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DPP condemns people abusing social media to demean the Presidency

General News DPP condemns people abusing social media to demean the Presidency

Director of Public Prosecution Fulata Lillian Shawa Siyuni
Director of Public Prosecution Fulata Lillian Shawa Siyuni
THE Director for Public Prosecutions (DPP) Lillian Siyuni has condemned people abusing human rights by demeaning the head of State on social media.

She said in an interview that insulting the head of State is not only lawfully wrong but morally bad for Africans, especially Zambians.

Mrs Siyuni, who holds a master’s degree in International Humanitarian and Human rights, said the Penal Code chapter 78; section 69 of the Laws of Zambia clearly states: “Any person who, with intent, tries to bring the name of the President into hatred, contempt or ridicule, and publishes any defamatory or insulting matter whether by writing, printing or word of mouth, or in any other manner, is guilty of an offence and liable to conviction of imprisonment to a period not exceeding three years.”

She also advised against talking ill of one’s own country just because one dislikes those in leadership.

“Let us keep our values as Africans. Some people always want to talk ill of our own country because they do not like the people in power. Is it so difficult to say something positive even if we do not like the person?

“We all have issues and can relate differently, but there is no need to insult, especially the President, or any other elderly person,” Mrs Siyuni said.

She said it is the duty of Government to ensure people’s rights are not deprived and abused in any way.

Mrs Siyuni said human rights are an entitlement for every citizen as enshrined in the constitution but it would be wrong to abuse these rights, especially that Zambia is a Christian nation.

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    • @2021
      AND the likes of Jay Jay

    • With her qualifications she seems least affected by Human Rights abuses going on under her nose …. people being incarcerated without trial and too many trumped up charges that have been curtailing peoples freedoms. She should be advocating for the review of some of these laws than making these “worship” noises. Have deep internalization of what you are schooled in something you can show that your principles in duty to the people of Zambia are anchored on that is why in your title “public” is there you were not meant to only campaign for One person. PLEASE!!

    • There’s no uniform African culture. If there was, Lillian Shawa would not be maliciously prosecuting people that PF and Lungu do not like. In my culture, you do not take somebody to court, jail him for 4 months, and when your incompetence is about to be proven in court, you enter a nolle prosequi. That is cowardice and stoopidity of the worst kind. Lillian Shawa is a torturer and accomplice in abuse of human rights in Zambia.

    • In the African culture I grew up in, our elders always emphasised on RESPECT, MORALITY AND LOVE. This was further compounded by the Christian teachings we got from church and school which revealed the nature of our Lord Jesus Christ, who exhibited love and respect for authority-even when he was falsely accused and brutalised, he asked God to forgive his persecutors. HE NEVER INSULTED ANYBODY!! Maybe you can tell us which culture you grew up in, Buck???

    • Just because it is illegal does not mean that the law is right. It was illegal for a white person to marry a black person in South Africa. It was illegal for a black man to vote in the USA. Bad laws should not be given publicity. The DPP is out of order FULL STOP. Will she prosecute 1 million Zambians who insult the President every day? What a waste of resources. I urge the Law Development Commission to get rid of these silly and archaic laws.

    • What she is saying in simple terms is that no more nolles. Watch your fingers especially jj and skeleton wansele

    • The DPP should have been talking about abolishing this archaic piece of legislation. The British who originated it discarded it ages ago. Lecturing Zambians on culture and religion is way out of her functions as DPP. This just proves that she’s incompetent and unprofessional. She should be explaining to Zambians why she’s entering so many nolle prosecuis in our courts after innocent people have been detained in humiliating prison conditions. The justice system in Zambia has completely broken down because of such ‘learned’ officers. Having a chain of Degrees is one thing. One needs the wisdom to put a Degree into good use like the late President Mwanawasa and of late Lawyer kieth Mweemba. This business of appointing cadres into sensitive positions is distroying our country.

