Law breakers will not be spared-President Lungu

Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11 arrive at the arena to start the Annual Ukusefya pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony
Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11 arrive at the arena to start the Annual Ukusefya pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony
Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11 arrive at the arena to start the Annual Ukusefya pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony
Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11 arrive at the arena to start the Annual Ukusefya pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony

President Edgar Lungu has warned that that he will not tolerate any conduct likely to disrupt peace.

President Lungu charged that any behaviour with the potential to destabilise the country’s peace will not be tolerated.

President Lungu was speaking today when he graced the 2017 Ukusefya-Pa-Ng’wena traditional ceremony of the Bemba speaking people of Northern and Muchinga Province held at Ng’wena village in Mungwi.

He said the country’s unparalleled history of long standing peace puts Zambia under the spotlight as the world waits to see how peace can be maintained.

And President Lungu has said that traditional ceremonies like the Ukusefya-Pa-Ng’wena play a vital role in uniting the nation.

He pledged his government’s commitment to bettering the welfare of Chiefs across the country by constructing palaces.

Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11 arrive at the arena to start the Annual Ukusefya pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony

Meanwhile, paramount Chief Mwine-Lubemba says he will not entertain falsehoods about President Lungu saying his Chiefdom fully recognises him as duly elected Head of State.

In a speech read for him by Ambassador Kasonde Kasutu, Mwine-Lubemba thanked the PF government for embarking on unprecedented infrastructure development in his area and the entire country at large.

He implored President Lungu to ignore enemies of development and continue moving the country forward.

The Paramount Chief also appealed on government to consider empowering his subjects with mechanized farming equipment.

Mwine-Lubemba lamented that his people have remained subsistence farmers for a long time owing to lack of equipment.

He noted that once his people are given modern farming equipment, they will produce more crops and subsequently better their livelihoods.

Paramount Chief Chiti Mukulu further implored government to woo agro investors to his kingdom.
Meanwhile, Government has distanced itself from reports that it blocked Roan Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili from attending the Ukusefya Pa N’gwena traditional ceremony.

Chief government spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga says Mr. Kambwili was instead stopped from coming to the ceremony by the Chitimukulu because of his alleged tribal remarks suggesting that there is tension between the Bembas and Tongas.

Ms Mulenga says contrary to Mr. Kambwili’s remarks, the presence of nine chiefs from Southern Province at the ceremony is a sign that there is no tension between the two tribes.

She said it is unfortunate that Mr. Kambwili has continued to issue tribal remarks in the media.

And Northern Province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene said Mr. Kambwili was informed by the Chitimukulu that he was not needed at the ceremony and he cooperated.

Mr. Mweene said it is not true that Mr. Kambwili was blocked by the officers.

President Edgar Lungu with Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11 arrive at the arena to start the Annual Ukusefya pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony
President Edgar Lungu with Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11 arrive at the arena to start the Annual Ukusefya pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony
President Edgar Lungu with Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11 arrive at the arena to start the Annual Ukusefya pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony0874
President Edgar Lungu with Mwine Lubemba Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga 11 arrive at the arena to start the Annual Ukusefya pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony
President Edgar Lungu at the arena to start the Annual Ukusefya pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony


    • Political opponents are not necessarily “law breakers.” They are simply political opponents. Deal with them as such – political opponents. They are political opponents, not criminals.

    • He is right as well isn’t he ?

      Peace is paramount.

      Let him govern for the next 8 years ( he will win in 2021) without interference.

      Black peoples are thick in their mind



    • Who was Minister of Home Affairs when Police prevented the Mwine Lubemba from ascending to his thrown? Let us no have short memories.

    • Bena fyonse it’s threats. There is time for everything Mr President, time to displine and time to welcome. But it seems you have on one card ” I won’t tolerate “


    • Any african asking for foreign investment tells you that they will sell you into slavery as some of their ancetors did to the ancestors of the modern day black americans,brazilians,jamaicans,haitians etc. The same trick they used to colonise pur lands is the same thing they will use to enslave again. But this time instead of giving us guns they are giving us farming equipment.

