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Kambwili has never attended UKUSEFYA PANG’WENA before-Chitimukulu

Headlines Kambwili has never attended UKUSEFYA PANG'WENA before-Chitimukulu

Blocked: Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili and former Copperbelt Province Minister Mwenya Musenga
Blocked: Roan PF Member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili and former Copperbelt Province Minister Mwenya Musenga

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga ll has said that he was shocked to hear that Chishimba Kambwili wanted to attend Ukusefya pa Ngwena traditional ceremony after he was dissimised from Government.

The Paramount Chief said that Dr.Kambwili has NEVER attended the Bemba Traditional Ceremony since he was born and despite him being one of the prominent Bembas.

The Paramount Chief added that Dr.Kambwili has never even contributed anything towards the preparations of the Ceremony even when the Ceremony Committees based on the copperbelt and Lusaka respectfully, write to him.

The Mwinelubemba said he got surprised to hear that Dr.Kambwili wanted to attend the ceremony without being invited by the Organizing Committee.

The Paramount Chief suspected that if he had been allowed him to attend, there could have been confusion as was the case in Mongu and Chongwe when those two places witnessed? confusions when they had their traditional ceremonies.

The Paramount Chief said that he even saved Dr .Chishimba Kambwili’s life because PF cadres were ready to chase him.

The Paramount Chief said this during his qree2radio program debut ,Ifikala Chimbwi Tefikala Inama ikata,on a live Radio Mano in Kasama.


    • It’s the celebration of the Bemba people l don’t see the reason why one need to be invited. As long as you’re a Bemba you must attend. Separate politics from traditions. Even other tribes like our Tonga friends must be allowed to attend without the invitation. Let those who contribute sit in the VIP if you want but those who don’t must be allowed to attend because this tradition ceremony belongs to everyone.

    • Who cares? If never attended before, does that mean, will never ever attend? Shouldn’t there be a starting point?

    • The chitimukulu has been praised for some well thought, balanced and researched articles. This gave the impression that he was not only above politics but also quite objective.
      However his banning of Kambwili raises serious doubts about his impartiality his alligence and the interference of PF in what should be a ceremony for all people.
      If this kind of thinking goes unabated we risk a situation were traditional ceremonies are reduced to political cheer leading and traditional leaders being irrelevant in championing people’s values!
      The remarks attributed to the chitimukulu that kambwili has never attended ukusefya in his life are shocking to say the least!

    • I have great respect for Chiti Mukulu, even his personal contributions on this LT forum have been well researched, educative and inspiring. In fact, he can be a good President if he would be interested.
      What really bothers me, is the statement that “PF cadres were ready to chase him.” meaning chasing CK.
      Honestly, are we now allowing PF Cadres to determine who goes to which traditional ceremonies? Why did the Chiti Mukulu let this happen, I think on this point, he succumbed to Politics, which is not a good sign. He should have been defiant to PF cadres just as he was with CK

    • This Chief Kanyanta likes money! He is denouncing his subject, Kambwili, just because he wants money from Lungu – what a shame! Kanyanta is the man and chief who received harassments, taunts and mockery from the Police sent by Lungu when he was Minister of Home Affairs!
      This is the same Chief that was trying to justify Lungu’s illegitimate hold on power by blaming HH’s lawyers – literally turning a blind eye to reality so that he can receive favours from Lungu!
      I now agree – Sata had wisdom by not recognising this GREEDY and CORRUPT Kanyanta. He is a chief but his ending will be shameful – a chief that has already sold his self-respect and his people for his personal gain in money!

    • Okay, let me get this straight. you mean there is a radio programme titled ifikala chimbwi? why insult an innocent hyena?

    • I seriously doubt the credibility of this report.
      I do not for once believe that the Chitimukulu would sink so low to appease the PF minions by refusing CK ftom attending the traditional ceremony. This is just PF spin to save their face.

      I do not think all those who attend these traditional ceremonies get formal invitation.

      I have always said ; lies has short legs and always gets beaten by the truth in every moral race.

