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HH needs to practice mature politics and not dent the image of Zambia-Mwakalombe

Headlines HH needs to practice mature politics and not dent the image of...

Lusaka Province Minister, Mr. Japhen Mwakalombe giving a presentation at the symposium in Pretoria
Lusaka Province Minister, Mr. Japhen Mwakalombe

Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe has advised opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) Leader Hakainde Hichilema to practice mature politics and not dent the image of the country.

Speaking during the weekly PF Media Interactive Forum, Mr. Mwakalombe said that it was really unfortunate that the opposition leader made false statements about the country’s parliament and judicial processes during his visit to South Africa.

Mr. Mwakalombe said that it was disappointing that Mr Hichilema has allowed politics to create hatred and division despite it being a service to Zambians.

He says it is unfortunate that the same person who was recently released from incarceration did not take time to start reorganising his party but rushed to misinform his funders on various issues pertaining to the country’s executive.

Mr. Mwakalombe says it is important for the opposition leader to be objective in giving his checks and balances to government and not always discredit what is done to benefit the Zambians.

Mr. Mwakalombe said that the opposition leader does not care about the country’s well being because if he did, he could have protected the image of the country he has been campaigning to rule.

Mr. Mwakalombe said that after failure of several elections, the opposition should learn to live an exemplary life, than trying at all possible costs to ruin the country’s reputation.

Mr. Mwakalombe added that government has been working tirelessly to attract foreign direct investment, but wonders why a presidential aspirant would draw government efforts backwards by altering remarks with the potential to the country’s investment opportunities in jeopardy.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwakalombe has stated that the Patriotic Front will not divert from its pro-poor mandate. Mr. Mwakalombe said that government will therefore not remove any vendors from the streets of Lusaka, but find interventions that will maintain the cleanliness of the city without necessarily affecting their daily operations.

Mr. Mwakalombe said that his ministry has been in talks with companies that have conducted feasibility studies, to put up a power plant to generate electricity from waste.

Simona Cement Manufacturing Company which is being constructed in Chongwe will start producing electricity from the waste generated from production of cement when it starts operating.

Mr Mwakalombe said that the construction of the Chinese cement production plant is 85 percent complete and that what has remained is the installation of equipment.

“There is an extension of the plant, it will be making pan bricks other than generating electricity from the waste produced from cement production. This project has already been approved but what is being awaited is an environmental impact assessment,” Mr Mwakalombe said

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  1. Exposing PF illegalities does NOT amount to denting image of Zambia. HH was exposing PF illegalities. Stop reinventing the truth.
    Ba minishta, Zambia is bigger than either PF or HH.
    When did Zambia become property of PF? Government of Zambia is NOT Zambia. Learn about Constitution Ba Minishta. After all you do have Grade 12 Certificate?
    Instead of castigating HH for exposing thuggery, corruption, theft, nepotism, dictatorship, breaches of fundamental rights and freedoms, hunger, lack of quality education, rampant unemployment, roll-up your socks Ba Minishta and start addressing your party creation of myriad of shortcomings.

    • Journalist :good morning mr mwakalombe, what can you say about the great performance by the chipolopolo in Algeria?

      Mwakalombe: first mr chagwa was duly elected by Zambians, Mr HH………………..

      Journalist:thank you and for you mr lusambo Bowman what’s your take on Zambia’s victory in Algeria?

      Bowman :you see Mr HH……..


    • Dimwits they want to pretend as if we live in North Korea where the flow of information out of the country is highly controlled??? Mwakalombe and your great leader humbly dumbly should always remember that the rubbish the do here has done more reputational damage than what they are claiming HH has done. Besides these are old tired tricks of the PF in which they always put a spin on their own created problems and transpose them onto others …..