    • Unfortunately its the offices such as yours that have largely contributed to this sad state of affairs. The police have not helped much either just like the concourt. Yes i agree demeaning and insulting is not the way to go but i also think the manner in which some officials behave is also insulting the appointing authority who swore to uphold the constitution

  1. Archaic laws that do not sit well with freedom of expression that supports democracy. If this is the route the director of public persecutions wants to take let them build more prisons. Insulting is reprehensible and illegal of course but you can’t stop people from ranting by using derogatory terms to express the depth of their anger

    • How does Lillian Shawa face herself everyday knowing that she had Mwaliteta maliciously incarcerated for 12 months?? Is she really a Christian?

  2. Saviour chishimba would have been used as an example but I guess the donor community intervened behind the scenes again. The president is not a god..he is just a public servant who is bound to annoy the citizens with the decisions he makes. This presidency worship belongs to dictatorships

  3. Its just sad that your president wont be a president one day but I believe that another person from UPND who will sell the ideal Zambia not tribe can become president in the future if (not when) that happens you will understand what the DDP means. At the rate you go I have moved from disliking UPND to hating it for what it stands for tribe, regional, hatred, vendetta and most of all political dullness

    • What does the story above got to do with UPND so called One Zambia? Are you insinuating that all those who write articles in bad taste to you are UPND members? Please keep your hatred and keep hating and see where it takes you. The DPP has not singled out any one (dull as she sounds) but given a warning and a threat of prosecution which is the trademark of this govt. I bet she doesn’t understand her own statement. She is just good at Nolle. I wonder where she got her Masters when she doesn’t know the difference between figurative speech and insulting.

  4. Coming from a lass who can’t distinguish a treasonable offence from a traffic offence. I rest my case!!!

  5. You, Lillian, have actually contributed to compelling and inciting people to huale unpalatable things against the President. The manner in which you have handled your office leaves much to be desired.
    A lot of innocent brother and sister are languishing in prisons without your office giving them a chance to be heard. I even wonder wtherther you are in a good frame of mind to say such things to the public. Are you alright?

  6. In Rwanda, Paul Kagame was seen as a budding dictator who is stamping on his people’s rights and undermining democracy by the international community and media. The country held a referendum to ask its people if Kagame could stand for elections again? He got an overwhelming yes and when the country went to the polls this month HE GOT A WHOPPING 99% VOTE!!!! How you may ask?? After the genocide in 1994, Paul Kagame has done his best to erase that ugly mark on their history, part of the reason was the careless adoption of western ideals disguised as freedom and democracy. In the real sense, extremism creeps in and you get a disaster. Rwandese have of late questioned “democracy” as it’s abuse by extremists threatens to bring back that ugly past. WHAT GOOD IS DEMOCRACY IF WE MUST…


      You are right, Madame DPP. As witnessed with the abuse of social media, these western ideals we don’t fully understand are the very thing threatening our democracy and our moral fibre; WE NEED TO SET STANDARDS THAT WILL DEFINE DEMOCRACY THAT CAN WORK IN AFRICA.

    • With 72 ethnic groups in Zambia, there is no Zambian culture. Definitely not the thieving Bemba culture. That’s not acceptable to most Zambians.

    • That “thieving Bemba culture” rhetoric is prejudiced and is the purest form of extremism and tribalism. This is exactly what I am talking about. You twist the fundamentals of freedom and democracy to justify your hate for other people who are different from you. Given power, you and your kind can do dreadful things to our nation as what happened in Rwanda-IT IS EXACTLY YOUR KIND THAT PERFORMED THOSE HORRORS!! You are reprehensible and a low down pitiful coward!!! It is repulsive to even call you Zambian!!!

    • It’s not Zambian culture to steal. If elected officials steal and people rightly call them thieves you can’t hide behind culture to stop people spreading information about the theft. Move with the times and think outside the box. The minute those in authority do wrong things they lose the respect of people

    • My thoughts exactly! It is anazing that a holder of a Masters in Human Rights is at the forefront of persecuting fellow Zambians. What did she learn at whatever university she went to?

