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Police arrest a Mother for punishing her son

General News Police arrest a Mother for punishing her son

Esther Katongo
Esther Katongo

Police in Lusaka have received a report in which a male juvenile aged eight years was found in his mother ‘s house tied to a Television stand with a lock and a chain by his mother who was not present at the time .

Police spokesperson Esther Mwaata Katongo said this occurred between 7th September, 2017 at unknown time and 8th September, 2017 in makeni villa .

Ms. Katongo states that the boy was rescued by neighbours who reported the matter to police.

And ms. Katongo has said the mother who has been identified as Eunice Kapya aged 28 years is held in police custody for the offence of cruelty to juvenile under the juvenile act cap 53 section 46 of the juvenile act.

The police spokesperson says when the woman was interrogated she said she decided to tie her son with a chain because he moves a lot.

“We have received a report in which a male juvenile aged eight years was found in his mother ‘s house tied to a Television stand with a lock and a chain by his mother who was not present at the time ” Katongo said

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  1. Bo Inonge said to keep close on our children.
    Now the good innocent young mother will go to jail for years without trial.
    That boy is now a street kid.

  2. The police should for once demonstrate that they are police for all Zambians. Kaiser Zulu is still roaming around a free man! Why isn’t behind bars!?

  3. This is brutal. What are maids/child-minders for? Makeni Villa sounds too classy for people with such messy character to reside. Deport her to the next compound.

  4. The boy must have been very problematic. Forgive the mother and educate her. Sending her to jail will harm the family. Let us learn to help one another in such times. Prison, no, no, no.

  5. when you punish these kids they say human rights but when you respect the kids rights it is negligence. This is the type of confusion which our kids are exploiting. Not all western ideals should be imported wholly with out understanding the implications. Lets not disregard our tradition. NGO’s wont take care of these children once they turn into bad citizens. case study look at the number of street kids why aren’t the NGO’s taking care of these children or fighting for their rights since its a well known fact that they have a right to a shelter, Education and food.

  6. Young women nowadays have no time for their children . They rather be committed to their friends , families , partying etc . Charity begins at home , if the child moves a lot , hw about the mother ?

  7. This makes sad reading. Obviously, this young mother loves her son. Clearly there is more to this story than meets the eye. Where is the Dad in this? Grandma? But nonetheless, you don’t physically chain a child to an object in the name of discipline, unless you yourself were abused in a similar manner as a child.

    In a TV interview, the mother of the World’s fastest runner Usain Bolt talked about how restless her son Usain was as a child. I am sure explorer David Livingstone’s mother, or Ngoni King Zwangendaba’s mother, or Kalusha Bwalya’s mother, …etc.. these mothers would all tell story upon story how restless their boys where at one stage. Now, imagine what could have become of their boys had they been chained like dogs during the ‘discovery-stage’ of their youth?

    This boy…

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