    • Part of the world population didn’t even know where Zambia was until a false allegation was touted by a PF cadre which led to a treason charge covered widely by BBC, CNN, Aljezeera and other international media organisations. Our own respected Church Mother Body’s efforts to resolve the issue locally failed. It called the leadership dictatorial and was ignored, with the leadership calling it a figment of their imagination. The world community got concerned about the falsehood of the treason accusation and intervened. This negative publicity embarrassed the country and all this time the accused was in jail with no access to international media. Who publicised this Zambia’s international embarrassment?
      Where was Japhen? Smiling and rubbing his hands with glee. Sorry to wipe off your…

    • The one denting the image of the country abroad is Edgar Lungu. It was not HH that caused the travel advisories to be issues in DC and London. It was the the unwise decision by the Executive to brutally pounce on an innocent citizen and lock him up for 127 days. Is it true that HH was kept in a filthy cell for 8 days? Does narrating one’s ordeal abroad amount to tarnishing country’s image. When is Mwakalombe going to demand for justice for HH?

    • If there is anything unfortunate, it’s you, Japhen Mwakalombe, who is lying.
      There are no “false statements” uttered by HH, your issue is that he said what he said while in SA.
      As a leading opposition leader, ZNBC should have taken an interest to interview him, this would have happened anywhere else except in Zambia.
      Now, when one uses international media to express his view, you get mad and start twisting the story. Dung!!!
      Your God must be crazy !!!
      Guys, these bunch of monkeys should have better topics to discuss during those Interactive Forums.

    • What is this blacki mwakolee of a minister [email protected] about? Why do these PF *****tiis want to take Zambians for granted…by not wanting the opposition to tell the world the truth?
      Better just talk about your shallow PF agenda rather than talking about HH all the time, actually for once its refreshing to see Mumbi Phiri and the fakii Father Bwalya quiet-they become more appealing when they are mute that shows how aannoyiing this whole batch of PF regime is.

    • Its actually chagwa Lungu who needs to practice mature sane politics for denting Zambia ‘s image abroad by sponsoring violence against any one with opposing views.

      The evidence of PF ‘s brutality is out there for all to see. Just this video entitled “Arisezambia munut2” on youtube.

    • No, no, no, no and big NO. LEAVE HH alone. You PF disciples sound as if you did our brother HH a favour when you released him from your own yokes of oppression. HH and the UPND have the right to speak the truth about anything and at any chosen venue. The PF is the greatest piece of propaganda and it advocates slanders. You (the PF) ought to be ashamed of yourselves and your own reputation has already been destroyed by your malicious intentions. The PF is ambitious in maintaining its grip on power and, it has successfully depleted Zambia’s foreign reserves. Furthermore, the PF has accumulated a huge foreign and a local debt, yet, most of such funds disappear among corrupt PF officials and, ordinary Zambians are languishing and wallowing in a sea of abject poverty. VIVA HH & UPND.

    • This i.d.i.ot has no shame that he can not see his fo.olis. hness. HH has been civil and upnd in general. The same cannot be said of pf, starting with Lungu who have since inception practised jungle politics. You cannot lecture us with your politics of poverty, so shush.

  2. Mwakalombe should keep that useless advice to himself and advise his boss who needs it most. He should distinguish the difference between Zambia and the Lungu PF Govt. Lungu incarcerated HH on trumped up Treason charges for 127 days and Stephen expects HH to keep quiet about it or say Thank u to Lungu and PF? What kind of thinking is this? HH talked about his ordeal in Prison at the hands Lungu. What is wrong with that? Lungu wants HH to concede defeat in the 2016 Election and recognise him as a legitimate President without hearing the Petition. No hearing the Petition no Recognition. Stephen wants HH to thank Lungu for abrogating the Constitution by refusing to handover Power to the Speaker of Parliament during the Petition Hearing. Concourt has since ruled that Lungu erred when he did…


  4. @Moya. Lungu committed Treason when he abrogated the Constitution by refusing to handover Power to the Speaker. Concourt has confirmed this position. Lungu should apologize to HH and the Nation for committing all these illegalities.Lungu was not democratically,constitutionally and legally elected President. He is in State House illegally.# Let the Petition be heard. Kenya has done it why can’t Zambia do the same?

  5. The comments above by Upnd cadres leaves much to be desired. They are not patriotic to mother Zambia and can utter anything to gain political mileage. How does a leader go to a foreign land to talk ill of one’s own country ? It’s disgusting. No wonder such characters will never rule Zambia cos God can not allow it.

    • You are a fuool ! you think every one is happy with PF. This is the problem we have in Zambia foolishness has surpassed morality and interest. Zambia needs the best other than bootlickers not trying to help the deteriorating situation in Zambia.