  7. Baroness Scotland was once Attorney General for the U.K. and she negotiated the dropping of HH’s frivolous treason charges with Lungu who in turn ordered the this girl DPP to enter a nolle! And the PF mouth piece can’t connect the dots. True, she only opens her mouth to eat and give Blo.w Jobs, for every other time it’s all garbage oozing out! And she is a very loud one, hey!

  8. Respect is earned, it’s as simple as that. This thing if not being respected did not start in SA, it started at the PF convention where Lungu and his Gogo Inonge rigged the polls. The did the same at national polls cheating HH. Now he wants respect, alas, ailasha mambala.

  9. Siyuni grow up. Move with the nation. We are now a democracy where presidents are not protected by penal codes. Stop citing archaic laws like Penal Code chapter 78; section 69 of the Laws of Northern Rhodesia in Zambia’s 4th Republic. Presidents in Democratic states are not monarchs. Some advice: apply for DPP in Zimbabwe or Swaziland. You will be very welcome there

  10. The DPP is a Civil Servant and should leave this to Politicians. The DPP should not issue public statements in support of the President. Mrs Nolle Siyuni has made a mockery of the Judiciary by being directed by the Executive to prosecute certain individuals even where there is no case to answer. The DPP has failed to discharge her duties professionally and instead she is being used to persecute or protect certain individuals by the Executive arm of govt. The DPP should run her office independent of Jonathan Lungu’s influence. As it is the DPP is a Dept in State House busy dishing out Nolle Prosquis. The DPP should be ashamed to be told by the Commonwealth SG on how to do her job. Mrs Nolle Siyuni should change her ways and stay away from persecuting individuals thru Prosecution at the…

  11. I support the DPPs sentiments. Being critical should not mean insults. Infact the more you demean the presidency the less value you attach to that office and its a perpertuation of medriocrity. Being critical with a sound mind is the best one can be. Its most constructive opposed to hurling insults. That is a mere expression of personal mental defects.

  12. I agree that its unacceptable behaviour to insult anybody on social media or anywhere else, however I also think that this article is one sided. Why is it ok to insult leaders of opposition parties and yet only react when one favoured individual is being criticized ? People should be allowed to constructively criticise incompetent governance without being threatened with a prison sentence. Through out the world democratic countries welcome criticism from opposition as long as its not insults. I have noticed that in Zambia its ok to insult HH and others butnot ok to insult lungo. Please stop using offensive language towards others. I hope that we are not expected to put up with inhumane practices by leaders for sake of this article.

  13. Just don’t be partisan and stop applying the law selectively young lady. You can’t even explain the Nolles. Do you realise how many people are languishing in detantion without trial? Concentrate on your core duties than making political statements. You are a civil servant, darl.

  14. Oh dear DPP. Please. If you mean this warning to mean anything g to criminals insulting the Office of The president, THEN, you had better stop dropping court case against the criminals that do so. How can you expect people to take you serious when you Nolle your way around court cases.

    What happened to the HH case? I mean even former colonial masters can bully you into stopping the protection of the office. What are you waffling on about now? How can these criminals even respect your office?

    • It’s going to be impossible now. It were better you had never arrested him. At least he is now back with his family. You make a mockery of our country and government. If you don’t have the courage to carry out serious interventions to be law and order in our country. LEAVE IT. Don’t do things half hearted. You should be ashamed of yourself. Your offices’ conduct in the treason cases is unbelievable. So now now who are you teaching?

  15. The clan from UPND is despicable! Imagine this clan running government! Imagine this clan in position of power! Rwanda 2! The most hating clan in our society! They attack anything and everything on no principle but on Namwala clan rationale! God save mother Zambia from these haters and hating group! Just read their postings! Just any heading will tell you where the Namwala Constituency will stand! Three Mansions!

  16. There is no selective application of the law! This guy is fortunate it was in Zambia! I wish it were in another country we might be addressing some people in past tense.

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