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Artiste who painted Iris Kaingu’s naked body defends his work, says Zambians don’t understand art

General News Artiste who painted Iris Kaingu’s naked body defends his work, says Zambians...

Artist Caleb Chisha working on Iris Kaingu's body art
Artist Caleb Chisha working on Iris Kaingu’s body art

The artist who painted Socialite Iris Kaingu’s body which has become a latest internet sensation in Zambia has defended his artistry.

Caleb Chisha said it is unfortunate that most Zambians who have condemned his work on Iris’s body do not understand art.

Chisha said he has received thousands of phone calls from people who has criticized his work.

This week, photos of an almost naked Iris having her private parts painted by Chisha hit the internet with most social media users castigating the art work and describing it as immoral.

But Chisha said most Zambians do not understand art.

“Have received a thousand calls and messages from people because of this body art I did on Iris Kaingu, it’s unfortunate most Zambian people don’t understand what art is and the message behind this work I did,” Chisha said.

He said, “historically women in Africa walked around in the nude. After colonization, western ideals were forced upon our people and custom changed. Nowadays, the female body is not as celebrated and women aren’t allowed to express themselves through clothing without ridicule.”

“To emphasize this. I have done a beautiful illustration of an African Princess. Three things I would like to highlight, 1. Society needs to understand that by our actions in body shaming others we make people lose confidence in themselves. We need to be a society that builds each other up. You are confident, bold, beautiful, fearless! You are you! We are all beautiful.”

Chisha added, “2. Contrary to what most believe, this is a part of our culture and not the modernized dress of present dat. We need to unite and preserve what is still left of our traditions and customs so that future generations have their feet firmly in the ground.”

“3. Lastly, you are beautiful in your own skin. You are wonderful made by God. You must be celebrated. If short shorts or tight little skirts are what make you feel beautiful, you should express that. You have the freedom to! Go ahead and celebrate what God blessed you with Iris.”

And Iris has thanked Chisha for the work done on her body called Painted Princess.

“Thank you Caleb Chisha for helping me with this project*painted Princess*. A project exploring the historical beauty of cultural body paint,” Iris said.

In October 2012, Iris who is Former Higher Education Minister Michael Kaingu’s daughter was fined K10 million after she was convicted of on one count of making obscene material likely to corrupt morals after her pornographic video was leaked on the internet.


    • Chisha is missing the point here.
      Zambians do understand art how dare you insult us!
      Here it is the model of your art most people have issues with her narcissism and shocking efforts she uses to attract attention. Not what he painted which obviously some people may like.
      Next time choose your surface wisely.
      Oil on canvas is always a safe bet!

    • Iris, we are used to seeing your ‘things’. Nothing new. But thing is… ‘weo mwanawe uliye malango’. You are surely a big disgrace to your family and remember that the things you do now will haunt you one day in future. Mark my words.

      Solola Bye!

    • why paniting women? why didn’t he paint himself uyu ch.ika.la? they are emulating ba Chagaw Kadansa Reed Lungu…lol

    • Miss Iris Kaingu should make the most of her beauty now while it is still there, but going by the latest photos, she will be a big mama by 35 and obese by 40. Then, attention will draw away to someone else because ‘The beautiful ones are not yet born.’

  1. Ba LT mulebako professional, meaning edit your stories and write for the educated too.
    A person who draws is an artist. An artiste is a drama artist or professional entertainer a dancer, singer or instrumentalist
    This sentence is obviously not artistic: he has received thousands of phone calls from people who has criticized his work.

    • Mutola Nkani, look at another definition of ‘artiste’. I just copied it from Merriam Webster Dictionary and pasted it here: > 2 : an artistic or creative person < Going by this definition, I think Caleb is a creative person and hence an artiste.

    • @Fault finder there s a difference as Caleb himself might tell you if he was professionally trained. Here is a web entry on the difference:
      There is a small difference between the artist and artiste, and that too is just in the usage. An artist is the one who is indulged in the work of art or creates a piece of art. On the other hand, artiste refers to an artist who is specifically a skilled public performer such as a dancer, singer or an actor.

    • By virtue of the calls then it is art. Art is supposed to provoke and ‘stimulate’ the senses. It is indeed surprising how people can shame that which is natural. Really nothing wrong about this body art.

