace and stability is in progress and continue to exist, not just in Zambia but in all the 53 countries in Africa, General Obasanjo said.

General Obasanjo also thanked President Lungu for facilitating his visit to Mukobeko.

“I am happy that His Excellency allowed me to visit and I had a two-hour discussion with the opposition leader. I brought into his attention various issues regarding the need to uphold peace, unity and stability of the country. I get an impression from the opposition leader that 2016 is no longer an issue but about what happens in the future and how can we do things better,” General Obasanjo said.

The Former Nigerian President further said that Mr. Hichilema must accept the August 2016 results and recognise President Lungu as the elected Head of State.

General Obasanjo noted that no country can have two Presidents at a time saying the differences between the two leaders (Hichilema and President Lungu) can be resolved.

He also stated that he has been observing development in Zambia, a country he claims is dear to him.

General Obasanjo further expressed unhappiness over the Mongu motorcade incident saying the actions of Mr. Hichilema were over board.

“I have looked at some of the videos regarding presidential motorcade and that of the opposition leader – are quite overboard. I think it should not be like that.”

Obasanjo speaks to the media at State House
Obasanjo speaks to the media at State House


  1. Lungu is the president of Zambia whether Hichilema wants or not. by the way don’t let southern province vote turnout blind fold UPND in thinking that they won the elections.

    • We are a nation of laws and not of men. Constitutionalism has no room for Nigerian style coercive schemes that circumvent the laws of the land. I believe it is in the best interest of Hichilema to run the course of justice and prove his innocence than being a survivor of some coercion scheme. It would be an indelible criminal mark on him and on our justice system if justice had to be aborted. If innocent the courts will clear him if convicted, the President could then use his prerogative of mercy in the constitution. I sung this song before committal to court UPND had the chance to negotiate for abortion of arrest process early but arrogance cheated them that it was simple HH is ready to die all the way. Now he will be contracting his words and that of his base that he cannot eat his…

    • Only Tresphor Mpundu and Catholic bishops are preaching better, no mention of Month, elections. No. They are focusing on PRESENT. Don’t mess the peace deal.
      Obasanjo, you are 6 months late, 2016 case is long gone. Did anybody tell him that Saviour Chishimba was arrested the he left Nigeria?
      Did anyone tell him about who Kambwili and friend are, and why they about to be arrested?
      Ba Short Obasanjo, discussing recognition of president is too low. HH just wanted to let courts use constitution for sake of them be respected. HH meant good.

    • It is not justice to keep an accused in jail for so long without the courts hearing the case.The snail pace in which our justice system operates denies many Zambians justice. As for HH his little Mongu stunt could have been arrogance but definately not TREASON. Our political leadership are wielding their powers to fix Hichilema. The police take advantage of our poor justice system and arrest people before long weekends,just to fix them e.g Dr. Saviour Chishimba.There is no proper justice in Zambia. We copy British justice system but execute it poorly.Keeping HH is prison for so long is tarnishing the image of our democracy.Zambia is bigger than Lungu.

    • LT you are over stretching the true, this is not what General Obasanjo said. I wont bother to elaborate except to say it is a well known fact your reporting or missreporting is mostly biased towards PF.


    • Why give this known criminal access to State House is beyond me…Him and HH are hand and glove, thats not to say that i agree with what HH is going through, its wrong…HH is not the man for Zambia but his human rights have been violated way beyond my comprehension…it was a traffic offence and someone in ZP should have closed the road before Nkwazi…treason really?!!! President Lungu needs good people around him, his legacy is at stake here…


    • I did warn these PF empty tins about arresting this man back in April as its proving to a diplomatic nightmare and international media embarrassment for Lazy Lungu imagine the likes of Obasanjo coming to Zambia to be a peace broker.

    • @senior citizen, you have hit the nail on the head. If Zambia is a country of constitutionalism and not men, the Mr Lungu should then allow the UPND petition to go ahead and his demand for HH to provide proof how he claims he won the 2016 elections will be determined.


      #HH is being rude
      Thank you Gen. Obasanjo for secretely telling us that HH broke the presidential motocade etiquette with abysmal impunity. No sane individual should behave like one HH behaved. You wonder why his supporters seem to be overally blind to the fact that that kinda’insanity can not be tolerated anywhere in the world. If HH remains adamant, well then, let him remain in Jail. It’s high time he used his brains instead of using his emotions. Ruling Zambia is never about at “what ever cost” but the ballot. From where I stand, HH is losing the next election, if he ever survives the Treason Charge and stands again. It’s not automatic to rule Zambia. Elections have no human face, its all about the numbers.

    • NELSON MANDELA should be our benchmark for Southern African democracy,
      NOT Museveni,
      NOT Kagame,
      NOT Mugabe,
      NOT Kabila,
      NOT Dos Santos,
      NOT Al Bashir,
      NOT Mswati,
      NOT Ali Bongo Ondimba (Gabon),
      NOT Desalegn (of Ethiopia)
      & other tin-pot despots lungu has been admiring & aligning himself with.

      Would Nelson Mandela cage an opposition leader after he refuses to recognize him as president?
      PW Botha & ian Smith retired in peace in spite of the atrocities they committed including bombing lusaka.

      Our constitution allows for any election candidate to petition fraudulent election results.

      Refusing to recognize lungu is a right enshrined in our constitution. It’s NOT a death penalty carrying treasonable offence.

    • This utter cheap spin by PF propanda machine. Obasanjo urged Lungu to release HH and let the court matters be settled.

      The fact that Lungu does not want the court cases to continue proves only one thing that all evidence shows that he is an illigimate president turned full blown dictator period.

