Today’s Messages:In Your Midnight Hour


Today’s Scripture

“About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everyone’s chains came loose.”
(Acts 16:25-26, NIV)

In Your Midnight Hour

Paul and Silas were put in jail for spreading good news. It wasn’t fair. They were beaten and accused without a trial. As they sat in the prison, bloodied, bruised and hopeless, it looked like things were over for them. When they had no hope, nowhere to turn, when they were literally trapped and bound in their circumstances, they began to sing praises to God. As they did, right at midnight—their darkest hour—there was suddenly a great earthquake. The prison doors flung open, their chains fell off, and they walked out as free men!

We’ve all had times when we felt completely trapped by circumstances. We’ve all felt lonely and hopeless. So many along the Gulf Coast are facing their darkest hours. Today, I encourage you to do what Paul and Silas did and begin to praise God! When you praise Him no matter what, that’s when God enters your situation. That’s when He can break your chains and set you free. Praise Him in your midnight hour and watch Him show up and set you free.

A Prayer for Today

“Father, right now I lift my heart to You. You are worthy to be praised! I will bless You in the midnight hour knowing that You are good, and You have victory and freedom in store for me in Jesus’ name! Amen.”


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      The Last Stage Of Mental Slavery

      Mental slavery is what Fela Anikulapo Kuti called “follow-follow”

      Christianity is all part of colonial instrument designed to keep control of the mind of an African.

      Israeli tourism ministry is stacking cash everyday! All thanks to African sheeples!

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      Accept or deny it , africans do not identify well with Christianity .

      Africans suffered slavery and the European Bible seems to okay it.

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    Call it mental slavery or colonial hangover and continue to hide behind pseudonyms. I love my Jesus and my Bible and I thank all the Missionaries who left their homes and risked their lives to come to an undeveloped and disease plagued Africa.

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    China Bans Children From Attending Churches
    The Chinese Government have banned children from attending churches in the country.

    This is in a bid to tighten their grip on religious activities.

    The new directive by the Government also prohibits children from attending religious sermons and other related activities across China.

    This control on churches in the country started several years ago when places of worship were told to remove crosses from their buildings in Zhejiang Province.

    A researcher for Amnesty International, William Nee, who spoke to MailOnline UK, said, “At this point it’s unclear how widespread the ban on children attending church services are in China, but these alarming reports seem to be coming in from fairly diverse areas throughout the country.”


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      Nice move. In Zambia they’re the most religious but the most useless country on the face of the earth. Who can’t even produce toothpick but those who do not believe in an imaginary friend are the ones sustaining them.

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    Zambia should do same.

    At least we can be guaranteed one generation of people who thinks with their brain and not their a s s.

    Religion is doing great harm to this country.

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      This is a very excellent move. Science is better for kids and religion will be their choice to make at maturity. The question of God is, is a confusion in religion. Religion has no idea what they worship.

      Kudos to the Chinese Government

      Congratulations to the Chinese people.

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    Praise God for Blessing us with this Ministry for declaring Zambia a Christian Nation. No weapon or blasphemy will ever change this Glorification from the Almighty. The Devil was defeated 2000 years ago & he now can’t understand what God is doing through Zambia. He’s fighting to keep his followers around the world but through Zambia God will reclaim many who are lost because Zambia will have a strong testimony about God’s works & many shall believe. God Bless Zambia!

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