First Lady Esther Lungu
First Lady Esther Lungu

FIRST Lady Esther Lungu says she is happy that Chief Mumbi of the Nsenga people of Petauke district in Eastern Province has come in full force to ensure that early child marriages in his chiefdom is stopped.

Mrs Lungu says issues of early child marriages was a great concern to her adding that it is for this reason that she had come up with a programme with the United Nations Fund Programme (UNFPA) to involve the chief’s spouses to bring the vice to an end.

“I am happy that your royal highness you are putting yourself on a subject which touches my heart and that is girl child education. That is why I have come up with a programme with UNFPA to involve the Chief’s spouses to talk to the girl child on the importance of education.

“I am also happy that as traditional ruler, you have come in full force to champion this case of early child marriages,’’ she said.

And chief Mumbi appealed for the completion of a high school in the area which was already under construction in order to curb early child

“We are requesting for the completion of our high school that is already under construction. We are requesting that at least if it is completed, it could curb early child marriages,’’ he said.

And the Traditional leader has observed that it was important that more schools are constructed in the area in order to have more girls access education.

Meanwhile, Chief Mumbi has bemoaned the poor state of roads in his chiefdom.

He has consequently appealed for the rehabilitation of the road including the putting up of a modern bridge to the road leading to his palace.

The traditional ruler observed that his area was also in dire need of boreholes.

The First Lady is in the area to commission a borehole at Ndewe Village in Senior Chief Kalindawalo’s area.

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  1. Good work First leader, continue we are proud but attend to what my chief said , the Mwanjawanthu petauke road is in a deplorable state we need tarmac please now all our MPs DORA ,LISTED ARE VERY USELESS THE LATER IS JUST A JOKER EVEN


  2. Ba Ester, Edgar needs a woman to help him think..
    – HIV saga, Chitalu Chilufya went to tell the Zambians how useless PF is.
    – useless state of emergency
    – HH saga
    – Maimale and Malema, embarrassment by Emmanuel Mwamba


  3. For God’s sake First Lady is concerned about underage marriages. She needs to support this. So leave ba Esther alone. Go ahead ba Esther let those who are against you can go and hang themselves.Carry on the good work, period.


  4. Early child marriage ??? What exactly is the rightful age for marriage in Zambia? The article is so vague and incomplete.. ouch !!! She’s trying.



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