      Ayopa chaani mambala?

      Lungu is a f00l and only f00lish people support him.

    • He also stated that he has been observing development in Zambia, a country he claims is dear to him.

      General Obasanjo further expressed unhappiness over the Mongu motorcade incident saying the actions of Mr. Hichilema were over board.

      “I have looked at some of the videos regarding presidential motorcade and that of the opposition leader – are quite overboard. I think it should not be like that.”

    • Both Lungu and HH have issues, it’s sad to see Zambians being led by such childish so called leaders. Obasanjo Himself should have told Lungu off. What ever happened in Mongo is no way a Treason case and waste of Tax Payers money. Lungu should show true leadership if he wants people to respect and recognize him. HH also should also learn from this and be more responsible. We are one Zambia One people and such should not be encouraged?? You mean Lungu wants to be told by outsiders to release his friend? It’s really foolishness that he has chosen such a route as he has made HH more popular by being visited by former presidents. What a shame.


    • Wanzelu, did you know that the presidential guard wanted to open fire on the UPND cadres but that they first sort permission from ECL who told them not to shoot? The story here is that if ECL has control over his security then HH also has control over his cadres and driver.
      I HH insists of going to court then the case will drag and he will only be convicted in 2022 after ECL gets if last term in office.

  2. Hh has not broken…..he will not accept the situation where the opposition are not allowed to campaign, hold rallies or press briefs…..opposition leadership should be free to greet well wishes in any part of Zambia.. …police violence against the opposition will stop …on that score we salute you HH because we know lungu can not win an election without violence and illegality.. ..lungu can not win in any free and fair election….will lungu allow a free opposition ?? I don’t think so.

    • Strategic media campaigners like myself know the price is free and fair elections…and freedom of the opposition….that I have always called for…..mr lungus job should be to create employment and wealth for Zambia and no one will have time for the opposition…..i want to be sure and certain that future generations of Zambians elect their leadership choice free and fair with no violence, without the opposition being brutalized.. ..

    • @wanka are you 100percent sane? I mean are you normal in the brain???Some of us believe in a One Zambia One Nation but you are hell bent on insulting the State and coming up with false accusations that have no evidence! When was Lungu convicted as you always say??? Where is the evidence??? Produce it or kindly shut up mwana! HH is not God but to you he is better than Jesus! Some of us are on record of asking for reconciliation where as you on the other hand continuously preach division. When I shoot it is only to return fire (insults) which you and your fellow UPND friends are accustomed to. Some of us are open minded to disagree with the State even though we support it but you never once have come out to condemn your violent Party! Does that mean UPND is perfect? Only in your twisted…

    • Ctn… Only in your twisted mind young man! Ultimately peace is what must be maintained and if HH is a threat to that peace and he is unrepentant and continues to call for an “uprising”, if he remains in denial when evidence points clearly to his supporters as being the cause of that violence as in the Namwala case then we will let the State deal with such a lowlife- the opportunity was initially there but he scoffed at it, you his supporters in the comfort of your homes believe HH wants to remain in the cells when the truth is he is a coward and is begging for his release. God bless Zambia!

    • Yes Lungu should also allow hh to burn markets and displace those who hail from other provinces – a case of Namwala. Lungu should also allow HechiHechi to continue spreading bitterness, hatred and tribalism across the country. I am just not sure how he will do all this.

    • 2020munelo

      “…When was Lungu convicted as you always say?..”

      Since you bring it up, Tell us why LAZ took away lungus law licence ???

      Namwala incident is like the bweengwa kidnapping incident , can you tell us about the bweengwa kidnapping ??

      To you pf theifs the opposition being free and anyone being free to challenge lungus leadership is a threat to peace…..you can not say you are democratic while you ban and brutalized any opposition or divergent views to your leadership…..

    • @wanka what is the case number of the fraud case and which judge made that ruling???? Further to that the date and where are the minutes of that LAZ sitting you are also making mention of where the practising license was removed??? If its above your thinking capacity kindly ask Mweemba AKA Bebeto! I can 100percent with confidence tell my fellow readers on this site that this wanka like lilo is a dangerous lunatic and a proper dreamer who twists reality into some messed up false state of panic to best suit his imagination!

    • 2020vision

      In 2010, Edgar Lungu had his law practicing licence suspended by the Law Association of Zambia. This was after he was found guilty of professional misconduct.[4]


    • Spaka like lilo – I have gone to the site you have posted which takes me to the Zambia Online site when I click on reference 4, which again refers me to the Watchdog for a complete story, which fails to show the full story. Anyway, there seems to be no basis for your story and is based on hearsay and 2020vision seems to have challenged you well to show us the evidence of your story. I also notice that Musa Mwenye comes into the picture in the story – is that the reason why he tried to do everything possible to prevent an ECL Presidency knowing full well that it would be payback time for the f***up that Musa committed?

    • So state house has been busy trying to remove any reference to lungu losing his law licence for defrauding a widow…..you can not remove everything from the internet….

      If that reference is not true let me lungu sue Wikipedia for defaming him……

    • He should be the most intelligent thief in the world
      1. Being sworn in by the highest court
      2. Supported by all military wings
      3. Opposition Mps swearing to respect him
      4. Winning more PROVINCES than the Mukobeko resident
      Common, give us a break Akainde lost elections.

  3. We all acceptt 2016 is over and like i said in one of my articles,HH detention should not be in vain and should insist on following:1.Public order act abolotion 2.Release of all political prisoners like Mwaliteta and others.3Amendment of ECZ act into independent body and replacement of current commissioners 4.Appointment of new qualified constutional judges as per consitution. 5.Depoliticisation of public media 6.Reform of judiciary like in Kenya to get rid of corrupt charges.If HH and ECL are able to do this,their legacies will leave forever and Chibulo and others death and those maimed will not be in vain as our elections will be peaceful

    • Well said…the winner from this must be Zambia and its future generations as a free a fair democratic country ……not PF, not HH, not lungu, not UPND….

