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UPND to hold several thanksgiving rallies across Zambia-Katuka

Headlines UPND to hold several thanksgiving rallies across Zambia-Katuka

Secretary General Stephen Katuka
Secretary General Stephen Katuka
United Party for National Development (UPND) Secretary General Steven Katuka Mr. Katuka has said UPND intends to hold several thanksgiving rallies across the country which will be addressed by the UPND senior leadership that includes the UPND President Hakainde Hichilema and his Vice-President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM).

Mr. Katuka believes that peaceful and lawful assemblies, demonstrations, meetings and rallies are part of the democratic tenets that must be allowed like the PF members have been doing against Finance Minister Felix Mutati of late.

“We intend to hold several Thanksgiving prayers countrywide” Katuka said

And Mr. Katuka has expressed concern regarding the seemingly countrywide demonstration by PF supporters against the Minister of Finance Felix Mutati calling for his resignation.

Mr. Katuka says UPND is not interest on the merits or demerits of these demonstrations as that is really none of UPND’s business as the demonstrations are purely an internal PF and MMD led Mutati faction.

Mr. Katuka has observed what he teemed as the usual selective application of the Public Order Act in Zambia where PF members can easily get into the busy or streets without a police “permit” and start demonstrating.

Mr. Katuka wondered how PF members are being allowed to demonstrate especially at a time when the country is under the threatened State of public Emergency where such activities are not allowed.

Mr. Katuka says the current status quo vindicates Mr. Hichilema with his sentiment at a Press Conference in South Africa suggesting that there is selective justice and application of laws in Zambia.

Mr. Katuka has since reiterated Mr. Hichilema’s allegations that some laws in the country favours those in the ruling party to the disadvantage of the opposition especially the UPND.

Mr. Katuka adds the the UPND President and some seniour members have been very consistent in their messages both home and abroad that there is suppression of the rights of those holding different views from those of the PF in the country and both Zambians and the international community must pay attention to the UPND’s observation on some Zambian laws with a view to correct the situation so that it favours all citizens.

Meanwhile, the UPND Secretary General has commended Zambia Police Service for what he deemed as seemingly change of heart and professional conduct and hope that from now onwards, the police will also allow the UPND members who wish to hold thanksgiving rallies on the release of their party leader Mr. Hichilema to do so according to the provisions of the Public Order Act.

“We now hope the Zambia Police Service have finally reflected and have had a change of mind on the discriminatory application of the Public Order Act so that even UPND members will be allowed to freely hold both indoor and outdoor party mobilisation meetings as well as given their constitutional and democratic space to actively engage citizens and share their messages without hindrance” Katuka said

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    • Katuka join pf in developing this country. This is the only chance you have since we can’t vote you to form government. Use that money to change uth and clean up lusaka or better still contribute to the market you torched. Those rallies of yours will just end you in prison because you are too violent to hold a peaceful rally.

      The UPND kinda’ thinking blows my mind. They are so worked out to a point where they begin to think that they are untouchable. There is no proper management in this baby class party. They now want to abuse the church in order to champion their malicious cause. UPND is setting or staging another scene fit for a second treason case. Just listen to them “Mr. Katuka believes that peaceful and lawful assemblies, demonstrations, meetings and rallies are part of the democratic tenets” The POA still rules come commonwealth, Catholic or or Obasanjo. UPND kind a politicking is so jail inviting I tell ya’. Watch this space.

    • God, our All Mighty Father was ultimately behind it all, saving our beautiful country from the powers of darkness.

    • These UPND donkeys have too much time to waste.So annoying…please just hold your rallies in Chikankata…Zambians are busy working and developing the country

      2021 vote PF ( Edgar)

      I thank you

    • One thing we should learn from Kenya is rule of law and respect for the Constitution. Does the Zambian constitution which Edgar Lungu swore to uphold allows for freedom of assembly and association for all citizens? This a question PF dunderheads will not answer!