      The chimukulu as a man I repect and one if the few chiefs who do not suck upto the PF regines will soon release the truth of what transpired.

      For now lets keep our eyes open.

  1. Lay the hay when the sun shines. These politicians only want other people when they need something of their(politicians) benefit and it’s good that we are slowly identifying them. Thumbs up Paramount Chief and let all chiefs learn to be non partisan so that these crooked politicians learn lessons.

    • Isn’t there a Bemba saying ” tondolo musuma”? I urge this chief, whose subjects are forever praising, to know when to shut up. I know talkativeness is a bemba trait,but bane, sometimes silence is more respectful. Or do l smell a pf carder in the palace? Smh

    • @Cousin:
      Be sensible. Can’t you see that Kanyanta is doing a revenge act here which is bad for a Chief or thief! You see Kambwili was very vocal and critical of GBM when he resigned from Sata’s Govt for visiting Kanyanta, a known enemy of Sata at the time. Now Kanyanta has not forgotten all that and that is why he turning the screws on Kambwili by publicly siding with Lungu.

    • Kangwanda lets show the respect that HM the ChitiMukulu deserves.. but if you further insist on the King keeping quiet, write to him or ring him.

      The way you speak of Our King is rather irritating. There’s no respect in our country, no wonder we are heading no where fast.

  2. It’s the celebration of the Bemba people l don’t see the reason why one need to be invited. As long as you’re a Bemba you must attend. Separate politics from traditions. Even other tribes like our Tonga friends must be allowed to attend without the invitation. Let those who contribute sit in the VIP if you want but those who don’t must be allowed to attend because this tradition ceremony belongs to everyone.

    • Attendance is discretionary. Bembas are not compelled to attend. Moreover, does the Chitimukulu have to shake the hand of every attendee? How does he know that Chimbwili has never attended? The Chief is being too clever by half and showing his PF hand.

  3. PF thugs now rule..supported and abated by the PF police….they can decide who attends what ceremony…or who is allowed to have ambitions for higher office with the threat of violence while the police watch and seem to be directed by lungu himself….

  4. So this Tribal chief called Chitimukulu Kanyanta Manga ll has been attending the traditional ceremony since he was born. Can he remember attending the ceremony as an infant? Did he invite all the villagers who were in attendance? Shallow from this tribal chief!

  5. “He who laughs last, laughs best. You may laugh then, thinking you have won, but you may not prevail in the end.”

  6. What point is the Mwinelubemba trying to make here? I think the Chief’s position on this issue is misplaced. He needs to remain objective and factual, as we have always known him. Wether or not Kambwili hasn’t attended the ceremony since he was born, is totally irrelevant. There’s always the first time.

  7. Meanwhile the Lozi King has never uttered a word …simply sitting there enjoying his GRZ bribes to keep quiet like a mouse!!

    • @ 8 JayJay

      The subject matter you are alluding to is too big to be appended here. It can neither be a footnote nor an end note. It deserves a treatment, wholly its own. This, however, is not to say it is irrelevant. On the contrary, it is too poignant a subject, it cannot be treated as a comma in a sentence.

    • @Mange ta Munya Upa – I mean if someone is wrongfully arrested in your own kingdom for treason and you dont utter a word …what does that make you?

    • I think iit time we did away with these Paramount Chiefs in this country. Look at what happened in W/Province, HH was incerated under the Litunga’s watchful eye, but what did our Paramount Chief do, kept quet just so that he keeps getting brown envelopes from Lungu at the expense of an ordinary/voiceless citizen in the name of HH. Here we are again, with our own Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, instead of protecting an ordinary/voiceless citizen in the name of Kambwili, he decides to denounce him all because of a brown envelope from Chakolwa. What a sovereign country

  8. I hope our fearless chief was just not scared of offending the budding dictator in Lusaka. The reason advanced for disallowing Kambwili isn’t valid. It’s unlike uLubemba to be as vindictive as the imitation president in state house. Umwana kasembe. The occassion would have allowed bashi Lubemba the opportunity to impart wisdom into Kambwili’s bongo bongo. Now it looks like uLubemba has been incensed by Kambwili’s tightfistedness.

