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HH condemned for denouncing the Judiciary while in South Africa

Headlines HH condemned for denouncing the Judiciary while in South Africa

HH addressing DA MPs
HH addressing DA MPs
Zambia Centre for Interparty Dialogue executive director Monica Kanjimana said it is disappointing and saddening that United Party for National Development leader Hakainde Hichilema can denounce the Judiciary.

“It’s very sad that Mr Hichilema decided to go abroad to denounce the Judiciary instead of airing his grievances through established channels in Zambia.

“We are very disappointed that the opposition leader, who was barely three days ago at church promising to dialogue and promote reconciliation, decided to go to another country to say the opposite.

“We are strongly opposed to his behaviour of disparaging state institutions, especially using international media platforms.

“Our leaders should learn to use home-grown solutions for their problems. Mr Hichilema should have quietly confided in various stakeholders here in Zambia before going abroad. He must have confidence in our state institutions,” Ms Kanjimana said.

Mr Hichilema, in the company of South Africa’s Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane, alleged that the Judiciary was controlled by the Executive and also made reference to some of his party members who were acquitted by the courts of law.

UPND vice-president Geoffrey Mwamba, party members Sylvia Masebo and Obvious Mwaliteta and others have recently been acquitted by the courts of law but Mr Hichilema sees no independence in the Judiciary.

And several commentators took excerption to remarks made by the UPND leader while in South Africa.

Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba advised Mr Hichilema to be patriotic and stop tarnishing Zambia’s image abroad. Mr Mwamba said on Thursday when he featured on South Africa’s eNCA television station that the Zambian mission will not sit idly by and watch Mr Hichilema discredit Zambia.

University of Zambia lecturer, researcher and political analyst Alex Ng’oma said Mr Hichilema has “shot himself in the foot” by denouncing the Judiciary. “Mr Hichilema’s behaviour risks jeopardising the peace and dialogue gains we have achieved so far. The international community will laugh at us because of his unpatriotic utterances. He leaves us wondering whether he is really committed to promoting dialogue or not,” he said.

Southern African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes executive director Boniface Chembe said there is need for the Commonwealth and Government to expedite the dialogue between Mr Hichilema and President Lungu. “All Zambians are expected to be patriotic and the awaited dialogue must be convened to prevent these issues,” Mr Chembe said.

Foundation for Democratic Process executive director Chimfwembe Mwenge said Mr Hichilema has a mandate to uphold patriotism and it was wrong for him to demean State institutions.

Patriotic Front media director Sunday Chanda said it is sad that Mr Hichilema chose to go to a foreign country to speak ill of Zambia, which he claims to love. Mr Chanda said in a statement that UPND members should be wary of Mr Hichilema’s “self-serving” leadership style.

PF member Edwin Lifwekelo said it is hypocritical and unfair for Mr Hichilema to accuse President Lungu of being a dictator.

Former UPND vice-president Canisius Banda said it is unfortunate that Mr Hichilema chose to discredit the country he aspires to lead. Dr Banda said politicians and all Zambians must be goodwill ambassadors and market the country instead of speaking ill of it.

New Congress Party president Peter Chanda said Mr Hichilema’s behaviour is a clear indication that cannot be entrusted with the Presidency.

MMD spokesperson Raphael Nakacinda said Mr Hichilema has exhibited high levels of political immaturity by disparaging State institutions in foreign land.

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    • HH wil best be known as the biggest critic of his own country and that makes him a TRAITOR. Zambia will not be led by a whiny little bi.tch of a sorry excuse fo a man. Viva ECL

    • Why do you id iots think like you did HH a favour by putting him prison for a crime he did not commit, there no davours here he faced you, did his time for no crime, shut your filth talking potties.

    • “…instead of airing his grievances through established channels in Zambia”

      What are those established channels the primitive president doesn’t control?

      The cruel vindictive drunkard is now feeling the heat. HH, keep up the momentum!

    • The man is just calling a spade a spade. If you don’t like it, go kiss Vodiga Rungu’s arse and he will give you some money.

    • Instead of preaching reconciliation and asking for the govt to also reach out for dialogue the man wants to destroy the peace!

      Shame, Shame and Shame!!!!

      Let God Judge this young man HH accordingly!!!!

    • Which peace in Zambia is Lungu showing to HH? Lungu trashed HH’s home, then locked him for 4 months in filth, and you want him to thank Lungu! What numbskulls! Lungu is pure evil and the earlier Zambia gets rid of him the better the country will be.

    • hahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ati oval head, kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, you have made my day.

    • @1.6 And with his bitterness which he can’t get rid of, it’s likely he’s going to commit a much more serious offense and get locked up for a much longer period.

