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William Banda and others in court tomorrow

General News William Banda and others in court tomorrow

Veteran politician William Banda and nine other UPND members are expected to appear in court tomorrow for trial.

Banda, UPND National Youth Spokesperson Gilbert Liswaniso, Hakainde Hichilema’s press Secretary Brian Mwiinga and others stand charged of obstruction of police officers when they tried to block the police from arresting HH on the 10th April 2017.

Trial is expected to start tomorrow morning at 8 hours at Lusaka Magistrates Court.

It is alleged that Banda, Mwiinga Liswaniso, John Kalimunwa, David Mwanza, Abraham Zulu Rashid Masumba, Dean Mwaanga, John Lungu and Micheal Tembo on April 10 jointly and whilst acting together willfully obstructed police officers during the execution of their duties.

Banda and others pleaded not guilty hence the commencement of trial tomorrow.



  1. please some of these ignore them and move forward , bring issues that will not take you anywhere or create job or kwacha to appreciate ! what nonsense is this

    • Lungu and PF are so vindictive that there’s no moving on for them. They will use the govt systems to frustrate the opposition with frivolous and malicious charges. Just look at what happened to Mwaliteta and HH!

  2. U.S.E.L.E.S.S pf government at work.they don’t have a vision for us poor Zambians.busy abusing and institutions to harass their opponents…

  3. Here we go again… Naine ndefwaya! I also want to be taken to court how do I apply??? Everyone is been taken there!

  4. WHY WE HAVE EASTERN province names and yet this is a party for TONGAZ or is it their mothers are TONGAZ? IF ANY OF MY OARENT WAS A TONGA OMG, I would never identify myself to the public that DAD or mum IS tONGA. Too much ufontini

  5. @sir boston jere u wanna go to court u know for sure that u are a NOTHING in zambia apart from cleaning pamatako pa ba zungu, u are pipo Hon . Kambwili says u only have a birth certificiacate elo kwashal death certificate, no normal university can issue acceptance notice to u unless to accept you for mwine wa nsima competition. OK njasuka nomba walamona efyo wala mu jail kabili efyo ulefwaya

  6. William Banda is a disgrace to this generation…..His behavior has not changed since he was in MMD.
    for sure this old finished politician should retire and give chance to the young ones instead of polluting their minds. Politics of violence are long gone.

  7. While the ZP is correct to charge these cadres with obstructing the work of police, which is actually an offence, the follow through in the courts is what will undo the ZP. This actually exposes the need to upgrade and build capacity in the ZP. It is not the current government’s fault but a long standing problem that goes back to the KK era. Since that time, the government in power, the MMD, neglected to modernise the training, the change and upgrading of minimum educational requirement, the re-design of their working environments to modern structures (inclusive of the correctional services) including the addition of technology and a more uniform remuneration system at par with other security wings. If some of the best legal brains filtered into the ZP/Prosecuting function, it would have…

    • …been better. Mawnawasa did further damage by channelling all the available resources (both local and donor generated) at the time into the wrong area by creating a personalised and privately charged task force on corruption when these resources could have created an effective and strong institution that would have encompassed the best legal brains and the best investigative/security personnel. THIS NEED IS NOW MORE URGENT THAN EVER. The Task Force achieved nothing, enriching selected individuals while leaving the relevant national institutions shells of themselves. The PF has to formulate a better framework that will improve this area. It will require the full support of all stakeholders, opposition inclusive (as they are also part of the legislative function), to make it work. Leaving…

    • …one party to do everything and wait for them to fail is not right, as tomorrow we the citizens will equally point to the failure by the opposition to play their part!!

  8. …one party to do everything and wait for them to fail is not right, as tomorrow we the citizens will equally point to the failure by the opposition to play their part!!

  9. Besides embarassing the government agencies, these cases are merely depleting govt. resources. Politicians, do what you do best and interfere with the prosecution of these petty issues. Lets start focusing on job creation for our citizens. Look at the manpower that is going to waste around the country. Can anyone that calls him/herself a leader and politician give us estimates of how many citizens that are unemployed. I bet not a single one of you has bothered to look at those numbers this week.

  10. I thought HH was arrested in the middle of the night so how did William Banda find himself at HH’s house. ..does he sleep there, did HH have foreknowledge and asked William to come over or were they plotting something big in the middle of the night?

    • I have known William Banda since the UNIP era. He was a leader of a notorious group of thugs called vigilante, they very brutal thugs who were above the law.He and Micheal Sata physically beat up Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe at Luburma market (Kamwala market now) in 1973. William Banda and Michael Sata were synonyms. In the 80s, William Banda personally beat up a Mr Chikoti, who was a Secretary General of the Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied workers (ZUFIAW) near State House with a sjambok to near death, he was indeed above the law. Even looking at him face to face, you feel uncomfortable. In 1991, Banda was served with a deportation order and the reason given was that by his presence he was likely to be a danger to peace and good order in Zambia.
      In 1994, he was finally…

    • Don’t forget how he made Bank of Zambia Mr Nkhoma to walk down Cairo Road without shoes. This was after Nkhoma had expressed worry on the way the economy was taking.

  11. n 1994, he was finally deported to Malawi by the Fredrick Chiluba regime a move which amnesty International said was unlawful, wrong and out of political malice. In 2004 he defected to the MMD and was appointed Lusaka Province Chairman in 2009. He defected to the UPND in 2012. I am sure this qualifies him to be a veteran.

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