Youths welcomes the setting up of an Inter-party organisation to help young politicians

Some Youths have commended the formation of an Inter-party organisation which will help young people involved in politics participate in the country’s governance.
And Centre for Young Leaders in Africa Governance Advisor Mbozi Tatila said the Organisation will help change the mindset and public’s perception of women in politics.
Commenting on the formation of Centre for Young Leaders in Africa (CYLA), most youths who called in during a live program on Comet Radio said the organisation should be supported as it encourages interaction among youths from all political parties.
A caller who identified himself as Caphas said the organisation is welcome as it will bring young people in politics together to push for a youth agenda.
He observed that for a long time youths have been kept apart by their leaders so as to sustain their stay in power.
And Kenny Lungu from Makeni said the move by youths from different political parties to form one organisation would lessen political violence.
He said because of their interaction youths who belong to different political parties will start seeing each other as comrades and not as enemies.
He urged leaders of the organisation to recruit members from all walks of life including the major pepertrators of political violence.
Others callers called on the CYLA not to loose focus like other organisations which have become political vuvuzelas.
They also cautioned government not to intervene in the operations of the organisation as it’s agenda would help foster peace, unite, and stability in the country.
And speaking when she featured during radio program Mbozi Tatila said the perception of women in politics has discouraged many young women from joining politics.
Ms Tatila who is a UPND member said as youths they will fight the negative perception of women in politics using modern technology such as social media so as to encourage young women to join and take up leadership roles.
And Tinashe Mazala from NAREP said the organisation will train and empower youths with leadership skills they need.
She said one of the reasons youths find themselves in political violence was  a  result of  lack of economic empowerment hence the organisation’s resolve to train members in entrepreneurial skills


  1. Can the youth look at systems in kther countries. In Australia the main opposifion in parliament appoint shadow ministers to monitor and comment on the governments ministers execution of their portfolios

  2. The intention is good and needs support by all peace loving Zambians. Youths stand up against violence. Stand up and be counted. Congratulations and way to go. Hope you mega paries will support you in this commendable initiative. All the best

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