    • The problem is that Kanyanta thinks he an intellectual with alot of wisdom. But the truth is the opposite – he talks and writes more than any other Chief. This might be good sometimes but it is a double edged sword because this has also exposed his terrible weakness for inconsistencies especially where he sees a personal material gain or money for himself!
      Kanyanta has become more of a PF praise singer especially after Kevin Sampa bought him a brand new car. This is a Chief or thief who has forgotten all the sacrifices of his own grand child GBM. Sata who was his enemy is gone but even in the Chief’s advanced age I know that there is a price he will pay for his uncontrolled appetite for money and material things in his life.

  9. Good point yo royal hyness. These politicians just want to use ceremonies for their selfish reasons. Now that they want the presidency thru the back door, they start making sneeky appearances at ceremonies. Ku bapasa

    • And your point is? Any Zambian is free to go to churches, traditional ceremonies, bars, markets and ask people to vote for them. There is nothing wrong with that. The chief has shown that he is on Mr. Lungu’s and PF’s side. A new government should discipline him for denying the rights of others to assemble with, and speak to, whomever they choose!

  10. good work ba chief,There’s a real sense of desperation when you grow up in poverty.
    Politicians don’t like to face unpleasant realities. In truth, nobody does, but as individuals, we have no choice; if we neglect to plan ahead, we are held accountable. Fail to meet your responsibilities at work, and you get fired. Ignore your car’s gas gauge, and you get stranded.

  11. Enough from this useless Chief. Your useless ceremony is behind us. Leave CK alone. I just have these questions for you.Why has a Bemba not been a president in Zambia? FJT was from Luapula Musangu Village. Reason in Luapula people are united. Whether Ushi, Ngumbo, Lunda, Chishinga, Unga they are one and don’t discriminate. Sata was Bisa and he became president. But the useless Chitimukulus are full of envy and enjoy pulling their subjects down.Always causing divisions. They would rather be ruled by a son of a migrant pastor from Nyasaland , than their own son. I won’t ever attend your useless ceremony until you change your behaviour.Likumbi LyaMize, and Umutomboko are better ceremonies than yours.

  12. Whn chiefs in southern province halted some of their ceremonies we saw tribal cadres saying all manner of nosense. Here is another case of our chiefs justifying decisions of z stomach, aware that as of now z pf can give him more than kambwili, the son of z soil! Oh dear some of our leader! No spine at all at all. God forbid, let ck become president u will see how 360° z mwinelubemba will perform

    • Really? How is it then, that, there are always gate crushers even at America’s White House and Britain’s Buckingham Palace?

    • You are right @15 Ndanje Khakis! However, the traditional ceremony does not belong to the chief but to the Bemba people of whom Kambwili is a part. Who gave the chief such powers to disinvite your own tribesmate? There is no invitation needed in the first place!

  13. These useless Chitimukulus never cease to amaze me.One useless Chitimukulu accepted being a member of UNIP Central Committee while Kapwepwe was being stoned by Unip thugs in Mufulira to the point of death.Abandoned and dejected Kapwepwe under went unspeakable suffering and died a lonely death in Kalulushi while the Chitimukulu was busy receiving brown envelopes and kneeling for Kaunda, and changing the narratiive about their own son to suit his pay masters. Now history is repeating it self. We know these useless Chitimukulu Chiefs and can undress them squarely.

  14. Its hard to extract truth from a Bemba and this vilifies facts that Bembas label others as tribal when THEY do it openly through ‘mapinda’. Can they be trusted?. Since when did attending traditional ceremonies needed invitation especially if one is part of that tradition?. Our traditional rulers need to bear an independent mind embracing all Zambians. However, most of them have traded their respect with coins that never last, soon begging to another president in power. Chishimba Kambwili’s failure to contribute to the tradition ceremony’s preparation does not make him less Bemba. Be truthful to your selves as a people.

