Friday, June 14, 2024

The Judiciary advises UPND supporters to stay away from HH’s treason trial


THE judiciary has advised United Party for National Development (UPND) supporters to stay away from the court premises due to limited space as the treason case for their leader Hakainde Hichilema comes up on Monday.

Judiciary public relations officer Veronica Chisambisha said in a statement yesterday that due to limited space in the Supreme Court, which will be used for the opening session and also on account of the need to ensure security on the court premises, the judiciary will accredit all persons who will have access to the public gallery in the courtroom.

“No party cadres from any political party will be allowed on to the judiciary premises or in the vicinity of the judiciary. Organisations and political parties are free to approach the office of the chief registrar to obtain accreditation for their members. The office of chief registrar will also facilitate accreditation for counsel, journalists and observers,” Mrs Chisambisha said.

She said as per circular of August last year, no party regalia will be allowed on the court premises.

“Further note that cellphones, tablets, ipads, cameras or such similar devices will not be allowed in the Supreme Court room number one. This measure applies to journalists and legal counsels. Any breach of the said measure may result in accreditation being cancelled and the person in breach being ejected from the court premises,” Mrs Chisambisha said.

Mrs Chisambisha said on Monday, August 14, only persons with court business, and those accredited, should come to the court.

She also said the opening of the criminal session in August will only involve goal delivery, taking of plea and setting of trial dates.

“Trial in all listed cases will start on such dates as will be set by the judges during the opening of the session,” Mrs Chisambisha said.

A total of 30 cases will be presided over by two judges.


    • I’m disturbed that the president would be coerced to dialogue what HH on the way forward and stability of the country as has been carefully worded.

      This is unbelievable. HH and UPND needs to be hambled. They still and hopefully as has been described should still go through the court of laws without the undue influence of the commonwealth general.

      No one wants short cuts and the country is stable be don’t need undue influence from that organisation.

      I feel like throwing up no did yesterday not sure it was because of my folic acid tablets I’m taking it this unfolding news I read.

      I need answers now.



    • I can foresee the DPP pushing for his acquittal under instructions from state house after what the Commonwealth woman did. He will soon be a free man and will immediately start insulting the crocodile now that his bums will be out of the water

    • Mushota, dearest !
      You seem to know just about everything about anything. But ONE thing you obviously are not aware of, or just simply don’t care about:
      The website of LUSAKATIMES is NOT a social website like Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. etc. where you can expose yourself by telling us whatever you like, e.g. your famous PhD (the title of your thesis, and which institution rewarded you with a PhD), your attempts at getting pregnant, your plans for your eventual wedding etc. etc.
      ANY comments in the LT are to be about an article which was published there and NOT ABOUT YOURSELF.
      If LT were a bit more serious, they would NOT allow its pages to be misused as a social website but chuck out constant offenders!

    • What about PF supporters? In all fairness, all political party supporters should be discouraged to attend.

    • Technology is advanced nowadays, there are all sorts of devices one can use for recording apart from the ones listed above. Additionally The court should have a form where people attending the court sessions must sign or make a deceleration that they have not taken in any electronic device for recording purposes. In this case one can be held liable if later on it’s discovered that they did carry or used a device to record.

    • I requested a poll on LT and I can’t believe I had 100 people vote down to request HH be released on previous article.

      Well resounding then.



    • Yes,

      Keith Mweemba has embarrassed us so much. If we allow phones and tablets, the whole world will see how dull our arresting officers and state witnesses are and it will be very embarrassing for the head of state especially as he has been insisting to the foreign dignitaries that have been coming in to see HH that the DPP had a sound case.

      What happened to the dreaded “CONTEMPT OF COURT”? Deal with them su.ckers! We do’nt give a SH .I. T

  1. Court Room number 1 for Kaili number 1. Let the games begin.
    Let (HH) Kaponya prove that he did not endanger the President’s life.
    Honestly how could he get advice from GBM and William Tekere during the Mongu drift?
    Treason is punishable by death

    • Was HH driving the said car in Mongu? I think the person who should be in jail today is the driver. Since when was road rage treason?

    • Road rage with presidential motor cade is instant death. Stop commenting on things you little understand. Your hh is even lucky that he is alive today. Regarding who was driving also is a matter of vip motorcade. That driver was moving the car at the instructions of the boss. It would have been pointless to pick the driver knowing very well that he was simply going to say hh told him not to give way.