    • The drama deliberately created by our beloved president Jonathan Edgar Changwa Lungu attracted international attention. Unsurprisingly, Zambia’s corrupt Judiciary is now under camera. It is being watched closely by the International Community. For whatever he may have said in South Africa, Mr. Hichilema was simply calling a spade a spade. Henceforth, let Zambia’s Corrupt Judiciary System begin to vindicate itself. However, that will be a tall order, considering recent developments by Kenya’s Supreme Court. We must have to accept it, even if to our disgust – our world is now one big village. Zambia’s Corrupt Judiciary System stinks more now, and Kenya’s smells better. It’s a fact.

    • You would say the same if you just spend 3 months in prison over fake charges by a rotten Judiciary.

      He who feels knows it, so don’t speak on his behalf. You were not there every day he slept on a hard floor becoz of rotten judiciary. so just SHUT UP, & continue singing praise to you paymaster Jonathan.

    • The biggest loser in all this, is this woman from Scotland; she was duped by HH in order for him to come out of prison. HH cant change…He is a freeman and demon-possessed. In fact the majority of those DA MP’s he was addressing are his fellow Freemason Club members

    • Don’t use ‘we’, Iwe ka Monica. You are alone. Why are you condemning HH? Do you understand what it’s meant by ‘ The world is now a one village? He went to SA to make his statement because in Zambia ZNBC, TIMES OF ZAMBIA, ZAMBIA DAILY MAILAND THE DAILY NATION wouldn’t cover him or would cover him negatively because there is no PRESS FREEDOM IN ZAMBIA!

    • The only issue with HH is he is disorganized and is a busy fooooool always wasting time on unnecessary issues, yes you need to thank your colleagues in RSA and you need time to recoup BUT what you should be doing now is lobbying stakeholders to reform Judiciary…learn from Kenya.

    • This usless chap spent 14 days with prelimaries in the concourt and wanted them to pass a judgement without evidence. THE NEXT THING HE WILL TELL US IS THAT MUTINTA WETS THE BED. How does a functional head start discrediting his own country and himself to apartheid fooooools, I will see you in 2021 and make you cry again

    • Lol…PF fools thinks HH will use the local propaganda TV channels to talk about the situation in Zambia: you must be dreaming…by the PF locking him up they actually made him smarter…,he had nothing to do while in prison but think and read a lot of books…he his to smart for you PF fools sorry what a lol situation.

    • @HH Oval head
      Your comment sums up everything…too much kusamwa HH and now with the little attention he received when he was in Mukobeko he thinks that qualifies him to be President….

      2021 Vote PF (Edgar )

      I thank you

    • Let the Judiciary defend themselves. Why are you fighting their battle. The Judiciary can speak for themselves and they do not need anybody especially cadres to defend them. There are three wings of government which should work independently. Anyone linked to the Executive branch must not feel compelled to speak of behalf of the Judiciary.

    • Rabied dogs out backing at a tree. Zambians must get rid of drunk lungu. The earlier the better, be it by the barrel or barrot..Mwe nchushi mwe!

    • HH went to South Africa to campaign for 2021 elections.

      Am not sure whether Maimane and Malema have Zambian voters cards.

      Our actions in life speak of whether we are politically mature pure not.

      Discrediting the nation to an opposition party does not add a single value to any party.

      What support or pressure do you get by winning the sympathy of opposition from other nations when all government globally do not support your behaviour?

      It dors not add up in political sense!

    • Uhuru is now breathing fire on the justices and calling them thugs. He has been exposed for just another smooth talking tribal crook who stole the elections.

    • UK has not accepted the ruling but has respected it for the sake of peace of the country. Please always read everything.

    • In addition he’s reminded the Chief Justice (who may be a Luo) that he UK is still president. ..but meanwhile let’s concentrate on election.

    • @Mbanje khaki:
      Your ignorance goes beyond redemptione. Stop telling LIES and learn to tell the truth. Kenya is no where near your corrupt and devil ruled Zambia.
      1. The UK has no jurisdiction to reject or accept the ruling because the UK did not hear the case and did not see the evidence – so dont keep telling lies! Keep the LIES with your PF and Jonathan Lungu.
      2. The Kenyan Chief Justice is NOT even LUO as you LIED!! He is in fact Akamba – why do you keep on creating LIES? Your head is full of fae.ces. Yes, you live on tribalism but even then were ALL the 6 Judges LUO?

    • @Chilyata you’re the one who’s ignorant. First I’ve not sided with anyone in this. Secondly I’ve only written what’s common in most newspapers including BBC, CNN. If you can only read the watchdog, that’s your problem.

    • @Ndanje,
      You are completely off the mark, which CNN or BBC are you reading that say they accept for the sake of peace? All that the international media (CNN, BBC) are saying is that the result raised questions for international monitors, who had earlier on declared the election fair. Even the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, does acknowledge that discrepancy was the basis for the court’s ruling.
      The same discrepancy was the point of issue in Zambian Elections, whose results came after many days, and full of confusions, with just 103,000 votes difference. Kenyatta had 1.4mil votes, but look how he has accepted the court ruling and denouncing any form of violence. In Zambia, it’s unheard of.

