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HH comments on KCM outsourcing, UPND expects Zero Job Losses in Mining Sector

Headlines HH comments on KCM outsourcing, UPND expects Zero Job Losses in Mining...

HH stresses a point during the interview
HH stresses a point during the interview

The Opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) has expressed concern over the happenings at Konkola Copper Mines (KCM).

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has said that the issue of subcontracting by KCM must be carefully managed to avoid job losses as was the case last year when thousands of miners lost their jobs.

Mr Hichilema said that the UPND will do everything possible to safeguard the interest of the miners so that they can keep their jobs.

Mr Hichilema further reaffirmed his commitment to defend and support the miners and any Zambian so that they keep their jobs and continue with their lives.

The UPND leader said that the UPND is expecting no job losses in the mining sector especially when the copper prices are doing fairly well on the world market.

Mr Hichilema said that the sub-contracting process by KCM must be done in the interest of the miners, while considering all possible outcomes.


  1. They have already been directed to halt the outsourcing. That is what we read on the other thread.

    But someone has to weigh in their opinion, even when it is no different from the government’s.

    • ‘Never leave an enemy behind or it will rise again to fly at your throat.’ Shaka wa Senzakangona.
      President Lungu will remember this in 2011.

    • @1.2, Not so saint
      It’s not about enemity, difference of opinion and methodology should not creat adversaries.
      Your kind of thinking, and Lungu’s thinking of brutality is what’s wrong with our society.

      Oh! please, what do you care? Shame on you!
      “Mr Hichilema said that the UPND will do everything possible to safeguard the interest of the miners so that they can keep their jobs.
      Mr Hichilema further reaffirmed his commitment to defend and support the miners and any Zambian so that they keep their jobs and continue with their lives.”
      You are rich today because of the privatization you championed with kick backs. Well, HH miners have continued to lose jobs since you amassed millions from the sale of mines. Look at who is talking, ugh!

    • PF, PF, PF, how many time have I called you! Listen O! Listen well well! The President is speaking. He is not looking for glory but pushing for sense in the PF. Ba PF you let something rot and then say put it is the fridge. What is the use?

  2. the very man looks concerned over Zambians all of a sudden,was it not yesterday when this very man downgraded our economy in saube, was it not the very man who proclaimed war and Armageddon in Zambia, now today he is coming out like he cares, If the president of the UPND can get this message please know breaker the transcendent said seat right down, no no not on that chair, seat right down, message approved


    • HH,
      Please don’t you still realise that you are opposition leader? Or you are still dreaming that you are the Head of State!
      How are you going to ensure that there are no job losses at KCM or indeed any other mine?

      Bwana do not assume the impossible; I expect you to be focused and constructive, by stating first your concerns, if not fears, then say how you can handle the situation if given the opportunity to govern Zambia, or what you will do if you win the 2021 erection-contest!
      Move away from speculative politics and move on head-on; NO UNDER 5 CLINICS NOW!

  3. You should have protected the jobs of miners during the privatisation when you were the consultant and advisor to the Chiluba Govt. Commisions were amassed and pocketed during that time and now miners’jobs are in jeopardy. Not even Regia Satunya is known who handles the account. You are part of this mess on the Copperbelt. Do not bring Anglo Americans again who ripped off Nchanga Copper and Cobalts resources and packed their bags and opened another mine in Chile in two years at in Chingola. Sontapo! Will never trust politician like those who were part of the privatisation of Zambian companies. Landeniko fimbi ba yama!

    • Billions of $ dollars are being looted under your very own nose under the pretense of infrastructure development and somehow that okay with you!
      China owns your balls now and you have nothing to show for the 35 plus billions of dollars.
      Yet you choose to dwell on a lie you have no proof of. Report HH to the authorities if you can prove that Sh!t you are typing here.

  4. That’s what we have been expecting from you HH for a long time now and not going to SA to associate yourself with those RACISTS.

  5. I expected HH to say “as UPND we fully agree with the position Government of President Lungu has taken that there should be no job loses for miners because copper prices which washould the excuse has improved on world market” but it appears like it’s the first time such is being said and from him. And this is HH’s biggest problem, he doesn’t acknowledge the good works of others. President Lungu is very clear on this matter and the miners know this too well.

    • They promised miners before to say no job losses and miners where retrenched. Whats so special about their pronunciations today. That’s HH is saying it

    • You are not on the Copperbelt so you can comment like this. Your President says one thing and does another. Why is KCM occupied by Kamfinsa boys if no one will lose a job. Open your eyes bwana Malinso!

  6. UPND stop selling expired goods. Go for a convention and get a new party mandate! This is free advice from a potential voter!

  7. This leader of the UpandDown under5 tribal party is not sure whether he is coming or going. For what I know, HH does not mean well for any Zambian apart from himself. Selfish!. When he is out of the Country he speaks evil and doom of the same country he dreams to one day rule. I for one will never trust someone who got rich through privatization of national assets when others were dying. He had a chance to save the miners during privatization.

