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Why Is GBM Not Acting as UPND President-Ndoyi

Headlines Why Is GBM Not Acting as UPND President-Ndoyi

GBM talking to HH in court
GBM talking to HH in court
Outspoken former ZANASU Vice-President Prince Ndoyi has wondered why the opposition UPND has refused to have their party Veep Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba act as Party President during the absence of their leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Ndoyi who is a youth political activist and former Mulungushi University Students Union President said the lack of clarity on the matter raises concerns among advocates for intra party democracy and constitutionalism.

In a statement, Mr Ndoyi said the UPND should not just propagate to be a democratic party but walk the talk.

“It was sad to listen to UPND Secretary General Mr Stephen Katuka last week saying the president Hakainde Hichilema gives instructions everyday when they visit him at Mukobeko Maximum Prison. Much as that is in itself a good comment, it raises concerns among advocates for intra democracy and constitutionalism.

“It has been almost 4 months since their leader was incarcerated. And if their party is an institution that has a democratic constitution that they follow, what does it say about the situation when a President or indeed any office bearer is arrested and found wanting by the courts of law.

“Who is the legal guardian of the UPND while the president is incarcerated? A constitution that doesn’t specify the time frame required for an absent president to compulsorily allow their Vice to act, is that a constitution?”

He urged the General Secretary of the UPND to tell the nation why their Veep has not been acting since their president was arrested more than 3months ago.

“What does the constitution say when someone is incapable to execute party duties by reasonable cause of arrest or involvement in criminal activities? These are questions any concerned citizen may wish are answered as they highlight the practice of democracy within and the upholding of the constitution.

“I would like the secretary general of the UPND to clarify to the nation why their Vice President has not been acting since their president has been incarcerated for over 3months,” he said.

He said it is important that questions the UPND leadership including Mr Mwamba himself are failing to ask be addressed by the CEO of the party as they cannot continue to troop to prison to recieve instructions from their leader.

“These are questions members and several leaders within UPND are afraid to ask, including Mr GBM himself. The CEO of the UPND must clarify why they have to reasonably troop daily to prison to receive instructions when indeed they have a well able bodied vice president who can act/function and advance the party activities and program while they await the court processes to determine the fate of their leader.

“It is indeed incomprehensible for a party to be silent on such issues, if they seek to form government, how then shall they protect democracy and the Republican Constitution,” he said

He further wondered whether the UPND was only using Mr Mwamba to maximise votes from the Northern block and that he has now been reduced to a simple coordinator since elections are over.

“Has GBM lost value now that the elections are over? Was he only good for regional votes, and worthless on providing leadership while the president is absent? With this treatment I highly doubt he will be adopted again as running mate by HH in 2021.

“Indeed, GBM himself has been conned, denied an opportunity to provide his leadership when it is due. Sadly, the all mighty GBM has been baptized into totalitarian rule, unfortunately for him he prematurely announced that there shall be no convention as HH is UPND candidate for 2021,” he said.

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  1. Elita Tembo-Chumpuka August 14, 2017 at 8:12 am

    It shall come to pass- evil rule doesn’t have a good ending. It’s worrying to have choppers flying Zambians skies by cadres.

    • @Ndoyi, Good points raised, though every party has their own delegation procedures. GBM not acting does not make HH a dictator or scared to make him one. With this unlawful detention and also GBM being Targeted by PF, there was no point of him acting as it would compromise GBM’s security as well. PF are ruthless they aim to Kill our Multiparty process condemning and attacking anyone who has a different view to their plans. # RELEASE HH let that pass and we see how the UPND regroups again, otherwise point well taken.

    • So childish has anyone seen boima inonge become acting president for pf party when him goes out the country, HH is still performing his duties, that’s why the bishops and Commonwealth SG went to meet him at mukobeko, aba bemba abati apo wasanga infumu epesano.

    • Prince Ndoyi, GBM is NOT and will never act as UPND President for one reason. The UPND constitution says ONLY A TONGA CAN BE UPND PRESIDENT. So they will continue trooping to mukobeko or the grave if need arises. That is how dictators behave.

    • Hey Ndoyi~It is none of your business whether GBM doesn’t or acts as UPND president.

      What this Ndoyi doesn’t know is that GBM clearly is the acting president whilst HH is being persecuted by by PFolice,PFourts & PFudges.

      Why worry about GBM being UPND acting president? Ndoyi should worry about the plummeted economy, poverty, hunger, unemployment & diseases brought by PF bandits.