    • @Kanene where are you? On Mars? Right now I alternatively watching BBC and Aljezera and the news is all about UK threatening the judges. Which news do you watch? Come on let’s be serious.

  1. Yaba! HH in trouble again. The man is not a politician. I’m in South Africa and I was ashamed of the things he said and my South African friends were happy to hear negative stories about zambia because I have been busy praising my country.

    He just destroyed all the good things i have been laying about zambia. The man finished me. I’m still in pain.

    HH it’s good to be honest but not in that way man.

    • But you were not ashamed when he was teargased with his family by the whole force h/q in his house…then wrongly arrested on trumped up charges and sent to a maximum prison for 3 months.


  2. HH still reporting to colonial masters in 2017,53years after independence.Wake up,those people you are rubbing shoulders with are not tongas or south Africans, they are failed rulers of apartheid south Africa. Racist white colonialists who don’t give a damn about Africans .They are mostly interested in your copper not UPND or Zambian democracy.White south Africans don’t care about any black man,just ask any ordinary south African whilst doing your shopping there.

    • @ down ton ; but it was a colonialist that had to come and make you people see sense that you were crucifying someone on trumped up charges and that Zambia as it was known had gone down in rating as having no more democracy. Were you not ashamed then?

    • kubweka – Did you hear what the colonialists said about your leader’s actions? If you didn’t, they were short of telling you that in other countries he was dead meat.

    • How about Patrica Scotland..who do you think she represents? Zambia Breweries….Lazy Lungu was licking her boots when she came..

  3. Thanx HH for telling the truth. Those who can’t take the truth are free to go to S.A. to summon everyone to disagree wth wht HI said….hehehehe forgot that they hv no audience to summon! I salute you HH

  4. There is nothing unpatriotic about what HH said. HH simply stated a fact. Our Judiciary is full of mercenaries and cowards. And what you should know is that the Judiciary is not Zambia. Just look at the recent ‘Treason’ case. It took the DPP 4 months to realise there was no evidence when a layman like me figured it out in a few minutes. So yes, our Judiciary is rotten.

  5. So these people think the world does not know the slide into tyranny and erosion in the rule of law of recent times? Patriotism involves being honest in our failures and urgently taking steps to address those failures. We have become our worst enemies through self serving rather than serving the greater Zambia nd it’s people. The double standards in our systems and justice based on the depths of your pockets speak volumes. For once let truth, professionalism and our own morality take precedent over hiding our own shame and failures in the name of patriotism.

  6. HH as a tonga bemba just ruined his all options. You can speak such ill minutes in days against your own country and the judiciary that released you. South Africa, you can have him as a third opposition party because we don’t need in Zambia that helped liberate you from boers.

  7. When you see what Kambwili is now saying, then you begin to understand how compromised our politicians and our political analysts are. Rather than be objective the commentary are politically sugar coated in preference to those that we sympathise with and those we want to please, our political space is a preserve of chameleons. The saying that putting lipstick on a pig does not change it comes to mind.

    • Walasa
      That’s is why cadres need to understand that you can’t sing and dance for a politician blindly. They will use and dump you like a s3x rubber. When we call for Politician’s objectivity, we echo the same for cadres. But Zambian cadres are a waste and ignorant kinda human being on earth. I loathe politicians and cadres with a passion when they try to stir hate and violence in my country.

  8. The stage where he chooses to denounce wrongs of the judiciary doesn’t matter, whether be it locally or internationally. After all it’s the same international bodies who fought for his freedom. There is nothing patriotic in failing to put out when institutions which are suppose to serve the powerless and voiceless are the ones in the for front devouring the same people they are supposed to serve. We know who the true hypocrites are.

  9. In all this….HH is the biggest loser. Who is he trying to please in South Africa? It is about time UPND supporters took off their Tonga coats and began to look for a leader who can champion their cause. This guy called HH is indeed an under five politician. Just when he was winning the required sympathy vote from majority of Zambians, he has once again blown it. UPND should call for a convention.

    • He who pays the piper calls the tune. HH funds the Upnd and since abena Jack Mwiimbu ba kaso the party would be dead within minutes.

    • The kid has so many non Zambian citizen supporters lodged for business in SA. That is why Govt shifted camps in the ballot printing exercise from SA to Dubai. The kid is so dangerous enough to set Zambia on fire and quietly settle in SA sipping on some cappuccino in his lounge.
      Rich kinds cannot and should not be allowed to rule over us. To many overheads they pose.

  10. The world doesn’t need HH for them to know the judiciary in Zambia has only one mandate which is to persecute the opposition.

  11. Like I’ve said before HH is a coward and comfort zone lover. He deceptively accepted the conditions of his release because he only wanted to leave prison. It was not on principles. This guy cannot be our commander in chief because he can run away if the country went to war. Mandela refused to leave prison until all his demands were met…it took 27 years to meet those conditions but he waited.

