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Minister of Gender threatens to reposes ‘Sex Party House’

General News Minister of Gender threatens to reposes ‘Sex Party House’

Victoria Kalima
Victoria Kalima

Government has threatened to reposes a house along Lake Road in Woodlands which was used in a wild sex party involving over 70 pupils between the ages of 13 and 18.

Gender Minister Victoria Kalima says government has a right to withdraw leasehold agreement when the owners of the residence that fail to uphold the leasehold agreement entered into by allowing their residential properties to be used for such illicit acts that violate the rights of the Children.

The house is allegedly owed by Jesuit Development Fund.

Ms. Kalima has since implored parents to be vigilant and show concern about the welfare of their children.

Speaking when she visited the woodland house , Ms. Kalima says it is important that parents inculcate good moral values in their children at all times do not only respect themselves but also appreciate worth as god fearing children.

And Ms. Kalima has revealed that her Ministry is considering to introducing sexual offences cases such as defilement, rape and gender based violence in general.

Ms. Kalima says this will help further ensure the optimal operations of the fast track courts that government launched around the country to deal with Gender Based Violence.

And Acting Spokesperson Danny Mwale has called on parents to be more vigilant in monitoring the events they allow their children to attend.

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  1. That is the problem of having ill qualified semi illiterates as Ministers. The law has enough provisions to deal with such a case, just let your govt prosecutors do a professional job and the judge will determine recourse. There is no need to be emotional, let us be rational and protect our children.

    • You took words out of my mouth, Obatala. Repossession? Wow!

      What do PF cadres smoke/sniff kanshi?

      Max Chongu, who at one time I thought was a basket case, is now sounding like an Oracle.

  2. Now listen to a fake minister moralising on issues that she is ill qualified. She and I had a string of bangs in a house in Lilanda in the early 80’s just like all youths did. In fact she aborted one pregnancy which I hear was from a Sugar Dady but wanted to dump on me!
    Even up to now, she is still single and is always found in hotels and lodges on weekends with different men all the time. This talk of repossession is in fact very hypocritical coming from her. She’s full time in Vigololo herself – just ignore the bi.tch bane!

  3. What is the woman on about introducing sexual offence cases when the law is already in place. Please let us have educated leaders who know what they are talking about.

  4. agreement entered into by allowing their residential properties to be used for such illicit acts that violate the rights of the Children. How did the owner of the house violate the rights of children? Who took them there? By the way, why not instill a form of punishment to the culprits themselves? Paying a fee to release them was not enough.

    • Wrong exit, ba wish I. We are talking about a sexual binge the ignorant minister commented on. It has nothing to do with upnd.

    • Start with parliament motel shakas told us about the slaughter that takes place there.This is proof that we don’t need some of these ministries sheer waste of public money.

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