      Ndoyi should also tell Visionless Jonathan Lungu & Papa Corruption RB to stop their stinking thieving of oil in Luapula & Northern provinces.

      Otherwise people are tired of PF Adjournments Courts! So Ndoyi must mind his own business & leave GBM alone.

      The Skeleton Key

    • GBM can not act as UPND Party President during the absence of their leader Hakainde Hichilema. and the reason is simple here, he is bemba not tonga UPND is for tongas only.

    • What tribe is GBM? If you answer that question then you will answer the question why GBM is not acting UPND president.

    • It’s unfortunate that a ‘supposedly’ educated man does not understand the simple concept of ‘acting’ in a position. He posts a ‘seemingly’ informed and long article when in the real sense he is exposing his total lack of understanding of a simple term,’acting.’ With this calibre of analysts being given a platform to mislead people, we as a country are in big trouble. For the benefit of readers and maybe Mr. Ndoyi if he bothers to read, a person can act in another person’s position if the holder of the position is away from the area of operation (in this case, Zambia) is unable to perform duties due to sickness or is convicted and serving a term in prison. None of these applies to UPND at the moment. Hope this helps.

    • Ndoyi must be another Wako or Wako affiliate. If Yar-Adua of Nigeria died in Saudi Arabia without leaving anybody in charge of the country, what about a political party whose President is merely illegally detained? Are you so desperate to have your Wakos in charge everywhere?

  2. it is because HH is UPND and UPND is HH.Without this prisoner then UPND is not in existence and cannot do anything.Thats how these UPND little ones miss it,to them no HH no UPND.

  3. you have touched a raw nerve here. these tongas won’t even think twice about this fact but will just rush to insult you. they suffer from ‘inferiority complex’.

  4. UPND is more like a cult where its supreme leader is levered and worshipped like a demi-god. No wonder i cant vote for that party. I would rather stay home



  7. There is no point at this stage to have anyone act has president of UPND, this issue can only come up if HH is convicted. As it is there is no need. But again people want to portray and subject the UPND to such tribal rhetoric. I have never heard of anyone acting as party president when the party president is away or let alone in prison awaiting trial. This happened to Michael Sata and PF never appointed anyone to act in his absence.

  8. Mr Ndoyi has raised very valid points.many Zambians have been wondering about the current situation in upnd.The fact is in upnd HH is a alpha and omega!!!
    BUT MANY OF US SEASONED POLITICIANS KNOW WHY GBM CANT ACT.IT IS BECAUSE GBM IS NOT TONGA BECAUSE ONLY A TONGA CAN LEAD UPND!!!hope Kambwili has seen the happenings in regional party upnd!!nobody from the East or North can lead UPND-mark my words!!!
    Even if HH stays in jail up to 2021,still GBM wont be acting president of UPND!!THAT IS UPND FOR YOU ZAMBIANS!!!

    • I tend to disagree. Hakainde is not incapacitated or barred or deceased to appoint a replacement. It would auger well for one to take over one’s uncle’s while the uncle is still living.

    • @12 Njimbu, I have always thought that you had a sound education and therefore would comment objectively on national issues, but alas how wrong I was. What your brother Ndoyi is saying is trash, nothing in it, no substance. GBM can only act if HH is found quilt and sentenced to a jail term. This has not happened yet. Even @12.1 Ndanje Khakis, the diehard supporter of PF, has disagreed with you, obvious he has better education and better understand of issues than you.

    • @magyver sorry mate I am not a diehard PF supporter because I can stop supporting any time I feel like.

    • You like to paint others black very quickly but if you remember Lungu at one time complained that there are people in PF who think that it is there birth right to lead it because of where they hail from. Even in PF it is too early to assume that a bantu speaking can be voted a party president because its base is predominantly non bantu speaking. For now UPND will most likely remain stuck with a Tonga speaking president simply because their base is predominantly bantu speaking people.That is the hard truth which very few people are ready to accept but rather choose to politicise.

  9. Ndoyi, find something productive to do in life instead of hate Your language about GBM is full of hateful, divisive, and bitterly. What is your intention behind this? Are you inciting hate and division?

  10. My understanding is that HH is not imprisoned, but detained and once the court finds him quilt and decides to sentence him to a jail term, GBM can act as President of the Party.

  11. I agree with the OBSERVER. GBM can only act when HH is convicted. As things stand right now, There is vacancy and HH is firmly in control.

