All those working in President Lungu’s government are expected to be loyal-Mwila


PF S.G Davies Mwila addressing party cadres from Eastern Provincecalling for the removal of Felix Mutati at the party secretariat.
PF S.G Davies Mwila addressing party cadres from Eastern Provincecalling for the removal of Felix Mutati at the party secretariat.
PATRIOTIC Front (PF) secretary-general Davies Mwila says all those working in President Lungu’s government are expected to be loyal failure to which they should leave.

Mr Mwila says PF is a party on its own and it shall remain as such with Mr Lungu as its presidential candidate in the 2021 elections.

“President Lungu and PF have no time to waste on politicking. We are eager to deliver development and so we want loyalty, harmony and unity in our ranks,” he said.

Mr Mwila was speaking yesterday when he received a petition from Eastern Province PF members who demanded the resignation of Minister of Finance Felix Mutati for allegedly destabilising the party in the province.

Mr Mwila promised to deliver the petition to President Lungu immediately and later present it to the central committee for consideration.

“We will soon visit Eastern Province to check what is going on there. Eastern Province is our stronghold, so we will not allow anyone to destabilise our party,” he said.

And presenting the petition, provincial PF vice-chairperson Godwin Phiri said it has come to the attention of the party in the region that some people in MMD are allegedly working against President Lungu.

Mr Phiri accused MMD vice-president Mtolo Phiri of secretly telling members to destabilise PF in the province.

“MMD vice-president Mtolo Phiri is secretly instructing MMD members to undermine and destabilise PF with the view of propping Mr Felix Mutati to take over in 2021,” he said.
When contacted for a comment, Mr (Mtolo) Phiri said he could not immediately give his side of the story because he needed to consult and get an official position.
Mr Mutati’s mobile phone went unanswered.

But MMD national secretary Raphael Nakacinda told Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) that the party will not interfere in the internal affairs of the PF.

Mr Nakacinda said the MMD will not react to the calls against Mr Mutati but that the party leader was chosen on merit by President Lungu because the head of State has confidence in him.

And some PF members in North-Western Province have also called for the resignation of Mr Mutati from the MMD or relinquish his cabinet position, reports BUTTYSON KANDIMBA.
The members made the demand yesterday when they presented a petition to North-Western Province Minister Richard Kapita.

PF provincial chairlady Violet Kayumba also accused Mr Mutati of destabilising the party in the region.

She said, during the Likumbi Lya Mize traditional ceremony recently, hundreds of MMD members allegedly openly declared their support for Mr Mutati for 2021 and endorsed his candidature.

“We all know that we only have one President, who is His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu as endorsed by the central committee recently,” Ms Kayumba said.

And Mr Kapita thanked the members for showing love for the party which they do not want to see die in the province and promised to deliver the petition to President Lungu.
Mr Kapita urged the members to remain peaceful as the head of State examines the petition from the province.

In Northern Province, some PF supporters marched in support of the petition to have Mr Mutati resign.


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      I don’t recall Mutati renouncing his presidency of MMD. He was taken on as Minister in the PF government on his own terms.
      PF grow up!

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      Ba Mwila, now that you have been told by the Easterners that Mutati is not loyal, what are you doing about it?

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      Honorable Mwila PF SG, Kindly listen to the words of wisdom from our free minds driven by expert judgement than patrionage. You and President Lungu know that Organizational politics has many faces. Kindlyoffer leadership in this despensation of weak political party systems when prolifications and realignment matter. What you are seeing over petition against Hon Mutati is simply an expression of the hegemony of identity politics potentially inflamed by some internal or external power centers privy to party dynamics. The risk of overlooking or acting on them impulsively could be disasterous as the consequences are substantial.We seldom talk about them in terms of power and influence but the political dynamics are prevalent, whether we think of it that way or not. PF is not a Grand party to…

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      PF is not a Grand party to trash any pact. Be very careful with such arrogancy because you don’t have the tyranny of numbers on the national wide constitutency at a time when alliances and realignments matter. The national electoral constituency is highly fragmented and every vote counts. Decision 2021 is coming with some serious exigencies-political, institutional and external forces all which good foresight cannot afford to ignore. This free unsolicited counsel for the common good from a free mind of a patriot with absolute financial independence. Be ready for unparalleled pressure in the run up to and in 2021. You need more smart politics and decisions than ever before. Please sober up now. Forewarning is forearming.

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    Beware. .people like Kambwili may want to put a wedge between easterners and bembas. He’s already circulating a cabinet composed of ngonis and no bembas.

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    You are just a bunch of useless people. Anyone deemed to be a threat to Chagwa becomes an enemy of your party. 🙁

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    The foolishness of Zambian politics goes on! Mutati is a leader of a political party called MMD! though he is in the Government, he is NOT a member of PF! The biggest problem in Zambia is that we seem to have gone back to the PIG system….Part and Its Government! Being a minster is not a automatic route to joining PF! why are these guys so worried about their so called party… it because they are weak!
    Don’t they have any thing else better to do!

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    Any one better than Chagwa is at risk. This is all coming from Chagwa who wants to be the sole PF presidential candidate in 2021. But he has another thing coming. The presidential petition will be held. IMF, World Bank and The Commonwealth will make this a condition of good governance.

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    The PIG syndrome. Party and It’s Government syndrome. The PF SG make Kaunda’s UNIP look like the better evil.

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    Felix was President of MMD when appointed do you really think he has loyality to a lazy bum like Lungu….he is strategically positioning himself. I am sure deep down be detests the empty tins he has to rub shoulders with.

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    Lungu kuwayawayafye. It’s like inviting a married friend to sleep in your bedroom and when he eyes your wife you get shocked.

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    Davies Mwila has a very short memories. MMD helped you win elections BUT they did not disband their party. PF and MMD agreed to work together not to kill the party. Davies Mwila, the blind loyalty you are talking about is not making any sense even to you. Mutati is a president let him talk to his people. Mwila in his constant hallucination is begining to think eastern province is PF stronghold. In his dreams he thinks so.Eastern province is RB and RB means Mutati. Keep your mouth shut Davies Mwila, the terrible loser in your own constituency.

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