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HH and GBM Luanshya case adjourned

Headlines HH and GBM Luanshya case adjourned

GBM and HH smiling outside Luanshya Magistrate Court
File:GBM and HH smiling outside Luanshya Magistrate Court

The matter in which UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his vice Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba are appearing in the Luanshya magistrate court has been adjourned to September 18,2017 after the duo reported sick.

This is in a matter in which the duo is charged with three counts of seditious practices and unlawful assembly contrary to the laws of Zambia.

In count one and two, Mr. Hichilema and Mr. Mwamba were charged individually with seditious practices contrary to the laws of Zambia.

In count three, the two were jointly charged with unlawful assembly contrary to section 75 as read with section 74 of the Penal Code and regulation of the Public Order Act.

Particulars are that the accused number one, Mr. Hichilema, 54, of house number 14/38 Sable road Kabulonga on September 26 ,2016 in Mpongwe did conspire with others unknown to bring into hatred, incite violence, resistance, and disobedience to the administration of the elected government of Zambia by uttering words namely “nga taba mufumishe Matambo, epo ulubuli lwalatampila (if they do not release Matambo, that’s when the fight will start)”.

In count two, Mr. Mwamba, 57, of house number 10 Roan Road, Kabulonga, was charged with seditious practices.

It is alleged that on September, 26, 2016 in Mpongwe, accused number two, Mr. Mwamba did conspire with others unknown to bring into hatred, incite violence, resistance, and disobedience to the administration of the elected government of Zambia by uttering words namely “ifwe pano nga ba UPND tufwile twakana iyi government yakwa Lungu; ngabamyeba ati kuli ama meeting yaba Lungu mulekana, pantu president wesu ni HH (as UPND, we should reject Lungu’s government. When they tell you that there are going to be some meetings chaired by Lungu, don’t go there because our president is HH)”.

In count three, it is alleged that on September 26th 2016 in Mpongwe being in a public place jointly and whilst acting together with others unknown the duo did convene, assemble unlawfully with intent to carry out some common purpose without notifying the regulating officer.
When the matter came up for continued trial today, the defence informed court that the two accused were unable to attend court.

Defence lawyer Mulilo Kabesha presented two medical reports for the accused.
“First accused person is undergoing medical attention and we have medical reports from Lusaka Trust Hospital which gave him five days as being unfit for work starting from 24 August 2017,” Mr Kabesha told the court.

“Second accused has been unwell and was initially admitted to CFB, and given sick note indicating that he was unfit for work. We have information that his condition is not improving and has since been taken out of the country for further medical attention. We apply for an adjournment, that being the case.”

The state did not object to the application by the defence team of Mulilo Kabesha, Tom Shamakamba and Chimuka Magubwi.

Magistrate Mbuzi then adjourned the matter to September 18, 2017 for continued trial.

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    • There is no where I the law where it’s an offense to not accept someone as president. This is a multi party democraticy.

    • So what’s the lawful assembly, what are the merits that define an assembly? What is the defined number? Strange that people need permission for anything in Zambia. Such clauses are abused by the police and Politicians. Every Zambian has the right to assemble. Damn even the white colonials were better if this is the way we will treat each other. It’s like you are in a foreign Land.

    • Yes lawyers cash in and for every case the state looses or discontinues the government pays for all legal fees. So let them drag the cases.

  1. Fact is, there is a case here. But the prosecution will bungle it by bringing non credible witnesses, unconnected or incomplete evidence, its just a circus!! ZP and now NPA need a serious upgrade…like yesterday!!!

    • what case ??….what of lungu saying he will come down like a ton of bricks on HH…..what of kapoyongo et al threatening the life of kambwili in front of lungu at the kangaroo court they held ????

  2. Zambian citizen your party is abusing power and charges like this which threaten civil liberties make PF evil especially abroad. This case will be dropped as your international donors don’t like or empower dictators

    • The threatening of civil liberties is only in your head because you are not on the ground to experience what is going on. Just last week I was watching an EPL game in O’Hagans in Woodlands and my friend commented that he got home at 0300hrs the previous day; Then it hit us that this threatened state of emergency has not changed our lives and habits in any way. It’s life as usual. When you you are up to no good, like our opposition, is when you get scared of your own shadow. Like in Kenya and other countries in Africa, it is now a trend for opposition to reject elections and discredit institutions like ECZ and the Courts so they can cause unnecessary havoc in respective counties; When the government clamps down on them, they rush to international media and call the governments…


  3. Sick note from the Lusaka Hospital Trust by a named doctor affiliated to the accused? The accused has just come out of prison and is sick? GRZ treasury, prepare to pay.

  4. I think HH apimise because in prison he was a favourite by the in mates, thus why he is FLOWN TO CHINA for more medical attention on some suspicious disease related to ntwenokani

    • @Mr Kudos Our President ECL goes to South Africa for treatment on Government expense and we pay for it whilst those two fellows pay any bills for themselves! You and me also fend for ourselves unless you are at one of the finer ministries!

  5. The day hh began to play with GBM. Why didyouforesake CaniciousBanda for the sake of bemba vote

  6. Oh please! Stop this nonsense and reassess where Zambia stands as regards human right and freedoms of citizens in this 21st century!

  7. Zambian citizian get your friend to walk around masala at 18 hrs and he will discover the real zambia. Pipo even taken to ndeni police post and held until 500 kr paid no receipt given no charge laid

  8. Lungu’s governjment and Police Force (PF) have been the worst since independence and display village ignorance in all their actions and foolishness.

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