    • This guy would have just said my political opponents because according to him those are the law breakers. Any form of criticism (divergent view) is law breaking. PF for you.

    • Wrong Speech Mr. president, This is a traditional gathering not a Political Rally?? Our leaders have to change, they always seem emotional and out of touch. Its shameful.

    • True, the main law breaker in this country is no other than Lungu and his minions. @Manomambulwa has summarised some clear law breaking incidents and only last week, he commissioned some oil exploration venture against the High court Order. He also advised and kept his illegal ministers in office when they should not have been there.

    • Neci cine ci Kanyanta Mungulu fye, I thought that Sata was being hard on him, I am sure there was something he knew about this bafoon.

  1. This is the heading of the story in Watchdog, “Lungu directs police to block Kambwili from Ukusefya Pangwena ceremony”. Everything just has to start with “Lungu”.

  2. That is fine Mr. President. Any President in the world will deal with hooligans and those meant to destroy peace and unity in a nation. Nothing new.

  3. @2, Dog Watchers in Zambia is fake news just as the party it stands for! ZNBC reported that the Chitimukulu is the one who ordered that Kambwili should not be allowed in because of his tribal remarks which he had said the Bembas hate the Tongas but LT and this online fake news (Watchers) sid it was Lungu

    • Same at the Times of Zambia that reported UPND had “recognised” Lungu as President?

      Wake up. ZNBC, Times and Daily Mail are PF VUVUZELAS !!!!!


      No independent free press in Zambia now.

    • But political opponents who PEDDLE TRIBAL SENTIMENTS for political expedience are JUST AS GOOD AS CRIMINALS. For to whose benefit is TRIBAL POLITICS if not for personal and selfish reasons of politicians who want to divide this Country on tribal lines?

      By the way, did you know that TRIBALISM in Zambia is CRIME? The biggest obstacle is proving it.

      From where I stand, CRIMINALITY, INCENDIARY TRIBAL TALK and TRIBAL LEANINGS all bear hallmarks of a common source—they are all a product of a DARK and SICK mind—and I mean a PSYCHOLOGICALLY SICK mind!!!

    • @ 6.1 Yambayamba

      When these people were still in PF’s camp, we did not hear you calling them “tribalists,” or “criminals.” The moment they became alienated from PF, they, all of a sudden, have become all these things. You are now calling them this or that – incriminating them for every conceivable crime. What has changed suddenly? How many of those still loyal to President Lungu are you accusing of committing TRIBALISM? How many within the PF camp are you calling “CRIMINALS”? Those are double standards. Start by removing the log out of PF’s eye – PF are the criminals, they are the tribalists. Do you mean to tell me you have not been following the political news in Zambia since PF came to power?

    • @Imute wa Kalilo:

      You seem to be new to LT. I am not sure how long you been on LT, but you seem new to this platform. Go back in the archives of LT, as far back as when MMD was in power, and see my comments then on this subject, TRIBALISM. I HATE tribalism with a passion no matter who perpetuates it. To me, tribal talk has NO VALUE other than politicians using it for selfish reasons.

      And please, do not confuse TRIBAL BANTER that goes on among bloggers (myself included at times) on these on-line social media blogs to that of Political Leaders (such as Sata, RB, HH, CK, GBM, Munkombwe, etc) who have or held powers to affect millions of lives, either positively or negatively.

    • continue:

      That’s why some of us have been, for a long time, on UPND’s case for seemingly failing to DENOUNCE the tribal machinations in UPND which brought HH onto the political scene. This is way before PF was even considered a serious contender in Presidential elections. I don’t give a rat’s @$$ on which side of the fence Kambwili finds himself at the moment—IT AFFECTS ME NOT THE LEAST BIT!

      To some of us, ABHORRENCE to tribalism is NOT a suit we wear depending on who is in Govt, the tribe we belong to, or political affiliation (which is none whatsoever)—it is simply part of our DNA makeup.