  4. Obasanjo is as ugly as his meddling and tiresome advice.Why don’t you go advice Boko Haram to recognize the Abuja based government?

    • Because Zambia is in a worse situation with Boko Haram Lungu in power. Zambia has already been captured by a lunatic despot.

  5. Former Nigerian president mainly came to consult his a partner and should allow the course of justice to prevail.If it was in Nigeria where HH misbehaved like that he would have been treated like Boko Haram terrorist by now would have been history.He should Thank president Lungu for his love and respect for life

    • Nigerian secruity are not as incompetent as Zambian Police…they wouldnt drive a VIP on the the same road knowing too well there is another convoy.


    • What you dont understand is Baka is not a group…its an ideology you dont just chop of the head and say its dead. Don’t you know that some of those girls after they were released pleaded to go back to their capturers!!

  6. Former Nigerian president mainly came to consult his a partner and should allow the course of justice to prevail.If it was in Nigeria where HH misbehaved like that he would have been treated like Boko Haram terrorist by now would have been history.He should Thank president Lungu for his love and respect for life

  7. He is been factual this time around,his last comment was I believe based on rumours. ” I have looked at some videos…” , “I have been observing…,” ” No country can have two presidents…” All his statements are showing he indeed have been trying to establish the truth and nothing but the truth for himself. So different from the young boys from the south. He is a seasoned politician

  8. @Sparka Lilo if you UPND dunderheads had just a bit of wisdom you would have known that the task at hand was 2021 and preaching love to all corners of Zambia surely can’t you see that your hatred of ECL is visible for all to see?? How can someone tell you that we are going to ICC and ICJ and you believe when the EU,AU And the Carter Foundation declared the elections free and fair ??? 2021 is fast approaching and your underestimation of ECL again is blinding you

    • What is the use of 2021 when the opposition are not allowed to operate in a peacfull way ??
      FYI the opposition are not allowed any marchers, rallies , fundraising events or press briefs…….any gathering of the opposition is unlawfully.. .ati 2021 ?? Do you people see the picture ?

    • If only ba Mambwe you could reason without bitterness as seen in your insulting language, perhaps some people could read your contributions and actually debate with you. Don’t make yourself irrelevant to the future of our country.

  9. Abasanjo why should we listen to you ???? The one that stole millions from the Nigerians – A country that produces oil now has to import petrol ! Go back to Nigeria !

  10. kachema is finally tired.he can’t take it anymore. obasanjo financed the upnd campaign and he is simply calling the shots..

  11. This Statement is pure propaganda from Amos Chanda at State House. General Obasanjo has issued a Statement disputing he ever told Lungu this. General Obasanjo told Lungu to talk to HH and resolve the 2016 Disputed and Petitioned Election issue. HH is in Jail becoz he was charged with Treason and Not becoz he Petitioned the Election or refused to recognize Lungu as a Legitimate President. There is no connection between Treason , the Petition and Refusal to recognize Lungu. On 14 th August 2017 the State in the High Court will tell the Nation how HH and 5 others overtly schemed to overthrow GRZ. That is what the whole World is waiting to hear.

    • Information leaking out is that the treason case will be held in secret on grounds of state security and no media international will be allowed…..yakosa bolla benangu nama RTSA come treason offences…..

    • Information leaking out is that the treason case will be held in secret on grounds of state security and no media international will be allowed….

  12. this is a good development. we are waiting for (HH) to succumb to international pressure of common sense. this is good news from Obasanjo.

    • Kudos

      Tell us why LT were deleting your comments and nearly had you barred ???

      I too don’t read your hate filled comments though you seem to be behaving…

  13. LT no need to moderate senior bloggers on your site. if we start leaving your site you will only have yourselves to blame

    • Are you behaving in a civilised way now ????

      Young people read LT and there is no need to peddle kiezer Zulu violence on your part….

    • Close the door behind you…you only came yesterday blind cadre, we have seen the likes of you come and go as they have nothing to offer once the party is out of govt!!

    • Jay Jay I think you are just a young fellow and your blind Under 5 loyalty to UPND makes you unfit to blog here among Seniors. You pretend to be neutral yet you’re UPND. You pretend to be atheist yet you are Catholic, busy hiding in the UK. For your own information I was 2016 Top 3 best bloggers on LT. Don’t underestimate my impact on LT. Ask our Commrades 2020vision and Katondo boys.
      @Spaka I always ignore your comments, you lack objectivity and you have been indoctrinated beyond redemption by UPND. There’s no hope for you to see the light.
      @Jay Jay follow these results:
      https : // www .lusakatimes. com/2017/01/09/2016-lt-awards-results/

    • Comrade Kudos – welcome back Sir and don’t mind these guys they are running out of thinking capacity! Keep up the fight my brother!!!!! I know we sometimes react to the madness they exibit but let us exercise control we are seniors so the young ones are following our example!
      @spaka what about the likes of Nez who has rightly been deleted and I hope ba Lsk Times you keep that Nez thing away…let it go back to tum.fwe.ko please! Then there is chilyata, a completely deranged and mentally sick misfit who probably has issues to do with his se.xu.ality eh ba spaka what about those friends of yours??? Are you telling me their death wishes are something to be tolerated just because you are cadres of the same tribal group?
      @jay jay provide solutions and not always lazy bum this and lazy bum…

    • Ctn…
      @jay jay provide solutions and not always lazy bum this and lazy bum that..that is proper hypocrisy- where are you guys on pressing subjects affecting the nation- you only want to attack individuals on personal issues!


