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Chalala Woman Arrested for Conducting Illegal Immigration Consultancy

General News Chalala Woman Arrested for Conducting Illegal Immigration Consultancy

Immigration Officer
Immigration Officer
The Department has arrested a Zambian woman for conducting illegal immigration consultancy. Ms. Coretta Blockley (38) of Woodland-Chalala was arrested on Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017 at Kabulonga Central Mall at around 13:00 hours. Ms. Blockley on a unknown date but between 1st and 21st August, 2017 introduced herself as a registered immigration consultant when in fact not and received payment of K 50,000 from an Indian national as payment for applications for the extension of three (03) employment Permits.

According to a statement released to the media by the public relations office of the Immigration department, Mr Namati Nshika, the woman’s deceitful ways were discovered by alert officers at Immigration Headquarters when the Indian presented two fake approval letters in an attempt to collect the employment permits which he thought were extended and ready for collection. The client cooperated with the Department in setting a trap for Ms. Coretta Blockley who thinking she was being presented an opportunity to extort more money from the client agreed to meet him at Kabulonga Central Mall, only this time Immigration Officers were on hand to catch her in the act and arrest her. Ms. Blockley has in the past been warned against this unlawful practice on more than one occasion.

The Immigration Department warned anyone who is practicing immigration consultancy without being registered by the Department of Immigration to stop forthwith, as it is a serious punishable offence. The Department further cautioned the public to avoid by all means possible engaging unregistered consultants, because if they do they run the risk of being exposed to migration fraud by people who have limited knowledge on immigration procedures and who may take money without providing any service.

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  1. I met an Indian conman masquerading as a fortune teller in Lusaka. He approached me at Longacres ‘#Take Away, Fast food, Resturant’ where i was having a snack and told me that if i gave him 200 Kwacha he would read the palm of my hand and tell me my future.
    I told him to f**k off but i can imagine desperate people getting scammed.

  2. yes even their boss is invoiled is this type of things he has girlfriend who goes around collecting money from indians he has a shop in kalikgia for stanory and this matter should b reported to HE and acc

  3. Zambian immigration are busy chasing after tanzanians, Congolese and Somalis while Indians are taking over zambia under cover of work permits and corruptly obtained passports and reg cards.

    • People have been saying Indians are taking over Zambia since the Kaunda days. Indians (as you stereotype them) are spread all over all professions in Zambia. They are doctors, teachers, politicians, business proprietors, even police, accountants, lecturers etc. Get used to them bwana

  4. u r very right speciley the chief he is mixed up with indians gets a lot of money v must expoise him so people kno what is going on an indian comes in zambia and has a zambian passport can u imagine and if u report him to the chief he will say no it is ok

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