  8. Last year thousands of miners lost their jobs. True or false?
    The job losses were due to lack of careful management. Ture or false?
    This sort of job losses due to lack of careful management should not be allowed to happen again. True or false?

  9. That is what is expected of underfive, for once he has issued a sensible statement. But for me as Terrible, I take his statement with a pinch of salt. Seeing his recent and past behaviour I cannot trust him, he must be up to something this underfive. However I give him an olive branch, if he can issue 20 more sensible statements without a typical UPNDonkey statement then I will say that he has reformed and fit for purpose in our politics. The problem is that soon underfive will shoot himself in the foot with his typical ill intentions….anyway lets wait and see.

  10. YES HH, even if this sounds like playing a broken record, WE NEED NATIONAL UNITY AND CONSENSUS ON IMPORTANT ISSUES LIKE THIS ONE!! NOT what you did when mines refused to pay new taxes you sided with them including on unresolved issues of VAT refunds!!


    • Only? Boza! There are better Zambians who can do far much better than HH! Don’t be naive to believe only HH can do it. First of all he falls too short on democratic credentials. He is a wamuyaya dictator in UPND! That makes him to be very selfish. For close to two decades, no convention. Can such a person lead Zambia successfully where democracy is concerned? Never! No convention, no vote! The same applies to PF! No convention, no vote! We need to do things the way we started with MMD!

  11. We actually don’t need you! Where else did he ever put things together? He put privatization funds together, #11? You are right! Afuna kugurisa ziko! Go away!

  12. – Last year thousands of miners lost their jobs. True or false?

    – The job losses were due to lack of careful management. True or false?

    – This sort of job losses due to lack of careful management should not be allowed to happen again. True or false?

    HH has raised good points to debate on. So anyone arguing using childish ‘Ad hominem’ fits its definition to the letter.

    Definition of Ad hominem:- ‘An attack upon an opponent in order to discredit their argument or opinion. Ad hominems are used by immature and/or unintelligent people because they are unable to counter their opponent using logic and intelligence’. – Urban Dictionary.

    • We are not desputing his statement. We are just wondering why he cannot just come out and endorse the government’s position seeing that he shares the same view. It’s like moving sideways behind a group on a path and yet you’re heading in the same direction. One word for such behavior – awkward.

    • @Nine Chale,
      To CAREFULLY MANAGE as HH has said, entails ‘meeting of minds’ of stakeholders and getting to the root cause of the problem, and coming up with a mutual solution. Where there is a will, there is a way. Very less likely to give rise to costly litigation. Very less likely to scare other investors.
      To DIRECT to fire the said foreign employees FORTHWITH, as Govt has said, entails bringing confusion among stakeholders, destabilising the operations of KCM and hence threatening the much-needed copper sales revenue for the Country. On top of it all, litigation costs will be sky high guaranteed!. And this will scare other investors like mad.
      So, Nine Chale, the two methods of approach are NOT the same.
      Love him or hate him, HH is an experienced international Consultant in these…

    • Cont’d… these matters more than you and me, and most definitely more than Yaluma. You want him to simply endorse a warped approach? LOL.

    • Whatever you smoke, it must be doing you good Mr Hd Homini (Mr Hechi Hechi). Many have given HH great advice but HH has squandered every good piece of advice. Why should we waste time listening to someone who does not take other people’s views with respect? By the way, we have given HH our vote before but never unless he changes. Go for the bloo.dy convention!

  13. Just by his comment am able to say hh has nothing no crew on what to say about this insure ,in simple terms hh has agreed kcm can out sources but miners should not loss jobs and what makes him support this move?

  14. 8 years ago in the UK, KCM interviewed me through Global Career Company to migrate back to Zambia to work in Finance department. I when through to the second interview, I was then interviewed by Finance Team from KCM Zambia on skype. They didnt know who to interview- it was boring. To be honest didn’t get that job and I was disappointed because I really wanted to come back home. Now when I look back what’s happen at KCM I thank God that I didnt get that job because I have now worked and working in Global business 4 times the value of KCM. Secondly, I am no subjected to PF ideologies. Reading through your comments I have noticed that alot of people lack knowledge and wisdom. I dont support any political party in Zambia because I changed citizenship, but I support people who have…

  15. The underfive tag on HH was not just for funny it was for real and factual. All his (HH), actions, thinking and stature pointed in that direction-Undefive. If HH stops commenting against Govt what will be his relevance in the Zambian politics? Howelse will he continue to blind those who think he still has some political relevance and hence he can still win elections? A person who does not even choose his friends wisely? Guess who are his friends?

  16. There was so much hope and abundant yearning for positive change in Zambia in 1991. But alas, 26 years later, the master dribbler is stone dead and so is his Satanyocally messenger who created PF. We are no closer closer to rebuilding our economic life as all PF plans are based on illusory options and solutions that are only self saving to Lungu and the PF. Only full cycle gutless *****s like Mushota are hell bent on applauding such stinking faeces masquerading for government. Sometimes one is given to wonder whether Mushota has grey matter in her skull or its all just excrement!