    • You are seriously mistaken if you think I blog on here so I can win an award…I wouldn’t care less, you are also very seriously mistaken for linking me up to a silly disorganized predictable opposition Party .Lastly you are again mistaken calling me an atheist as I believe in God as a conscious Afrikan and not religion…its laughable to link me to being a Catholicism only a black man who does not understand their history would subscribe to such a corrupt evil cult.
      As I said we have seen the likes of you who contribute absolutely nothing but appeasement for selfish Politicians once they are gone you are unplugged like a someone has switched you off.

    • 2020vision

      I don’t condon death wishers on anyone or bloodshed in any place….go through LT archives and stop lying that I ever did…as to kudos he represents the thinking mentality of PF , violence and thuggery with very little solutions. I am surprised LT have let him back he was worse then NEZ and the others.

    • “For your own information I was 2016 Top 3 best bloggers on LT. Don’t underestimate my impact on LT. Ask our Commrades 2020vision and Katondo boys.”
      Really laughable …this is likened to Lazy Lungu stating that he is a good leader and pointing to Frank Bwalya and Sunday Chanda.

  14. If indeed Obasanjo is a peace maker and statesman, I ask him to visit DRC’s Katumbi and help stop Kabila else I dismiss him ask a white monopoly capital broker representing his paymasters. He must also go to South Sudan and Eritrea, they need him more than we do

  15. Some blind upnd cadres such as “spaka like lilo” are cursed!!
    Obasanjo has openly told you in upnd that HH’s behaviour in Mongu was bad.all well meaning world leaders have said the same.so even court judges would say the same.DO YOU THINK OR UPND FOLLOWERS ARE CHAINAMA PATIENTS (LUNATICS)?
    Plus even if HH is allowed to campaign across Zambia for all 5 yrs,he will still lose in 6.5 provinces.let this fact sink into your sick minds that majority voters in Luapula,Northern,Muchinga,Eastern,CB and Lsk simply cant vote for a TRIBAL HH-period!!COME 2021-IT WILL BE THE SAME!!voters there dont even hide it.they say it openly that they can never vote for Kainde(HH)!!same as those in 3.5 provinces wouldnt vote for PF!!SO FACE THE REALITY AND STOP CHEATING YOURSELVES THAT HH IS POPULAR AS HE IS…

    • If you PF rats believe so then advise Mr lungu to let the opposition operate in a free and fair manner……you can shout out all you want about PF winning in 7 provinces but that is only when the opposition is not allowed to operate…….all opposition gatherings are illegal and are denied police permits and you can unashamedly say you are popular ???

    • @Spaka can we also say non Tonga parties were not free to campaign in Western, Southern and NW provinces? How Nawakwi go less than 0.001% in those provinces? My advice is that before you accuse other people of sins check your position first.

    • Ndanje

      The violence was 90 % PF and state supported violence….why would people vote for nawakwe if she is not popular ????

      You know that the opposition was not allowed to campaign in a free and fair way….in some areas the opposition was simply banned by the police……this is what HH is fighting against and sacrificing for…that our children in Zambia will be able to make free and informed choices as to their preferred candidate without some candidates being banned by state sponsored violence….

    • @The problem ba Spaka is that you had too much confidence that you’re going to win especially that you continued to campaign even on polling day and even at polling stations. You contravened the electoral rules by transporting villagers to the polling stations. You intimidated the election officers. All “outsider ” parties were “banned” from campaigning in “your ” areas. These are known facts but you’ll not admit. For fear of deepening the crisis the authorities have decided not to dwell on this.

    • Ndanje

      That is simply not true , the PF police of Zambia would not have allowed that to happen…..but in PF areas the opposition were banned even kapoyongo nearly brought down a helicopter….

  16. The sponsors of hh, the group behind the arrogance and aggression of upnd have realised that their regime change campaign and agenda is not bearing fruit. From the refusal to accept 2016 outcome, armmagedon, dictatorship and all, the required result of an uprising against a legitimate and constitutionally elected government has failed. The dream of installation of a “user friendly” puppet president in the aftermath of a “revolution” in the name of Hakainde has flopped and the chief representative of this group has come to urge his subordinate to stand down as the set objectives have yielded no results. It is back to the drawing board for this evil and unruly shadowy organisation. THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA HAVE WON AGAIN!!!

    • It is PF and Mr lungus attempt to brutalize and silence opposition that is failing miserably.. …here the vulnerable soft under belly of PF and Mr lungus budding dictatorship is the urgent need for IMF funds and other western aid……if Mr lungu had the mirange dimond fields and platinum mines Mugabe had, he would have gone on with his oppression…hear there was never any plot for regime change, the opposition know without state violence and brutalisation the stakes are high for mr lungu….

  17. The first person who has gone to mukobeko & come back & has openly spoken about the motorcade incidence & said ichilema must bahave. Now lets leave him in mukobeko to rot. Sa.ta.ni.na

  18. Fellow Zambians.. ..do not believe the desperate lies of some claiming HH and some sponsores wanted to overthrow Mr lungu……that is simply not true….what HH was calling for was to address the state sponsored violence and allegations of electrol fraud…..how does such a genuine concern become an attempt to overthrow GRZ ????