  15. There is something wrong with the Chitimukulu. He is losing direction if he thinks people need permission to attend a public ceremony. He has become a politician. So disappointing.

  16. Kambwili wanted to make a political show like what hh did in mongu only to be chased away from the ceremony. Don’t mess around with bembas. They are not like tongas who have aligned themselves to upnd. Agony is thinking that all eyes will be on you only to be chased away.

    • Spot on, Oval. I think the Chitimukulu was wise by preventing another political fiasco before it happened. He smelt it by what he is explaining above and prevented it. To a large extent, the Litunga could have analysed the emotions on the ground in Mongu, perhaps, and taken certain measures to neutralise what happened. To me, real leaders read situations and provide workable solutions that are in the interest of the collective, much like the Chitimukulu; Did the Litunga do enough???

    • It means Kambwili was going to replace HH at Chimbokaila for interfering with Eagle 1 and Mrs Scotland was going to come again.

  17. Many bemba politicians such as CK,Mwenya Musenge,etc who try to destroy PF will be opposed by millions in bembaland.as soon as one falls out of PF,he becomes unwanted in bembaland.today Kambwili would get a some reaction from any chief or anybody in the North as millions there love Michael Sata’s PF very much!!!CK should ask Miles Sampa and GBM who tough it is to kill PF especially in bembaland.those 2 (GMB& Miles Sampa) tried in 2015 and 2016 on behalf of HH but failed terribly as PF won massively in the North!!!
    Kambwili shall face more hell before 2021 and this is when he will know how tough it is for an opposition party to win elections in Zambia!!WELL SAID MWINELUBEMBA!!

  18. Ba Chitimukulu simply talks too much.It is not good for a chief to entangle himself in politics to the extent of going live on radio.Let him emulate the Litunga and keep away from open politics.He may live to regret his endescretion in future.It is not hard to discern why he is behaving in such a careless manner.We all saw the gifts he received at the Ceremony.He should always find ways of accomodating all who want to attend the Ceremony and should never discriminate.A chief must never take political sides. After all there is always a first time for everything,yes even for CK.

  19. I think the biggest problem in the whole story is the Crocodile itself. We need to rename the whole thing.

    Proposals: Ukusefya pa Mbeba, Ukusefya pa Banakashi, Ukusefya pa menshi apashili Ingwena, Ukusefya pe inama, Ukusefya pa bwalwa.

    Fingi tungalasefya ukuchila pa ngwena.


  20. Paramount Chief, are you saying that a Bemba need an invitation card to attend a Bemba ceremony? The issue of invitation cards and whether or not someone has attended or contributed to that ceremony is not valid. I understood when you said because Kambwili being a politician, the event could have been politicized. But those other reasons make your Royal Highness sound like you where influenced by the powers that be. To many Bembas in diaspora (outside LuBemba land), Ukusefya pa ng’wena is more of a pilgrimage which we hope to attend at least once in our lifetime. When we do don’t chase us away on grounds that we are attending nor contributing for the first time. As long as we are Bemba, we are your children accept and be proud of us.

  21. Lets us not deliberately misunderstand the Paramount Chief, the reality he’s brought forth here is the need for sincerity especially for people aspiring for political leadership. Coz here is a person who considered himself too Bemba to an extent of being seen tribalist by his Southern colleagues. Surprisingly and since birth, has never bothered to identify himself with the Ceremony or atleast donate just a decimal fraction of the massive wealth he has amassed within the short period of about six (6) years. This to me or any reasonable Traditional Leader is total disregard. But shamelessly and suddenly he decided to realise how important his bemba tradetional ceremony was. Ba CK can be a good politician but he needs to deal with his greatest enemies which are his MOUTH and his LEVEL of…

    • @27 Fair Judge, you are neither fair nor a good judge. Are you telling me that other politicians that attended that ceremony have a better MOUTH and LEVEL of judgement than CK? I would be very interested to know how better Mr. Lungu’s mouth and level of judgement are compared to CK. I am not a supporter of CK but I think you are being unfair to him. The chief blundered, that’s all! He should not have meddled in the issue. Also, the police were there to restore law and order against the PF youth right?

