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Chishimba Kambwili’s unprincipled politics shameful


Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

By Sunday Chanda, PF’s Media Director

It is sad that embattled Chishimba Kambwili, the disgraced former Minister of Information stands lonely today, desperate for political affiliation, a shadow of his once big self as he digs political trenches around himself and tying a noose close his own neck.

He is a typical Shakespearian figure that accidentally rose to its highest point in life just to unfortunately undo itself in the most spectacular and public fashion. Yesterday, the motor-mouth who had an opinion on anything starting from Nintendo to the coming of Jesus Christ was regarded just as that—a worthless motor-mouth after being chased by the Bemba Royal Establishment.

His apology to both the good people of Southern Province and later to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for all he ever said about the Opposition Party should reveal the true character of the man – he speaks for expediency rather than conviction. He does not belong to the rare breed of politicians who “say what they mean and mean what they say”. He is nothing but a Table Hopper and when circumstances change, he will flip and insult Tongas and UPND again.

Clearly, every time he opens his mouth today, people take him less and less seriously because he seems to put his foot in it with undisguised relish. It is almost as if he’s foot is sugar coated. Infact many are increasingly convinced that the garrulous former politician needs to see a Doctor as be continues to bewilder the nation with one obtuse statement and action to another.

Take the cheap charade he took to Southern province recently with Gary Nkombo’s help (Nkombo an equally desperate politician clutching on straws) for instance of faking an apology to the great Tonga people.

That charade cannot impress the good Tonga speaking people he wantonly insulted in the past. As honourable people, they stood aside, “pretended” to accept his apology but the truth is they just enjoyed watching Kambwili eat his own puke. The good Tonga people he insulted are having the last laugh. The joke is on Kambwili.

The Opposition UPND rejoiced in Kambwili’s pitiful image because they (UPND) still recall how they suffered a barrage of tribal torrents and insults for embracing another equally down beat politician known as GBM. Recorded footage still exists where Kambwili called UPND collectively as retarded for embracing a man he called a wife batterer, a violent and filthy man whom he compared to a pig or Kapoli—GBM.

“GBM Chiwelewele kuti mwamona nefyo chenda ati chiwelewele. Icho mwinga sumina ukaba vice President nangu President? Nika poli nangu wamu samfya taka chinje pantu kapoli ni kapoli.” Kambwili ranted abusively before turning around to embrace the wife batterer.

The literal translation of Kambwili’s torrent of insults on GBM is that the man you are accepting as UPND vice President beats his wife for fun and insults marketeers. You cannot have such a person hold the office of the vice president and become a potential President in case a President dies. He is like a filthy wild pig. But like the saying goes, losers always gel together, attracted by the overriding need to continue losing.

UPND today have accepted a man that likened them to garbage in the name of Kambwili, after GBM and it appears they will not slowdown in accepting any garbage ejecting itself from PF in their quest for political power. The truth, however, is the garbage UPND is embracing is sinking them further into political oblivion, it is short term, systemic and malignant like cancer.

UPND will not score success politically by embracing the likes of Kambwili, he’s a self-conceited destructive character. Their association helps undo them and people see them as nothing but cheap uncalculative political tyros. A man who does not respect his own word like Kambwili is just another body flicking around our society, taking up space, breaking promises and making grand empty gestures.

After being chased by the Bemba Royal Establishment, he claimed it was at the instigation of the PF Government. This is Kambwili. He’s but a liar and a cheat, a small-time value sucker whose name isn’t worth the paper it is penned on.

But then when you are facing the colossal investigation that is probing you for grand graft, the reaction cannot be expected to be logical. We are watching and we are not sure what will bring Kambwili down first: The foul mouth he uses to speak before he thinks or the long arm of the law as Anti-Corruption Commission closes in.

Either way, we know the era of Kambwili, his alleged grand corruption, his toxic and deeply divisive tribal politics and all that goes with it will come to pass. Kambwili will go down making a lot of noise, like all empty tins do when they fall. In the end, he will go down while PF and President Edgar Lungu will remain standing.

Kambwili must be grateful to Wynter Kabimba who cautioned him about his rantings because by now he would have broken the oath of secrecy. But his mouth is not done with him yet. Kambwili will crumble like a cookie and with his mouth capable of breaking the oath of secrecy, we will not be surprised if one of these days he cries like a baby in prison as prison ‘Captains’ test his resilience in all manner possible while PF flourishes because of its evident progressive and developmental national agenda.
We will not conclude by asking Kambwili to shut his mouth. Kambwili will only shut up in jail when the jail Captains take turns taming him. He’s loud mouth will be his own downfall as he continues to fly too close to the sun.