  12. Comment: very disappointed with this leader so called HH which I believe even some UPND members have now come to realise that he is a leader who cannot be entrusted in,a leader who has no self control over some certian things, I tell u with this kind behavior he can’t rule this nation called Zambia God forbid unless he change.what he did in south Africa its same as you re selling your own country rabbish nigger.

    • Iwe Tall mber know call, is HH telling lies ? The blood judiciary is owned by your Chakolwa Cheekala Tallmber Nyina Lungu and you are talking tosh, bulali fulu.

  13. It’s like expecting to find gold in the air instead of the ground. Honesty speaking, HH doesn’t mean anything to majority of us Zambians and it’s the more reason we will ensure he doesn’t win any elections in Zambia.
    The man needs to b emansipated from mental slavery. He is the worst politician Zambia has ever seen and to that effect, unless we don’t originate from Copperbelt, he will never rule us. And even the so called outsiders whom he has cheated, they need to understand the Zambian culture instead of advancing their hidden agenda. Zambia is a very unique country politically and once the a position has been taken, no one can change it. HH will NEVER BE PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA PERIOD!

  14. Well done HH , this is part of our efforts to make the world see that lungu is a thug climbing the dictator ladder rapidly…..

    I am on record saying the only chance Zambia opposition have to free democratic space is by the international community putting pressure on lungu…..even the release of HH was due to international pressure.

    Lungu needs the IMF bail out and forigne aid to survive, don’t cheat yourselfs otherwise.

    The seemingly change in direction by lungu was due to international pressure which must be rampted up more, there is no place for dictators in Zambia.

    Now the IMF must release funds only in instalments according to the behaviour of lungu and his PF thugs…

    • If you expect the IMF bailout to be your bargaining tool, you will be disappointed. CSO just reported that in July we recorded a trade surplus. Mining houses are exceeding production projections; Copper prices are edging toward $7,000/ton. WE MIGHT NOT JUST NEED THAT BAILOUT…

    • Zambian citizen

      The soft under belly of a dictator is the need for forigne funds and investment especially from the west…..lungu does not have the diamond and platinum fields Mugabe has nor has Zambia any US bases like Uganda, so you can bet your money the west does not need Zambia and Zambia can not survive without western aid…..the raise in copper prices making you bigheaded are not enough. Zambia owes to much money and right now if western countries stoped aid to zambia that will be the end…..and we all know how lungu craves recognition.

      Freeing HH is not enough, all the tools of dictatorship are intact, they need to be addressed……that is the next stage of all efforts…

  15. Where were these *****s when HH was languishing in prison. HH was saying what the international community already knows. Which part was untrue?
    Can HH go on ZNBC to adress issues? Wont he be charged with criminal tresspass just like Dr Nevers Mumba?
    These insititutions are irrelevant. Go HH, Go to CNN, BBC, ALJAZEERA and tell the world about the rot in our country.

  16. President Lungu could have chosen to approach the matter more maturely. Instead, he let things escalate when he sent police to go and arrest the leader of the Opposition, charge him with treason and sent him to Mukobeko Maximum Prison. That did send shock waves around the world.

    • Shock waves around the world or not, do you think the “world” is going to come and vote for hh into plot 1?? I would worry more about what the Zambian voters, the real key to power, think of your hh.I am in Lusaka, you are in USA. I visit markets, streets, clubs (both upmarket and in the compounds) etc: I HEAR WHAT ZAMBIANS ARE SAYING ABOUT HH DAILY!!!

    • That is why us in dispora have a duty to informe the west about lungus abuses on democracy…..you can lie to the voters back home but the world will know about your abuses and let’s see if tax payers in these countries where we live would like their tax monies propping up a dictator in the form of forigne aid.

  17. Come to think of it HH is doing a good job, let the world know Edgar and PF for who they really are. Expose them to the max you too kambwili so that he will be embarrassed to global trot and pretend to be good. Let’s make the world small for them so that the only place they can go is Swaziland to watch nude underage girls with pointed tits.

  18. If you are Pf the system won’t touch you but if you’re not you will be sorted out immediately without investigations and thrown in cells.
    One example is on Kaiza Zulu he is untouchable.
    Hence it’s true that our Zambia is rotten

    • @ jesse very true our judiciary is compromised. Yesterday I was on the road to Lusaka and quite a number of ZP vehicles were heading to Lusaka as well and we were almost pushed off the road and some cars almost overturned. Now is that right? does it not point to the fact that anything GRZ or ZP is beyond the law? Zambia is a police state and courts and police and all government wings are compromised. HH is telling the truth.