    • Kudos you are big joke, I am sure if HH jumped into a swimming pool you would accuse him of causing dust. What does your boss think about your revulsion and hostility towards HH as well as fellow employees?

    • If the Mongu saga is the issue at hand, then the real Kaponya was the president of the Republic of Zambia, Edgar Changwa Lungu. He temporarily became a jihadist and wanted to commit suicide. How sad, had he succeeded in that endeavor!

    • #3 @Kudos, do you even know what the treason case is about? IG Kanganja was all over the place when discussing a trivial question of whether HH was allowed on the road or not!Such is the confusion in the PF camp (which includes the police, DPP and some judges). This trial will be embarrassing to the president. But HH should refuse a nolle prosequi. We don’t want any threat of restarting this case hanging around his neck. Let them just go to trial and get a clear acquittal!

  2. Mwikamufumya hate human being. Let him remain in there for 5 years so that we have no Armageddon. I love Lungu please we love you. 2021. Vote for Edgar Lungu

  3. This now about following legal processes associated with Constitutional Democracy. Thank you to ECL, HH, Catholic Bishops, Commonwealth SG , SADC, Zuma, Obasanjo and all those who worked so hard behind the scenes to bring about this peaceful resolution of our political problems. Thank u God for shining on our beautiful Zambia. To all Zambian stay blessed.

  4. Your usual disgusting views over HH case.

    How you wished the international community was deaf and blind.

    Too huge to be swept under carpet like YOU thought.

    Heroes are made.

    YOU have voluntarily made one unknowingly.

  5. Do they have more room at Mukobeko for Raila Odinga who is HH’s Kenyan political soulmate ? These two perennial losers need each other in prison.

  6. President Lungu has made a huge mistake by agreeing to have a dialogue with HH.

    This would damage him dearly , Lungu and the party PF.

    • HH is not an enemy but a fellow Zambian who like anyone of us got frustrated with his umpteenth loss so please don’t vilify him. What he needs is assistance from everyone to bring reality to him. Assure him that this is not the end. Remind him that he’s not the only one in this situation because just two borders away Raila Odinga has just lost again.

  7. In the thinking of underfive and his UPNDonkeys, meeting with dignitaries like General Obasanjo and Patricia Scotland, QC, is heroic. From August 16 last year that is all they have been fighting for and eeverything else like petition and motorcade were just tools to “be recognised” by the international community. The ego of underfive is so huge, just look at the hosting of the dinner for diplomats last, the underfive donkey thought that made him President…….kikikikikiki…..and it led him all the way to Mukobeko as a Kaili and a huge villain. But the whole epuside simoly made him a villain with credibilty aming voters shattered. If he stands again in 2021 he find that everyone has learnt the art of block voting which he taught in 2016….kikikikikiki

  8. Classic example of how not to become a hero is to go full circle including “petitions” and come back to exactly where you started from after one full year.
    Do you need further proof of my defintion of Donkeys, UPNDonkeys?

  9. Why stop people from their constitutional rights of assembly and political affiliation? You say there’s political reforms already, nothing.

    HH has miscalculated on this deal with Mr Lungu. He should have insisted on conditions like proper reforms of the judiciary, ECZ, police, etc. The best start is to ensure the heads of these organisations are removed under the disguise or retired in national interest. Then Lungu should have fired his advisers. As it is the only ‘win’ he will get from this deal is his freedom from Mukobeko. We needed someone else to sacrifice for the country, someone brave enough to stay in jail for as long as possible until meaningful reforms were truly achieved.

    • Upnd is equally to blame. First they frustrated the constitution making process by ganging up with MMD with a view of blocking Sata. ..that was mistake number one. Mistake number two….walking out of Parliament and even boycotting it. Mistake number three drafting in GBM whose only agenda is to get even with Edgar and whose campaign strategy is use raw insults and interference with other people’s campaigns.

    • good suggestion but you have come up with this brilliant idea so please sacrifice and go to jail for we the Zambian people.

  10. What happened to our sovereignty mandra? A woman from United Kingdom coming to dictate to us and reforming our Electoral Institutions and releasing the Treasoner from Jail. Whats all this?Where did Patricia Scotland get all these powers to interfere in our domestic affairs? Why did President Lungu agree to these reforms? The President needs to explain to us as PF Cadres and supporters what this all about. Most of us PF Supporters and Cadres are in shock. We feel that the President has sold out to British imperialism. Can the President address and pacify us?

