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Teaching Council of Zambia urged to punish ‘fake’ teachers

General News Teaching Council of Zambia urged to punish ‘fake’ teachers

Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) says t the Teaching Council of Zambia ( TCZ ) should take punitive measures on any teacher found wanting.

PROTUZ Lusaka provincial chairperson Paul Chipimo says after 490 teachers have so far been found with forged Grade 12 and General Certificate of Education (GCE) certificates, it is prudent upon the TCZ to take stern disciplinary measures on any erring teacher.

Mr. Chipimo said the development of teachers been found with forged certificates is a saddening one but the teaching council should take the required steps to the erring teachers to protect the teaching profession.

“Our interest is serving the teachers however it is very unfortunate that others have forged papers, our stance is that let the employer do what is necessary to the erring individuals because we don’t support illegality,” he said.

Mr. Chipimo said in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka, today, that teachers need not to comprise with standards because they are role models to society.

He added that the Teaching Service Commission should however be considerate and critical in dealing with certain cases of the teachers which may be sensitive.

“I think in dealing with the issue some cases should be critically handled because whatever the case the employer has the bigger say in the decision that will be made on this matter,” he said.

Teaching Council of Zambia recently so far discovered 490 teachers with forged Grade 12 and General Certificate of Education (GCE) certificates.

This was revealed during the ongoing teacher registration exercise for teacher’s country wide.

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  1. What bigger say naimwe? Is just to fire why use forged documents anyway. We need the jobs that we rightfully deserve! Some people are looking for jobs with genuine certificates and yet people are in jobs with fake certificates. Just keep quiet Paul if this story is hard for you with a forged certificate.

    • He asks TCZ to punish them and at the same time appeals to TSC to be considerate (implicitly lenient). What is the union asking for? corruption? Once corrupt always corrupt. Some of these teachers have bought their way through right from grade one up to school heads and they will still go ahead and do all they can to get through this one in like manner

  2. Wow! They have been posing as intellectuals and yet not? This should be extended to privately owned institutions as well. Too many fake teachers

  3. These fake teachers should lose their jobs and whatever pension benefits they have accumulated so far. In addition, they should be made to pay back what they illegally earned without proper qualifications. Finally, properly registered schools that employ such teachers should also be punished forthwith.

  4. Can law come to prosecute the 490 with forged documents to stop would be offenders, it’s sad and such exercise should be extended to other professionals

  5. It’s the duty of the teaching Council of zambia to register teachers …Thus,
    before punishing those fake teachers ,the board itself (TCZ) has to be thoroughly examined as how such kind of teachers are being found in the system… Is quality assurance really working???…..

  6. If they have genuine college certificates, what’s fuss about 12 certificates that almost everyone get after leaked exam papers?

  7. Its unfortunity, TCZ there are some administrators and teachers who have fake grade 12 certificate but they are hard working and well behaved and the system does appreciate their services. There are also those with genuine grade 12 certificate some out of leakage but are unble to perfom their duties and their conduct is very bad. I wish TCZ should have first issued lincenses to all and thereafter make a follow up. Those administrators and teachers found wanting should be castgated and their lincense cancelled in order to bring sanity in the teaching fratenity. I wish the TCZ would have striked a balance on those hard working without genuine certificate in order to keep the system and those felling to perform but with genuine certificate. God has given people different abilities and they…

  8. Musonda Lisa, are you one of them? Which hard working are you talking about? These fake teachers are the ones that have made many genuine people to fail to perform to accepted standard. It is saddening to see someone you know failed grade 7, failed grade 9 and even failed grade 12 to hear that he is now a District Education Board Secretary or Head of senior secondary school or holding any other managerial position in government. And that at the cost of other well learned men and women. That is the more reason why there is too much mediocrity, inefficiency and above all, open corruption in our institutions and the country at large. Ladies and gentlemen look at this. If a teacher rose through ranks from a class teacher to the position of DEBS with forged papers, how do you expect such a one…

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