  17. There is a saying that states, “Tabaponta where you a from, you will come back!” UPND will never be in power, just a friendly reminder to you Mr. Citizen!

  18. Hillary Clinton announced yesterday that she will never run for presidency again having lost once. What are your plans hh. The same reasons Zambians never voted for you in previous years are still the same in the coming elections. You were just not meant to be president badala. Unless you want to be the most loser you must consider putting an end to your ambition.
    Free advice.

  19. Muli bapuba imwe. Dont think we have forgotten what you did to ZCCM just for personal benefits. Stop pretending. You simply a selfish bastard.

  20. BRABUS….You are so correct…but the problem with those is that no matter what you present in form of a logical contribution they are incapable of analysing a situation or even considering there is an opinion contrary to theirs

    • Somebody said the defination of intelligence is ” if you agree with my opinion then you are intelligent if you don’t then you are an *****” I see alot of this on this blog.

  21. Yes, truly H.H. Is a man of people especially the miners. Look at your Lungu and your PF party members who are full of hurt. Zambia is not for PF members only as those with opposing views should be looked as enemies but as partners who want to contribute the affairs of the country. In this world, there are two groups of people those who can lead others and those to be followers. Looking at PF party, the moment Sata died – the party had no one to lead it because the person who took over wasn’t capable to lead hence the problems.

  22. Zambians also and their tribal bigotry sgainst Tongas especially HH, it stinks. Imagine the verbal diarrhea Lungu and his goons ooze everyday while Bembas and bena Chipata swallow it joyously while someone comes to tell them something genuinely sensible they shower him with abuse, only because he is Tonga. You watch Catalonia in Spain, they are seceding, thus is what is also coming to Zambia. And when we disentangle ourselves from your wicked thieving claws, you can keep your Litunga Imwiko! Kaongolo ka Nyambe ka inyelezi mwa siziba.

  23. Good thoughts HH but you benefited from privatisation. I wonder how you suddenly pretend to care for miners.There was no equity because only few people like you were beneficiaries. Sometime its good to keep quiet. We know that you exist,the sole pillar of UPND.


  25. HH is right to comment on the issue of outsourcing we need him to do that as UPND is the other strong party we have in Zambia hence we need them to do checks and balances of current happenings in Zambia. Regardless of what party you support / belong to the issue of outsourcing of KCM is a serious issue which will see our beloved brothers and sister lose jobs. They really need both the big parties intervention so that outsourcing is halted rather than people blaming HH they are supposed to blame the Indians who wants to throw our brothers and sisters in the streets.
    1. Do they expect these miners to have their salaries stagnant for the years they want them to work with the contractors?
    2. What will happen to the accumulation of pension packages for the same miners since they will be…

  26. The president should consider dropping The Minister of Mines ,Because if the Minister was stuff they KCM can not even consider making such a Mistake.
    In fact its high time we considered running the mines ourselves we can manage.

    • MMD were hoodwinked by the West that privitizing the mines would solve our problems. It was never to be so. Yes Zambian managers mismanaged the mines, but the solution would have been to go back to the old set up where expatriates held more senior positions and selling of some shares to interested parties.

  27. Just disappointed on the “men or women of color, or aliens” comments it doesn’t change who you are even if you are in diaspora….. the fact remains the same you still remain people of the jungle as you are called by white racists wherever you are? They sometimes even throw bananas at you and all you want is de bottle your frustrations on mother Zambia. You alone decided to go in diaspora expecting the best but only to be engulfed by racists ……. why can’t you use their platforms such as MSN, The sun, Express etc if you are brave enough?
    We have been in your boots before but we would rather make our land a better place for our next generation than getting rebuked by the whites all in the name of greener pastures.
    It baffle’s me to hear people shun and talk ill about issues…

  28. The intention has been mentioned, but the how is not mentioned. PF surely must go but be warned that you are merely exchanging one brand of socialism for another.

  29. I don’t listen to fre..masions. …useless chap ..
    When you where selling companies you never thought of people losing employment …Today you want to talk about people shameful….you hypocritical liar. Only fools will listen to you.

  30. Anyway, Zambian will always be born losers! You’re all such a waste of space and it’s most blasphemous to our creator God that you should be called human beings! It’s also these monkeys and baboons you eat, look at Kambwili and Luo, they are in reverse gear from Homisapien ?

  31. H H is a zambian and politician therefore he has a right to comment on what is good for the country , but he is more on the weaker side of the commentators as he is arguably one of those who conspired with mine looters which left zambians out of employment while he made billions at their loss .
    Now the shadow haunts him it may not go away , no one wants his relatives to lose jobs but greed People can do that.

  32. I like it when the UPND leadership also open their eyes to see and analyse which way is to HELL and not wholesale blaming the party in power. As it is the mines are left without a pillow and have to be very careful with the moves hence coming.



  34. Don – mulelandako ngabantu abashapo kusulu. You speak like some one who has never been to school. Ordered? Do you think he could have been where he is if he did that? What about the Ndola market? We saw this in the UNIP V MMD where the former was doing sorts of things to paint the other black.

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