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The barring of Kambwili should serve as a wake-up call for all politicians-House of Chiefs

General News The barring of Kambwili should serve as a wake-up call...

Senior Chief Chipepo Mukuni Ngombe of the Lenje Speaking People is hoisted in his Royal Hammock during the Kulamba Kubwalo Traditional Ceremony in Chibombo last Saturday
Senior Chief Chipepo Mukuni Ngombe of the Lenje Speaking People is
hoisted in his Royal Hammock during the Kulamba Kubwalo Traditional
Ceremony in Chibombo last Saturday
THE House of Chiefs says the barring of Roan member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili from attending Ukusefya pa Ng’wena traditional ceremony is a wake-up call for all politicians to avoid making divisive remarks with the aim of gaining political mileage.

On Saturday, Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba people blocked Mr Kambwili and former Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge from attending the ceremony because of the Roan legislator’s alleged tribal and divisive sentiments.

The former Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services is alleged to have said there is tension between Tongas and Bembas.

And during his recent visit to Southern Province, Mr Kambwili accused President Lungu of hating the Tonga people.

But Chief Chipepo, the House of Chiefs chief whip, said in an interview yesterday that the blocking of Mr Kambwili and Mr Musenge from attending the Bemba ceremony is welcome because it was done in the interest of peace and harmony.

“What the Chitimukulu did was the correct decision. You don’t bring pandemonium where there is peace,” Chief Chipepo said.

He also commended Mr Kambwili for heeding Paramount Chief Chitimukulu’s directive.

Chief Chipepo has since urged Mr Kambwili to reflect on his alleged divisive sentiments and ask for the Chitimukulu’s forgiveness.

“Mr Kambwili should go to Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and apologise over his tribal sentiments. He should ask the chief to pray for him so that the spirit of issuing tribal remarks can be exorcised from him,” he said.

Chief Chipepo advised all politicians against uttering divisive or tribal remarks especially during campaigns.

“Politicians should not use tribalism to divide us, let us all learn to love one another and live together as one people in our Christian nation,” he said.

And Chief Chipepo has urged the Patriotic Front (PF) to cleanse itself of divisive members who want to tarnish the image of the ruling party by disparaging President Lungu.

Meanwhile, PF media director Sunday Chanda has advised Mr Kambwili to check his words before uttering them.

Mr Chanda said in a statement yesterday that Mr Kambwili should stop practising alleged divisive, toxic and tribal politics.

“Mr Kambwili should be grateful to Rainbow Party leader Wynter Kabimba who cautioned him about his rantings because by now he would have broken the oath of secrecy,” he said.

Mr Chanda said Mr Kambwili cannot win the hearts of the people of Southern Province whom he allegedly insulted in the past.

“He cannot impress the good Tonga-speaking people he wantonly insulted in the past.

“As honourable people, they ‘pretended’ to accept his apology, but the truth is they just enjoyed watching Mr Kambwili. They are now having the last laugh,” he said.


  1. I cannot seem to understand why those with divergent views are not allowed to attend traditional events. Does that mean traditional ceremonies and national holidays are only the preserve of the ruling party from this point onwards?

    • Why hasn’t lusakatimes banned this blogger
      called Mushota for racist remarks?
      In this day and age can you refer to other races as backward?
      Lusaka times you need to do something about it this is not the only time.
      There are are other remarks made by the same blogger which are derogatory and lacking objectively.


    • Emwe, do own research about Kabwili’s issue unlike just commenting on something you don’t understand??? What came first, not been invited o turned away (blocked)?? Certain issues might expose our self level of bitterness and self scope of reasoning. Don’t reason like Kabwili??

  2. He must now apologise to Chitimukulu for telling Tongas that its ECL who hates them. He couldn’t just say sorry for what he did. Mind you on this ceremony the Tonga chiefs were in attendance together with our president. Therein lay the trickery of how to make the ceremony harmonies for all parties concerned by chasing the evil spirit.

  3. Last time I mentioned in the same newspaper that Kambwili has no moral grounds and I had same sentiments that he must not take the Tongas for granted thinking he can win southern support. This is just exposing ones foolishness by thinking that Tongas are cheap. It was an insult in first place to what he arrogantly uttered in 2016 and thought will forever remain in government. His political career is coming to an end and I do not think even the so called Roan Constituency will vote for him unless if they think the same way.

  4. Yes it is a big lesson to Kambwili and the current serving politicians that power should not get to their brains. Use power to serve the people, not to ridicule them.

  5. CK my fellow choleric,verbal diarrhea needs to be more healed than ever before. He is politically lost .lets watch his next step.

  6. It is on record that the Bemba royal establishment does no condone tribalism.When Levy was in office Sata differed with former Chitimukulu over same issues Kambwili wants to start promoting prompting Sata to have a grudge against Mwine Lubemba (S0SALA) Chitimukulu.

  7. Mushota has put the nail in the coffin. If your blood and fresh refuse access to your heritage in favour of the ten pieces of silver , tell them to hell with your traditions . Attending kusefya pangwena does it make one to be a pure Bemba? No
    CK will remain a Bemba and one day the same chiefs yapping after brown envelops will disappear from this earth with brown envelops stashed in on the way

  8. some people lk mushota were born with their eyes open hence thy insult so much.its difficult to respect ada peoples parents when u dont respect yo own parents.

  9. Sosala is just a useless puppet, Sata knew the type of person he is and refused to recognize him, but ba try and error bena matoni balwisha, kabili when you are illegitimate that is when you force people to recognize you including dull Chiefs like aba bene.

  10. You have to understand what it takes to be called a politician. Its all about equity when you are chosen you are chosen and people can’t take away what God has planned for you.let’s not be too prejudical but watch and learn from these politicians so that upcoming young politicians don’t make same mistakes.It will serve as a deterence for all political players.

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