    • @ Angry PF Cadre, your party is too to think for the good of the country. The international community has to come in and teach us how to settle election disputes! Ms Scotland, president Obassanjo and others seem to love our peacefulness more than the PF does. The PF wanted civil strife and genocide but God would not have your satanic plan come to fruition!

  11. Can Jonathan and his grade 12 criminals be trusted? They are already interfering with the Court processes and Rules. HH Treason Trial is of Public Interest so why are they turning this Trial on Monday to be a “Secret Trial”? Any Zambian is free to attend any Open Court Session unless the Court is held in Camera. Those restrictions are illegal and unconstitutional and should be ignored. The State should stop provoking UPND Cadres and Supporters so that the Treason Trial proceeds peacefully. The whole World is watching! !

    • i ask is it only UPND supporters that they have no room for? surely this case is very important to the UPND members. it is the PF in my idea that should be kept away as they only come there to cause trouble. in fact this case should be aired on television as it is of interest to all Zambians.

    • …who is on record of smashing windows and property at court premises?? who is on record of insulting a minister in full view of the press??You guessed it right…upnd cadres!!!

  12. ANGRY PF to answer your question,,hh is a member of Anglo American org.the late madzoka was one who introduced him to this powerful group which controls rich-in- mineral countries from 1800 to date. In Africa their HQ is south africa and they do have influence around the global and political wise they want and support their candidate e.g hh,maimane many more.if hh was not coming from this org. believe me we would have visited by abena Patricia and many noise makers from SA.its sad that Africa is still under colonization by using our fellow Africans like hh . Only true sons of Afro origin denounced white man tricks e.g Mugabe..upnd its sponsors are the same imperialists.

    • mr p that cry of imperialists should not even be heard now after us being independent for over 50 years. how many black voices in Africa speak up to the bad leaders and for our people. Our hands are still stretched out to the IMPERIALISTS for hands out so in other words we are showing them that we are still very dependent on them. Africa we are a rich continent so let us stand on our own two feet so that this cry of imperialists dies.

    • Strong points, Mr. P. It’s sad that donkeys can’t process what you have written because their limited brains can only handle what their failed leaders tell them. They continuously deny hh’s connections to Anglo-American through Brenthurst Foundation. They still failed to see why Obasanjo, who is chair for the same foundation and works with Greg Mills, came all the way to Zambia and ignored hot spots like Burundi, DRC and even Boko Haram in his own country.

  13. Unless there is something we don’t know Jonathan has betrayed the struggle and his supporters. UPND has released its long awaited PVT showing HH won the 2016 outright. Lungu now needs to counter this by publishing the PF PVT showing how he won the 2016 Election. An Independent Court would need to adjudicate and declare the Winner and recommend a way forward. Lungu is now between a Rock and a Hard Place. Time is an equaliser!

    • That is a daft interpretation of the country’s laws!! Is that what you and your South African friends talk about after smoking nyaope?? The constitution empowers only the ECZ to announce the winner of an election. Party PVTs are reference points which can only be used to argue if there are serious discrepancies. A group of churches, the CCMG (christian churches monitoring group) conducted a PVT and it tallied with ECZs. upnd have since failed to publish their PVT or maybe you can help me with a link to access it??? Then, all courts in Zambia, including the Constitutional Court are created by the Constitution of the Republic AND NOT EDGAR LUNGU OR PF. In the Ammended Constitution, all Judges will be picked by an independent body within the judiciary called The Judicial Services Committee…

  14. First and foremost is for the Lungu’s Govt (State prosecutors) to save themselves any further embarrassment by withdrawing the evidence-less Treason case seen on YouTube. Then, “A roadmap of reforms pursuant to Commonwealth principles of good practice, governance and the rule of law” can be taken seriously by all stake holders.
    If Lungu’s Govt does not enter a Nolle prosequi, and then later lose the case in court, which they most definitely will FOR LACK OF EVIDENCE, then it will be very difficult for any well-meaning person to believe they mean well in their future submissions in the roadmap reforms. As simple as that.

  15. Am a Christian so no need to consider HH and ECL to be enemies.if HH has seen sense after he lost it for many months,its better to make peace now for the sake of mother Zambia!!!
    So this is a good move by both PF and upnd leadership.lets learn something good from the Americans.Hilary Clinton lost 2016 elections,but she is in good terms with president Trump.this is how it must be!!