    • …too advanced for your small donkey brain to comprehend. Ask yourself, Burundi has a fully fledged dictatorship where Nkurunzinza clearly abrogated the constitution and has held on to power. If Obasanjo is a genuine African elder statesman, why doesn’t he spend more time fighting and lobbying the international community for the Burundians??? What is the special interest in Zambia and Hakainde in particular??? Zambia a country with no civil strife and a good record of democracy and constitutionalism????

    • Zambian citizen

      You need lessons in the geopolitical play in Africa and the world….you PF rats dont know anything about current affairs only where to borrow from next…

      FYI the dictatorship in Burundi would not survive without the aquencence and support of kigame and MU7…this is like a game of chess where the mineral wealth, strategic position of a country are game changes…and your dictatorship can be ignored by the west ,,, zambia falls in non of those ,you PF rats can’t understand that.

    • Where were you when he was saying that he was not going to accept the results of the elections if he lost?

    • Onenation

      And where were you when lungu was saying he will fix anyone who does not accept him as President????

    • Spaka like lilo – You have not answered my question but I will answer yours: I have been here and Lungu was right, is right and is doing just what he said he would do.

  19. HH’s treason case must reach to its logical conclusion through the justice system. the courts must work and so as the lawyers representing him.

  20. Ba guyi are you serious??? You are quoting wikipedia where anyone can edit!!!! That reference if there is one probably goes to ZWD site or another pro UPND site, mwana be serious with life! Give us the case number of the ruling and the minutes of the Laz sitting or kindly just stop embarrassing yourself. If you are so anti graft and so clean why then are you with the likes of GBV, Tekere, Masebo, Sichinga, Nevers and the list of proven thugs and crooks goes on…eh why???Right now Zambia needs an opposition to bring out short comings but you chaps are preoccupied with nonsense- even the condition of prisons is something that you have failed to bring as a serious subject despite your ka god being there at the moment! The floor price of maize is a non issue to UPND only in a passing…

    • The floor price of maize is a non issue to UPND only in a passing sentence no statement released, govt expenditure on areas such as unnecessary allowances, SUVs and gratuity but zero-no input because your own UPND MPs also enjoy that cake!

      For the record I’ve long been against the use of SUVs even after we won both elections in 2015 and 2016 I made comment of that practice and I’ve done so on several occasions here and on other online news platforms not because as true to your immature nature suggest that I’ve been denied one! My friend I’m not a state agent- I’ve never received an ngwee from the state and I don’t want or need one! I’m a free citizen who believes ONE ECL is a much better person than HH and what HH stands for will send this country into chaos as his record is…

    • Ctn… I’m a free citizen who believes ONE ECL is a much better person than HH and what HH stands for will send this country into chaos as his record is clear for anyone with eyes to see!

      Above Comment addressed to @spaka like lilo

    • If my reference to wiki of lungu losing his law licence is false let mr lungu or one of his zealots sue wiki for lies about Mr lungu.

      You and the other PF rats want to entrench lungus dictatorship and want to normalize any arrest or sacking of anyone who is seen as a threat to lungu……if Mr lungu is a true leader he should not fear opposition

    • spaka like lilo – Your link is totally discredited — you should be ashamed of yourself. 2020vision has challenged you to produce the case number of the ruling and the minutes of the sitting, instead you are challenging someone to sue wiki!!! You have been talking about this issue for ages and now when you are cornered you are failing to provide evidence – if you can’t put up, then shut up.

    • abilima

      Your mother should have shut her legs…..

      it is common knowledge that lungu was blacklisted by LAZ…..if you think you can just post any crap on wiki go ahead and edit it to remove refence to lungu losing his licence..it is there because it is verfiable ….the case involved a widow who sued Lagrange and lungu chewed the money…

    • Spaka like lilo – Just to exhibit what a low class human being you are, similar to most of your kind, you bring my mother into the fray. My mother does not even know what a computer is. I have respect for your mother and so I will not mention her here. But as civilized people, let’s keep differences of opinion to ourselves and let’s try to be civil – oh sorry, that is for civilized people. Bring the evidence – insults are not evidence. You are posting a link that is not going anywhere and you expect people to believe you?

  21. Oh Obasanjo, you forgot to address one cardinal point; HH is not even allowed to address a presser, will he be now that you have met the ruling party leader at plot 1?

  22. HH is a fool full of pride and arrogant..
    Tomorrow he will refuse and say i don’t know what you are talking about.

  23. Fake news. So HH was arrested because he refused to accept Lungu and not because of a slimzy traffic offence now turned into treason.

  24. @2.1 Spaka like Donkey, ati “strategic media campaigners like myself”…kikikikikiki.
    Come on underfive and your UPNDonkeys, does this donkey look like a strategist even in the remotedt sense? The donkey was written off many moons ago by everybody who reads his posts. What I see is the UPND of Andy Mazoka completely killed by underfive, replaced by UPNDonkeys which in turn has been completely decimated by Spaka like Donkey and company. This so called party has even given up on 2021. As Spaka like Donkey says their only “strategy” and preoccupation now is only to make as much noise as possible, they are not even interested to get underfive released knowing that other capable people will do the job for them. No vision or ambition for 2021, they have devastatingly beaten to pulp and…

    • How can anyone have ambition when all opposition to lungu and PF is met with state sponsored violence…

      FYI I do not represent UPND but only try to highlight in the West the truth about lungus budding dictator ship….we are pioneers in on line petitions to stop the West giving me lungu money to brutalized the opposition now the on going effort is to invite the international media to this fake trial…..lets see what western tax payers who lungu depends on for aid think of our judiciary……

    • As I recall yourself, njimbu, onenation and other PF rats were laughing when we started on line petitions to highlight lungus assaults on democracy , we never told any lies….many many petitions we sent were acknowleged..you do not understand that the West is weary of any Mugabe wannabe dictator…..on our efforts to remind intetnational media of the treason case to date 102 media houses have been notified ….

