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“Evil Spirits” drove him into uttering tribal remarks against the people of Southern Province-Kambwili

General News “Evil Spirits” drove him into uttering tribal remarks against the people of...

Kambwili apologising to Chief Moonze of Tonga Speaking people in Southern Province
Kambwili apologising to Chief Moonze of Tonga Speaking people in Southern Province
FORMER Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Chishimba Kambwili says “evil spirits” drove him into uttering tribal remarks against the people of Southern Province last year.

During the run-up to last year’s general elections, Mr Kambwili said the people of Southern Province could not even vote for Jesus if He contested the polls in the region. The remark angered the southerners.

Mr Kambwili had also made similar accusations of southerners, including the United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema as being tribalists.

But speaking on Wednesday when he called on Chief Monze, Mr Kambwili said he uttered the remarks because he was allegedly ‘demon possessed’ while he was in the Patriotic Front (PF).

“I am sorry for my remarks. I didn’t know that you are loving people. Please forgive me and take me as your son,” he said.

The PF central committee expelled Mr Kambwili and former Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge on July 22 this year for alleged gross misconduct and bringing the name of the party into disrepute.

Following Mr Kambwili’s expulsion, the PF wrote to Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini asking him to declare the seat vacant, but the ruling party was advised that the matter had been taken to court.

In January, Mr Kambwili was given a seven-day ultimatum by the PF to exculpate himself for alleged failure to adhere to party rules and regulations.

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    • To borrow Laura’s Mitti’s words, If Imbwili’s apology is genuine then he should have a “Damascus Road Experience” travel all around the country and apologize to all the people that he brainwashed with his divisive remarks not just the Tonga people

    • If only we can all learn from this and always apologise to individuals we have offended along the way in our lives and move on.

      Thanks CK.

      God bless Zambia

    • Kambwili is a good and honest man. He has just told tongas and upnd that he is possessed by EVIL SPIRITS and can say and do anything. It seems upnd and tongas are very desperate or insane to receive and EVIL man by his confession. The i.di.ot looks evil no wonder

    • This neckless man was against pf for welcoming new members and this is what lead him to arrogance. Let’s see if the same principle will apply on him in upnd.

      CK realises that he needs to be president. To get there, he needs the support of the people he rub.bished and insulted with abysmal impunity. If he joins UPND, great for him. If he forms his own party, that the end of his miserable political life. Make no mistake, its not only the evil spirit but his personal bulldozing ego. Kindly also apologize to Mmembe and blame it on lucifalian spirit.

      To err is human; to forgive is divine! I thank the Chief of the land for forgiving CK. I hoped CK could go to each and every Tonga person to ask for forgiveness. But, he is just human.
      The modern era of technology can literary blow you away because records of wrong doing in the political realm is so astounding. You get CK’s soiled mouth insulting Tongas on LT, Youtube, facebook name it. Even when you accept CK’s apology, once you listen to those vids when CK was in authority, you get yourself blown away because wounds reopen. That’s what people with bad mouths hit you with. I honestly got hurt by CKs tribal attacks. I hope the apology is not political. I…

    • Interesting revelation from CK. Some might wonder whether this is the spirit that caused one to be moved to and fro so many Ministries and eventually expelled. But the question remains, have these evil spirits been cast out now? If not expect more drama. A man with an evil spirit now joins a known and self-confessed wife batterer and tekere Banda. What a team indeed. Nonetheless Pastor Mumba could come in handy here and deal with the evil spirit. I fear for the composition of characters in this team. Only time will tell. Let’s continue praying for mother Zambia, God will continue to expose demon possessed people and evil spirits.

  1. Demon possession, very interesting. Kambwili is gifted at saying things that the masses like and can relate to. As Plato said “the majority will always be fools” who fail to critically analyse.

    Sadly there is no other politician left in PF who has the “gift of the gaff” as Kambwili does! The man is a proper conman who has managed to con those around him for years! UPND know he is a political opportunistic refugee out to save his skin!

    PF must look within its ranks to find a young, charismatic and honest firebrand to counter Kambwili’s style of deception.

  2. Demon possession, very interesting. Kambwili is gifted at saying things that the masses like and can relate to. As Plato said “the majority will always be dull” who fail to critically analyse.

    Sadly there is no other politician left in PF who has the “gift of the gaff” as Kambwili does! The man is a proper conman who has managed to con those around him for years! UPND know he is a political opportunistic refugee out to save his skin!

    PF must look within its ranks to find a young, charismatic and honest firebrand to counter Kambwili’s style of deception.

    • Hhahah, ati ‘Honest’. The term ‘Honest’ and ‘PF’ are mutually exclusive dude. We still do not like Kambwili but we like the votes he will bring us.

  3. Have these evil spirits left him? Who exorcized him? What grant is there that he won’t be possessed him again? And this is the material we have?

  4. @2020 vision, Kambwili has done what many of your darling politicians including Jonathan Lungu will ever do. I have great reason for a man who apologises than those who don’t.