  12. Tell us what you want our veep to do to show that he is acting,stupid manners don’t bring your stupid thoughts in our party ?.

  13. Mr.Ndoyi has actually asked a genuine quetion..Fellow country men and women, we await answers and not insults, thank you

  14. GIVE US ANSWERS…..WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN INSULTS….Maybe has asked a very difficult question chitaaaa!!!!!!!!????????

  15. That is how upnd is, they always resort to insults when they cannot answer questions. Just like their leader who goes ballistic on air when asked how he got rich and just like their mps who walk out of parliament. Typical upnd.

  16. GBM can not act as UPND Party President during the absence of their leader Hakainde Hichilema. and the reason is simple here, he is bemba not tonga UPND is for tongas only.

  17. I am of the view that the TRIBAL TALK went ended with political campaigns last year on11/08/16 and now its time to focus developmental issues. How can GBM be a reject from the North? Let us stop promoting tribalism. The President made it clear during the Kufysa Pa Ngwena Traditional Ceremony of the Bemba speaking people. Its ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION.


  19. He cannot act as President because according to UPND (True statement) which they told a former vice president to late Mazoka, a President who founded UPND, “Sakwiba Sikota (a Lozi) could not become UPND President because he was not Tonga!” And do you think Chishimba Kambwili really was under the influence of evil spirits when he made some comments …?

  20. Interesting comments, I didn’t know that Gbm was not acting president.too bad for intra party democracy

  21. Bla bla bla

    Zambian Men blubber too much, paragraph after paragraph full of nothing.

    There’s literally nothing wrong in Hakaibde Hichilema running the party from prison, he’s the CEO of upnd, this is basic knowledge.

    Now let’s move on and actually discuss the so many Zambian issues that we always do not touch upon because we are busy blubbering on about fac all.

  22. I’m happy to see some zambians asking good questions. Mr. Ndoyi keep it up.

    Any person who support UPND if not Tonga takwata mano just like GBM takwata mano.

  23. Ndoyi u are a very obsevant person. But worry not, this gbv will soon realize that he is NOT the 1st to hold that fake position. Others before him did & where are they today. Mind you they are two vice presidents for good reason – to mislead their tribesmen. Gbv will soon learn, if he has not already. Now they have a chance to partner him with kambwili. The tongas will use them as barking dogs, with no power. Just barking

  24. Where have you seen a Bemba acting as president in a Tonga party. If he can denounce his tribe I am sure these Tongas will ask him to act as president in a Tonga party maybe for just an hour. They are just using him to win some Bemba votes!

  25. Party presidency is an office in the running of a political party, as such it is required that the one occupying the office should not be absent for a long period of time like what has happened to the upnd,acting is an act were the next in command because the person who is charged with the running of an office is not able to report and perform his or her duties, in the case of the upnd the normal thing that should be happening is that GBM should be acting in the absence of hh,

  26. GBM only contributes money and bemba votes to Upnd.. UPND is for tongas and tongas are for upnd.
    So GBM is wasting his money and time. But as we say pa nsaka tabula icipuba. GBM cipuba mukwai

    • You are so lost in the dark ages, in modern society i don’t expect a teenager like you to believe in such appalling sh*t.

  27. Ndoyi you must think like an educated person whenever you open your mouth. Don’t forget that people are reading your mind whenever you open your mouth and mind to talk or write. Do you really want UPND to announce to the whole world that since hh is being accused falsely due to fears by the so called democrat and Christians. Upnd should be annoucing all dealings within the party to people like you ndoyi? Never. Just apply for employment if you need one, do not talk rubbish on the media to gain political mealage be wise my brother, do not be fooled. And this is Zambia declared but doctor KK the wise Man that one Zambia one nation. Why are you still think on trible lines? An educated person like yourself? Shame to Zambia to have educated people like yourself. Think twice bro and stop…

  28. Does the question really require a lengthy article and lengthy debate? Just go back to the election of underfive, it was made clear that time what the most critical criteria for that position of UPNDonkey president shall be. Ackson Sejani is still alive ask him. In an unguarded moment of overconfidence, at the recent presidential campaigns, underfive (no less) embraced Munkombwe when the old man reiterated the point. There you are!

  29. so he gives instructions for sabotage strategy as well and international PR. Hena mwambaula a Malema, ino Mmusi, amwambaule a Tilampu ku Meleka ino Onginga? Nhi!

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