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Leaders urged to lead by example

General News Leaders urged to lead by example

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili

Government has urged all leaders in the country to lead by example and with integrity as they seek to lead people.

Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili says every society requires leadership which is genuine and authentic in order to bring about true transformation in the country.

The minister said this at the launch of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (ECZ ) Leadership Initiative in Lusaka today.

She commended the Zambian Churches for coming on board to challenge and strengthen leaders at every level for them to become godly, selfless and servant leaders whose influence she said will trickle down and transform those who serve under them.

The minister said that is the only way leaders will bring about true transformation, unity and peace in the lives of people be it in families, communities and the entire nation.

Speaking at the same event, Chairperson for the Lusaka Leadership Initiative Steering Committee Rev Eddie Chansa stated that leadership issues are very cardinal in all aspects of life hence should be handled very well.

Rev Chansa revealed that the launch of the Lusaka Leadership will work to strengthen the leadership present in the country in order for them to be and remain functional in society.

He stated that the World today is battling with different kinds of problems because of lack of leaders in different sectors of the society with integrity and capable of creating any sort of transformation.

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  1. I still do not understand what he ministry does and reason of existence.

    She is over her head.



  2. I strongly recommend here that the Zambian government should consider closing down this useless ministry and come up with a new Ministry of RUBBISH COLLECTION…
    We have to be serious with RUBBISH piling up in Zambia and Africa in general. We have to be seen to be serious about this because only when we are will we eradicate various diseases including the dreaded HIV virus.

    Talking about Simon Peter 24/7 as if is/was our relative will never take Zambia anywhere.

  3. The only minister who has spoken sense…..that is what some of us have been saying non stop….how can you have Keizer Zulu attack a police woman in front of a packed international stadia and Davis mwila advise PF thugs to steal plots and kambwili as minister go on air and issue tribal statements and lies all this while lungu watches. ?….??

  4. she is not doing her job,the pipo from her camp (pf). have beaten, stabbed pipo, shot and killed pipo but she is quite. she only speaks in meeting in generalised way.infact she doesn’t respect rule of law, no wonder she was dragged to court, only to be saved by pf dpp.het leadership style is not admired.

  5. Just wondering Kabilas ministers have their accounts frozen in Europe but how did these banks accept the deposits in the first place?

  6. While I truly believe in God , I honestly think that religion should be seperated from government because we have all seen what evils leaders commit under the guise of religion. Stop mocking God by pretending to raise the bible on Sunday and preaching hate messages on monday and killing innocent citizens.

  7. Bana Sumaili, I hope you are reading and taking to heart what the people are saying. You claim to be a Christian (be Christlike, walk the talk, and talk the the walk) but really your actions are far from being Christlike. One of these days you have to stand before the judgement seat of Christ ( not Lungu’s) and you will give an account of all you have said and done. Don’t just pride yourself in your earthly position becausysoon it shall pass away. Tonight please go and seek the Lord and please do it before it’s too late. God bless you. Time is of the essence because tomorrow may never come for anyone of us.

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