  5. What a cheap shot from this Oaf. He thinks Tonga’s are “schupeet”. Really insulting their intelligence. This is so disgusting. The calibre of the typical Zambian Politician!! He should have stopped at issuing an unreserved and unqualified apology. He has spoilt my day.

  6. When things go wrong for him in the UPND, don’t be surprised to hear Chishimba Kambwili informing us that he was ‘demon possessed’ while he was in the UPND and that “Evil Spirits” drove him to the UPND and made him utter nasty remarks against the PF. He will apologetically conclude by asking for forgiveness from the PF while plaintively crying out: “I am sorry for my remarks. I didn’t know that you are loving people. Please forgive me and take me as your son.”

    This is the kind of person Kambwili is.

  7. To All Zambians Particularly the Christian fraternity: I Wish to commend the Chiefs in Southern Province for accepting Chishimba Kambwili’s apology. Jesus our Lord said IF I HAVE FORGEN YOU – WHO ARE YOU NOT TO FORGIVE YOUR BROTHER. We are just dust to die even now if God wishes. Ba Chief Habasonda and others God bless you. Me I am from Mbala (Umumambwe) pure. I have no room for tribalism. Ba Kambwili my brother also learn something out of this. Thanks

  8. Honestly,does it make sense for one to aplogise but still not taking responsibility for ones actions……Evil spirits were responsible really? So at which point did he realize he was possessed…before or after expulsion?

  9. Kambwili lishulu naimwe! I didnt know people could easily go into convulsions once they fall out. In any case, its only the dull UPNDonkeys who can be driblled by Bembas. Already, the Bembas are slowly taking UPND whilst they are deep in slumber.

  10. Personally, I do not see anything wrong with asking for forgiveness as long as he truly meant that he was sorry and ashamed of his awful language. Hopefully he doesn’t repeat this behaviour or else he will have no excuses next time. I dont believe evil spirits were to blame, I think the insults were from his heart and he should therefore take responsibility for his bad behaviour and not find excuses. He is an educated man and should not even have come up with that silly excuse ” evil spirits,”. People watch too many Nigerian movies !! Good that he has been forgiven so that we can all move on. No room for tribalism in this modern world, too shallow and too backward .

  11. Life is dynamic and there is nothing wrong for MBWILI going to Southern Province to apologize for his misdeeds last year. Politics is about numbers and its a lesson to other politicians to learn to think before making any statements. Who would not like the likes on Mbwili being on their political wagon? Just watch the events that are going to unfold in PF and UPND. I have been enjoying watching what is going on in our local politics. There is a lot of drama going on and most people don’t see these things happening because they don’t critically analyze events as they unfold.

  12. The tragedy of this story is that Kambwili will convince the defunct and impotent upnd strategists that he will get them the Bemba and C/Belt vote, AND THEY WILL WELCOME HIM RELIGIOUSLY. Much like Scott, Mulenga Sata and Miles, after antagonising the tongas and upnd, all they have to do is denounce ECL and they become key factors for the upnd in their quest for power. But what they are forgetting, just like Musenge, Kambwili’s popularity was dwindling in Luanshya as witnessed in the last parliamentary results; His popularity was associated with him being in PF and being Sata’s close ally. Scott, GBM, Miles will tell you the same thing. While it is the prerogative of upnd to welcome new members, a close scrutiny of the value they bring to the party is cardinal. PF’s effective…

  13. Kambwili should not insult our intelligence. Anyone would be foolish to accept his apology. It could have been a genuine apology if he was still in government.Tongas please don’t accept this nonsense.

  14. i would like to see a scenario were there is a by-election in southern province and kambwili stands and wins.
    then i want hear him say southerners are tribal.

  15. …collectiveness has already proved this by neutralising the return of Miles Sampa to a mere member as his contribution is questionable if not disruptive. upnd as a party needs introspective analysis and reorganisation as the current leadership has stumbled repeatedly to take it to the next level. Their aggressive and hooliganistic appetite for power has failed to inspire voters across the country except in their tribal strongholds. Like their affiliate opposition parties in RSA (Maimane & DA) and kenya (Odinga), they lack political discretion that endears them to the multitudes in the grassroots. *Case in point* DA’s latest attempt to dissolve parliament after their failed no confidence motion against Jacob Zuma; EFF, UDM, COPE and other opposition have since rejected their move to…

    • Why are you worried about UPND? Statistics show that the party has been consistently growing its voting base. It only needs another extra 150,000 votes to take power so if i were you i would be worried about your party PF rather than post these rants. Technically Kambwilil can bring more than 150,000 votes and it will be game over.

