Loaf of Bread

The Zambia Weights and Measures Agency (ZWMA ) in Lusaka has today seized 146 loaves of bread for being under weight.

This is when a team of inspectors carried out inspections at some bakeries in Chaisa and Mandevu townships, respectively.

ZANIS reports that the ZWMA Public Relations Officer Mutale Chileshe disclosed this in a statement in Lusaka today.

Mr. Chileshe , who said the loaves of bread were found to be below the declared weight on the packaging, explained that according to Statutory Instrument (SI) Number 121 of 1998 of the Weights and Measures Act, the standard bread weights are 600g, 700g and 800g which must correspond to the weight declared on the packaging.

The SI also provides that the weight should not vary more than two (02) percent less or four per cent more of the declared weight.

Mr. Chileshe also stated that the bakeries were also found to trading without approved and verified scales.

He said the use of non-approved and unverified scales is illegal and compromises the quantities of goods being weighed.

The Public Relations Officer added that the owners have been summoned to a hearing where corrective action will be taken to ensure compliance with weights and measure regulations.

He explained that a number of consumers have complained of underweight bread being sold in bakeries and certain retail stores.

The Agency has since urged consumers to report underweight products for investigation by the Zambia Weights and measure Agency.

Mr. Chileshe says his organisation has intensified inspections to protect consumers as regards measured goods adding that traders are therefore advised to check with his Agency to ensure that their businesses are in compliance with weights and measures regulations.

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  1. Kekekeke kikikikikiki these fuuucking PF sure imwe…. Now start grabbing bread. What more fritters, ifitumbuwa!?
    Under weight bread, so what?? Just reduce price like FRA maize.


  2. A standard man items (mavywalo) needs to be around 400grams i need to report to Zambia weights cos. my mans items are around 60 -100grams , this is underweight contrary to Statutory Instrument (SI) Number 121 of 1998 of the Weights and Measures Act. Many Zambian men are under weights except Tongas and Kaondes



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