  25. One thing has come out of Obasanjo’s visit.It is an affirmation of what SADC, African Union, Common wealth, European Union, the Church mother bodies , and the whole world have said, ECL and the PF won the 2016 elections. The PF won the majority of local government seats, they also won the majority of Mayoral seats, they also won majority of national Assembly seats, they also had a wider Provincial spread. Obasanjo knows this. But to say HH as he claims , won the presidential election defeats logic, Mathematical induction and Science. The best HH can do is to go for counseling. He is suffering from post electoral defeat trauma. Losing 5 elections may be psychologicaly devastating for him. He needs psychological evaluation and medical help. Allow the Boer apologist Maimane to visit HH…

  26. The UPNDonkeys have no vision or ambition for 2021, they have been devastatingly and comprehensively beaten to pulp and hopelessness. When underfive finally comes back to civilisation, he will not know where to start from, remember that he is only able to inherit and not to organise or create his own party. Just wait and see.

    • Ati beaten to pulp….yes using state police …and how can PF say they are popular when the opposition is banned from campaigning or rallies or marches ???? If you are popular as you think you are allow the opposition instead of hiding behind SOE, 14 day technicalities and the pf police …

  27. Its really not about a winner and loser but two mature persons letting bygones be bygones and moving on those of you who think losing a leader is fine that is your choice. The party uPND needs to reorganize and its impossible to do so when the leader is away it only just that we all stop this violence, Insults and all the political hallabaloo that has become our dna. Obansanjo has been consistent he sent an envoy with a missive which was for LPM not to arrest FTJ but focus on progress LPM didn’t listen he created a history for revenge which leads no were at the end of the day

  28. To me Spaka like Donkeys and his like have long been written. They are cold blooded donkeys with no feelings for the guy they call their leader. They are quite happy to see underfive continue to languish in prison for things that underfive could have avoided if his brain was not affected by the devastating 5time defeat. They give underfive advice which can only make sense as a strategy among fellow donkeys only.

    • Where written off ?? If you PF rats claim to be as popular as you think you are allow the opposition to operate…….just recently a UPND peace march was cancelled for fear of showing UPND popularity

  29. For me and majority of Zambians, I have written of underfive as a possible contender in future elections, his judgement is the poorest that I have seen among all politicians. For someone to suggest that the said underfive should be president of Zambia……shocking. For example, the diplomatic words that President Obasanjo used to describe the Mongu incident says a lot about underfive thinking capacity. He ecpressed “unhappiness” and described underfives action “overboard”. A senior High Commissioner used similar but more direct diplomatic jargon “reckless”. Now if underfive can exhibit what senior world statesmen call “recklessness” and “overboard” in his judgement can you as a responsibke nation entrust him with national affairs? Remember that President Obasanjo is an Army…

    • “..A senior High Commissioner used similar but more direct diplomatic jargon “reckless”….”

      That would not be the same diplomat who told lungu in no uncertain terms he was having tea with membe after lungu issued an arrest warrant for him was it ????

  30. …..Remember that President Obasanjo is an Army General and yet even to him as an army officer the behaviour of underfive was “overboard” and he is “unhappy” about it!
    I am sure ba na mu uza underfive mailo in a no nonsense soldier like way ati “uli chipuba iwe, not fit to lead” even UPNDonkeys.

  31. If there are still people who are still claiming that Hakainde is being pushed to accept the August 2016 elections results, that is unfortunate. If that is the case then let Hakainde rot in Mukobeko!

  32. It is a bitter pill to swallow if one loses an election. Sorry for HH to be incarcerated but the issue is UPND lost the 2016 elections. Period. All these court cases are non beneficial to HH’s group. You are wasting time to plan ahead. Indeed Armagedon will befall UPND in 2021. All those dreamers who predict His Exc. ECL calamity ,it will not happen . I thank you.

  33. If EL was wise, he should be the one personally visiting his fried if it is peace and recognition he wants. Sending middle men won’t work. EL has issued very careless statements and accusations that are not supported by our constitution. In short, EL and group are now confused as to why HH is in prison. They don’t want to admit their own shortcomings and mistakes. You can also send Obama to visit HH to convince him to recognize you but that won’t work. The state is the one at fault here whichever way you want to argue! Failing to plan and coordinate movements of all VIPs at a traditional ceremony was the Genesis. The aggravated robbery and arrest is another. The lies given by arresting officers and cadres exposing the modus operandi another lacuna. The total disregard of court orders…

    • Is there any reason why ECL should be pleading for someone who does not recognise him as the sole head of state? Some of us believe that HH like his counter part in Kenya are the west opposition leaders whose interest is above everyone else. Their fruits are only violence and arrogance.

    • The issue here is the sponsored PF rats whant every one to dance to lungu and PF without question……ifvthat is what you want you PF rats should push for a one party state……

  34. It must be painful to fight so hard, including giving out the best guarded insults in your tribe and “party”, only to realise 12 moons later that it was all an exercise in total futility and that all along your underfive leader was actually misleading and NOT leading you.

    • No I will you what must be painfull–spending 10 billion on infrastructure thinking you will sail through elections only to find you had to be made to dance non stop on a stage with the madam and use all illigal means with violence and still you are accused of stealing the elections…..that is pain full , very painful.

  35. It had to take a former military dictator of Nigeria to tell Hichilema to accept the election results of 2016, shame. This Obasanjo should do more work in West Africa where he is known better than we do here in Southern Africa. He should tell his friends in Anglo American Company that they should write off their debt incurred through financing of the opposition parties in Zambia. Zambians themselves know who to select for themselves. We do not need anyone to pretend that there is chaos in Zambia and therefore there is need for military intervention. Let Obasanjo know that we have a capable security defense force able to keep our people safe.

