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China wants Zambians and Zimbabweans to copy Chinese work ethic

Headlines China wants Zambians and Zimbabweans to copy Chinese work ethic

Mrs Joyce Nonde speaking at the the First China-Zimbabwe-Zambia Work Ethics Seminar in Lusaka
Mrs Joyce Nonde speaking at the the First China-Zimbabwe-Zambia Work Ethics Seminar in Lusaka

The Chinese Government is working with the Zambian Ministry of Labour and the Zimbabwean Government to introduce strategies that will result in a change of work altitude among Zambians.

Labour and Social Security Minister Joyce Simukoko said Zambian employees need to improve their work ethics in terms of good faith, senses of responsibility, discipline, team work and other necessary requirements.

Mrs. Simukoko said good work ethics is an important support for enterprises to achieve their own development.

She pointed out that not observing time and negative attitude towards work are common among Zambians.

Mrs. Simukoko said the poor work ethic will hamper the implementation of the seventh National Development Plan and the realization of the 2030 vision of Zambia.

The Labour Minister has since called on Zambians to actively study the Chinese people’s efficiency and emulate attitude towards work.

And Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Yang Yanyi said that work ethics is the basic standard that people should follow in their professional life.

Ambassador Yang said good work ethics must first adhere to the people-oriented concept to promote everyone’s overall development and value achieving.

“The second aspect of work ethics is the sense of responsibility to ensure good professional performance. The third is the sense of honesty and creditability. Without honesty and creditability, an individual cannot succeed, and a country cannot thrive. Honesty and creditability is the premise for anyone to stand tall in society, is the basis for a stable society and is the source of a country’s prosperity. And the last is the sense of service. A humble heart, willing to devote or even to sacrifice, will help make the whole society run more smoothly,” he said.

The First China-Zimbabwe-Zambia Work Ethics Seminar underway
The First China-Zimbabwe-Zambia Work Ethics Seminar underway

Ambassador Yang stressed that against the background of implementing the outcomes of the FOCAC and the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative, the China-Zambia and China-Zimbabwe friendly cooperation has been elevated to a new height.

“More and more Chinese enterprises have come to Zambia and Zimbabwe with their investment and Chinese, Zambians and Zimbabweans have easily become good friends through work. Due to cultural differences, the peoples of the three countries have different understanding towards work ethics, which cause misperceptions or even disputes in work and pose challenges to the bilateral pragmatic cooperation,” he said.

He expressed hope that the peoples of the three countries should strengthen exchanges, seek common ground while reserve differences, learn from each other, to work together to promote each country’s socio-economic development, and to achieve win-win situation.

The First China-Zimbabwe-Zambia Work Ethics Seminar was jointly held by the Chinese Embassy in Zambia, the Zimbabwean Embassy in Zambia and the Ministry of Labour and Social Security of Zambia recently in Lusaka.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Takawira, Zimbabwean Ambassador to Zambia Getrude Takawira said with the continuous deepening of China-Africa cooperation, it is the right time to strengthen the education of good work ethics in African countries.

She called on all African countries to learn from the successful practices of Chinese work ethics to better promote national development.

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  1. Nothing wrong! I have worked with the Chinese before, I was impressed! The guys are hard-working and I hope we can learn from them!

    • Delusional

      Let me rn through a quote by the US President not long ago and i quote

      “”Black guys counting my money! I hate it. The only kind of people I want counting my money are short guys wearing yarmulkes… Those are the only kind of people I want counting my money. Nobody else … Besides that, I tell you something else. I think that’s guy’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks.”

      This is what the US president thinks of you and I am sorry but US is the biggest and greatest country in the world

      I have given you the answer, you do the question.



    • Let it be “Chinese work ethic” and Chinese sharing ethic – you work and eat together; not one working and another eating!

    • Thats the beginnings of colonialism.Soon we will be asked to change our names to make it easier for our chinese bosses to call us. Environmental and cultural issues affect our perceptions of work.

    • Now I want to see those big mouths who were last week talking about “Imperialism and Neo-Colonialism”, now you will be learning Chinese ethics, you can’t control and management yourselves, too much docility.
      Someone has to do it for you, and when they do, you call you find excuses. DAMN!!!

    • @ Sharon its true the Chinese are hard working and those at work love what they do irrespective of TOR. My experience working with the Chinese at a construction site is there is no total work stoppage for a so called “lunch break” as while one would be taking their meal the others would continue with work. Nothing like on being taken on before the day wears out one is approaching the foreman for a “Ka advance!” and everyone tries to beat the other on reporting early for work! No wonder even the developed western countries are dead scared of the industriousness of the Chinese!

  2. It works in China as they have dictators there. Those that disobey are never seen again. So I guess given the current climate in zed, this method suits ECL.

