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Mupopo and Siame storm London Finals

Sports Mupopo and Siame storm London Finals

Zambia’s female sprinter Kabange Mupopo is into the finals of the 400m race at the ongoing IAAF championships in London.

African champion Mupopo’s 50. 60 was second and improved her season’s best and was the 6th fastest time of the semi-final.

She trailed Phillis Francis of the USA who clocked 50.37.

Botswana’s Amantle Montsho improved her season’s best to 51.28 to finish with the 11th time while fellow countrywoman Lydia Jele was 13th with 51.57

Siame is also through to the semi finals of the 200m race setting a new national record of 20.26.

Charlotte Scott, wife of Former Vice President Guy Scott who is watching the finals in London congratulated Mupopo for a “fantastic performance.”

“Lupopo came 2nd in women’s 400m semifinals – fantastic performance again! Our team may be small but they are fabulous,” she tweeted.

Zambia's female sprinter Kabange Mupopo
Zambia’s female sprinter Kabange Mupopo


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  1. He won’t win. Zambians have never won global events in any century. Not Olympics like these.



  2. Our beloved fictional Mushota will abandon her own new born baby with Nick because it will be too black. She has a terrible colour-bar and inferiority complex.

  3. Mushota, why are you full of negativity in your heard? You never seem to say anything sensible and I am really ashamed to have originated from the same country with you and instead of encouraging Mupopo and Siame and you talk rubbish. You must be checked in your heard because there is something seriously wrong and you need serious help. These games took place in London and many of us living here are aware of these games and the two Zambian participants have been doing really well. Did your mother throw you in a trash bin after birth and some Good Samaritan rescued you and your spirits have never recovered from that shock of rejection? You should change currently, you’re a big time imbecile.

    • You have no right to insult me to that extent. I watched the games and I might be wrong and thought they are Olympics surely.
      Either way show me the respect i deserve!



    • It’s because of your stupidity Mushota. Do unto others what you want them to do to you. It’s a pity you claim to be just a stones throw from where the games are taking place and you don’t know that these are not Olympics!! Shame on you. My advice to you, Keep it shut tightly if you don’t have any idea about something. That way you won’t expose your ignorance to the entire world!

  4. Ba Mushota muletekanya, mwamona nomba nangu bu opposition teifyo!!! Anyway kudos to siame n Mupopo,all the best guys.. U gave me reason to drink last night

  5. Ba Mushoya,
    Matete won world championship in 400m handles. One young from Chingola boxing brought a Gold medal from Olympics and many more. Are you Zambia.

  6. The problem of we African we don’t want to support each other why is it like this? Mupopo and siame have done thier best some are not even appreciating they are busy criticizing awee mwe!

  7. Samuel Matete was 1992 World 400 metres hurdles Champion, Lottie Mwale was African and Commonwealth Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Chipolopolo were AFCON champions, under 30 are COSAFA and African champions. Power Dynamos won the 2991 Nelson Mandela cup (Confer cup). The list is endless.

  8. With God by our side,all things are possible-Will be keeping you in our prayers-Zambia it is your time to shine all around the World.The WAY OF THE LORD 2017.


    David Livingstone prayed this exact prayer upon Zambia in the 1800s and I quote,”Lord,on this land where I rest my bended knees,let it become a MIGHTY Christian nation,a beacon of hope to the African continent and a LIGHT to the rest of the WORLD.”end quote

    This year is the year the servant of God prophesied and it is coming to pass.Late President went further Christmas period 29th December 1991 to declare Zambia as a Christian Nation and under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

    Zambia it is your time to shine.

  9. Samuel Matete was 1992 World 400 metres hurdles Champion, Lottie Mwale was African and Commonwealth Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Chipolopolo were AFCON champions, under 20 are COSAFA and African champions. Power Dynamos won the 1991 Nelson Mandela cup (African Confed cup). The list is endless.

  10. Why are people stressing about Mushota the computer. Most of the times when an article is posted Mushota is first to post -isn’t that queer .

    The Mushota computer must belong to Lusaka times to try an generate debate.

  11. Olympics? In 2017? They happen in even numbered years. When they do everyone including beggars and street kids will know. Me as an accountant will still know the Olympics are on. Because they are the biggest sporting event in the world. How someone could mistake other games for the Olympics is baffling. Unless they are not educated

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