    • Actually, now that you have said this, could it have been a deliberate move for HH to land himself into serious problems with the Govt in order to press his sponsors to waive off the huge loans incurred?

  36. I have never seen a bunch of donkeys this noisy in my life, and all empty noise befitting people that have refused to think thus earning themselves the title UPNDonkeys.

    • A house infested with rats comes to mind when you and the other PF rats post on LT….all you sing about is borrowing..

  37. @31.9, we shall see about that mr Spaka like Donkey. True to your name UPNDonkey you cannot read the situation nor smell the coffee….koma ndiwe mutundu iwe!

    • There is no coffee to smell…just advise Mr lungu to allow opposition in a free and fair manner…..brutalizing with state police while you want western aid will not work….

      I don’t want my children to have only one parties message forced down their throats by violence during elections…

  38. “General Obasanjo said Mr Hichilema is likely to soon put aside the differences that arose after last August’s elections and move forward.” Hichilema is not a president of Zambia and he may choose to continue not to recognise Lungu but he (HH) must behave like any other ordinary citizen of the land. “I have looked at some of the videos regarding presidential motorcade and that of the opposition leader – are quite overboard. I think it should not be like that. said Obasanjo” We Zambians have seen the videos, did we need a former military Coupe leader to fly from west Africa and come and tell us that. A south African senior minister was killed by road obstraction and I as I write a gallant down to earth leaders’ family lost their beloved son. And some commedian Kenyan so called…

  39. Mr Terrible you are also a big fool you use your stomach to reason instead of your brain no wonder you choose to call yourself by that terrible name no brains terrible this Mr Terrible and Mushota can make good couple of fools.

  40. @Senior citizen …It is not for HH to ‘prove his innocence’. What kind of Constitutionalism is that? He IS innocent. It is for the prosecutors (in this case persecutors) to prove he is guilty of treason – which is a tall order in my opinion.

  41. @47, what is this about not using your true name? Look here, we know UPNDonkeys when we hear them. Their language is unmistakable.

    Zambians, do you need any further proof that UPNDonkeys are genuine donkeys?

    • The PF rats now getting paranoid…..they think they have the monopoly over usernames and insults like they have a monopoly stealing and looting…..they even what Zambians to think a certain way without independent thought……

  42. We pray to u Jehovah our God, our Creator, God of Abraham,Jacob and Isaac, to guide and rule on this last year ‘s election since u are the one above, one who can see hidden truth in a human heart and give us a leader u chose for mother Zambia. Help us Oh God that all the differences can be buried. For good. Amen.

  43. 100 days away from home is too much. please aisha just acknowledge the obvious so that you can come home. i need you if you know what i mean.

  44. Obasunjo, please go home. Thanks for visiting but your take on things is from a Nigerian former President view point. Zambia and Nigeria are far apart in Political style and ethos. This idea that President Lungu is in some form of personal grudge match with HH is ridiculous and serves President no favours.
    HH broke the law even with good advice did embark on a losers trip to jail. Refusing to accept a democratically elected President and planning a campaign of terror on citizens for ‘spurning,’ his election ‘come ons,’ in the last election is not wise conduct and not an impressive conduct for one hoping to be President one day. As for idea that there is a small bridge to win the election ( rather than in differences), that is wishful thinking indicating that he is still…

    • As for idea that there is a small bridge to win the election ( rather than in differences), that is wishful thinking indicating that he is still unrepentant and more likely to repeat his disruptive conduct. We in Zambia are interested in working with investors and putting our efforts ahead of our egos to bridge the differences between the Rich and the Poor.

      The Judiciary should not be silent. Matters before it must be resolved by it and not visiting former or current Presidents. Most likely, he came to ‘invest’ the booty he helped himself to during his days in office.

  45. Always misjudging and misfiring, these UPNDonkeys. It can’t stick in their thick heads that not a single international leader has recognised their “president” or underfive. Instead they have been busy insulting all the foreign governments and international organisations who sent the observers that declared the 2016 elections free and fair, in short saying that the elections were won fairly by President Lungu. Iwe Spaka like Donkey, if you don’t agree with my statement then you are confirming that you are a donkey, for what else can you be?

  46. And UPNDonkeys, the Secretary General of the Commonwealth has arrived in Zambia. I challenge you to go and complain to the SG if you think that their observer mission was biased in their conclusions. If you don’t, please spare us your noisy and sen.seless non.sense.

  47. Just been watching the Press Briefing by President Obasanjo on his meeting with underfive. The press briefing was screened by ZNBC but I know the UPNDonkeys will say that they don’t watch what in Donkey lingua is known as “DeadNBC”. But that is how they miss important things. For example, it is clear today that UPNDonkeys are at variance with their purported leader underfive. He is doing and saying things that do not reflect what Spaka like Donkey are saying…..their party is clearly in shreds. How on earth is underfive going to reconcile his actions with those of his donkey followers? But fellow citizens, that is a small matter for Donkeys, once underfive says so tgey will jump and you will see Spaka like Donkey telling us exactly the opposite of what he is saying today, just like…

  48. …. But fellow citizens, that is a small matter for Donkeys, once underfive says so you will see Spaka like Donkey telling us exactly the opposite of what he is saying today, just like Mmembe did in 2016….kikikikikiki?

  49. The bitter pill someone has to swallow is 5 losses! There is no guarantee that he can win the sixth! With the skeletons from UPND bloggers which have helped Zambians to see what is in the soul of HH and his supporters, there is no way any sane Zambian will elect HH. They are bitter and not ready to see this country develop. The man is history.