    • And let mr lungu live up to his agreement and allow the opposition room to operate….with no violence and state sponsored intimidation let the opposition work while GRZ concenteates on job creation….

  16. Ka Mushota, please these mental RECTIONS of yours are stinking out this noble website! Sometime one honestly wonders what manner of masalamusi afflict your head, you need a sangoma to exorcise you of all those evil spirits that trouble you. Like most if not all PF cadres, you yearn for a PhD which you clearly do not have because no one holding a PhD from a reasonable University in the UK can still manifest reasoning that so glaringly devoid of any intellectual reasoning. You are an intellectual snob of the worst order.

    • How can you have police banning one party from rallies and press conferences and their leaders not allowed to greet well wishers ???? One kind of savegry is that ??

  17. In Zambia political history it’s only RB who has accepted defeat. Kk Sata mazoka hh all are the books for not accepting outright defeats.

    • How do you define defeat? When a vote is rigged and an election stolen from you, is that what you would call “defeat”? RB was a thief. Michael Sata won that election. It was only stolen from him. Chiluba stole the election from Mazoka and handed it over to Levy Mwanawasa. Both Mazoka and Sata are on record to have protested the outcome of the election. And what is it that you are talking about KK? I would rather I don’t go that far, to avoid opening-up another can of worms.

  18. At no time in the history of Zambia have we seen such political violence abetted and supported by the state…..people were getting hacked killed or maimed for wearing the wrong coloures in full view of the police ……we had young women undressed and assaulted in front of a VP on labour day…..
    You had kambwili a senior minister going on air issuing tribally charged statments sometimes blatant lies …..and you say you have government ??

    If Zambia is to move forward that should not be allowed to continue….

    • “…is a horrible mistake indeed..” how? Why do you think it is a mistake at all, let alone a “horrible” one?

  19. Hehe game over. Just release son of the soil, washout it on Monday or later, just a question of time…

  20. Prepare the cells at Chimbokaila, just to hold or accommodate the UPNDonkeys for a few days…not treason or defamation.

  21. Don’t say that you were not warned. The saviour of underfive, Patricia Scotland, QC, will be far away on duty to bother about UPNDonkeys when you are locked up. As you have come to accept, no one will give you a second thought anyway like one lucky underfive.

  22. I am not a lawyer but I knew that this case would not stand in the Courts of Law. Our Police should learn to tell the truth to the Executive. Keeping a person under detention for three months, when knowing fully well that there is NO strong case, is being evil!!

  23. These perennial election losers HH and Odinga have something in common. The only difference is that Odinga manages to cause big time havoc. ECL start preparing to visit Kenya and discipline this trouble maker like you have done with ours here. I just love the way you do these things. You are a man indeed. HH has learnt a lesson whatever anyone thinks.

  24. Why should we not have a recording of this process? These are some of the useless things that go without question in our country. This trial is of paramount public interest! If anything the judiciary should broadcast the whole thing LIVE! Let me suggest here that ALL constitutional court sittings be recorded and disseminated, and all public interest criminal cases where the government is involved be aired as well. This hush-hush culture is killing us!

  25. Please don’t set a precedent by letting go off a lawbreaker like HH. Let the courts decide his fate. He must never be given opportunity t be silly again. Just like his supporters. The angel of death masquerading as an angel of light is even daring the nation to broadcast the evil spirit’s judgment whose quest has been to destroy Zambia.

  26. Yes Anderson, even after caging HH pathetic PF lamentably failed. Karma haunted them markets burnings, state of emergency, poverty is up and stealing is rampart and staunch PF cadres are the ones sabotaging them by inflicting pain on everyone. No they realized they cannot succeed with HH jailed

  27. But people why r u afraid of the use of modern technology. This case is of interest to the country and not only to the judiciary and selected few. A court is a public place and the person appearing before the court is not an ordinary man. The people deserve to know what you have been saying about this man, we want to hear what he says and not to be told what he says. We r not interested in history unless there is something you don’t want the public to know. The more you hide information the more people want to know what you are hiding and why. Speculation is not good

  28. There is a lot he has said in public and the courts will report to you what he says in camera. If he is convicted he will continue to live in Mukobeko but if he is found not guilty he will go to live in Three Mansions. .. And #38.1 @HabaMuna, this is not a voice of a demagogue but a voice of reason.

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