    • The diasporan cowards and the donkeys will continue having wet dreams about hh being in state house. upnd doesn’t scare me of the PF as it is a minority tribal party and their strategies are nothing to admire as they lack the ability to inspire voters. If Kambela Mazoka were alive, I would be scared. As I have elaborated above, Kambwili matter is deja vu: Miles thought he could present Matero to upnd, GBM thought he could give Kasama to upnd, That s.t.u.p.id white man (as you named him!!) Scott thought he could hand Lusaka Central and other areas to hakainde BUT WHAT HAPPENED??? 150.000 votes??…kwekwekwekwekwe……

  16. Evil spirits are still around and will be entering into our leaders all the time when they down look others as inferior. Remember the Bible teaches of the rebel Angeles cast down. Bad hearted people are hosts of these expelled chaps

  17. A good step to apologize to the BaTonga people. When will politicians become responsible and stop dividing the Zambian people? KK invested a lot in Zambian unity. These opportunistic politicians come around and divide people for their personal gain.


  19. A person has equal proximity between the evil spirit and angels and it is entirely up to us to choose what to be used between the two. It is therefore not true that evil spirits used Kambwili but he chose the evil spirits to use him.The point is the PF machinery is after him and so he has to find solace somewhere and he has to thank God that the Tonga speaking people have welcomed him otherwise he was a dead r.a.t.

  20. All pf members get exposed by upnd about there corrupt tendency and they later join them to diffuse the true story. It was upnd who leaked to the media About ck selling the golf course to himself and built those mansions. I don’t know if upnd will now tell us ck is clean. Kikiki.

  21. ZAMBIAN POLITICIANS!! “NO STYLE, NO MORALS ,NO IDEOLOGY,NO QUALITY!!” – recently we read how during the interview Kambwili explained what he had said as “just an analogy” since in reality ” no one would expect Jesus to come and contest elections”. He further defended his words that they were aimed at discouraging tribal voting which the Southern Province has been exhibiting since formation of UPND- so HE WAS DEMON POSSESSED?? Kambwili needed to sobber up after expulsion bcoz these quick moves will just finish him!!CERTAINLY THOSE WHO SAW HIM AS A TRUE PF WILL HAVE TRUSTED HIM IF HE STAYED AWAY FROM UPND BCOZ NOW IT IS CLEAR HE IS JUST OF THOSE GREEDY POLITICIANS HUNTING FOR PERSONAL SURVIVAL-HIS END!!

  22. Kambwili and hh are very similar, Kambwili did not like the new people who joined the PF to be given positions,it was all about himself. If and when he joins the upnd does he expect a position like they did with GBM since he will new as well .If I was in the upnd we can advice kambwili to recontest his seat to see if he is popular as he claims against Roan mayor Chanda.

  23. I don’t trust Kambwili. Next he will claim the evil spirit told him to apologise if that will suit him. Most of the ‘nice’ things these politicians say are meant to hoodwink the masses into voting for them so that they continue looting our resources.

    • Xactly. He needs to take responsibility and blame himself for being foolish. ” Evil spirits made me do this” is a coward’s way of escaping the problem.

    • I agree with you. I don’t trust C.K. just like others like Dora, ECL, Mumbi Phiri, etc, these people are brain dead. In order to stand a chance, in Africa, we must raise the standards in everything. The current people in government and political positions lack the basic decency and common agenda to make a positive difference in this country. Right now we’re destroying the future of Zambia even more. The corruption, very low education standards, no measurable goals plus wrong attitude towards work and life. Rest assured, we will be colonized again. In Europe and US machines are taking up peoples work yet in Zambia we are still aspiring for industrialization. It cannot happen without capacity building. Currently, Zambia cannot do basic things like provide clean water, collect and…

  24. Kambwili did not know they are loving people because he himself is not sociable otherwise in his life he would have played or indeed worked with one or more of the kind. He, Kambwili should first of all think what the implications would be before uttering words. Every tribe or race has all the different characters.Do not generalize.

  25. He is not telling the truth. Actually NOTHING has changed about this man. He is still the same. Just want to gain political mileage. The devil is using him more than ever before.

    • And the desperate and blind will welcome him and like a slow burning fuse he explodes. By then it’ll be too late because enough damage will have been done.

  26. How about blaming yourself for being foolish? Africans! They always look for scapegoats. Its Evil spirits that made me do this. Take charge of your life. Stop handing it to inexistent Evil spirits!

  27. Talking to the chief while standing, looking down on his head, and you call that repentant or respectful? What’s with our Bros in the south?

  28. Isnt there ever a cooling period after being expelled for one to stratergise? You just up and starting begging just like? And this is the one they said was a strong man? isnt he who wanted to challenge Ecl for the top job now that he has a chance to be his own president he is already calling another man his president? The way the mbwili crambles!

  29. Hahaha, Kambwili has evil spirits? Kambwili appears to know what the UPND want to hear. Not long ago a UPND member, Chief Mukuni said, he slept in grave yards. We have all heard what people say about HH in closed doors, that he belongs to some funny group that meets at night and in robs. Kambwili comes on the scene and says he has evil spirits. What better company can this be for him! If a religious Zambia is not taken note of this, then the country is asleep. People wake up and exorcise this group that is slowly getting acceptance in Zambia. Kambwili has said it from his mouth that he has evil spirits, what more do people want to hear. I would like to hear what religious leaders have to say about this self confessed “evil spirit” man. Kambwili may need help to get rid of the evil…

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