      I am not new to LT and my views on this issue are well documented—seek them out!

  4. If at all Chitimukulu really bared Kambwili then that is most unfortunate for him as a leader who should be counselling his subjects instead of banishing them to appease other people.

    • The chief is supposed to be uniting people not chasing them away to appease Lungu. Was Lungu not the home affairs minister when the Mwine Lubemba was prevented from ascending to power by the police! Sorry to say this, this chief has no wisdom.

  5. You better be truthful if you want to come any were near the Mwine lubemba . if you are a leopard and you put on a full body mask of a sheep`s skin and think you can deceive the Mwine Lubemba, think again. Do not ever lie to yourself that you can smuggle Ubufi no bunfukanya into his palace as well.

    Well done ba Chitimukulu for not allowing childish Kambwili from attending today’s ceremony!!!BA CK,SPEED KILLS,SO CHILL!!

  7. Mwaliteta and others were arrested and jailed on an Aggravated Robery Charge. After close to a year Mwaliteta was acquitted by the Court. Now its reported that Lungu has instructed the DPP to appeal Mwaliteta’s acquittal. Which means Sadist and Dictator Lungu is very happy to see his political Opponents suffering in Jail. Lungu is abusing State Power and Institutions to punish and persecute his opponents. This persecution thru Persecution is unjust and is tarnishing the image of Zambia.

  8. We should all seek peace because it leads to a healthy environment for our children to grow in and ensures that money spent on development guarantees their future security. If we think like that instead of negative Opposition politics, we should be able to attract even more positive growth. We have funding and investments from other countries and we must be responsible to their taxpayers too. No one wins at war. Chitimukulu speaks well, ‘enemies of development ,’ is the best title for troublemakers. It’s not about who is President after each election, but about the country we live in. We must arise above manipulations from sad losers.

  9. Mwine Lubemba has a very nice headgear though I don’t subscribe to the nonsense of having chiefs. The idea of having chiefs is so archaic and should be frowned upon with the contempt it deserves. Having chiefs makes our governance system unnecessarily complicated. Africa has remained backwards because of holding on to such backward system of governance.

    • And what would you say about the european aristocracy that still prevails. Queen elizabeth is such one pagan queen. She control canada,australia, UK,jamaica and who knows where else. Money in these countries have her portrait. You are brainwashed my brother. Come to me and i will unclog your brains. Perhaps we can start to think better together.

  10. The world has become too small for CK. He has been disowned just like a condom after one ejaculates into. He had the blessing of president when he was making those tribal remarks. I remember when he said that he will be traveling to all the corners of Zambia to tell the people about the Tonga’s. The president was asked by masses to condemn CKs project. The message landed on deaf hears of humble ECL. Instead the dirt project was suddenly well funded. The Shilubemba did not make his position known on the behavior of his subject CK. Now that the Shilubemba wants to continue eating from the government of the day, he has disowned CK. Even the content of the speech is substandard. Lacks the merit of traditional ceremony speech. It sounds like a speech written to paint the PF holy just every…

  11. People who avoid election debates like ECL have a problem dealing with opposing views. Poor debators resort to warnings and threats. Political opponents are not necessarily law breakers! Those who criticize ECL and his cabinet are not law breakers. Law breakers are those who refuse to hand over power to the speaker when a petition is filed – selective obedience to the law! Allow all citizens to enjoy their civic and political space and stop being paranoid all the time! Being paranoid is psychotic condition of having an unhealthy mistrust of others thinking of others as evil law breakers! If not checked, it has potential of causing a lot of pain in the nation. Advisors need to do their jobs in the best interest of the nation and should be ready to say NO!

  12. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones! Jonathan Lungu is the Worst culprit in breaking laws.Lungu broke the law when he kept Ministers in their posts illegally. Lungu broke the law when he refused to handover power to the Speaker of Parliament during the Petition Hearing. Lungu stole a client’s money and got deregistered from LAW-Z. Lungu broke the law when he arrested Mwaliteta and others unlawfully etc. Lungu should be the last person to talk about breaking laws. He is a bad example of respecting the laws of this country.

