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The Lord Mayor of the City of London to Visit Zambia, to Promote Bilateral Trade

Economy The Lord Mayor of the City of London to Visit Zambia, to...

His Excellency Mr. Muyeba Chikonde with the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Dr. Andrew Parmley
His Excellency Mr. Muyeba Chikonde with the Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Dr. Andrew Parmley

The Lord Mayor of the City of London, Alderman Dr. Andrew Parmley will be visiting Lusaka, Zambia next week from 13th to 15th September 2017 to promote bilateral trade and investment between the two countries. The Lord Mayor will be accompanied by Alderman Sir. Michael Bear.

During the visit, the Lord Mayor will meet with senior Government and business leaders to explore business and investment opportunities for UK-based companies particularly in financial and professional services, energy and infrastructure sectors of the economy. He will also espouse the strong desire by UK’s financial and professional services to work with international partners to deliver mutual benefits as Zambia seeks to develop institutional/financial capacity to underpin economic growth.

High Commissioner for Zambia to the United Kingdom Mr. Muyeba Chikonde who held a pre-visit consultative meeting at Mansion House yesterday said the visit by the Lord Mayor Alderman Dr. Parmley to Zambia, to promote the City of London as the partner of choice for infrastructure and energy projects earmarked over the 4-5 years, including financial (PPP model included) and design and consultancy could not have come at a better time when His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu President of the Republic of Zambia had launched the country’s 7th National Development Plan that gives guidance on the country’s development priorities.

The High Commissioner urged the Lord Mayor to also explore opportunities in the agriculture sector including agribusiness and food processing, which he said were major priority for Zambia. His Excellency Mr. Chikonde stated that Government was happy that agriculture was attracting investments from the UK highlighting the recent investment into Zambeef by the UK’s CDC Group.

The High Commissioner stated that it was important to facilitate closer collaboration between the Lusaka Stock Exchange (LUSE) and the London Stock Exchange (LSE) to enhance sharing of best practice and exchange of information for mutual benefit. His Excellency Mr. Chikonde assured the Lord Mayor Dr. Parmley of the Zambian Government’s commitment to strengthening trade and investment ties between Zambia and the United Kingdom.

He expressed optimism that the Lord Mayor’s visit will help raise awareness about the vast investment opportunities available in Zambia to the UK businesses and called on Zambian companies to seek partnerships with UK-based companies.

The Lord Mayor informed the High Commissioner that his delegation would also promote the work of the UK Export Finance and explore opportunities in Fintech, and encourage the use of digital electronic systems to enhance access to finance for small and medium size business.


  1. Just mere visits for us Zambians but real material investments they’d rather locate them in Nairobi ,Luanda or Jo’burg.

  2. The visit is timely. Visits between London and Lusaka play an important role is improving peace and stability. Without peace and stability, it is not possible to achieve sustainable development and prosperity. How do you expect British tourists to visit Zambian tourist attractions, such as the Victoria Falls without leaders taking the lead? The British connection will also improve tourist arrivals from other countries, including European Union and United States of America. Investors need to be persuaded to invest in the country and hosting such dignitaries is one sure way of attracting massive investments.

    • Dr.Makasa, you analysis is to shallow for someone yielding the title “Dr”. Tourist arrivals to Zambia have reduced due to the ill advised State of Emergency. Specialists in the industry think it will take at least 10 years for Zambia to recover from the reputational damage caused by travel advisories issues in DC and London caused by the the break down in rule of law in Zambia. We should be looking inwards for development!!

    • Wabepa! some of you Africans think peace comes because a muzungu is in your midst. How brainwashed can one be? That’s why you are eternally waiting for a saviour while you’re exploited

    • The question of color here is misplaced. The visit by any world leader regardless of color is good for business. The argument is that, as world leaders visit Zambia, the country increases tourist arrivals and investments through media coverage. On that basis, the visiting is considered a contributing factor to economic development. As for inward looking development (self reliance? import substitution?), the experience from different countries suggests that import substitution is subsumed in robust export driven economic growth. The reason here being that quality products can sell anywhere at anytime. Think of Mercedes, Toyota, Samsung, Nokia?

  3. had it been HH promoting our nation on the outside world and when he comes back home he provides checks and balances to the ruling party, HH could have been president by now, but this chap is powered by bitterness, he sees nothing good but evil, but whose to blame of his mind set, it’s what HH has chosen to embrace that makes him see everything evil, like a witch, always afraid of another witch bewitching him.i approve this message


    • This is was HH said in SA:
      1- He was kept in a filthy cell for 8 days. True or False
      2-He was moved from Lilayi to Chimbokaila to Mukobeka. True of False
      3-His house was vandalised by Police. True or False
      4- That he was arrested without investigation and a warrant. True or False
      5-That there is abuse in the provisions of the Public Order Act. True or False
      The answers to all above is true,so what lies did HH tell. Why is that ZNBC and all state newspapers only report negativity about HH?

  4. He is the Lord Mayor, small ceremonial post. He is not the mayor of London. He is not important in decision making, just another curious tourist admiring the life of natives.

  5. I conquer with jobreaker. If hh can use his opportunities well in foreign countries to market and speak high of Zambia he can easily scoop the presidency in 2021 because we will see him as an alternative leader. His negativity towards zambia and lack of patriotism will make him a perpetual loser and opposition leader forever.
    The good thing is that he is too dull to see this and therefore not a threat to pf.

    • @HH OVAL HEAD,
      How old are you? Obviously you have read @3.1 Obatala’s rational response to JO BREAKER’s sidebar. Now, if you are a normal functioning mature adult and mean well for Mother Zambia, here is the litmus test for you:- I challenge you to make a concise, rational rebuttal to the points @3.1 Obatala has raised.

    • That my friend is Africa`s cancer.Always looking out for others to find solutions for problems we create and they do not have the remotest notion of the root causes.Let us learn to take responsibility and that begins with taking brave stances of putting those claiming to have offered public service to account.

  6. They say history repeats itself.In the face of brexit with European tribes trying to have a firm grip on the regional economy ,any tribe threatning to disband will be treated to a harsh repremands.Britain now looks for “allies” in trade outside the European spheres.The common wealth( and what a title as though there was anything common about the wealth distribution )seems to be an alternative for the uncertain economic future of the once world power.We whose weakness is the lack of retrospecting on our history and projecting our future course of action for national development will forever fall prey to raw deals.It remains to be seen whether History has taught us anything or we shall offer to have a few holes dug in exchange for beads and mirrors.

  7. The man is not allowed to hold any rallies and peaceful rallies for that matter . And we should still call it a democracy, maybe it depends on which dictionary you use.

  8. Good you informed us….we will be spamming his office with our petitions to remind him of lungu dictatorial and thug tendencies……

  9. Dr Andrew Parmley is an Alderman in London city council which is a common title of most council counsellors (you have them in Zambia) but not the title Lord Mayor, LT has given him. Dr Parmley is not the Mayor of London. Mr Muyeba Chikonde and LT not create big titles of importance to be viewed as hard working to woo investors. Andrew’s visit is nothing more than just a visit to verify if what Commonwealth Secretary General Ms Scotland is checking Zambian governance matters instructed to Zambian government.

  10. Zambia is the future!

    Zambia’s Copper is going to become the most sought after metal after Gold, Silver and Platinum!

    Electric vehicles which are the next big thing need more wiring and more conductors so expect our economy to be greatly boosted by more firms that are coming!

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