  19. As seen elsewhere around the world, police brutality wears an ugly face. Notwithstanding, it was increasingly becoming President Edgar Lungu’s trusted method of transacting business. While trying to distance himself from the police, the world could still see that it was him, and not anybody else, who was behind them. He has had unprecedented success at controlling and bulldozing the courts and the police force. That has created fear in the hearts of many in this country and abroad. They see him as an artist, who, with brush in hand and a pail of paint between his feet, is unabashedly painting a portrait of himself, as Zambia’s new and upcoming DICTATOR. Should his essayed dictatorship falter and fail, it will not be because of someone else. On the contrary, it will be because of that…

    • What evidence of this do you have? Do you even know what a dictator is? If you are an intelligent person, help us answer this question?
      Which one of these leaders behave in an autocratic way?
      A) Donald Trump
      B) Edgar Lungu
      C) Hakainde Hechilema

    • @ 24.1 FutureZed:
      A dictator is a beast so varied in shape and form, it lacks description. I could have elaborated on why Police Brutality and the scandalous actions of Zambian’s Legal Fraternity have been, indisputably, what caused the Kafue River to start flowing up-stream lately, but I would rather I don’t. Please ask yourself why the world got alarmed; and why many foreign dignitaries decided to either come in person or comment from wherever they were regarding what appeared to them as a development of ominous proportion in Zambia? Was it just a scarecrow they were seeing? For you, the dictionary definition of a dictator is the bush you have chosen to jump in and hide. For the rest of the world, a rabid dog gets to be known, not by how many people it has bitten, but purely by…

    • It’s a simple question…it made you think but you just had to find excuses? You use the U.S. as your benchmark for democracy but you fail to condem it maybe in fear that you may get deported?

  20. Does HH really think he is the president of Zambia? Ok, if hypothetically Lungu resigns tomorrow, does HH think he would be automatically anointed? He is portraying himself as though he is the president of Zambia and wonders why he was locked up on treason. HH is a disgrace and should never ever be allowed anywhere near the instruments of power. Let him be an opposition in South Africa where he thinks he is famous.

  21. hh denounces Judiciary. hh attends session of RSA parliament. President Jacob Zuma refuses to meddle in other country’s internal politics, gives direction on RSA’s foreign policy. hh gives press conference with maimane.
    ECL visits victims of Ndola market tragedy. Residents flock to meet him in multitudes. ECL meets mines suppliers. ZCID and other stakeholders condemn hh.

    It appears to me that while hh is exercising his democratic right, he is distancing himself from Zambians on the ground while endearing himself to the international community. This to me is a recipe for heartache at the polls. His strategy, his political direction is just not working!!!

    • He has been promised regime change by his masters that’s why he is taking the risk to tarnish our country and open it up to the vultures waiting on the side lines. They tried to destabilize our peace through the Barotseland shenanigans but that failed and now they smell a perfect opportunity with this man. It’s only the Zambian people who can put a stop to this nonsense by not voting for this traitor.

    • hh is not the president of Zambia. Would you allow HH to do all the mentioned? ECL IS DOING WHAT HE IS SUPPOSED TO DO AS PRESIDENT. HH is an opposition leader that has got no freedom of speach here or assembly. Be real in your opinions.

  22. In the first first place, do we still have credible people in the governance institutions?

    Secondly, he did not condemn those institutions but the people (of cadres) in those institutions who are painting a bad picture of those institutions.

    Everyone knows what is going on in those institutions. The judicially system leaves much to be desired in its current form. Everyone of you knows that the judicially is highly politicised.

    Even those Chanel’s which one can use to air out the opinions, do they give confidence that you, except for pf cadres, will get a fair hearing?


  23. Look at these bunch of sycophants lining up to please their master… What patriotism are they talking about, to praise lungu and his bunch of minions who sing his song? Do they really know what patriotism looks like? What is there to be patriotic about when you have a bunch of thieves and dictators [email protected] our democracy and l00ting national resources for their own good. If they are going to call people for patriotism, they should start with Lungu and his minions first. What a country this is where you have a bunch of hypocrites and pretenders masquerading as leaders.

    Lungu stole HH’s votes in broad daylight; he tried to go to the courts and they spat in his face. To make matters even worse they bundled him up like a criminal, slapped him with a treason charge punishable by death, all…

    • continued…

      To make matters even worse they bundled him up like a criminal, slapped him with a treason charge punishable by death, all while colluding with institutions that are supposed to be independent (the police, the DPP and the courts); the public media can’t give him any platform to air his opposing views. So what is really there to praise? I think HH was actually very restrained in his condemnation… never mind what these sycophants are spitting out.

  24. Shut up!!just tell your drunkad President to continue enjoying vodka no lulenda lulepona Ku kanwa.is he not ashamed of what happened in Kenya where judiciary is transparent and independent and not rotten.

  25. Where and how in Zambia would HH have been granted liberty and media space to express his statements concerning the happenings in our nation?. Even to hold prayers and thanks giving at the Cathedral Church after his release was not permitted. Surely to cry that HH has been honoured in South Africa not only by the opposition political parties but ANC,s Jacob Zuma too, paid glowing tributes for the resolute of hope in democracy HH exhibited during his incarceration.
    Let our national leaders create civil environment on which Zambians should express their views without retributions afterwards. South Africa deserves to be praised for that political space.