  50. @#57, if they had screened it at Zambia Watchdog, I am sure they were going to watch! That is their only source of news.

  51. 2020vision,
    Your tribally bigoted stu.pidity has turned you stack blind in the Lazarus Tembo extreme. It’s quite clear that you hail from “Kumawa” & with you chaps, as long as PF fields “mbeba ya kumawa”, you will come out “munyololo kuivotela” leaving out any human being! Lungu has zero ability to govern, he’s alcoholic and has a dog character, only “kupusa could blind one to all these glaring faults in the man!

  52. It’s frightening how polarized Zambia has become tribally! The fault line running from Livingstone to Solwezi is so wide and abundantly clear now, we are doomed as a unitary state. This malicious incarceration of Hakainde and constant bedeviling of the man by Nyanjas and Bembas has wrecked any chance of ethnic reconciliation. Mark my word, Loziz, bantu Botatwe, Lambas, Solis, Kaondes, Lundas and Luvales have had it, this country will seize to exist much sooner than you think when the secede and form their own country. Don’t say you weren’t forewarned!

  53. The notion too that Lungu won more provinces is laughable under a constitution without a provincial based proportional or college vote system. All supporters of Lungu know of the massive rigging that happened in Lusaka, Eastern and Northern provinces, otherwise we all know Hakainde won the 2016 polls hands down! You can’t rig polls & later embark on a quest for recognition, it’s tantamount to gut.less stup.idity!


    They seem to be comfortable at insinuating that they genuinely won SP elections without rigging. We know that VJ masterminded and brute forced results in SP and surrounding areas. HH is being used and he does not seem to be reading prints on the wall. HH is not a democrat, patriotic and politician. He is simply a luck businessman. He should be opening choppies and shoprite like supermarkets around Zambia

  55. It appears the truth of what transpired during Obasanjo’s visit to HH in prison is twisted as expected. The reportage from South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) and Zambian watchdog is different. Truth from an insecure regime is hard to come by. However, all know that Zambia a once peaceful nation is under crisis of governance all because of Lungu a PF dictatorial rule.
    LT. This news media platform should/can not be used as source of news by PF rivalry groups to be seen as authentic and original PF members. PF as a party has not added any value to Zambia as a nation. The current crisis the nation has plunged itself all points to PF’s incompetence to run a government. The ascendancy to power by late Michael Sata is a black mark on the history of Zambia. Sata was no good to Zambia…

    • …and we the majority here in Zambia are suppose to listen to a diasporan coward like you who has run away to Europe to be a fringe citizen and a white man’s monkey??? We wanted Sata and we got Sata; We rejected hh and we will reject him again!!! A normal person relying on a gutter journalistic outlet like Zambian watchdog??? Your language is typical upnd and tonga tribalistic fundamentalist dogma, you will NEVER see anything good in PF: DONKEY TO THE CORE!!!!!

    General Obasanjo’s factoring on the Zambian political landscape is linked to his association with the Brenthurst Foundation, a subsidiary of the Anglo-American Corporation. Some African opposition parties in Southern and East Africa have reliably received financial support from Brenthust Foundation with a view that they meet the multi-million dollar Corporation’s project of effecting change in governments of South Africa, Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Hence the prominence of DA, EFF and NUMSA in South Africa; featuring of Railla Odinga in Kenya; activities of UPND’s HH in Zambia; and role of MDC’s Morgan in Zimbabwe.

  57. OBASANJO’S LESSON (cont.-)
    Obasanjo is linked in this region in his capacity as Chairman of the Brenthurst Foundation. It is curious that this Foundation used President Zuma’s visit to Zambia to explore options for its strategies in fostering subversive activities in the SADC Region. We can only speculate that it embedded Obasanjo on Zuma’s entourage to Lusaka with details to request President Lungu to release Hakainde Hichilema – an aborted task earlier engineered by Bishop Mpundu in total disregard of the Zambian Constitutional provisions. After assessing the truth on the ground, Obasanjo switched for a request to meet his CLIENT in Kabwe prison.

  58. OBASANJO’S LESSON (cont.-)
    It is mind-boggling that some western powers (UK & USA) have demonstrated zero-tolerance to terrorist and subversive activities inflicted by Islamic terrorists in their own countries. Episodes of the 9/11 in New York and recent terrorist attacks in Birmingham and London are clear points of reference. Yet some western powers and some imperialist agents embedded in South Africa thrive on being entertained by terrorist actions being fermented in Africa. As former Nigerian President, General Obasanjo should have consulted his Ambassador resident in Zambia for clarity on political and terrorist events in Zambia.

  59. OBASANJO’S LESSON (cont.-)
    Surprisingly, General Obasanjo chose to attack Zambia based on information got from HH without prior consultation with the Nigerian Embassy in Lusaka. His scathing attacks on Zambia were actually echoed by a member of Inkata Freedom Party (of Indian origin) in the South African Parliament. Lessons: (a) In SADC States, Governments are hinged on democratic elections. (b) In West Africa States are tinged with military coups. (c) President Zuma’s visit to Zambia demonstrated fine quality of diplomacy such that SADC States taught General Obasanjo the art of consultation – hence the General is now much wiser on current events in Zambia.

  60. JONATHAN LUNGU , who is he in state house has the president changed huis name from chagwa agwa to JONATHAN LUNGU

  61. Obasanjo please don’t say that who told you if it’s that then there’s something else. Accepting Lungu as president it’s not the reason HH is at the prison it’s a different case.

Comments are closed.

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