  13. @14, when you are a UPNDonkey you always think that you are the smartest? Has it occurred to you that one of the reasons why Kambwili was dropped was because of the same tribalistic tendencies that you condemn? The President is not obliged to give reasons for actions, if a leader preaches disunity in the country ECL does not have to account to you or even me when he takes action.
    Obviously as a UPNDonkey that has never held high office, and will never ever, cannot understand how the state functions……hiho hiho hiho hiho hiho is all you know.

    • Look at this PF rat trying to paint kambwili in a bad light while this same PF kaponya rat was at the forefront cheering kambwili when he was issuing tribal remarks while their fraud leader lungu said nothing………

  14. 12.2 flag MunaDekhane August 12, 2017 at 5:18 pm


    Bembas can not be trusted (unprincipled) betraying the ideals which late Simon Kapwepwe lived for. How can you eject your own at the expedience of politics and money offered by PF regime. Remember ECL can not even arrest GBM over the same case of fake treason to which HH has been incarcerated for. Ukusefya Pangw’ena is about Bemba values and beliefs as a people not temporal posts of political presidents or ministerial posts. Namuisebanya mwe ba bemba.

  15. Lazy Bum Lungu only concerned about recognition and political opponents ..they must be giving this coward sleepless nights!!

  16. Iwee Lungu, instead of talking about the occasion of ukusfya pangwenya, you again out of the line, firing threat, it’s time to celebrate, not to hear those nonsense. Twanaka naimwe ba chakolwa.

  17. Anyone who has read and paid attention to the current Royal highness Chitimukulu’s remarkable way of conveying messages can easily tell this story is either a made-up story or it was taken out of context by a childish amateurish person.

    It is deeply demeaning for the author of this story to degenerate such an important traditional event to this dumb level.

    To recap, AbaBemba trace their origin from Kola (modern-day Angola) in the 17th Century. From Kola, they went to Luba. From Luba, they crossed Luapula, Chambeshi, and Kalungu Rivers. When they reached the banks of Milando, they came across a dead crocodile. Since Bemba rulers belong to the Crocodile Clan, the discovery, earmarked Bemba-land. A village was set up at this very spot -and it was named Ng’wena Village.


    • Cont’d ..The highlight of “Ukusefya pa Ng’wena” is the re-enactment of the journey from Kola to Lubemba.

      So, there is NO WAY His Royal Highness can sound so cheap and off-topic all of a sudden right in the middle of such an important event that spans centuries.

  18. Says this law breaker #1… who’s going to tolerate or stop him from breaking the law and disturbing peace? Just because he’s a president (an illegitimate for that matter) should not give the licence to break the law with impunity.
    This scared, insecure president, all he does all the time is issuing threats, really shows how insecure he is (a sign of illegitimacy).

    And he’s a hypocrite too… he’s the one who ordered cops to hold the Chitimukulu hostage stopping him from ascending to the throne. Today he’s smiling with him.

    As for the Chitimukulu himself, he has really sold out. There was a time I thought this guy had integrity and a breathe of fresh air, man I was wrong. He’s just one of them, like the chief, like his many subjects (in runs in the DNA).

  19. “…And Northern Province Police Commissioner Richard Mweene said it is not true that Mr. Kambwili was blocked by the officers…”

    LT you are becoming an extension of PF lies , the mast has pictures of police officers blocking kambwili….

  20. It’s Lungu again – caught in the very act of vilifying his political rivals for political expediency.

  21. What is the meaning of this traditional ceremony and it’s significance? How did it start and does the name go well with what happens.

  22. Yambayamba ask RB who publicly campaigned on tribal lines in Eastern Province. This is in the public domain. Why do you run past that? The one you have in mind as the tribal peddler has never been heard to peddle tribal remarks. Ask yourself why Easterners who hated Sata and the PF suddenly flipped in 2015 and the whole Eastern Province is now a PF stronghold? Use your head more than your mouth.

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