Incarceration visions haunt him as jail beckons. He will soon be ensnared in his own words. We wait as Kambwili engages in auto felatio, his new past time.


  1. Ecl dropped ck as minister because of his tribal attacks to the tonga people. Today the tonga party is on the defence for one who insulted them simply because of a tribal bemba vote .

    • CK acted on the INSTRUCTION of the Plunderers Federation when insulted Tonga People.
      By the way, what is inside your oval head? Do you REALLY expect that anybody with functional brain on this blog has forgotten YOUR insults? Shame on you EMPTY TRIBAL OVAL HEAD

    • I see a veiled threat and daring of imprisonment if Kambwili divulges any secrets. This is an attempt to silence baby cobra.

      How can one possibly pick a side when both parties are tainted?

      This will not end well for both.

    • “Kambwili will only shut up in jail when the jail Captains take turns taming him”………ba Chanda kanshi PF has already decided the fate of Kambwili before he even appears in court? The Chitimukulu did well because he did not want the focus to shift from the ceremony to Kambwili which would have led to an embarrassing situation for his invited guest.

    • Interesting write-up, I find no reason why Sunday Chanda would worse his precious time to write about Chishimba Kambwili. Such make the crazy lunatic popular again, they say “Out of Site Out of Mind” The Less we write about kambwili the better for Zambian people. Kambwili messed up, he thought he was above the law. But that’s Zambian politics, those who are evil to others will always fall. Let him pay for his sins.

    • And Mumbi Phiri was fired for insulting the Tonga people also? Oops, has she been fired? How about Daily nation? Today they are calling Kambwili a tribalist when they were happy amplifying Kambwili and Mumbi Phiri’s insults against the Tonga people.

    • Sunday Chanda, I hope you are paid enough to risk all this negative exposure. I like how low key Frank Bwalya has become of late. Young man you have a full life ahead of you. You may be Lungu’s Pit Bull today, but when time comes to take cover, you will be the last person in Lungu’s mind.

      Be wise young man and remember Zambians are not good leaders, make your point in three paragraphs and stop. One of the qualities of good information, it should timely and relevant.

    • PF are just little frightened men. They are too sensitive to any divergent wiew. It’s these jitters that often lead them to arresting innocent men only to lose in courts or entering nolle prosecuis. PF must learn to fight politically rather than using state machinery to silence the opposition. PF has eroded freedom of speech by always threatening people with divergent views with arrests. This is not healthy for our young democracy. People want jobs, Health, education etc but this government is so preoccupied with just talking about the opposition all the time on full stomachs financed by the poor tax payer. It’s disgusting.

    • Not sure why this matters. Yes kambwili wronged a lot of people and he has now apologised.

      Chanda what is so difficult to understand ? The same happened to Sata, Lungu, and HH. You are not a politicia, you are a press aide regardless of how you spin this PF media director.

      As a press aide or press servant. You are not quiet there yet. It’s the language and cycle of all politicans and kambwili won’t the last one.



    • chishimba kambwili is childish like HH, so why even talk about him here we want to here the treason thing wen are they hunging the i,d,i,o,t? its o we care about.

    • Lungu is discredited and exposed. Kambwili joins a long list of people who have seen how evil the Humble One really is. Lungu will be the one to die in Mukobeko for real treason.

  2. I do not agree with you with all respect Mr Sunday Chanda in two instances 1) CK used these remarks in favour of PF, by then PF we all know it was sinking so there was no ways but to go tribal tycoon and its ONE OF THE reason PF is in power 2) you were all in support of what CK issued in the name of the party now that he has fallen you want to use something he said as a party against him that he was acting alone,,,no noooo this is hypocrite, all you are doing now is character assassination this is worse than physical injury as they say
    It is easy to break an atom than a prejudice. I now believe the saying in chinese that the symbol for misfortune is the same as the symbol for opportunity, his fall has become opportunity to you. it is really bad bad bad
    personally i love PF, all…

    • Kambwili did not insult UPND but the Tongas. Kambwili and Sata used to insult people of NWP as nyamazai. These Bembas are the ultimate tribalists in Zambia. We shall not forget.

  3. Where was Sunday Chanda when Chishimba Kambili was calling names to Tongas? Sunday is a coward, why has not described the minister of Copperbelt, and two women ministers in the current cabinet who were saying the Tongas are tribal? Sunday Chanda is an express image of CK. Sunday should just shut is mouth if he has nothing to yap. Sunday is a disgrace.

