Hon Kang’ombe should appologize to the people of Chipata Compound -Chishimba

Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang'ombe
Kitwe Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe

As a true nationalist and patriot, in my quest and endeavor to rekindle true patriotism in Zambia, I believe that we need leaders with deeper sincerity of motive, a greater courage in speech and earnestness in action. I have chosen not to side with mediocre patriotism in the hope of getting favors from leaders who expend it. I believe in objectivity both in speech and in deeds. I give credit where it’s due and positive criticism where necessary. I have chosen always to side with and speak for the vulnerable, voiceless, oppressed, poor and minority no matter the consequences. This article is not an eventuality of hatred or bitterness but disappointment and an attempt to make sure that leaders walk their image.

When, his Worship the Mayor of Kitwe, Christopher Kang’ombe’s grandfather owned one of the biggest butcheries in Kitwe town centre in the 1980’s called “Kitwe Meat Market”, he did a lot of good things in terms of helping a lot of vulnerable people not only in Kitwe, but a lot of other places in the country. When I heard of Hon Kang’ombe’s leadership in the mainstream populace, I thought there was an incarnation of actions as portrayed by his grandfather. I guess I may have been wrong.

I joined market politics in 2014 out of the conviction of wanting to make peoples lives at the market better. I was even incarcerated with trumped up charges for protesting against Riverside market hiked water contributions charge. In 2016 I unsuccessfully contested as councillor for Riverside ward even though I was voted for overwhelmingly. That is when I started learning with disappointment about Mr Kang’ombe’s real image other than the one he portrays to the people on the media.

Riverside ward comprises of Chipata compound and Riverside area. Hon kang’ombe became councillor in 2005 for Riverside ward. He was the councillor for two terms, i.e ten years. In Chipata up to now, there is no government school, no bus station, no police post and no clinic. There was an incident last year where a woman in labour gave birth at a place where there were red ants (impashi).Another incident happened where because there’s no police post in the area it took the police two days to go and remove a dead body which was found at the banks of Kafue River.

Land was allocated for building a clinic and a school, Hon Kang’ombe has built three mansions on the piece of land and the other space has been sold out. They are now saying they are looking for four people who will agree to give their houses to the council so that they are given another piece of land across Kafue River, in new Kitwe. We all know that’s a long story.

During the 2016 mayoral campaigns Hon Kang’ombe went back to Chipata for campaigns, the people asked him to Sonta(point where he had worked) unfortunately he failed.Between 2011 and 2016 after Hon Kang’ombe had joined PF in 2011, students at The Copperbelt University faced a lot of trials, tribulations and persecutions from the government, where the then minister of Higher Education Hon Michael Kaingu ignorantly even threatened to scrap off meal allowances for students without knowing that its a statutory Intrument, others were even expelled.

As a former CBU student and a youth we expected more from him, but never did he at any one point come to the aid of students.There are only 3 notable developments in the area, Mufuchani bridge which was funded by World Bank in 2003, Riverside police post which was donated by Riverside residents and inactive Parks which were commissioned by Hon Kang’ombe.

If he is an honorable man I want him to publicly apologise to the people of Chipata compound for selling plots which were allocated to them for building a clinic and a school. I also want him to apologise to CBU students who at that time vested so much faith him.

I am not in politics to be nice to office bearers, I am here to bring change without fear or favor

In conclusion, “I am not in politics to be nice to office bearers, I am here to bring change without fear or favor”. If an individual is outraged by the nobility and sincerity of my actions and words, that is their own baby to nurse because “history shall absolve me”.

By David Chishimba
Rainbow Party Copperbelt Provincial Youth Vice IPS


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    David – If you want to campaign for a position held by Kang’ombe, just do so and lay out your agenda. Personal attacks will get you nowhere.

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      @ Abilima, what you are saying is not right. If Kang’ombe stole and delivered nothing, he better return back the plots. This is where we Zambians go wrong, people steal public properties and funds yet we want to accept that. It’s illegal and let ACC do their work. He should be investigated and truly if the plots were allocated to build public schools/ clinics. Let him be held accountable. Well Done David for exposing such unjust behaviors. When will Zambians change??

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      THE PRINCE – Well and good. But if David is sincere in his accusations, why not just report to relevant authorities than ask Kang’ombe to apologize?

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      David you know better that as a citizen you’re entitled to provide checks and balances on the leadership driving the services agenda for constituents and at the same time you’re entitled to participate as you already are being affiliated to the Rainbow Party in vying for the same office held by Hon. Kang’ombe who by your observations has failed to deliver to the expectations of those who elected him. Make it a clean campaign against him speaking loudly so that the constituents hear you and that you mean well, you may just win hearts of many to be afforded an opportunity yourself to deliver on Hon. Kang’ombe’s failures! As for corrupt practices gather your facts and report to the relevant authority and you may as well turn out to be their valued reference in their investigations. All…

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    the writer is a counsellor or was whichever. You have denounced your friend without fear or favour. Without fear or favour, kindly inform the readers what you have done or did for you ward before denouncing others. We will appreciate that.

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    Ubupuba fye. Rather than broadcasting your frustrations here, why not just write a private letter to Kan’gombe?

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    At least on the issue of CBU students, I remember hearing on Radio Ichengelo, on several occasions Christopher Kang’ombe siding with students even as he openly opposed the moves taken by Hon. Kaingu. Many who listened to Radio Ichengelo on Saturdays around that time can bear testimony to this….ba David Chishimba you are telling lies that Kang’ombe did not support the students!!!!!

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    Boss your life won’t improve by going after a hard-working man like Mayor Kang’ombe.And if what you are saying is true,make an appointment and go see him at his office.FYI there no vacancies at the council

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    ba chishimba you are suffering from anger, rage and bitterness. just accept hes better than you but you still have opportunity to make it later in your political career. ba davy grow up; you are being so personal; if you have real issues against him, meet him and resolve or report him to the right authorities. one day or the other he will be found standing in a wooden box giving explanations. iam not saying chris is a saint, but you are neither . you are a hired gun aiming to frustrate the efforts of your friend. challenge him in 2021 if you have the stamina to. otherwise muelilwalika fye hypertension pafyabufi or ifachabechabe or ifyalubula truth or ifyamumutwe wenu. SUPPORT CHRIS, ONEDAY HE WILL SUPPORT YOU, EFYOYAKA!!!!

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    The problem with some Zambians is ultimately ignorant though it’s not admisable in the courts of Law. Dave has pointed out his displeasure in the way Hon Kan’ngombe has been dealing with public matters particularly at the local government level…. And if am not mistaken Dave has pointed out some Areas were Hon Kan’ngombe has failed meaning to him his not fit again to go back to the same area and ask for a vote from those people he has failed but now through some comments some people have taken it to be hatred to me the point is clear for DAVE. Wen you’re wrong its others to see it and control you but wen you feel you’re writ in everything that’s the end result for my bro Hon Kan’ngombe.

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    What is spoiritually wrong with the name ”Chishimba”. Can someone fimaliar with Bemba names help me pliz!Becoz all the Chishimba-s I know tend to behave or exhibit certain characteristics that to me seems a bit weird and suspiciously strange. When I started reading the article above I expected to find the name of Saviour Chishimba of UPP as the author becoz it was more of him. Shockingly, it was another Chishimba in form of David!!

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    Chishimba David, stop being jealous of people’s achievements and concentrate on what you wish to do for the people in the same area under your party that is even neither there nor will it ever be there in future. Jealous people are as good as witches. Stop the rot!!!

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    Chishimba please tell us more. We need to know what these people are doing. Where has he gotten the money to build those three mansions. ACC iyanganepo

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