Mumba Yachi to remain in jail

Mumba Yachi consoling his wife after the court appearance.
Mumba Yachi consoling his wife after the court appearance.
 Mumba Yachi consoling his wife after the court appearance.
Mumba Yachi consoling his wife after the court appearance.

The Lusaka Magistrate Court has reserved ruling in a bail application in a matter in which popular musician Mumba Yachi is facing immigration related charges.

Magistrate Ruth Kapulo said Mumba will remain in jail until he acquires a temporal permit to stay in Zambia.

She reserved her ruling this morning saying the first count he faces of unlawful stay in Zambia will be breached should she grant him bail in the absence of permit from the immigration department.

The matter has been adjourned to 18th September for mention and 22 October for the commencement of trial, for now you will remain remanded.

Mumba on Thursday denied three charges which include unlawful stay in Zambia contrary to section 11(3) read together with 56 (1) of the immigration and deportation act number 18 of 2010 of the laws of Zambia in count one while in count two, he is accused of giving information false in a material particular contrary to section 13 (1) (1) of the National Registration Act cap 126 of the Laws of Zambia.

In the third count, Mumba is accused of making the false representation for purposes of obtaining a passport contrary to section 23 (1) (a) a) of the Passport Act No 28 of 2016 of the laws of Zambia.

He has been in detention since August 28.



  1. Mumba Yachi is married??? What happened with the short feud between him and madam Wezi??? Ah this boy is very funny!!!

  2. Honestly speaking this is a comedy of errors ……………… to wait for so long until he scheduled appearance with boyz to men. Boma iyanganepo. This is extremely unfair………..whites, blacks Chinese are living freely here and the brother from Luba Lunda where we all came from is being slashed with ……………….. John 11:35

    • Living freely in Zambia is not a problem, but obtaining a passport and a registration card is the problem here.l don’t think that the Chinese who are in Zambia do have Zambia passports.

  3. This is a simple case of not been connected enough or/and not bribing enough. How long has this person been in Zambia. Had it been in America he would have been allowed to stay considering his contributing to the music industry in a meaningful way. useless chineese doing labour work are gladly given permits atase vaupuba ba immigration.

  4. Easily, one of the most talented musicians in the country at the moment. If indeed he is Congolese, why is he wasting time in this God forsaken country? He can easily settle in Brussels and tap into the Congolese music scene there. I have no doubt he has some Congolese blood in him – a Zambian musician cannot be this talented. I think this persecution is shameful though!

  5. Too bad for Zed,this guy will be given a residence permit in a more developed country that will even advance his career. Happy for you Mumba

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