    • Lungu arrested HH for over 4 months for nothing and you expect HH to praise Lungu.??? really?

      HH was criticizing PF and not Zambia

    • @ TRUTH Leave God out of this; because if you people feared God you would not have persecuted the opposition the way it was done. this . Bwana MINISTER; you should also practice politics of fair play.Fix the economy and less money in your pockets and let the poor eat properly instead of it all going to you.

  6. Seriously Ba Minister? Allow me to raise a point of information. Your boss has forgotten to reverse that “State of Emergency” he tabled which technically limits citizens freedoms even freedom of speech or assembly. As an intelligent man, HH is right to go and exercise his freedom of speech in a normal country with normal leadership that is aware of what’s going on let alone what they say or in short Democratic

  7. Lungu must really act to restrain these rabid dogs of his from going astray barking and biting HH like this. There is nothing the man said in SA that’s not true! These goons are just spooked gutless because the same people in SA HH met refused to meet Jonathan Agwa!

  8. It was not you who was arrested and charged with a fake treason and spent 120 days living in filthy, so you do not how it. we will let the whole world know, how broken is law and order in Zambia, where independent institution are politically controlled by pf governmental to destroy democracy.

  9. Mwakalombe whats your comment on the president when he blasted concourt judges after that ruling of him not handing over power to that cadre at national assembly and please improve your voccabularly.

  10. And just continue giving yourselves contracts and reveal after being discarded by your MASTER.Mukachimona time will come.

  11. This is what I have always said. Never leave an enemy behind. You see now just after releasing the guy from prison where he rightfully belonged to he started insulting everyone including the very country he wants to rule as president. Just something strange about this guy. He has a scattered way of doing things.
    What a disaster of a being!

    • rude monk; what was his crime that he should have stayed locked up? Because of that hilarious fake treason charge Zambians are the joke of the world.

  12. Ba Mwakalombe, please start working now. Time is going. The people of Zambia expect you to deliver, unfortunately you are so fixated on HH, When are you going to start working please? Time is going, man

    • Wow Kudos, just wow. Are you feeling alright? You just said something sensible. Keep it up dude. Let me even like your comment.

    • Dude chap, we are waiting for dialogue from both sides, ruling and opposition. It’s what they both promised and we are waiting. That’s all.

    • Yes Kudos true it is time for dialogue but a doctor cannot treat an ailment until the patient narrates how it started; so in short am saying let the petition be heard first before hands can be shaken and a peace treaty be concluded. It is our right as Zambians to hear what really took place.

  13. Zambian cadres appointed as honourable ministers in the PF government are a total embarrassing character including cruel young dictator incumbent President.
    Zambia is a great nation and it’s people have wise characteristics on how to handle foolish and careless leaders. If late president FTJ Chiluba was alive would have advised these bunch of thugs portraying themselves as honourable ministers.
    Time is coming when you will get down on your neels and request for Zambian people’s forgiveness but I am doubtful if you will ever get it because Zambians have suffered enough to make another stupid decision based on how your government has rewarded them.
    Wake up sleepy and unproductive government as funding doesn’t mean you are doing good work no.
    HH continue exposing everything that is…

  14. What are Lungu’s Agenda items for the Dialogue? Does Lungu still want HH to concede Election defeat and recognise him as a Legitimate President without Hearing the Petition? Does Lungu want to argue that he was right when he refused to handover Power to the Speaker during the Petition Hearing? Does Lungu still believe that the Petition should not be heard in Court? After the Kenya example does Lungu still believe in Foreign Observers’s Validation of him winning the 2016 Election? What exactly are Lungu’s concerns over the Disputed and Petitioned 2016 Election? Kenya has heard its Presidential Election. Why can’t Zambia do the same?

    • @ Kabwe, the questions you have raised are very important and you will probably get an answer from Kennedy Kamba or some ignouramous from the party. these issues should be the President to imform us but as usual we will get a threat or something from the airport as normal;

    • @ kabwe.

      Your petition was filed in concourt and unfortunately no evidence was produced during the 14days period.
      If you need to hear the petition again you have to take that petition back to courts

  15. In other news, the rains are round the corner and lusaka city remains the dirtiest and drainage is blocked. Get ready to fight Cholera and Typhoid out breaks although it’s easier and cheaper to prevent.