  22. Ba CK can be a good politician but he needs to deal with his greatest enemies which are his MOUTH and LEVEL of Judgement.

  23. I now understand the reason why Nkonde LUO was sorting out this chief Chitimukulu the guy is a let down just a PF Cadre GBM left his job as defence minister for him but he has been quiet when HH was detained. What he is saying about Kambwili is is a lot of nonsense honestly!


  25. Chimbwili Kashimba is not Bemba, this is because there are no Bembas but Luundas and Aushi fimo fimo in Luapula ebo Kapwepwe ebele ba Tubulu abanyina mumenshi! Elyo li Chimbwili ngalyanyina mu menshi, ha, it’s so toxic even the fishes of Bangweulu die of poison. What a toxic terrorist to aqua life!

  26. so kambwili was always contacted to even contribute to the ceremony and never once did he contribute, one day after hearing Edgar had gone to attend…ba kambwili found a strange orange outfit with a hat, he chose to quickly rush into Shoprite to buy the chief bread and peanut butter, ati tuleya mukusefya pangwena, the chief did well to refuse him entry into the bad lands kikikikikiki, akaletumpikafye kumpoto shabakashi bakwe .I’m breaker and I approve this message

  27. Kambwili was suppose to attend like any other bemba and politics should not be allowed is the chief a PF member why allowing carders.

  28. Really?……Unbelivable!Kambwili has never attended a traditional ceremony from his own homeland? After all those years he was in opposition and in government??Then I think the Chitimukulu was right to stop him

    • Good question. ..the only reason he went there was in the hope to embarrass the president. He thought people were going to give a thunderous welcome.

    • What is wrong with embarrassing the President. The President is a politician and politicians are embarrassed every where in democracies. The Zambian President is not a monarchy and he should know this. Being embarrassed as a politician is a common hazard. The problem is ignorance in Zambia, where you want to turn a President into a King or Lord. He is neither. The ignorance of our society encourages our leaders to become Dictators, complete with Hitler’s SS and Brown Shirts called cadres. These kind of tendencies should be discouraged. However, embarrassing politicians ( like pelting them with tomatoes) should be encouraged. It ensures the power of the people and reminds politicians that they are just human.

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    • This is a wrong forum iwe. You dont sell mecury on the street like newspaper do you understand.


  31. ati ifikala chimbwi. so fikala is not an insult after all. hehehe its clear the bemba ceremony is not for non bembas like kambwili. kambwili stopped being bemba when he was fired from pf. what a disaster.
    no wonder its a fikala chimbi ceremony.

  32. It’s OK for the Tonga chiefs to cancel important ceremonies because an HH is resting at Mukobeko but wrong for a Bemba chief to choose who should attend his ceremony.

  33. Chitimukulu your are partisan..simple.
    Traditional leaders should be open so should the traditional ceremonies.

    Do you need an INVITATION CARD to attend Bemba Traditional Ceremony?

    No wonder Late President Sata didn’t want to install him. He had vision.

  34. It is okay Chief. You can choose who comes or not especially if you know illiteracy is around the corner. That other party has a lot of them who think like him!

  35. Kambwili shut the post. He hated tu ma watchdogs today hes star in upendi. Ati i have money to go to england just to drink tea and same day am back.

    Is that a fellow to allow at an important event. Maybe in monze they shall give him red carpet at Gonde ceremony

  36. It’s sad watching Chimbwili Kashimba gravitating aimlessly is space lacking the direction benefit of his king of bigoted avatars, Michael Mulenga Zondwa Satangokola. The sooner he realises that Bemba hegemony is gone and shall never rear its ugly head in this country ever again the better. If Luapulans want, they can go link up with their brothers in Katanga, we shall allow them to secede without much ado!

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