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Nigerians take on the up coming Nigeria Vs Zambia Encounter

Videos and Audios Nigerians take on the up coming Nigeria Vs Zambia Encounter


  1. I like the rationality of Nigerians. Never underestimate an enemy. Even though they know that they superior to Zambia, they know they have to respect us. I still think Nigeria will go through. They have an extremely healthy goal difference which is also a confidence booster. If Zambian strikers were not so wasteful, we could have been so confident as well

    • why are you so defeatist in your opinions. i bet you all the nigerians will give the same answer as in the video. but zambians will be 50 50. awe teti tukwanishe ama nigerians while others will be we will beat nigeria. zambia is a land of cowards. all our ancestors migrated from other parts of africa because they feared war. that genetic defect of fear is most if not all of us.

  2. More practice and team co-ordination. We are on the right track. When we took the Africa Cup the Nigerians generally thought we were a joke, that we just got lucky. Now that they are taking us seriously suggests great strides on our part. Keep the faith and the hard work.

  3. Zambia and Nigeria have met several times and most results have ended in deadlocks. So the odds are against Nigeria seeing the current form of the Chipolopolo.

    • Comment:pressure won’t be on Nigeria because even draw will favor them, the pressure will be on Zambians because they desperately need a win to keep their Russia 2018 hope alive.

  4. If we had the younger players from the start of the qualification matchups we would not be worried about the goal difference. We only realised this later and thanks to the contribution of our under 21 players we are in contention!

    Give the young ones a chance! The youth are the future of this country!

    • Why looking bakwards. Look future bwana. We are in a good spot as the destiny is still in our hands. We don’t have to depend on others to do the Job for us. We have to beat them at their back yard, that’s the only option, & it’s not impossible…

  5. Comment:The best way to know who is superior is on the field of play , but to me I know the Zambians will be under pressure to score at any minute that passes by because they desperately need a win to keep their hope alive , and that means they will come out fully to attack Nigeria , but while doing that, they shouldn’t forget the deadly long pass of Mikel and skillful and speed two Moses in the right and left flank and also the dangerous threat of odion ighalo. I see the match ending 3:1 in favor of the host

  6. i really do not understand how people analyse soccer.zambia failed to win their home game where they have an edge and advantage.but are looking forward to win away to a team who is on top and in form and in desperate need of 3 points also.
    i dont see nigeria loosing that game.and besides this under 20 and under 23 guys are not well experience to prosecute games of this magitude.because all super eagles players are young and are regular in big clubs and are also playing as a team.against young lads who where just drafted into national team

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