  26. The constituency of the people he is confiding in (Photo in question) is the wrong type. These are people who shall do anything in this world to see to it that the TRUE African does not rule himself but through them for the sake of theirs to continue enslaving us. What is the OAU there for and doing about this kind of opposition arrangement where a black is used as a smoke screen to wrestle power form the owners of the land? This man shall never get to rule this country unless he becomes born again. It might be too late for 2021.

  27. It is all drama is he coming back to Zambia and campaign for office or will south Africa give him the vote to rule Zambia! We shall wait and see dooes he really think , that is my question and immediately from prison it is all about southAfrica.
    The man is no longer a zambian his thoughts words from his own mouth have said it UPND must start looking for another leader .

    • Don t rigg the 2021 elections and you will be shocked at the votes this man will get and not forgetting no using government vehicles and our money for campaigns;

  28. HH is telling the truth and nothing but the truth, so help him God. Zambians will not be bullied into worshipping dictators and for this reason, HH should feel free to tell the world the truth and his experiences whilst in that prison. Forward with HH !!

  29. The only person who takes away people’s rights is a dictator.

    The favourite tools of a dictator are:
    1. The police through oppression
    2. The judiciary through adjournments
    3. Corruption and amassment of unexplained wealth

    God chooses leaders both good or evil.
    Am sure we know what type of leader we have by now.

  30. The judiciary in Zambia is controlled by the executive. Should we even argue about that. The moment Scotland seemed to have had fruitful talks between Lungu and HH, it was clear that HH would be out of prison. It’s like all of a sudden the DPP knew what to do that she couldn’t do all along. She entered a nolle on behalf of the state. That consulted state was the executive. Whoever said the judiciary is controlled by the executive was spot on.

    • ‘Heal should have quietly confided in various stakeholders at home before going abroad’….. really, which stakeholders are these and what influence do they wield on the current regime? Am sure these stakeholders knew that Hichilema’s incarceration was unwarranted; then what did they do to secure his realease, if they had influence. The bottom line is that the only other important stakeholder is the same government that is at the pinnacle of the abuses being talked about.

    • The infamy of the judiciary that was being highlighted is what’s already known about this lame arm of government. Before Hichilema spoke in South Africa, the world had long wondered what type of a judiciary would turn a traffic offence into treason. All international media houses had covered this matter with ample bemusement that it could attract. The failed to comprehend how any credible institution ( judiciary) could allow such a farce. By the time Hichilema was going to SA to speak, the judiciary was already a disgrace in the eyes of foreigners.

  31. Instead of trying to project some sort of injury to false pride of having a credible institution, the moment calls on calling out the judiciary and ask it to clean it’s act or force reforms. The shambles of what’s called a judiciary can no longer hide its gross incompetence behind the veil of sovereignty. They are no such screens these days. Inter-country peer review mechanism being pursued these days, mean below par performancces of governance agencies will always be no by all. Whining about Hichilema is missing the point, cleaning up is what’s urgently needed.

  32. Zambian Judiciary under Madam Mambilima is rotten to the core. Why defend or protect a compromised system? Zambian Judiciary is a surrogate of the Executive and it’s by name that it exists. PF is scared that their mischevious behaviour has been exposed the world over?

    • Having chosen to become strippers for money, Zambia’s Judiciary must have to be seen as such, and not as the prestigious custodians of Justice. They abrogated that sacred office for cash. Kenya’s Supreme Court Justices have done for us what these impostors, masquerading as “JUSTICES” denied us in broad day light. What respect do they deserve? They sold us all for a morsel of bread.

    • Uhuru Kenyatta has also called the Kenyan judges are rotten crooks. So it’s a no win situation. Mind you if UK wins the election those judges will be sitting targets.

    • @ 39.2 Ndanje khaki:
      The fight has to be, between light and darkness. There is avoiding of that, no escape from it. One simply has to choose which side to be on. Kenyans have suffered for far too long under the blight of corruption. Uhuru Kenyatta, the richest of the rich among Kenya’s elite, commands much clout. But he is up against the poor majority and against the baptized conscience of a world bedeviled by the unsolicited and despicable torment of the masses – Kenya’s poor majority. The situation is explosive for sure. It is situations such as this, which ignite revolutions. There is a point beyond which you may not push humans.

    • @ 39.2 Ndanje khaki: CORRECTED:
      The fight has to be, between light and darkness. There is no avoiding of that, no escape from it. One simply has to choose which side to be on. Kenyans have suffered for far too long under the blight of corruption. Uhuru Kenyatta, the richest of the rich among Kenya’s elite, commands much clout. But he is up against the poor majority and against the baptized conscience of a world bedeviled by the unsolicited and despicable torment of the masses – Kenya’s poor majority. The situation is explosive for sure. It is situations such as this, which ignite revolutions. There is a point beyond which you may not push humans.

    • Up to a point, humans are spectators, beyond that, they are a spectacle. Kenya has reached that breaking point. Watch out.