    • With this sort of reasoning God help our country your fear for HH is surely driving you mad.popular people do not rig elections and are not scared of going to court.You claim the other side has no evidence what is all this expensive fear for.You have spent huge amount of money paying for support at the expense of development,Why?only one answer you did not win the elections.The counters won it for you period and this what the petition seeks to address.If this is not addressed we can as well forget about elections and allow PF to pick leaders with stones,Pangas and raising of hands.

  16. HH is the one carrying the wounds of treason…let him breath by complaining….if you want to experience what HH went through tell the IG to send you to chimbokaila……

  17. Mwakalombe , kindly come back to church.. Leave politics… Your brother is a Pastor. Choose whom you want to serve GOD or ECL…. Even on GOD’s holy day you abstain from fellowship and campaign for ECL….. My brother come back to the church…………..

  18. Mustafa Sata (MHSRIP) also used to say that when he wins he was going to chase the Chinese but what happened when that day came was he not the first to invite them to State house? So even if HH wins he won’t do away with the Chinese. Since he likes money than ECL, HH will colonies Zambia not ECL that is if he will ever win.

  19. This is a funny bunch of minions you have in govt. Just the other day another id!ot was busy defending lungu’s sudden wealth! She forgot completely she isn’t lungu’s employee but govt. They are constantly creating problems were none exists!

  20. The problem this country has is that parasites who lick the dirty boots of Lungu think that what they see as good in their dulled and demented mental state is also good for the normal Zambians who want things to be normal in the country. The best you Kalombe or whatever your name is need to do is just shut your dirty mouth and continue eating the crumbs dropping from your thieving master’s table. Besides, nothing is happening in the whole world is hidden anymore, who told you that the South Africans did not know what is going on here even long before your masquerade heard about it? Did anyone go and speak about Zambia to Ms Scotland? To Obasanjo? Was it HH who told Maimane that you were deported at KKIA? This just explains how *****s are masquerading as leaders in this country with…

  21. an amazing high levels of ignorance.

    In fact, if there is any image to be dented, it is the PF image being dented by the PF, for the PF and with the foolish PF.

  22. This is an extract from a letter by desmond tutu to burmese leader, a d i quote ” A country that is not at peace with itself,that fails to acknowledge and protect the dignity of ALL its people is not a free country”
    This wzs 7th september 2017 google letter from bishop desmond tutu nobel peace prize winner to burmese nobel peace prize winner.

  23. Dull minister. It’s not HH denting the image of Zambia…get that fact into yr dull big danderhead. Zambia’s image has bin dented by the ignorant and barbaric useless government that we have. Stop pointing fingures at an innocent person who only narrated what is going on in his country. So you think the SADC cud hv wasted their time to come to Zambia for nothing? Wake up…it’s not HH it’s our useless government systems that hv exposed the country.

  24. The Commonwealth would not have wasted their time to come to Zambia…they are fully aware of what is going on. Stop this HH nonsense and think right

  25. Is this the same Mwakalombe who was bought by michael sata? He resigned just bcos of 3 pieces of silver. And now is a minister, really in zed. God help us to move forward from this crap


  27. If this is the calibre of ministers we have in Zambia, then Zambia needs divine intervention. Ladies and Gentlemen in all honest we are going nowhere apart from back to the stone age.

  28. Under the State of emergency cadres have been allowed to hold protests against Mutati without a permit. But HH prayers for his release were denied by the PF police and it had to take the minister of religious affairs to intervene. This is what happens in country where people are not free to speak and they resort to speak from countries where they are free to express themselves. Allow and give people the platform to express themselves and access to media, all this will stop. What is your problem kanshi with your bongobongo?

  29. U make HH feel big headed ba up and down. When he is wrong, constructive criticism need to be given accordingly.Do not always appease him even when he is discrediting our mother Zambia abroad.


  31. Luck of knowledge and wisdom, makes you to think hh is wrong yet its pf, because this country ” it’s in hands of lawless and little brain people to/ resoan. If you have nothing to say, just wait for monthly money and retirement pack and forget, this job is too hard for you to handle.

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