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Zambia can kick out Algeria in Saturday’s World cup qualifiers

Sports Zambia can kick out Algeria in Saturday's World cup qualifiers

Veteran soccer commentator and sports journalist Marsha Chilemena says it is possible that the Zambia National Soccer Team can beat Algeria in this Saturday’s World Cup Qualifier at Lusaka’s National Heroes Stadium.

Chilemena said in football anything can happen hence the need not to underrate the Chipolopolo Boys as they face Algeria which is ranked among the giants of African football.

And Chilemena commended Chipolopolo Head Coach Wedson Nyirenda for including some Zambia Under 20 National Soccer team players in the squad saying they will be crowd pullers.

“It is possible that the Zambia National Soccer Team can beat Algeria in this Saturday’s World Cup Qualifier at Lusaka’s National Heroes Stadium” Marsha said


  1. For the first time I finally have the chance to comment first. This is a great honor and I would like to thank myself for this achievement. I must say that one Mushota always comments first but this time around she is no match.

    It is possible that the Zambia National Soccer Team can beat Algeria in this Saturday’s World Cup Qualifier at Lusaka’s National Heroes Stadium” Marsha said

    Hmmmmm chances of Zambia qualifying to the world cup are very slim even if we win the Saturday game.We should give credit to Nigeria who are better than us. We did not take the opening games seriously so don’t expect anything tangible to come out of this qualifiers.We should try our luck in 2022.
    Now its time to nature the under 20s who I see will bring glory to Zambia in 2022.

    Those bena kennedy…

  2. I have finally managed to be the first one to comment. For this achievement, I wish to thank all my friends and relatives who encouraged me that hard work and dedication eventually pays off. To my class and sports teachers who used to mock me that I will never ever be number 1 in ANYTHING, I wish to also dedicate this to you for showing very little faith in me. I wish you can use my testimony to encourage others

  3. It seems Marsha is doubting.. his language is of a defeated person. I hope Wada doesn’t have similar sentiments of self pity.. I think Renard would not be apologetic.. I still see a mentality of fear. out it must go.. we have a solid team that can beat any team

  4. Nothing is impossible, Zambia should take a cue from Uganda who beat Egypt 1-0 today and are currently top of that group with 7 pts, Egypt 6, Ghana 1 n Congo 0. When playing at home kukwata icimwela.

  5. The inclusion of U20 players will promote stiff competition hence for old guards yo pull up socks thus resulting in having a formidable team. Algeria will fall.

  6. who the hell is zambi to beat algeria you guys never play world cup before you guys not our level not even sequel to us you get horrible pitch terrible players play at 2 pm who the f*ck play at 2 pm you kidding me we have class players must of them play in top european league seriously zambia beat algeria today is this jock or disrespect you people need to look depper there millions diffrient between the two country you suppose to be lucky to even play with us

    • ,you must be an eediot. What’s the use of going to the world cup so that you lose all games like you did. You go to a competition to win it not to be whipped by everyone there

  7. I didn’t know you Zambians could be this funny. Stumbled into the article and I am laughing my ass off over the “who commented first” comments.The “Copper Bullets” are impressing seriously. You should be proud of them.
    Thanks for the laugh,
    Chief X (Nigerian living in the US)

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