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Government investigating the authenticity of an online story about the brutal killing of a Zambian in UK

General News Government investigating the authenticity of an online story about the brutal...

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba

THE Zambian High Commission in the United Kingdom (UK) is investigating the authenticity of an online story about a 16-year-old upcoming Zambian footballer who has been killed in that country.

UK’s Metro News, an online newspaper, on Saturday reported that Joshua Bwalya was stabbed to death in London in the latest case of postcode gang wars in that country.

Joshua was chased through the streets of Barking on Tuesday night and stabbed to death in an attack police described as brutal.

Joshua’s family said he was a victim of ‘crazy postcode’ wars and had been targeted by a gang from another estate from the one he lived in with his Zambian parents.

According to the publication, one of his four sisters told the Evening Standard: ‘He was just on the wrong place in the wrong time, a victim of a postcode war.

“It was because of where he was from, not who he was, they were just after anyone. It’s shocking how innocent people are dragged into this.

“He was a beautiful boy with his life ahead of him and now our family has been ripped apart,” the family members were quoted.

The Scotland Yard police are investigating the alleged murder of Joshua in Barking.

And a post-mortem found multiple stab wounds on Joshua’s body and they were the cause of death.

Scotland Yard detective chief inspector Gary Holmes branded the killing ‘a senseless act of violence’.

“I urge anyone who has information that can help our investigation to come forward and help us to bring Joshua’s murderers to justice,” Mr Holmes said.

Joshua was preparing to start studying business at college and had played for Barking FC, which is planning to hold a memorial match.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba said in an interview yesterday that he will update the nation as soon as he receives a report.

He also urged Zambians living abroad to alert Zambian missions in their respective countries whenever they encounter misfortunes.

“Zambians living in other countries should always find time to visit embassies and missions abroad to alert them on happenings regarding their fellow Zambians,” Mr Kalaba said.

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  1. Question is : was he legal in our shores. Seen lots of illegal Zambians here and I don’t like it



    • Legal or alien, a crime is a crime. And regardless of your legal status, you are still a ‘Black African”. Please familiarise yourself with your UK legal status.

    • Mushota to answer your cilly question, YES, he was legal and an upcoming football player! His father a qualified accountant and his mother was studying mental health nursing. However, has obviously misfired and we must not roast her. I believe she has genuinely seen her folly.
      How tragic to lose such a fine young man who almost had the world under his feet. JB was playing fantastic football and was about to start college, where he was to study business. MHSRIP.

    • MB

      Point taken and thanks for the extra , unnecessary information on the proffesion of the late’s Dad.

      I do not want to see the UK infested with Zambians and or Africans who are here illegally. I suffered to be legal here.

      In this instance, thoughts are with the family of this boy and MHSRIP and I hope the catch the culprits, not that its much consolation to the family.

      I have heard no association to the deceased being Zambian in the Scottish newspaper today and mistakenly took that as a conceited effort to hide the legal status of the deceased. My apologies.



    • @Mushota No offence meant! But I wish you could spell correctly! I shudder to think how your upcoming child will cope. Anyway, ”aka ledi na ka braki (a red one and black one) as they say back home in Liverpool (Mushota’s Luapula).

    • @Mushota, this family has lost a loved one. The best you can do is to put on a human face for once! I was going to say I hope… but I’ve stopped myself because one of us has to be seen to be sane…

  2. Sorrowful, too young.
    We pray it is not Mushota yet, it will be devastating when she get raped next month.

  3. @mushota you have a scrambled brain,even if he was an illegal alien did he deserve to be killed like an animal?have a shred of humility you cold hearted numbskull

    • In mentioned nothing about deserving and I want to distance myself from your statement.

      I’m asking what his legal status was, be it irrelevant now.



  4. the UK has gotten Xenophobia disease from South Africa. this is tragic. Mushota nioko you’re an embarrassment

    • Agree tragic case.
      RIP young student.

      My question and point is : was he legal in the UK ?



    • @ mushota princess just tender your apologies. The late might even a British citizen not zambian.
      Our caring govt has advised all of you who are having rough times especially racial discrimination and other arrangements to report to embassies.

    • @Mushota you are really cutting it! For your information, the family did not come in the country to marry a British subject like you and not everyone has a warped mind like you. Why you think that there are many Zambians who are illegals is not true because most people would rather live in Zambia than live in the UK illegally! That’s why you went to Scotland because it Nick an easy target for you. Get my drift?

    • Mushota,

      Unlike you and a few others, some people have come to the UK as necessary migrants and have not suffered to get the right to live in the UK. So don’t use your experience as a barometer. Perhaps it is the reason you are “too excited”.

      You are the “insects” that are an embarrassment. You disgust me, especially on this one.

      Zambia you do not need to investigate, just ask for the information from family affected and or the police in the affected area and you will be given. You will not be asked to pay for the information, but on the need to know basis you can be given. I hope your requirement of the same means you providing support, needless not be financial.

  5. Kalaba whats there to investigate? If you had a proactive embassy they would relayed this in no time about this young footballer!!

    • @Jay Jay the Zambian Government has better investigating skills compared to even Scotland Yard! Check out how they solved the New Soweto Market fire! And yet, the Grenfell Tower fire investigation has not been completed!

  6. What an irrelevant and insensitive question to ask! The first thing one does is to pass condolences before you even think of legalities. Condolences to the family, may the young one rest in peace.

  7. what is postcode violence? should racist crime viz xenophobia come in with their own terms just because of brexit? God save our souls !

  8. Wait for the police to release trustworthy information before assuming things. By the way post code violence is sometimes committed by black gangs on fellow blacks from a rival post code area. Similar to party rivalry ….

  9. Bamushota, namwe, you got your papers from marriage of inconvenience . It’s not true, now commenting on the late, bupuba , whether he was legal or not legal. Kakupenifye

  10. The government should warn its citizens not to travel to this dangerous country. UK is a very dangerous place and citizens should be sensitised about gang related crimes and terror on the streets of London. Zambian tourists should consider visiting destinations within the African continent to guarantee their safety. This is what would have been written if it happened the other way round.

  11. The boy was illegal YES but why kill him in a brutal manner like that , better deport him how many chinese are illegals in Zambia and we keep them safe

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