  33. I wonder why you’re all hurting on a person without wisdom on how to win people’s hearts. He can only lead a few with his own inclination. I wish Lungu was wise enough as well. Generally speaking we have no real political person to look to at the moment.

  34. If you want to see a judiciary with bollocks of steel and deeds to go along with them, go to Nairobi! What we have in Zambia is a bunch of puppets on a string complete with Jonathan Lungu playing them around from the executive podium. Whoever doesn’t see it that way is a gutless *****?

  35. Zambia’s Judiciary treated us to a nagging miscarriage of Justice, and Kenya’s to a live birth. Though still depressed over the miscarriage, we are delighted at the birth of a live baby at our neighbors. They were there for us. They came to mourn with us. We must be there for them – go and celebrate with them, because this birth, is nothing short of a miracle. For it, we praise the Almighty.

  36. I never conceived of a time when Zambia would be on the spotlight for wrong reasons. Apart from being number 1 on stats for poverty and destitution, I never imagined we would be scrutinized this closely because of one stup!d idi!ot in state house who wants to mugabenize Zambia!!

  37. And justice simply means “FAIRNESS.” The God of Heaven hates “unfairness” in the game of live. Those in Zambia, employed to be the custodians of justice, prey on it, making it a commodity they deprive the rest of us in order to enrich themselves. By so doing, they consider themselves smart enough as to be able to hoodwink the all-seeing God of heaven. That’s how deluded they are – deceived by none other than the Arch-deceiver, Satan, himself.

      “…The God of Heaven hates “unfairness” in the game of life. Those in Zambia, employed to be the custodians of justice, prey on it, making it a commodity they deprive us of, in order to enrich themselves.”

  38. The drama which we staged, and in which we acted – not because we are Hollywood or Nollywood movie actors, but because we earnestly believed in what we were doing, was one that revealed how heartless we have become; and how devoid of morality we are; such that, now we make the mere mention of our dark acts by Mr. Hichilema in South Africa recently, a crime. He ought not have said what he said, we insist. Really? Are we still humans or we are something else?

  39. The very delivery of justice elsewhere in the world, even though taking place far from here, a long way from our own borders, has descended on us as though a cloud of darkness. We see nothing good in it, and say nothing palatable about it. We are, as it were condemned by it. And yet that verdict is on others, not on us. Doesn’t that, in itself, speak volumes? Doesn’t that tell us that, even though hidden from sight, yet locked within us is a troubled conscience? And that we are just as guilty, if not more guilty, than those who have been found to be so elsewhere. Does it surprises us that JUSTICE should be so indestructible? And that it is non-combustible? And should we not admit our failure at sending it away empty-handed?

    • You are the kind of Zambian that gives me hope for our country, eloquent, analytical, measured and intelligent. Truly Zambia has as yet to be ruled by it’s best brains.

  40. I hear that, some of us on the Copperbelt, attempting to be more creative than the rest, essayed the unfathomable – go and bury justice at a graveyard. But it didn’t take long before the world heard us speak, not to boast of our success, but to bewail our failure at what we attempted to do. Justice never died. It was not justice that we buried at that graveyard. But why do we keep on embarrassing ourselves like this? Why don’t we simply come to terms with this thing called JUSTICE? It will be for our good when we do, because “JUSTICE (RIGHTEOUSNESS) UPHOLDS A NATION,” so says the good book: “BUT SIN IS A REPROACH TO ANY PEOPLE.” Prov. 14:34

  41. Our minds having become so adept at that which we do for a living, calling right, wrong and wrong, right; truth, error and error, truth; black, white and white, black; our minds, not other minds, so notorious for being “deceptive and desperately wicked,” and being able to turn, twist and wiggle in mid-air and, upon landing, tell a lie as though it were the absolute truth, what hope is there, that we will one day stray out of this web of our own deception, and convince ourselves to commit the crime of self-introspection to enable and guide us, once more, to the re-discovery what we once knew – our senses?

  42. This is all about political space. HH has no political space to fully exercise his political vision in Zambia. Lungu and his Government have squeezed him to the corner. He has to show gratitude even when he has been wronged. What type of FKup thinking is this. As a people we seem to have grown insensitive to what is right and we want to hide behind sovereignty . Sovereignty has a price as it has to ensure there is functional constitutionalism, respect for the rule of law, separation of powers and freedom of the press with equal access to all political stakeholders. And importantly there should be a clear separation of the party from government.

    If this existed, HH would not have been arrested, Lungu would have handed in power to the speaker during the petition, arbitrary arrest…

  43. Seriously thinking the judges HH is insulting will be there in 2021 so where is going to take his petition ? Some times it’s better to shut up

    • They let him down on several occasion already, they lost his respect.
      The so called judges and ZP have lost the respect of any normal person, except for a few PF leeches.