    Having said that, work ethics and etiquette need massive improvement. The government can try to look at methods used in the west (like U.K., Germany, USA…), and see how we can learn from them. But China sure? It says a lot about where our compass is pointing.

  3. YES, THIS IMPORTANT! All the aspects mentioned here:work ethics in terms of good faith, senses of responsibility, discipline, team work, honest, humbleness and spirit of service are important. WE KNOW WE NEED THEM BUT IF THEY HAVE TO BE PART OUR LIVES and our DESCRIPTION AS A PEOPLE and as a NATION , they MUST START IN OUR HOMES!! WE SEEM NOT TO TEACH OUR CHILDREN THE IMPORTANCE OF THESE, LEAVING THEM TO SCHOOLS and CHURCHES and hope that our country can transform to fit into a prosperous one. And then WHAT ABOUT HAVING LEADERS WHO EXEMPLARY in these areas RATHER THAN THOSE WHO DOSE IN MEETINGS ON TV SCREENS!!

  4. The day we embrace Chines work ethics, we will become a strong nation, which is most unlikely given the mindset that has developed overtime. Where lying, dishonesty and corruption has become a household name and taken as normal part of social life. While we all are against corruption and lying by the politicians and bureaucrats etc; we ourselves do not practice honesty and truthfulness within our own family.

  5. “Lungu lost the elections…we worked hard and reversed the defeat and made Lungu win elections – Emmanuel Mwamba”

    From the WatchDog or Zambian Eagle

    August 23, 2017 19 10

  6. Other 1diots in govt offices are waiting for hh to be president for them to show seriousness towards work. For now they are busy lazing about and clutching on national development agendas.

  7. This Simukoko woman is talking in abstract as if government was properly elected, it is properly run and lungu and his government observe the things she is talking about. In Zambia none of the qualities she has mentioning exist. Is she serious talking about honest and creditability as being ingredients for success in Zambia? She must be smoking a lot of weed.
    You can never be like the Chinese because the Zambian leadership is corrupt. Tax money meant for schools, health and social welfare is being stolen daily.

  8. Working hard is a good idea, but the only problem is poor safety standard which these guys have in there operations, remember that no job is so important that it can be done at the expense of safety, only if safety standard will be uplifted in there operations and condition of service are revised in line with our Zambian labour laws,

  9. Chinese or not our culture is bad. The place I visited today is near council offices and as early as 11hrs council officers were already drinking

  10. Government always comes to the aid of lazy workers who complain of being bossed around – especially by foreigners. That, in itself, sets the stage for Zambian attitudes to wards work. Now the government wants to know why?
    The government needs to set standards that meet citizen’s needs like set the maximum number of days to renew a passport at one month (like other countries like Kenya). And then fire someone if the target is not met. That will change the work ethic immediately

  11. “The Chinese Government is working with the Zambian Ministry of Labour and the Zimbabwean Government to introduce strategies that will result in a change of work altitude among Zambians.”

    Please permit others to invite Americans.

  12. This all started with 28 yrs of UNIP brain washing us to beg with a tin cup to NGO’s and other countries instead of just hard work like Singapore has done.

  13. pray they can pray these lazy superstitious ignorant Africans but still remain dishonest unreliable and unproductive! Seeking ‘anointing’ water instead of reading and researching. lack in the land of abundance.

  14. In western countries visitors wanting to establish themselves in business circles in the host country learn the work ethics of the host country unlike what China is doing here. This is colonisation again. Our forefathers shudder in their grave yards upon learning how Africa is giving away what they rightfully fought for. They are busy buying and investing in land and have started to tune Africans to Chinese way of life through such forum.

    Wake up Africa. The guys have very poor or nonexistent safety ethics.

  15. Corruption is one of the Chinese work ethics which especially GRZ workers have already copied. Thanks for the ethics Ji Peng, Yang Yanyi.

  16. working hard for substandard things? we used to build our houses with bricks but what has the chinese brought hard board is this the hard work we are talking about. we hard germany made metals which upto now are in use, but what the chinese do remove them replace with substandard mental so that they are called every time they broken . look at quality not quantity. western countries will take time on a project because they want to meke sure perfect tools are in place not before the year ends you are already thinking of replacing it

  17. WRONG! China wants to colonize Zambia and the whole Africa so that they can continue to loot all our resources.

  18. I agree that there are areas that we need to work on as a people in terms of upping our game where productivity is concerned.

    But it’s not China’s place to lecture us on working hard, diplomatically that’s a big no, this is the talk of an imperialist.

    For all I know the average Zambian is frustrated because even tho we work hard, the wages are low, sometimes we don’t get paid or appreciated on the job, and that’s if the job is even available.

    Again we have a lot to work on as a people but we must not allow these sleepy eyed imperialists to lecture us as though we are children… they must just shut up and quietly do their business in Zambia and Zimbabwe, we can fix ourselves.

    And given fair conditions a Zambian is the best worker ever. Napela.

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