  4. Reopening of mulungushi textiles prior to last election, instruction to buy maize at 85 kr just the start of political expediency. Research and many more examples of political expediency by the current regime. Promised jobs , more money in pocket, fuel at 5 kr litre. These are examples of unprincipled politics


  6. The PF theives are now afraid of what kambwili knows about lungus corruption… them the presidency of PF and Zambia was given to lungu and any challenging that will be brutalized…..

    I think kambwili knows too much about lungus corruption but that does not mean he should no aspire to be a leader….let lungu prove how popular a leader he is instead of using police violence and intimidation to scare people…..

    I am an easterner and I should be supporting lungu but his thuggery and lack of leadership morals completely puts me of him….

  7. Sunday Chanda you amongst a few in PF should be the last to throw stones at Kambwili. Were you not in the same boat? If you have any concience you would have kept quiet as the time to advice CK was when he was dividing our ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION as a PF member.

  8. Ba Chanda you have just proven that morally you are worse than CK !If CK is as useless as you put it, why are you wasting time writing so maliciously about him now and not at the time he did those things ? Mind you CK was in the PF Central Committee and Cabinet and is among the longest serving members of the PF.It is clear that you are writing for a reward.

  9. Freedom of Speach and Right of Critism Does mean insulting any Leader or those in Authority.Even All Political Opposition Leaders,Tradetional Leaders and Law implementers Deserves respect.Not only that every one including a child feels bad when insulted .When we see or hear something wrong,then you we fail to silence ourselves,better we find corrective and constructive words which can build and well teach to every reader and leaserner .Misconduct ,Language abuse and insult automatically invite the Law to take its Course on us.Any sin,misconduct and Law breaking deserves panishement.pliz my fellow Zambians Let us not dirt ourselves.

  10. CK is causing headaches, fear and panic…let’s remind ba fee-gee-lee he is “not a factor”…Lungu no tupuba tunankwe, te sana….ku wayawaya fye!!! Limited thinking….uku chepa ama sambililo….smh.

  11. Above all, I feel Mr Chishimba Kambwili, should eternally be thankful to the Late President M.C. Sata (HISRP) for his ascendance to both Political and govt corridors of power. It is my considered view the late President MCS somehow took ba CK as a mere child who as a Father figure himself (MCS) decided to politically bear with. Unfortunately, after the demise of the founding Father of PF, instead of learning how to live the life without MCS ba CK decided to accord himself special status of ‘founding member’ and this unproven self-imposed status eventually made him start behaving indispensably …………………and the rest is his current political position.
    My opnion is that though UPND could use him to the point of perhaps forming govt, still they can’t trust or entrust him with…

  12. Whenever sunday chanda gives a press release you will note that he blocks and boldens his name and position.
    This shows his own insecurity that he has to impress on pipo that he is important. My friend it shows your self importance only. Need for recognition is part of your psyche.

  13. Sunday Chanda knows very well that even the PF have accepted people who used to insult Sata,the founding Father of PF.So what is so strange about UPND accepting Kambwili?You politicians are one and the same.

  14. Ridiculous article, your true character is shown by how you treat those who are down. Anyway notice how in every reference to Tonga is preceeded by great or good. Trying to hard SUNDAY.

  15. Lets stop for a moment and look at this picture of CK very carefully! CK represents the typical Zambian politician!! What is now doing in the same as what ALL (and I mean ALL) the Zambian politician does! The follow where the see an opportunity of making money for themselves! CK was made and created by PF! His actions are the result of the PF products…..just wait and see; more are coming or should I say more are going!

  16. Lets exercise politics of maturity, dignity and love. ‘He/or his name is not worth the paper it is penned on’ – this is unchristian. We are all made in the image of God – a paper can not be more valuable than a person, even our enemy.

  17. chishimba kambwili is childish like HH, so why even talk about him here we want to here the treason thing wen are they hunging the i,d,i,o,t? its o we care about.

  18. KAMBWILI still lives in the 1980s era when we used to differ and utter all kinds of insults at our friends, only to have the parents shifted to the same location later on, this used to happen in all the mine and government townships before the onset of multiparty democracy when houses were owned by the government.
    Imagine the shame one used to face after having the parents shifted to the same compound / section of those he / she used to throw stones at and utter insults.
    Now that Kambwili is offloaded by ECL’s party PF he wants to gain remorse from the people he used to publicly insult. As if that was not enough he even stood so low by insulting us the innocent Tongas, now that his own tribe has disowned him through barring him from attending the ceremony who are we to receive him…

  19. From the article, the writer is insinuating that C.K will go to jail. My question is how does he know coz he is not an investigator/police officer.

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