    • This is a test for the PF Government and Kanganja Boys.
      This is only meant to prove a point, is Zambia really democratic? If Kanganja boys will interfere, then UPND will do a Sontapo questioning democracy in Zambia, and HH will shout even more to brush off the criticism that came after his press conf in SA.
      But if Kanganja Boys, will not interfere and allow the same while protecting UPND from PF Cadres, then credit will be given to ECL and HH will be ashamed.

      So who will pass this test?

    • They are now starting political campaigns in the name of “thanksgiving”. How immoral! Why can’t you reach the masses through TV, Radio or Social Media like you are used to?

    • Oh, they would like to pray from one place to another.

      No problem, as long as they do not use the word prayer as a scapegoat for other activities.

      The name of the Lord ought not be used in vain. Otherwise if it is for deceipt it will work against them instead of working for them.

      Anyway all the best, as long as it is well intended!

  1. you are free to hold rallies in South Africa, leave Zambia to Zambians

    why do you want to have prayers in a country you depise so much, with your famous saying ‘ there is no rule of law’.. go away UPND

    • There is no despising, it was just the plain truth about the status quo in the country which should not be the case in a democratic dispensation. And on top of that, HH says he will do things differently for the Love of the country in terms of media freedom, freedom of assembly, and all other democratic tenets that have been subdued by Edward Jonasani.

    • Let UPND hold its thanks giving rally to thank Zambians for not voting for them. UPND wants to thank Zambians for not voting for a bantustan party. Let them go ahead.

    • Iwe ka ku something you think pf is Zambia and Zambia is pf. Any Zambian has as much right as enshrined in the constitution such as freedom of speech and assembly. You sound as if Lungu and pf are more Zambian. Strictly speaking if you compare eastern, northern, luapula and muchinga in terms of natural resources or wealth to southern, western, central and north western. The former is very poor and should not even open their mouths. Instead should be pleading with the later. Remember I deliberately left out copperbelt.

  2. Please UPND, I am not your member, but no matter how much they want to derail your activities, no matter how they try to demonise you, no matter how they try to bring HH down, remain focussed. How can they call themselves a democracy and you stop others from holding peaceful rallies to spread their messages. Even on this blog, when they post something, just put cotton wool in your ears.

  3. After thanking their paymasters now the puppet UPND and it’s Supreme Leader HH want to thank Zambians who they consider to be secondary…Who do they want to deceive…

  4. Thanksgiving rallies-my foot!!!
    Just this week upnd cadres caused trouble in Chilanga when people refused to attend their rally.a lot of innocent people were beaten in Chilanga for refusing to attend a upnd rally.so ZP must not allow these trouble makers to go ahead with their nonsense because there will chaos especially in PF strongholds.once HH’s rallies are poorly attended,his cadres will resort to injuring innocent people.SO PLEASE BA ZP NEVER ALLOW THIS TONGA PARTY UPND TO HARM ZAMBIANS WHILE HIDING BEHIND THANKSGIVING RALLIES!!HH DO NOT BELIEVE IN A PRAYER BECAUSE HE IS A SATAN1ST!!

  5. Politics and football – the two most popular passtimes in Zambia.Go ahead UPND lots of idlers are ready and willing to attend your rallies.

  6. It is worthy to Give you thanks Lord for the many things you have done for your people. We see the fear in the eyes of our prosecutors, we hear it in their spoken and see it in the written words and we are reminded to fear not because you are leading the way. Thanks for the like of Moses in your own servant HH. We will wait on your time, as your time is the Best time. Grant us the peace and patient. We ask. Like we successfully enjoyed the celebrations in U.K., so we pray for our families back home to be spiritually revived. We know our struggles are yours and we are assured the success.

  7. Thanksgiving rallies for what specifically? I remember the Mazoka UPND – oh how we miss that great thinker – produced an entire alternative economic plan and shadow cabinet. And Zambians as a basis for engaging the electorate! The man died too soon!

