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Re-entry policy praised for helping girls to be successful in education

General NewsRe-entry policy praised for helping girls to be successful in education

A School head teacher  has  commended the re-entry policy in Zambia for  yielding positive results across the country.

Katuta Boarding School Head Teacher Friday Chanda said before 1991, once a girl dropped out of school because of  pregnancy, it would mark the end of her enrollment in any education system.

Mr Chanda said the scenario  led to early marriages and usually through difficult circumstances such as forced marriages.

In an interview with Pan African Radio news in Northern Province , Chanda says he has seen many successful girls who once dropped out of School because of  pregnancy.

“The re-entry policy in Zambia has yielded positive results across the country” Chanda said

Meanwhile, a 17 year old mother in Mansa District Luapula Province Juliet Chitoshi has urged girls in Schools not to abuse re-entry policy because they risk damaging their future.

Chitoshi who fell Pregnant at the age of 16, while doing grade nine at kombaniya basic School in Mansa District, laments in her native language Bemba saying it was regrettable that she  fell pregnant at a tender age especially that the father of her child is irresponsible.

“Girls in Schools should not abuse re-entry policy because they risk indulging their future” Chitoshi said


  1. The girl was a sweet 16 THE ITEM was tight warm and chest was sharp like eyes of an eagle niku sonta chabe nokubomba now she is a second hand at 17 what a shame . Rentry policy is rubish we need to put to an end sex at 16yrs for girls and boys, by research at birth you inject a baby a nestramatomes enzyme that will only make organs jerking after 17, we are doing it in China

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