  2. You sure are strong down there if you did that without any emotions considering how close you were to the most sought after adult food

  3. How naïve and condescending! What artist says such silly things? A whole nation doesn’t understand art? Just defend yourself properly Mr Caleb Chisha. No artist would say such trash unless he doesn’t know art

  4. Well regardless of Art and everything else… tradition call it what. I thought tradition does change with time. Tradition does not mean we stick to old ideas even if they are detrimental to our welfare. Women used to move naked? Yes and that was before people’s morals were corrupted with sexual images and all that we have come to see sex to be in our modern era. Unfortunately we cannot rub away the interactions we have come to have with other cultures. Our old societies were an enclave and they knew how to protect their integrity in the midst of moving naked. Chisha’s argument is flawed and lacks substance. I am afraid preserving culture is not about going back to nudity and let me not even say nudity, going back to what was an available resource as clothing. Ok kanshi ba Chisha start…

    • “EYE OPENER”

      Africa Addio is a 1966 Italian documentary about the end of the colonial era in Africa. The film was released in a shorter format under the names Africa Blood and Guts in the United States and Farewell Africa on UK VHS. The film was shot over a period of three years by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi, two Italian filmmakers who had gained fame (along with co-director Paolo Cavara) as the directors of Mondo Cane in 1962. This film ensured the viability of the so-called Mondo film genre, a cycle of “shockumentaries”- documentaries featuring sensational topics, a description which largely characterizes Africa Addio.

  5. But whats wrong with Iris Kaingu?is this girl normal sure?Moreover,cant Mr Michael Kaingu, control this girl?its amazing.how was Caleb Chisha feeling when painting this hule naked?am sure he first did her several times and only painted her after his sexual apetitate is long gone because no normal man would stand in front of a naked lady for hours and just let her go minus having sex!!!

  6. Fascinating. Leave her alone. It’s her body!

    Body Decorations of African Cultures
    Africans have ancient traditions for decorating and accessorizing the body in rich and varied ways. Traditionally, many African peoples wore little to cover their bodies, leaving their skin exposed and available for decoration. Africans adorned themselves in four general ways: scarification, body painting, beadwork, and jewelry……..

  7. chisha, in which country do women walk nude?? point out the country for us please..the lower part of a woman is always covered..maybe in your village women walk nude..even God covered Adam and Eve when they realized they were naked…kindly keep your ignorance to yourself.

  8. The devil at work: Chisha tekanya ne chalo. Money will remain on earth. Think twice young man start going to Church and repent, God will give you the best panting you can work on. Don’t chess the world you will never find it. It runs very fast and many have died and left it.

  9. Nothing to see here.. she chose to be painted, thats her buzz. Some of you are zooming in and out of the pic to get a better glimpse, thats your buzz.

  10. Haven’t seen the photos. So you mean this time it was “artiste” Chisha having a go with Iris?
    Uuuhhhmmmm, mouth watering, somebody please introduce me to Iris.

    • Kikikikiki………you make me laugh. Some people in this world are so strong. If I was in Iris’ position I would not be walking the streets with my head high


  12. Kona kange Iris kona lilaho kanani lona, nako kaufela bashimani ba itakaleza kuka soma ka m’me ka siLozi ka! Kono onacwale nikuli ki kasefa number, ka shapa mutenya o mwankaula likubo kusiya ki twaaa seli bwaanda. Ka hozize ndatakona Kaingu kakuli niyena ku utwahala kuli ki Numwa Imakena, wa hwela binameke.

  13. Great work to the artist. And Iris you are really the KARTRASHIAN OF ZAMBIA. Just yesterday your sister Kim in the States took a NUDE Picture while in a tree. You two will do anything to SEEK ATTENTION.

  14. 1. Nobody is “body shaming” Ms. Kaingu. Who has body shamed any African woman? You’re using phrases from European press and trying to make this local. How many Zambians have anorexia nervosa or bulimia? Next you’ll be telling Zambians that they are blushing
    2. Body painting of naked women on their “samosa” is not and has never been part of any African tradition. Please Ms. Kaingu, tell us which African grouping did that? Again, you seem to want to twist what exists to suit your ends here.
    3. True, every woman is beautiful in her own special way. There is no need to objectify women and reduce them to pieces of “meat”. Even in our most simple forms, Africans have always possessed a form of dignity and self respect.

  15. Muzungu’s found you n a m a t a k o aya butuluka iwe! Ask your great grandma. Or just google African history. Apapene bamileteleko salaula.

  16. Sanctimonious
    adjective derogatory
    adjective: sanctimonious
    making a show of being morally superior to other people.

    adjective: holier-than-thou
    characterized by an attitude of moral superiority over others.

    Visit any night club/bar/tavern/beer hole and you will see worse behavior than body paint (no body makes noise about that)

    Traditional dances that emphasize the shaking and gyrating of pelvic regions (hips, bums and thighs) is widely celebrated as Zambian culture (no body condemns that)

    Adultery/Infidelity has become common practice, even socially expected (no one is making noise about that)

    Parents/Adults molesting those under their care (Taboo… never talk about) even when this is so…

  17. Genesis 3:7
    Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.
    Wow to your parents who gave birth to you, your wickedness have superseded all that demons and principalities can ever do to a human being, shame on you for opening your soul to s*x sin.May the lord have mercy on you.

  18. Chisha learn to have limits in your career.Every careeer should have at least some ethics, man up, they are several ways to make dough man,come on man, thats too cheap, I hope she ends your career.

  19. just because you’ve been given a gynacologist’s view of Iris you proclaim a whole nation ignorant of art! Ati kupusa!

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