  44. Who In their right minds would have kind words for this PF administration.
    They are an embarrassment and have taken us back to primitive times, they have reduced Zambia Police and the judiciary to incompetent institutions.

  45. Well said people above, finally we can hear voices concerned at the thug behaviour of lungu…….

    Lungu want to flying around the world pretending he is not a dictator ??…..well not if some of us can help it.

  46. Are we not in many ways like that great Explorer, Christopher Columbus, not a relative of ours in any significant sense of that word, ‘relative,’ and yet very much like him? He set out not knowing where he was going, upon getting there, couldn’t tell where he was, and on his return, had no ideal where he had been? He discovered a world and yet went back home in ashes and sackcloth, on his last return, in chains? And why? Was it not because of one thing – he lacked a chart? The continent which, in a letter so poorly written, he called “a big island,” how dishonorable that was! Any wonder it was named, not after him, but after one who had a chart, one, Amerigo Vespucci? Is that not our story – our African story – having all, and yet no chart of and about that which is ours? And for…


      … Is that not our story – our African story – having all, and yet no chart of and about that which is ours? And for that reason, forfeit it all to strangers?

  47. What some Emmanuel Mwamba would have been happy with:
    Hakainde should have said:
    1.) The Police in Zambia are fantastic,just see how i was civilly arrested. I even had a cup of tea on my way to prison
    2.) Prisons in Zambia are a fantastic global ‘role model’.There are a couple of challenges but on the whole its wonderful there. I was treated very very well and had all three meals daily.
    3.) Our Judiciary is seamless and our institutions are exemplary.
    5.)There is freedom of expression in Zambia and everyone including the press can express their views freely

    6)Opposition parties can hold meetings freely and there is absolutely no intimidation from anyone. Its all lies

  48. @Ndanje khaki #51, good point! But because it cannot learn! It will go there in 2021, and you know what will happen! If I were a judge, I would never forget this!

  49. In the photo are people who could have printed ballot papers! Thank God for a revelation to Zambia! Blessings and peace on Zambia!

  50. All Govnt institutions which HH insult everyday must team up with PF and make sure HH never rules Zambia!!
    SURELY HOW DOES HH DREAM ABOUT WINNING THE PRESIDENCY WHILE INSULTING OFFICIALS WHO CAN DECLARE HIM A WINNER?kikikikikkiki HH is indeed an under 5 politician.no football team can insult a referee and hope to win the game faily-never!!

  51. As long the PF control the media, fools will rejoice. I do not see anything wrong in H.H condemning the harsh conditions he and others in the prisons are going through. The question is, from the time that he was discharged from mukobeko has our national broadcast invited him for an interview so that he can tell his story. Bwana Lifwekelo and others just keep quite and ask for a job in PF quietly as one day they will reward you as Bowman and Mr. Mutati has been. Mind you! Anc used the Zambian media to fight the boers.

  52. Let us comparatively consider the genetic make up of three political personalities:
    (1) Former US President Carter was strongly opposed to George Bush brand of misinformation which led the USA to conduct a military invasion of IRAQ. However, as USA militarily attacked Iraq, Mr. Carter opted to be silent as his country was at war.
    (2) A South African called Julius Malema made a trip to London just to seize an opportunity to castigate the integrity of the World-respected Statesman – Nelson Mandela. We wonder if Malema appreciates the democratic environment created by Mandela.
    (3) In Zambia we have HH who fakes illness just to go and disparage his own country in South Africa.
    Zambians can make their own judgement.

  53. Imagine the Upnd denying that Uhuru hasn’t threatened the judges when this common news on all major media outlets. No wonder they will always call a loss a win. I give up.

  54. HH does not know reconciliation.What ever happened at the cathedral,the man has already forgotten.What he wants is to recoup what he spent during the campaigns,period.Not that he is going to be any better than ECL.Try him and you will be the First to insult him.

  55. we told you Hakainde was a freemaso , they are all working for brenthrust foundation, Un umbrella of the new world order ruled by the whites, these are the very Freemasoons ,they couldn’t use Obasanjo to be the mouth piece of Zambia because of the 200 deaths he slaughtered just to obtain a land of oil, mothers and children, blood gutted like a chicken, allowing HH the white man’s puppet to rule is allowing death in Zambia….I’m breaker and I approve this message


  56. HH went to South Africa to campaign for 2021 elections.

    Am not sure whether Maimane and Malema have Zambian voters cards.

    Our actions in life speak of whether we are politically mature pure not.

    Discrediting the nation to an opposition party does not add a single value to any party.

    What support or pressure do you get by winning the sympathy of opposition from other nations when all government globally do not support your behaviour?

    It dors not add up in political sense!

  57. I am sure the clergymen who were busy begging for him are ashamed now……it is the same as asking God to forgive Satan.

  58. The judiciary through the Concourt made another ruling (Miyanda vs Attorney General) which is in agreement with HH that the Speaker should have taken over power.
    Why did the Chief Justice remain quiet over this issue?

Comments are closed.

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