  8. Which thanks giving? Maybe they have been instructed by their devil to sacrifice someone in the name of these rallies. Bushe ba UPND mwalikwata amano? Amafi yeka yeka. Spare us with your satanic covenants. All you are interested in is only to bring another confusion. Lord Jesus help us

  9. Keep trying with your Hadolf Hitler (HH). Still you will never win the popular vote come 2021. Zambians generally hate (HH)

  10. UPND UPND please be a party of strategic thinkers. Get back to the drawing board and plan better how to mobilise Zambians to be supportive of your intention to form the GRZ come 2021. On country wide prayers over the release of HH a press bulletin will do for now. You are behaving like kindergarten kids with the mentality ‘they will see’ that we are round

  11. Just look at the PF rats above in panic mode…….what is it they are afraid of ? Is it democracy or it HH or is it both ?

    The PF thugs are allowed to hold demos to hound out mutati because he is not Bemba…..

    We all know lungu can never win any free and fair election ,maybe that is why the PF rats above are panicking however the world is watching and lungu craves recognition and his archiles heel is zambias need and reliance on foreigne aid.

    Should lungu abrogate on promises he made to the CW , expect sanctions on PF and the dictator tag fastened around his neck….

    • Makaka iwe you have lamentably failed with your dictator tag you planned to put on ECL. It cant work we ngombe iwe. What tribe is Mutati ubipa pamenso ngengombe iilwele shikiii!

    • Ken you are a son of a bit.ch…..the truth does indeed hurt.

      Lungu is being labelled a dictator….that is why he has allowed UPND to hold rallies….

      Also just to make sure with regards to the Lord Mayor of londons visit to Lusaka , we have petitioned his office to remind lungu not to embark on his dictator tendencies ……people who care about democracy in Zambia pleas take 5 minuets to remind them of Mugabe next door if they keep silent..

  12. Hahaha! Kikiki! What a poor strategy of politicking using the church in the name of thanks giving. These UPND guys are really d.ull more than the meaning of the word itself – just who does that. I have never seen such kind of d.ullness.
    The biggest problem is that its a tribal party and no one likes tribalism in Zambia. Those funny thanks givings political rallies will never work because no one will come to such funny and mediocre rallies because anyone can see the naked scheme behind these desperate political rallies.
    The sympathy they want to gain is to say why block a thanks giving rally and yet behind such rallies is politics at its waste. Wolves in sheep skins – its just being d.ullness using scattered brains.
    What a shame!

  13. When the UPND president prescribed forgiveness to his perceived enemies, the MO Ceremony quoted Luke chapter 8 verse 9. This verse alone does not qualify the money issue here talked about. Read from verse 1 to 9. It actually talks of ill gotten monies, stolen monies which the people gathered needed to share to make friends.

  14. When the UPND president prescribed forgiveness to his perceived enemies, the MO Ceremony quoted Luke chapter 16 verse 9. This verse alone does not qualify the money issue here talked about. Read from verse 1 to 9. It actually talks of ill gotten monies, stolen monies which the people gathered needed to share to make friends.

  15. Hahahaha, thanks giving rallies throughout the country!!! my word! we have always said that these guys(UPND) have lost compass they have no idea whether they are coming or going. This is the time to reflect and start mapping out a credible message for Zambians in 2021. Thanks giving to who? you go and cause trouble when you are caught and forgiven you start spending people’s time on the so called thanks giving. Zambia has moved on in case you are still in deep sleep, everyone knows it is just campaigns for 2021. HH has dribbled his members he is poised to lose for the seventh time. But we don’t want trouble, Nawakwi warned you that you must measure your popularity.

  16. It’s a pity that most of us don’t know what democracy is all about. It’s about freedom of expression. Let’s respect each other. There is no problem in doing thanksgiving prayers and rallies.

  17. All these are just games played by the low style UPND leader HH he thinks he inspires the whole country. He has managed to deceive those who think that some day he will win elections in Zambia without a proper message. As if that was not enough he takes this an illiterate gender based violent man to be his deputy my word.

  18. To all Zambians who want a free and fair Zambia for future generations as opposed to the mugabisation of our country, pleas take only 5 minuets of your time to petition the Lord Mayor of London during his upcoming visit to Lusaka to impress on lungu and the PF thugs of the need to observe democratic freedoms for all…..remind them of Mugabe next door if they keep silent..

