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Malaila traditional ceremony in pictures

Photo Gallery Malaila traditional ceremony in pictures

Kunda speaking people of Mambwe district perform the Nsongwe dance during the Malaila traditional ceremony held at Lubanenu grounds in Mambwe over the weekend.

Newly installed chief Jumbe (right) and chief Malama (left) read the translated bible in Kunda, Mbila iweme, which mean the good news of the book of Luke which was presented to them during the Malaila traditional ceremony of the Kunda people in Mambwe held over the weekend.

Senior Chief Nsefu listens to proceedings during the Malaila traditional ceremony held at Lubaneni grounds over the weekend.

Hunters present the statue of a dead lion to senior chief Nsefu during the Malaila traditional ceremony over the weekend which was killed after it terrorized people in the area. The killing and presenting of the beast to the chief marks the climax of the ceremony.

.Hunters carry a statue of a lion which symbolizes the climax of the Malaila traditional ceremony of the Kunda people. The lion was believed to have been terrorizing people in the area during the olden days.

Government officials watch as senior chief Nsefu passes by  when he entered the main arena during the Malaila traditional ceremony of the Kunda people over the weekend.

Traditional Cousins of the Kunda speaking people, the Yao speaking people, carry Senior Chief Nsefu of the Kunda people as he entered the main arena during the Malaila traditional ceremony over the weekend.

Chiefs Nsefu (second right), Malama (middle) both of the Kunda speaking people in Mambwe and invited chief Chinyaku of the Ngoni people in Chipata lead the procession into the main arena during the Malaila traditional ceremony of the Kunda people of Mambwe district over the weekend. Bind is senior chief Nsefu being carried by traditional cousins of the Kunda people, the Yao speaking people.

Local Government Minister, Vincent Mwale, is welcomed by Senior chief Nsefu of the Kunda people in Mambwe district. Mr. Mwale was guest of honour at this year’s Malaila traditional ceremony

Government officials greet Senior Chief Nsefu ( in red) and Invited Chief Chinyaku of the Ngoni people in Chipata, shortly before the Malaila traditional ceremony of the Kunda people in Mambwe district


    • @Obatala, I totally agree with you, I am not a fan of the chiefdoms and this Royal nonsense business. Look at it critically these are a source divisions among people of nations. Look at what is happening, for example, between the Chewas and Ngonis, the Lundas and Luvales, Tongas and bembas and Lozis and Nkoyas. The issue in Rwanda was more of a fight of dominance of one tribe/chiefdom over another. Politiocal, they are also a very divisive force. The Government is also spending colossal amounts of money for their palaces, salaries and vehicles to just appease the chiefs. And most of them have sold off huge tracks of land, which they are supposed to hold in trust on our behalf. Just because ones great grand father or grand father was a skilful hunter or intelligent does not make all his…

  1. I do not see anything that is of significance here. What is the traditional ceremony all about? The killing of a terrorist lion? bumper harvest? etc

  2. USELESS comments all of you guys. you have no idea with what you are talking about, ask your parents be civilized and grow up Nigers, respect the village where you come from, or maybe you are foreigners

  3. Such silly and unpatriotic comments against Zambian Chiefdoms were locked up and silenced when the Mutomboko, Ncwala, Kusefya-pangwena, Kulamba, Likumbi-lyamize and Kuomboka ceremonies were being show-cased by the big tribes. It is curious that such voices have become vocal on ceremonies performed by such relatively small tribes as the Kundas. Those who want to ape the British must know that tribes are more clearly defined in UK as the English, the Welsh, the Scottish and Irish. Zambia needs to learn from Swaziland by upholding the diversity of its cultures to market tourism in this country. The environments in our rural areas are pristine and not polluted by retrogressive agents of foreign powers.

  4. There is nothing wrong holding traditional ceremonies country wide because they bring people together once in a while. Lets avoid being machona’s.

  5. I think it would not hurt the lion population of a real lion was hunted and used for this ceremony as opposed to the statue. The use of a statue I believe completely undermines the ceremony

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