7 people die in road traffic accident


Kasama, September 04, 2017, ZANIS—Seven people have perished while thirty-seven others are admitted to Kasama General Hospital after being involved in a road traffic accident in Mungwi district in Northern Province.

Northern Province Permanent Secretary Jobbicks Kalumba confirmed the indent to ZANIS in Kasama, shortly after visiting the accident victims at Kasama general hospital today.

Dr. Kalumba said the accident happened last evening along the NSELUKA- KAYAMBI road in Mungwi district.

He explained that the victims met their fate after a light canter truck they were in lost control and overturned, with six of them dying on the spot.

The PS however said another victim also died upon arrival at Kasama general hospital.

Dr. Kalumba added that the deceased persons who were all females have since been deposited in Kasama general hospital mortuary awaiting postmodern and burial.

Meanwhile Dr. Kalumba has described the condition of the other accident victims currently admitted to Kasama general hospital as stable.

He has since thanked the health workers for their quick response and care.

Dr. Kalumba described the incident as unfortunate, adding that the victims, believed to be choir members of Saint Ann Catholic Church in Kasama district, were returning from a church function that took place in Mungwi district.


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      Now here is the issue I have, why use a truck to ferry people? The church would have managed to get decent transport. They can hire a bus atleast and a good driver. Problem our drivers suddenly become excited with sound of choir music and drive fast. There is a law that forbids ferrying people on lorries on long distance trips.

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    These were not Political Cadres but were Ambassadors of Christ. MAY THEIR SOULS REST IN ENTERNAL PEACE.

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    For how will people be subjected to this kinda transportation? People must never be packed and carried in vans or trucks because those are meant for goods. How I wish we as a country could properly regulate the transport sector to avoid such mishaps. MTSRIP!

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    This is truly distressing. With so many Buses and mini-Buses in the Country, why carry people like Cargo in a Truck? In fact this is worse than Cargo because at least Cargo is securely tied with ropes to the Truck so that in the event of emergency brakes, or an accident, it does not go flying off the Truck. This is too ghastly to contemplate when it involves human beings.
    The other point is: A Heavy Goods Vehicle- HGV license does NOT authorise a driver to carry a truckload of human beings. Period. So, did the driver have a Passenger Carrying Vehicle -PCV license? The Country needs answers, and needs them NOW. This is very upsetting.

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    People have been misled by those they trust to lead them to think that the ‘soul’ is some spiritual intangible part of man. the bible does not teach this; as fancy as it ma sound. Gen 2;7 shows that man is dust + breath = soul. matt. 16:26 ask the question, what is a man profited by gaining the world and losing his own soul. Luke clarifies that the soul is the man, not a part of him. ‘Luke 9:25 For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?’
    the soul, being the man, is not conscious in death Ecclesiastes 9:5,6,10. a dead man knows nothing; he therefore cannot be miserable or at peace. praying for his soul to rest in peace is suggesting that he/she is in a state of misery, is aware of…

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    is aware of it and desires a change. This goes back to the original lie that Satan told Eve, that we will not surely die. We are not really dead when we die; we become as Gods, more powerful, conscious and still active.
    who will we believe?
    God who made us says the dead is unconscious and knows nothing.
    Does God lie?

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    Canters are not meant to ferry people but goods cause they don’t offer any safety. RTSA please look into this to avoid unnecessary loss of life. W haven’t leant as a nation from the kawambwa accident.

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