    All of his aids can be petitioned….

    Pleas google ” Lord Mayor of london office” there you will find a form to register …….

    Remember doing nothing is being a silent witness to a budding dictatorship….

    May god bless Zambia.

  19. Hold several thanksgiving rallies? Now that is politics Mr. Katuka. If you think people are not seeing through this, then you need to think again. I hope the police deny you these permits. Do not take the patience of the police for granted. What now is the Minister of Religious affairs think about this? You give UPND an inch, they take a yard. No, Mr. Katuka call your rallies something else but not thanksgiving. If these rallies continue they will soon become punching fests. Why does UPND thrive on confrontation?

  20. You PF bloggers please stop the insults because you are always used of silly comments. Take your foolish comments to your thieving PF ministers in the likes of… who in 2011 were just kaponyas but because of Chinese deals… there now mult millioners. It’s just a matter of time as Mushota will keep shunning these PF Fools.

  21. Oh, they would like to pray from one place to another.

    No problem, as long as they do not use the word prayer as a scapegoat for other activities.

    The name of the Lord ought not be used in vain. Otherwise if it is for deceipt it will work against them instead of working for them.

    Anyway all the best, as long as it is well intended!

  22. What “thanks giving prayers” naimwe ba UPNDonkeys? Just write a letter of gratitude to Patricia Scotland, QC. You mean to say UPNDonkeys cannot appreciate and write Patricia a simple note of thanks for her role in saving underfive from the jaws of a crocodile? Learn to be thankful badaala. Even Patricia must be shocked at UPNDonkeys.

  23. Iwe Katuka, fanika utisettinga. Tilibiletu bashilika for that kind of arnachy you want to cause. Just thank them via Facebook olo Whatsapp bazamvela nibatu nabeve !

  24. We proper Zambians all think Patricia Scotland should be shocked about the fellow she negotiated to be released from a place where he rightfully belonged to. Thats why she is quiet about the turn of events in Zambia.
    What a disaster!

  25. His exallency the republican president of Zambia who is a true Christian ( our brother in the lord Jesus Christ) agreed to hold a meeting of reconciliation unfortunately the upnd leader with a canal mind continual to discredit our beloved nation to all over the world without knowing that he is hurting all Zambians. And having a meeting of thanks giving when there is a nock of reconciliation just on your nose and continual avoiding is next to devilish. I edge all true Christians in this great nation Zambia to stay away from this kind of Satanism. All of us we have to be true to our selves, others and to Almighty God. But what is happening in U.P.N.D is out of the Bible.

    • Only the great lungu true son of God, undisputed high and mighty leader can call for thanks giving prayers when he is in trouble………

  26. Wabeja. Muli bapuba imwe ba Katuka. No amount of prayers can bring sanity to your president. Grow up. Mwabipa no kukankala pa menso nge nsamba. You cannot win a fight against a majority no matter how much you sing on top of your voices. People have moved on from the 2016 elections and so should you. 2021 is just around the corner. It’s criminal of you lying and are only eating HH’s money because it will take him a mammoth task for him to climb mount Everest. Have you not chewed his money enough? Kulibonesha basa.

  27. I absolutely object to UPND holding several prayer and thanks giving rallies in the nation, because out of one single prayer HH went abr

  28. I absolutely object to UPND holding several prayer and thanks giving rallies in the nation, because out of one single prayer HH went abroad and tarnished the Zambian name, it has come to be believed that the more prayers HH conducts the more the brain shrinks to one of an under five, if let loose to go to other countries after these prayers expect HH to talk of army worms and how they attacked GBMs hand which slapped the wife, HH does not think well under prayers


    • And PF is a Bemba tribal party they only chose lungu because he grew up on CB and is corrupt and they thought he was an easy touch


  30. UPND needs rebranding! It’s definitely out of tune. Why so much fuss about thanksgiving fimo fimo? Go for a convention for once and demonstrate intra-party democracy!

  31. Damage control at its best. No amount of damage control will redeem you. You have messed up big time. Total waste of time and money. Try sleeping at the grave since that’s your speciality.

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